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Lost in a Cold Desert.

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This story is No. 3 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It has been thirty years since Xander and Thena came to this galaxy. Now Obi-Wan Kenobi has called them. It is time to end this bitter struggle.

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Star Wars > Xander-Centered
buffaloFR1832,549276,7032 May 1210 May 12No

Mos Eisley

It is a cold galaxy when you lose your home.

Thirty years ago, at the dawn of the empire, the Flame of Athena was lost. Xander and Thena were fighting alongside the clone troopers that had been under their command for close to a year, they trusted them through and through. They were betrayed. It was pure dumb luck that Thena and Xander managed to survive order 66. But as they defeated their betrayers, Thena feels herself being separated from the Athena. She thought she would die for the pain of it. Xander was the only thing that kept her sane in those first days.

The Republic had fallen and they had no safe haven. They ran, disappeared into the rim. They found work as bounty hunters, smugglers, anything that kept them under the radar.

Then after years of living in hiding, they learned of the rebellion. They were either too stupid, or too idealistic to keep away.

It took near to a year to find the rebels, longer to gain their trust. But they finally had a cause to fight for again.

Thena and Xander looked out at the burning husk which used to be the boy’s home. The Stormtroopers had been thorough in their work. All Luke knew was gone now; it struck too close to home for both of the warriors.

They didn't stay long. The droid's message for Kenobi had proved more enlightening than they had expected. It was carrying the schematics for the Empires new weapon.

To say that Xander and Thena were surprised to find out that Leia was not just a member of the rebellion, but trusted enough to be the courier trusted with this information, would be an understatement.

The boy tries to convince himself that he can continue as he was. That he can cling to the past, but he knows he's grasping at straws. The time had come to leave Tattoine.

The unlikely group makes their way to Mos Eisley, hoping the Imps hadn't learned anything from their encounter with the Lars family.

Xander and Thena sit in the back of the landspeeder as they rocket toward the isolated city.

Thena can't help but stare at the droids sharing the space. It seemed unlikely to point of being absurd that they would run into these two again, but the galaxy always does like to play with you. She knows Xander has made the same connection she has. These are the same two that had been so close to Anakin. She hadn't seen R2 since before the fall, and she wonders if they remember, or if the had been wiped. Knowing Anakin she didn't doubt that he had built in multiple fail-safes to prevent such a thing happening to the two droids. She decides to stop dwelling upon it, if they recognize them, the droids have made no mention of it.

It is a fairly short trip to the city. It rises like a mirage from the desert. They drive to heart of the city, finding a bar close to the spaceport.

The first thing they see is the Stormtroopers blocking the road. No one is entering Mos Eisley without passing their checkpoint.

"You good to get this one?" asks Xander easing his weapon from its holster.

"The Force easily persuades the weak minded," he replies with subdued smile as they slide forward.

They are all glad to see the "Negotiator" hasn't lost his touch. Obi-Wan easily influences the stormtroopers blockading the roadway, to allow them past.

"We'll need to sell the speeder to buy passage," says Obi-Wan when they've finally gotten away from the roving Imp patrols.

"No problem, not like I plan on returning here any time soon," says Luke in a dark voice.

"We should have enough for the two of us," says Xander.

"Cash in hand is always best to stay under the radar," says Thena grabbing her bag from the speeder.

"We'll watch for the imps, get a fast ship," says Thena. Her and Xander split from the group, R2 and 3PO following.

It seems a long time as they wait for Kenobi to hire them a ship, they spend the time dodging the patrols the Imps have combing the city.

"It's getting too hot to stay here much longer," says Xander finally. They have just barely managed to avoid another Stormtrooper patrol.

"Kenobi better shake a leg," replies Thena in agreement.

"Sir if I may, I am sure that master Luke and master Kenobi are trying their hardest to acquire adequate transport," interjects 3PO. His programming suggests the others ignoring him should discourage him

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost in a Cold Desert." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 May 12.

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