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See you later Mystic Falls, Hello Sunnyhell!

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Summary: Jeremy was compelled a second time for his own safety. Sent to another town. Which one? Sunnydale. To live with who? His Aunt Jenna's younger brother Alexander Harris! AU

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Jeremy-CenteredssdricoolFR1833,194001,9569 May 1213 May 12No

A Summers' Breeze

Note: I wanted to start another fanfic and I was wondering if anybody could help me out. It's going to be a runaway fic centered on 4 teenage characters Xander, Dean, and Sam. I am not sure who the fourth will be yet. If anybody is interest in reading it and would like to leave a suggestion for the fourth character, please do. If not, I might just use a teenage Tommy Conlon from the movie Warrior, it will be like a prequel to the movie for his part basically explaining what he went through. It will be slash (Not sure of the pairings) and it will not have any supernatural elements.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Vampire Diaries. They both belong to their rightful owners which is not me.

Jeremy Gilbert let the cold night breeze wash over his restless body. His head had started to pound hours ago from trying to process the information he had learned. The vampires and werewolves he could understand. Hell he could even understand that there are different lines, that wasn’t really that far of a stretch, but it was the rest of the shit that was getting to him. ‘I mean come on, the fucking First evil!’ Jeremy thought to himself with a snort of disbelief.

Apparently Mystic Falls and its crazed vampire and hybrids had nothing on good ole Sunnydale. At least his uncle and friends had never run into a hybrid. The boy let a smile come to his face when he remembered the groups slack jaws when he told them about hybrids. The one thing he could not get over though was the whole Hellmouth thing. A thousand questions ran through his head when he thought of the damn thing. Was there one in Mystic Falls? Did the originals know about it? Would Klaus try to ever use it for his own gain or maybe it would corrupt Bonnie if she ever visited down her?

“Don’t think so hard your head might explode.” Dawn mocked him with a warm smile. That smile did something to him. Every time Jeremy saw her he felt like there was a brick lodged in his throat. Dawn sat down next to him seeming to enjoy the cool breeze as much as him. “Are you okay?” The girl asked him concern laced in her voice. Jeremy thought about his answer then replied, “It’s a lot to take in, but I should be fine.” “I’m just glad I’m not the only one anymore.” The younger Summers admitted. She was staring at the starry sky seeming to be lost in her own deep thoughts.

“The only one?” Jeremy asked raising an eyebrow in confusion. Dawn turned her head to look at him and gave him a sad smile, “It’s just that my sister is a Slayer, one of her best friends is a witch, and ok the other one might not be so special, but he is the heart of the group, he’s special in his own right, and then I’m in a house surrounded by the next potential Slayers. I just feel so small and insignificant sometimes like it wouldn’t make a difference if I was here or not. So I’m just glad I’m not the only, so called normal one around here.”

Jeremy just stared at her for a while just taking in the information she was giving him. When he finally replied the words came easy to him like never before. “Honestly I can see where you’re coming from, but I feel the opposite. I mean I see the responsibility my sister, Alaric, and everybody here takes on and I’m glad I don’t have to be them. That any minute of the day I could just walk away and not look back and it probably wouldn’t make a difference. Not that I would ever walk. It’s just a warm comfort to know that unlike the others I have the choice to walk away from all this.”

“If you would never walk away then why are you here?” Dawn asked quizzically. Jeremy’s eyebrows rose at that thought and it seemed like an answer was scratching at the base of his skull, but then it seemed to escape him before he could grab a hold of it. “I...I…I don’t know.” Jeremy replied sadly. He turned his head to look at Dawn and his breath caught in his throat when he realized how close she really was. He couldn’t help it, but his eyes slid down to look at her lips and it was quite obvious because of how close she was sitting next to him.

Neither of them could tell you who leaned in first, but that didn’t matter when their lips meet in a chaste kiss. A warm vibrant feeling washed through Jeremy when he felt Dawn’s soft moist lips against his. The both pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes trying to find an answer to an unasked question. A few minutes passed before they seemed to find what they were looking for and slowly they leaned back toward each other. Jeremy brushed a fallen hair back behind Dawn’s ear memorized at how soft it was. Their lips were brushing against each other again when a scream came from nowhere and made them both jump.

“Dawn Summers! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” An angry blonde yelled with such authority in her voice it made Jeremy want to roll into a ball and crawl under a rock. The only person Jeremy could guess that it was would be the missing Slayer, Buffy, but he couldn’t figure out who the bleach blonde with the old leather jacket was that was following behind her. He and Dawn both stood up trying to explain themselves, but before they could do anything Jeremy found a hand wrapped around his throat. The boy tried to swallow around the fear when he noticed the bleach blonde snarl, shift into game face and squeeze Jeremy’s throat even harder.

“Spike put him down or I won’t be the only one missing an eye.” Xander warned coming out of nowhere wielding a crossbow and aiming it at Spike’s head. Spike snarled at Xander, but let go of the squirming boy none the less. “Who the hell is this kid, Xander?” Buffy yelled harshly pointing a finger at Jeremy. “Well Buff you see he’s my nephew.” Xander said shrugging his shoulder. Buffy looked from Xander to Jeremy and then back. She walked up to Jeremy, looked him in the eye and said in a neutral voice which revealed none of her feelings, “You and me are going to talk very soon,” She then looked at Dawn, “Come with me.” Then without another look back she hugged Xander and walked back in the house, Dawn and the vampire following after her.

Xander walked up to Jeremy and patted him on the back. “Sorry about that. Are you okay?” The older man asked his nephew. Jeremy cleared his throat and answered back. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, but my throat is going to be bruised to hell tomorrow morning.” “Well look at it this way at least we match now.” The shaggy headed brunette said. Jeremy tried to laugh, but his throat was too raw. Xander smirked, patted the boy’s head like a dog and then ran into the house with the sixteen year old on his heels.

Sorry for the shortness of the chapters and not following the dialogue rule (My high school English teacher would have my head for it) . The chapters should begin to get longer soon.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "See you later Mystic Falls, Hello Sunnyhell!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 May 12.

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