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Another lost soul

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This story is No. 5 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: So O'Neill finally had Ba'al in his sight. He hated that he could do nothing with Ba'al holding the lives of his soldiers in his hand. Well he could do nothing but Buffy was creative. Part 5 of A Divine Family

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
hellbellsFR1512,3200135,8097 Apr 127 Apr 12Yes
Disclaimer: I own nada only my twisted imagination. That means that all rights belong to the creators of BtVS, Percy Jackson and SGA.

Buffy wondered just what it what was about the SGC that made Demi-gods join the group. She knew about Johnny of course. Although technically, he wasn’t a demi-god anymore. Yet, she now counted two more, Jack called but then she also sensed Sam’s call to Annabeth.

Annabeth had no way of coming to her sister’s aid. She was in the underworld dealing with a quest and couldn’t flit like Buffy. Buffy snickered upon hearing Annabeth’s request, “I’m already on it.”

“Thank you Buffy.”

Buffy sighed, “Don’t sweat it. Jack called. I’m thinking of taking a job there it would save time.”

Jack really hated Ba’al but today took the biscuit. He intended to track down the traitor and treat him to some old school justice. His dad was the God of War but he called on Uncle Hades. He would be far more creative.

The gas had knocked out everyone but him and Carter. It seems Carter had a secret as well. Come to think about it with her ability to plan it was fairly obvious who her Mama was.

He was tied up and could not act. He would dearly love to act but he could not risk the lives of his men. It was times like this that he regretted not choosing to ascend but he knew that in his heart that it was not the path for him.

Seeing no other options available to him; he went for antagonism. Jack sneered at Ba’al, “So convinced anyone you’re a God recently?”

Ba’al smirked, “You’re world gives so much power and holds stock in such trivial things. I don’t need to be a god here.”

Jack sighed dramatically, “Does that mean he is losing power in the wider cosmos then Carter?”

Carter snickered it was just like old times, “That would be my assessment of the situation.”

“You’re world has so many God’s and Goddesses and yet you don’t believe in any.” Ba’al sounded bemused.

Jack could feel the power rise in the room, it was clear that help was on its way. “You know I actually know some Gods and Goddesses and they hate pretenders to the title.”

Sam laughed, “Damn we must of missed each other at Camp. I hope whoever comes tear you apart.”

Jack laughed heartily; Carter really was a hell of a woman. “There is an upside to all of this Carter.”

Sam turned her head, “What is that?”

“We have front side seats. Too bad my hands are bound, we should have popcorn.”

Buffy decided, since it was a part of the SGC that John should help her. It wasn’t like her Dad and Uncles could object. They were always trying to get the cousins to bond and take on more responsibility.

Buffy decided to just flame in, the Atlanteans would get used to it. “Hey Johnny we need to go and rescue Jack and Sammy.”

Woolsey was startled and John swore viciously in Ancient Greek. “We just received the critical flash notice and was about to call a meeting.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Your yummy second is competent enough to be left in charge for a few hours. Call a meeting, let them know you’ll be out of the neighbourhood for a few hours and let’s go kill few bad guys.”

Woolsey stuttered, “It can’t be that simple.”

Buffy shrugged, “I’ve been doing it for years. It really is that simple. Bad guy needs to die; we kill the evil and then party.”

Woolsey had adjusted to the fact his military commander was technically a god. It really wasn’t the strangest thing to have happened since he took over Atlantis. He still wanted to know something, “How did you know?”

Buffy grinned viciously, “Cousin Jack called Daddy and not Ares.”

John raised an eyebrow at that. “So he wants payback; it’s got be Ba’al.”

Buffy shrugged, “He harmed Jack so he’s fair game, and he pretends to be one of us. So I can legitimately intervene. Oh yeah and Sammy called for Athena.”

Woolsey didn’t know how many more revelations could come about through one conversation. McKay who had wondered in along with Lorne and Cadman had no such reservations.

“Could you care to explain to us mere mortals what the hell is going on?”

Sheppard and Buffy started to snicker, Buffy managed to speak though, “Hey, we like you mere mortals.” Her attention wondered to Lorne before she added salaciously, “Some of you more than others.”

Sheppard shook his head in bemusement, “Buffy flirt with Lorne after we help the General and Carter.”

McKay threw his hands up in frustration, “What is going on?”

Woolsey stepped in at this point, “There is a foothold situation at the mountain. It seems Ms Summers was contacted by the General.”

Buffy shook her head, “Well he called upon Daddy but he is busy with a new consignment of souls so I offered to help. It was also the easiest way as Sammy called her mother for help.”

McKay was agog, “You mean Carter actually is a goddess.”

Buffy wasn’t aware of McKay’s little crush. “Half, she is Athena’s daughter.”

Lorne finally spoke, “The general also is a demi-god.”

Buffy liked Lorne more and more, when things quietened down she decided she might actually chase him. “Yep they chose the mortal path but all demi-gods become champions in some form or another.”

Woolsey was actually starting to assimilate, “So General O‘Neill is Ares son. Can you aid the SGC?”

Buffy looked a little disgruntled, “Well of course, that’s my next stop. I figured that Johnny should help me.”

Woolsey knew that his second would be of invaluable help, “Well we can certainly spare you few a few hours.”

John already knew that he would be helping. “If we do this, we do it as divine powers.”

Buffy shrugged her shoulders, “Well yeah, which means you’ll want to power up now as we will be under a mountain.”

John agreed, and he summoned his other form. “Can we make a pit stop on top of the mountain?”

Buffy grinned and grabbed his hand. “Travel my way. You’ll have to answer fewer questions.”

Sheppard must have agreed as he held out his hand and promptly disappeared.

McKay snorted, “They have to answer fewer questions but what about us having to deal with why Sheppard has disappeared?”

Lorne smirked for a second. Woolsey recognised that as behaviour picked up from the marines. “I have an idea. McKay you should use your considerable charm to make people think it is a really bad idea to ask.”

McKay perked up at that, “You mean that I can be mean and no one will say anything.”

Cadman grinned, “Yes McKay think of it as an early Christmas present.”

McKay looked innocent, “I didn’t get you anything Cadman.”

Cadman’s smile was dangerous. She only usually got that glint around dynamite. “I’m waiting for Buffy to chase Lorne.”

Woolsey just gave a long suffering sigh; used to his staff and their antics. “As amusing as that may be we still have jobs to do. I will let you know when anything changes.”

They landed just outside the surveillance room. Sheppard sighed; well they are consistently stupid, “he has them in the gateroom.”

Buffy smiled, “Well then that seems like the place to be.”

John drew his sword which crackled with energy.

The goons, whom John had called Jaffa - just kept coming. They were strong but it was a little boring they stuck to the
same attacks and Buffy just kept cutting them down.

A horde came hurtling down the corridor. John could not be bothered with a physical battle so he threw a lightning bolt down the hall. He was glad that Buffy reminded him to gather some power before they came to the mountain. Otherwise he might have struggled. The under mountain offices had a downside when you gained extra power from the skies.

Buffy just laughed, “You know you’re a god now. You’re meant to have patience.”

John had gained entrance to the control room and was currently re-routing all access to him and restricting all access to his codes only. It was at times like this that he was really glad to have such a super-geek on his team. It also made him glad that he actually listened to his super geek.

Buffy listened to Ba’al’s annoying monologues, “Okay you do what you gotta do. He has to be slayed.”

John just called to her, “Hey, you’re a goddess, you’re meant to have patience.”

Buffy decided that the only divine response would be to give her cousin the finger.

Jack watched as Ba’al became more and more unsettled. He had heard the reports about his forces coming under attack from two people.

Ba’al wanted to know who the two powerful allies were. He hit O’Neill who only spat out blood and grinned.

He snickered, “No clue it must be my age.”

Carter distracted Ba’al, “In fairness Sir. I called for Athena and you called for …”

Jack cocked his head as if contemplating a great mystery, “Well I thought about father and then decided that Uncle Hades would be more fitting.”

Carter grinned, “So it is probably going to be Buffy. She’ll enjoy a situation like this.”

Jack just gave a hopeful sigh, “You know she is actually one of my favourite cousins. She has the power of a goddess but she is still really down-to-earth.”

Ba’al wanted to know what he was missing. He certainly had not factored this into his plans and that did not sit well. He always tried to factor in all the potential variables.

“Who is this Buffy?” He demanded.

Buffy decided that the best way to answer his inquiry was a fireball to the back of the head. “I’m Buffy and you are?”

Ba’al was intrigued, this was a female that was beautiful enough to be his queen. “You’re God and master.”

Buffy snickered in disbelief; she found it quite amusing that he genuinely thought that she might fall for that. Buffy decided that smarmy villains were so last season. “My god you really do all learn the same lines.”

John chuckled as he entered next to her having secured the computers, “Hey at least he doesn’t look like a gothic vampire.”

Buffy cocked her head to the side, “I really would like to battle them some time.”

John sliced through one of the Jaffa, “Come to the Pegasus you can battle them to your heart’s content.”

Buffy just let lose a vicious roundhouse kick that sent Ba’al into a concrete plinth. He slumped to the floor unconscious.
“huh I hate pretenders.”

John was laughing now and relaxed as all the threats against the base were neutralised. “Still have evil hitting on you.” He couldn’t help but observe.

Buffy feigned exasperation, “Tough Lorne has caught my interest. Well cousin I know exactly what to do with the trash.”

Carter was intrigued with what her cousin Buffy would come up with. “What’s your plan?”

Sheppard was one step ahead, “Your Dad is about to get another soul.”

Buffy smirked, “Well in the underworld souls get lost and I’m sure that Daddy could do with another project.” As she said this she was cutting the bonds of her cousins.

O’Neill hugged Buffy, “You know you just might be my favourite cousin.”

Buffy had a grin that Sheppard recognised, “You say that now but you have to come up with a report for the mortals.”

O’Neill did not care, “Still my favourite besides my Atlantis Commander needs to disappear as well.”

John did not need to be told twice, “Hey I haven’t left the Atlantis meeting room.”

Carter was well aware of what Atlantis could get up to. “Go! Thanks for the assist but we need to come up with some explanation."

Sheppard gave Buffy a pleading glance, “Can you give me a lift?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Do I look like a taxi service?”

Sheppard tried charm, “Well no, you look stunning but I didn’t bring transport and we are away from the sky.”

Buffy had crouched to tie the unconscious Ba’al up and hauled him to his feet. Not particularly caring if he got a few bruises in the process. She held a free hand out and said, “Well come on then.”

Sheppard gave a lazy salute, “Bye sirs.”

They promptly flamed out; Jack just looked at the unconscious Soldiers around him. “We need to make the Jaffa disappear before we work on waking the soldiers.”

Carter pursed her lips but agreed. “Right you are.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks. Why did neither of us notice Sheppard?”

“His father is Zeus and he wouldn’t show his power unless he wanted us to know."

Jack thought about it and added, “You’re absolutely right. You know after we deal with this FUBAR we should head to Minnesota.”

Carter like the sound of that and nonchalantly added, “Well that is why they pay you the big bucks.”

Jack zatted another soldier, “Yep, I hope Buffy drops by more often.”

It was Carter’s turn to snicker, “You didn’t hear. She likes Lorne.”

“Huh, well that’s not fair. That will mean Atlantis has a god and a goddess.”

Carter raised an eyebrow, “With all the trouble they find Sheppard will need all the help he can get.”

Jack watched as the last Jaffa disappeared, “bet you that Buffy and Lorne will get married.”

Carter frowned, “a little star struck, the mortal and the goddess.”

Jack grinned liking that he had seen something more than his ultra smart love. “I saw something that you didn’t.”

As the soldiers were still unconscious, “Jack what did you see?”

“Not telling!”

Authors note Okay Jack won’t say but I will in the next instalment. I think it is about time that the romance begins!

The End

You have reached the end of "Another lost soul". This story is complete.

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