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Lost in a Cold Desert.

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This story is No. 3 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It has been thirty years since Xander and Thena came to this galaxy. Now Obi-Wan Kenobi has called them. It is time to end this bitter struggle.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
Star Wars > Xander-Centered
buffaloFR1832,549276,7102 May 1210 May 12No

An old man and two warriors.

I don't own BtVS, Andromeda, star wars or any other story mentioned herein.

AN/ So it's been a little while. I've been caught up in things and have only just been able to start writing again. I decided rather than continuing looking for light i would start cold desert. I've decided to play in the star wars universe for a little while. hope you like the new chapters. just for those who have been wondering, this chapter finally reveals Xander's back-story, sort of. Reviews make me write faster, and sometimes faster./AN

Chapter one
and old man and Two Warriors.

Tattooine truly is a desolate place.

The thought runs through Xanders’ head as he stares out over the vast wasteland before him. It was hard to believe anyone could survive here.

“Are we getting close?” he asks, turning to Thena.

“Closer, we should reach Kenobi by nightfall,” she says checking the readout on her gauntlet.

“Remind me again why we’re here getting sand in places I didn’t know I had before?”

“Because Kenobi says that it’s time to end the stalemate. You wanna be stuck in the middle of a civil war for the next hundred years?” Xander stops, unwrapping the cloth he had used to shield himself from the suns. He squints his eyes against the harsh light, his face hadn’t changed in the thirty years since they tumbled from the slipstream into this galaxy. Xander pulls out his canteen taking a long pull of water.

“And I thought it was hot in Hell,” he says before setting after Thena once more. The two warriors do not see the small droid watching them from the cliffs.

When the Flame of Athena first tumbled into this galaxy they had hoped to simply repair the engines and try for a familiar system. A Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi had soon changed their plans. All ancient history now, but to the unaging, all time was relative.

Obi-Wan Kenobi had grown to enjoy his life. He found solace in the peace of being a hermit rather than a warrior. It was unfortunate that it was to end. The time had come, the boy was of age, and Ben could see the need rising in him already. Kenobi had seen the same look in the eye of the boys’ father, the need to travel the stars. To think such an innocent compulsion could have led where it did for Anakin, Kenobi prayed that Luke’s tale would have a happier end.

Kenobi looks up to see two figures in the distance. They were hard to see the twin suns were setting to their backs all but washing them out. A small grin touches the old mans’ lips at the sight of the two. After all this time, it would be good to see a familiar face.

Kenobi had food and water set out to greet the two upon their arrival. If there was one thing he remembered of the two it was the fact they could demolish a feast between them. Time, it seemed, had changed little as they barely greeted him before setting into the food.

“I am not sure whether to be surprised to find time has done little to touch the two of you,” says Obi-Wan sipping from the glass in his hand. They are sitting looking out over the desert.

“We may look the same, but the years haven’t been altogether kind. The galaxy has turned harsh,” says Thena through closed eyes.

“How goes the resistance?” asks the aged warrior.

“Poorly,” replies Xander.

“Dare I ask?”
“They’re building a weapon, something unlike anything we’ve seen.”

“I had heard rumors, but nothing concrete.”

“One of the alliance agents managed to smuggle plans out, but the courier was captured.”

“It is odd to think, it all started upon these sands all those years ago, now it’s about to start all over again.” Kenobi downs the glass in his hand.

“Is the boy ready?” asks Thena.

“No, but he will be given time. A precious commodity I doubt we have in excess. It feels like it will all start with a new day, I fear I have waited too long to rejoin the cause.”

“Now or then, it matters little.”

After that the three old friends sit staring out at the stars. They are there for hours, when suddenly Xander speaks.

“Once, in a land far away and long lost to the dusts of time, there lived a boy. He was as average as any on his small world, friends he loved, dreams he aspired to. He would have led an ordinary and uneventful life if not for a girl. A blond beauty called to fight the evil that infected their world. They fought long and hard. They lost friends, gained allies.

Their battle raged for years, until they tipped the scales. They created an army to face the darkness. For a time it seemed they would prevail. But what that group of friends, those brothers and sisters of battle rather than blood, didn’t know was that life is balance, and that they had tipped the scales too far. The universe rebelled against their efforts; it flooded their world with death, and destruction. In the end there was nothing of their world but ash, ash and four survivors. Four warriors, fixed points in time, unable to die, unable to escape to the sweet release of death and finally rejoin their loved ones.”

They scattered to the four winds, sent to planes of existence far from what they knew, they walked the stars, and tried to forget."

With that Xander ends his story, and silence stretches between the three.

The next morning saw the twin suns rise as they always do. Obi-Wan rose to find Xander and Thena already up, and training in the rising heat of the desert. The aging man watches the two warriors as they move through well-practiced katas. It was clear at a glance that they had been together as long as they had, their relative age be damned, they both moved as though able to see what the other was going to do before it happened. If Obi-Wan didn’t already know they had no trace of force talent within them he would have thought they had to be relying on its driving voice.

“Care to have an old man join you?” he asks when the two finally stop moving.

“You keep up with your blade-work out here in this desert?” asks Thena. Smirking Obi-Wan grabs three lengths of tubing from their resting place alongside his house. Tossing two to the deceptively young looking warriors he strikes a pose.

“I guess we’ll find out.”

Hours later the three of them sit, sore but satisfied at their exertion. None of them had been able to gain a clear advantage during their practice session, but Kenobi couldn’t help feeling a measure of pride that he was still able to face the two after all these years.

“Is the boy near?” asks Xander suddenly.

“Near enough, we’ll go check in on him once the first sun rises completely.”

“Does he look like his father?” asks Thena.

“Yes, but he has his mothers’ eyes.”

It is several hours later that the three of them watch the boy driving in an old hovercraft. It seemed he was chasing after an escaped droid. They watch from a distance until the Tuskens attack.

The Tusken raiders, humanoid under their heavily wrapped cloth and filters meant to help them live in the harsh environment of Tattooine. For a time upon first coming to this vast desert Obi-wan lived among them. They were a brutal race, but they lived by a code of sorts. After his time among them Obi-wan didn’t even have to think to know how to dissuade them from killing the boy.

The call of a Krayt dragons’ cry suddenly echoes through the canyon. Xander and Thena had already pulled their weapons and readied themselves to pick off the raiders, before either of them can even take a shot the raiders are running.

“Huh,” says Xander in response.
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