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Fast and Furious Knight

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Summary: Xander gets thrown out of the Cleveland Slayer house and so goes to LA to meet up with an online pen-pal.

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Team Torreto Meets the Slayers

Xander watched as his new friends packed up their gear and made arrangements for their store and garage to be cared for by some friends of theirs while they were gone. He couldn’t wait to get to the main Slayer house in London and see all of his old friends again. He was anticipating Vince opening his mouth around Buffy or Faith and getting his ass handed to him. It would really make the brash man rethink his views on women and their roles in life. He was kind of surprised that Dom, Letty or Mia hadn’t already smacked him around for his views on women. He shrugged to himself and then went to help the girls load their bags into his SUV before heading to the airport to catch the next flight to London. As he listened to the team talking he noticed that the guys were actively avoiding talking about something that had to do with Mia and Letty. He also noticed that the girls weren’t allowed to open their own doors or hold anything delicate for very long. He smiled and began talking about one of the girls that he had brought back from Africa for her Slayer training.

“I have to warn you guys about some of the girls you’ll be meeting at the school my friends and I run. They all have really strong reactions to new situations and people. Some more than others. They all have some really bad nightmares and can be pretty tightly strung in some cases. There are a few that you really need to be aware of at all times. Dana was severely tortured and has an extreme reaction to new people but, most especially to men. She actually cut a guy’s hands off once because he resembled one of the guys who tortured her. Bomani is from Africa and was treated as an outcast who was stoned and beaten almost daily by her tribe. They all have nightmares and swear that they see monsters in every shadow. We train them in physical fighting to help them get control over their reactions. Plus, it keeps them in shape for their chosen professions. Several of our girls are models, doctors, actors, and even some librarians. Though, a whole bunch of them are going into law enforcement to keep what happened to them from happening to other girls. They all still complain about the nightmares of demons and vampires and being other girls from different time periods but, it’s getting better after a couple of years with a safe way to let out their anger, frustration and fear.”

Mia looked at Letty and they nodded to each other before Mia said, “Letty and I have been having dreams like you just described. Do you think that your friends could help us deal with them?”

“Yeah, cause it’s kind of weird watching someone in a Victorian dress beat the living hell out of some guy in need of a facial. We ain’t had such bad lives but, there are a few black spots in our histories.”

Xander smiled and said, “Not to worry, girls. My ladies can help you right out. Though, I have to warn you, Buffy’s idea of therapy is a mad shopping spree and Faith’s idea is a bout of full on fighting followed by clubbing and hitting on every guy in view.”

Dom raised an eyebrow at the deliberate leading that his friend was doing in telling them about the girls that he was taking them among.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Fast and Furious Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Oct 13.

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