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Ends and Beginngs SGC style

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This story is No. 6 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: So Ba'al is in the wind and the Joint Chiefs are shouting. Jack lasted ten minutes before he sought Buffy's help. - Part 6 of Divine Family -

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
hellbellsFR1311,9780105,43828 Apr 1228 Apr 12Yes
Disclaimers I own nada just my twisted imagination. All rights belong to the creators of BtVS; Percy Jackson and Stargate

Authors note This to all the people who keep reviewing. The positive comments and ideas are what keep me writing this verse.

Buffy flamed directly outside the cell that contained the pretender Ba'al. Buffy was surprised to see Persephone close to her father. Buffy snickered in delight at the argument she overheard. The husband and wife were arguing on the best way to torture Ba’al.

Buffy rolled her eyes and trying not to feel like a young teen dealing with her parents bickering. Okay so technically they were her parents; Hades the Daddy and Persephone was her Step-mom. Anyway the light bickering could soon turn into a fully-fledged domestic. At those times even her fathers hardened Generals would all seek safe shelter.

“You know you could both torture him and I could play judge or something.”

Hades grinned, “That’s a brilliant idea. What do you say love?”

Persephone nodded and called for her favoured hounds. “Let the fun and games begin.”

Ba’al’s cell door opened, he sneered, “How dare you imprison a God.”

Persephone swaggered in, hips swivelling as she walked. She was well aware of her effect on men and she used it, she chuckled suggestively, “honey you have no idea what you talking about.”

Buffy settled in view, “It’s okay ‘Mom’ but he did demand that I become his queen.”

Persephone turned her head backwards; she asked curiously, “What was your answer?”

Buffy shrugged, “I didn’t care much for his proposal or that he was pretending to be one of us. So I kicked him into the concrete and freed my cousins.”

“Good for you girl now let me show you what my babies can do.”

If there had been recordings made of what followed Jack would definitively be able to say that revenge had been served. Persephone in a stroke of genius invented a very simple torture method. She inflicted all of the torture that Ba’al had wrought upon others and made him feel it all. She frowned, thinking about what she would need, “Buffy sweetheart, I need help to keep him whole. After all, it wouldn’t do for Hades not to have any fun at all.”

Buffy smirked, “Sure thing.”

Buffy couldn’t help but admire the inventiveness of what her Step-mom had done. She had not inflicted anything on Ba’al that he had not done himself.

The session lasted for a while until her phone beeped. Persephone raised an eyebrow seeing how amused her stepdaughter was. Buffy was positively alight with mischievous intent. Persephone shook her head in bemusement, “I won’t ask. Have fun!”

Buffy grinned gave a mock salute, “I’m going to scare some mortals that are stopping Jack and Sam from marrying.”
Persephone understood what she was intending to do, “Have fun storming the White House.”

Sam, Jack, and Hank were all wincing collectively as the old men around the table debated loudly about the recent incident.

Jack let the Joint Chiefs have fun debating for ten minutes before he got bored and called for help.
Buffy really was his favourite cousin. She flamed into the meeting and melted the gun of the secret service agent that wanted to shoot her.

It seems that the time spent in the underworld had caused her to develop a flare for the dramatic. She kept her eyes aflame and told the Agents not to be stupid that if she wanted anyone dead they would already be dead.

Then she turned around grinning brightly, “How are you cousin?”

Jack smirked, “I’m doing well. Is Ba’al enjoying his stay?”

Buffy just gave a wistful sigh, “Persephone has just raised the bar and Daddy is swearing that he needs to get more creative.”

One of the General’s, who in Sam’s opinion was very thick, blustered, “We demand you turn over Ba’al!”

Buffy looked down at him clearly amused, “Why on Earth would I do that? I gave aid to my family and took Ba’al off your hands.” Then a clearly amusing thought struck her, she failed at trying to be innocent, “If you’re willing to travel to the Underworld you can collect him if you like.”

Jack smirked and motioned for his soldiers to sit back and enjoy the show he sure as hell intended to do so. General Forster all but exploded, “You cannot come in here and threaten the American Military!”

Buffy decided that this guy’s ego needed taking down a peg, “You know Henry my Uncle is upset. He thought you were dealing with the pretenders. He was not pleased when I was left to deal with both the situation on Atlantis and the Mountain."

President Henry Hayes paled the others bar one very quiet general at the end had no clue who Jack O’Neill had called upon. “Buffy what can you do?”

Another Admiral startled, “Sir we cannot negotiate with …”

Buffy cut him off, “If you finish that sentence with terrorist then I’ll offer violence on principle.” She just about refrained from showing her teeth.

Henry used his mantle of power, “Gentleman in this situation you will not talk as you have not been briefed on the situation.”

Buffy smiled and perched on the edge of Jacks seat, “I don’t like the military ever since I was in high school and I cleaned up the initiative mess.”

Two other generals started to shift very uncomfortably; they thought the slayer was dead. It was clear to all that she was very much alive and had gained some new tricks.

Henry knew that today had just been going too smoothly, “I would like to thank you for interceding in those situations.”

Buffy grinned, “You’re lucky that my cousins are military commander of Atlantis and CO of the whole programme or we had not have been allowed to intervene.”

One of the generals who had clearly not learnt his place demanded to know, “what are you?”

Buffy came towards him, “I am in the human world Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Summers. I am also goddess of all warriors; daughter to Hades and niece of the Great god Zeus.”

The NID leader was managing to piece all of the information together very quickly and could rapidly see all his plans to ashes. “Are you saying that you are related to General O’Neill and Colonel Carter?”

Buffy nodded, “Let’s see Jack is Ares son and Sam is Athena’s daughter.”

One of the smarter Chief’s tried a different tack, “We would like to see Ba’al as he would be a valuable source of Intel.”

Buffy sighed, “Okay I like you, you’re the first one to try respect. Sadly my father and step-mother have started a competition on who will be the best person to inflict revenge for the torture Jack suffered.”

Jack couldn’t help but mutter “Damn, he will be no use then.”

Buffy shook her head, “Nope. I doubt he will be very stable after today.”

Henry Hayes was a consummate politician and knew when to pick a fight and when to walk away. “We thank you for the aid given and will not seek anything else.”

Buffy smiled and if you didn’t know her you would think that all was right. “That’s good to know.”

Jack frowned wondering where this was going. He looked to Carter to see if she had a clue but al he got was a delicate shrug.

She looked over the Joint Chiefs who had been getting lower and lower in their seats. “I have one last issue Uncle Zeus would like to know why your stupid rules are stopping the soldiers who love each other from being together.”

Admiral Fitzwallace explained, “That is to prevent abuse in the field and to stop any potential freezes in the middle of the battlefield.”

Buffy snorted, “Well that is stupid. The soldiers still have feelings whether they act on them or not.”

The stupid General sneered, “The soldiers know what they sign on for.”

Buffy zinged back, “so you expect them to die for you but won’t let them have a chance at companionship that is pretty low.”

The General sneered, “It is fun to watch soldiers struggle to contain their passions take for example your family members.”

Henry at time wished he could bang his head upon the desk. It was too bad that it wasn’t very presidential. The General clearly had a death wish.

Buffy just stood up and tilted her head as if she had just made a huge discovery, “So what you’re saying is the rule is not to protect the soldiers but because you’re bitter and old.”

Henry knew that if he let this meeting continue Buffy would end up hitting someone. She was being incredibly restrained it seems that she was maturing.

“No it won’t General O’Neill and Colonel Carter have given everything in defence of this planet and clearly shown that they can work together despite any potential feelings. As of Monday I’ll sign an Executive Order exempting the SGC from the frat regs.”

His tone implied that was all that was going to be said on the subject.

Sam was going to remember this meeting with distinct fondness for the rest of the lives. No matter what, she and Jack were still serving members of the armed forces. She could not believe that Jack had kept his genius-ace-in-the-hole hidden. She knew that she would forever cherish the sight of the Joint Chiefs cowering and paling at the sight of her cousin. It seemed that while Buffy may appear harmless some people knew better.

Sam couldn’t believe that over the course of the tumultuous hour she had seen the most powerful men brought to their collective knees. The upshot of the meeting was that Buffy was bouncy, she and Jack could pursue a relationship and the SGC was now exempt from the Frat regs.

Buffy turned around to the shocked pair. Jack had asked his cousin if she could help but it had gone even better than he could have hoped. “So when you marry I’ll be a bridesmaid but I will not wear a hideous dress.”

Sam smiled softly, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Jack smirked, “You can even take my soldier as a date.”

Buffy was about to quip right back but her cell beeped. Jack frowned, “Should we get nervous that you seem so incredibly happy?”

Buffy shook her head and gave an innocent smile, “Hey it’s time for me and Daddy to have some father-daughter bonding time.” She fished out her cell, “Look I’ve even noted it down in my Blackberry and everything.”

Jack couldn’t help but laugh loudly at her saved message; it read, “Deal with pretender with Daddy.”

Jack looked solemn but none who knew him would miss the twinkle in his eye, “well don’t let us stop you.”

Jack was honest enough to know that he certainly would not lose any sleep over the fact that Ba’al was never in a position to torture anyone ever again. Besides he had far more important things to think upon like marrying Carter and playing matchmaker for Buffy and Lorne.

It was a win-win for him. He knew of the crap his younger powerful cousin had dealt with and felt that she deserved happiness. On the other hand, he knew that Sheppard would have to deal with all the chaos that would follow in her wake. He already kept Atlantis together so figured he would be the best equipped deal with the added chaos. It was good to be the General because even though Sheppard had ascended he couldn’t contravene orders.

Authors note 2 That's all for now folks but well Buffy will have to go to Atlantis next story to get both a date and to the wedding.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ends and Beginngs SGC style". This story is complete.

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