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Coming to the aid of friends

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This story is No. 4 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith wondered where the curse came from. After all, her insults tended be ruder. She didn't really care, she was just glad that B hadn't forgotten her old roots. 'Part 4 of divine family'

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympianshellbellsFR1317831134,6487 Apr 127 Apr 12Yes
Authors note Okay this story is all down to Neverwillmini's review and the muse it inspired.
Disclaimer I do not own the rights to BtVS or Percy Jackson. I only own my twisted imagination!

Faith sighed, Sunnydale had left scars but life went on. On the upside, there was still slaying fun to be had. The only problem was she currently had a little too much fun.

Faith was only annoyed as she had a contingent of five minis who were in the process of being trained. The minis did not have enough experience and subsequently her attention was divided. She vowed that someone was going to suffer as a situation like this could only lead to someone being hurt.

She sighed and staked yet another sucker. She heard one of the minis cry out after a nasty slash caught their side.

Faith was unsure where the curse came from; her usual curses ran to the more caustic. “Goddess help me.”

The vampires backed away from her as a pillar of flames rose next to her. A few of the minis called out scared for her but Faith knew instinctively that the flames were harmless to her. Sure enough, her instincts were spot on. Buffy formed out of the fires looking a hundred times better than she did in Sunnydale.

Faith yelled, “Minis stay back.”

Buffy snickered, handing Faith her scythe, “Hey F use this for now!”

Faith was finally starting to relax and the women fell back into the old slaying routine of fighting back to back.

The minis sat back and were treated to a master class. This fight made them realise that while they be ‘hot chicks with superpowers’; they had a long way to go. They watched astonished as the slayer and goddess were enjoying themselves.

Faith snickered, “Yo B, it’s just like old times.”

Buffy grinned, “Hey you were the one to call me.”

Faith if she hadn’t been in the middle of a fight she would have rolled her eyes, “Guess that’s what happens when I call for a goddess.”

Buffy nonchalantly decapitated a vampire with her flaming sword. “Well I was in the neighbourhood and figured you called.”

Faith vicious upper-cut sent a vampire into Buffy’s path. “You’re all heart B.”

Off behind a crater they heard a tentative question, “Who is that?”

Another swot answered, “Buffy Summers she was an active slayer on the Sunnydale Hellmouth for seven years. Until she closed it and returned to Mount Olympus.”

Buffy heard the mini biopic and rolled her eyes, “Wow I didn’t think they told stories.”

Faith swung the scythe in a vicious arc that could be heard as it sliced through a vampire’s neck. “Yep you’re the one they tell stories around the campfire.”

Buffy pouted, “I might make an appearance next time.” While she had been exhilarated by the fight to begin with it was quickly becoming boring. She wondered when her attention span diminished. She decided to have a few quips for old time’s sack. “Hey Faith want to see a new trick.”

Faith smirked, “I’m waiting.”

Buffy made her sword disappear and delved inside herself for her fire. She let it loose from her hands in a display that would make her Daddy proud. “Flame grilled vampire.”

Faith laughed in delight looking around to see if they were anymore, “Oh I wish that was a skill I could learn.”

Buffy shrugged, “Sorry it requires divine blood.”

Faith frowned, “So what is the deal with little D then?”

Buffy knew what she was asking, “I asked Uncle Zeus, turns out the monks were unable to replicate the spark.”

Faith nodded in understanding, “You’re not gonna see them are you?”

Buffy shook her head, “We lead different lives now. It’s for the best.”

Faith was just glad to see that her old friend was doing okay. “It’s cool just don’t be a stranger.”

Buffy cocked her head to the side as if she was listening to something. She sighed, “I would love to catch up but my idiot cousin needs help.”

Faith was glad to have seen her and for the assist, “Go do your thang.”

Buffy smiled and gave her salute, “Later,” before she promptly flamed out.

Faith looked at the shell shocked minis and smirked, “Be good little kiddies or you’ll earn a goddesses wrath.”

Perhaps it was a little mean to screw with the minis but she figured she had earned the right. She was tired, horny and her favourite leathers had been ruined. A girl had to have some fun. Right?

Next story: Sheppard is not the only demi-god hiding in the SGC. Can you guess who it is?

The End

You have reached the end of "Coming to the aid of friends". This story is complete.

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