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Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld ~ Redo

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Summary: 'Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld' Redo. Summary: Buffy is sent back into the past to lead the Goa'uld rebellion on Earth. When she meets SG-1 in the future, her destiny changes.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredefwrocksFR1899,0380410,03623 May 1213 Nov 12No

Slayer Dream

Disclaimer: I do not own ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘Stargate SG-1’.

A/N: This is a do-over of my crossover story ‘Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa’uld’. I am hoping I can fix what the readers want to be fixed and get it better this time. I appreciate those reviewers taking time out of their days and lives to make a comment to hopefully improve someone else’s writing. Thank you! Any comments and recommendations are welcomed. I hope I can please most, if not all, of my readers this time around.

It was just your typical day in Sunnydale, California, for Buffy Summers anyway.

Buffy had just finished off a vampire after a big fight. Another vampire had come up behind her ready to spring for the attack. She turned around before the vampire could do anything and put a wooden stake in his heart. It turned to dust after mere seconds. Buffy clapped the dust off her hands and put Mr. Pointy back in place.

"Ew! I hate vampire dust!"

She started walking back home since patrol was finished. She couldn't wait to go to sleep. She had been up all day and half the night.

She snuck back into the house, changed into night clothes, and got into bed. She fell asleep really quickly.

Slayer Dream

Buffy was somewhere unfamiliar to anything she had seen. She was in a very sandy place that had tents and people with sand colored clothes on. The sun was bright, but there was a dark feeling surrounding her. She looked around her and saw what looked like a patrol of what felt like demons carrying staff weapons. They had emblems on their head and they wore heavy suits of armor. Everyone moved out of the way of the demons, and the ones who didn't get out of the way in time were knocked out of the way forcefully. After they got to the one tent-like house, they stopped.

"Jaffa! Kree!" said the head demon.

Buffy thought, So, the demons must be called Jaffa… maybe.

They went inside the house and pushed out a family, including a kid. They knocked them on the ground, and then bound them together so they could be pulled along as one. One of the Jaffa carried the rope on one end, and another Jaffa was pushing them along with the end of the staff weapon. The kid was crying, and so were the parents by this time.

The residents followed along behind them until they reached what must have been what they considered a town square. The head Jaffa went into the door on the base of a pyramid, and a few minutes later was escorting back two more demons. They were dressed up in royal garb, so they had to be the ones in charge. The head Jaffa also had a piece of what they must have used as paper.

The head Jaffa read off the paper while saying, "This family is being charged with the crime of treason, which is punishable by death. Their death will prove as an example for everyone else to not betray their God, Ra."

One of the flanking Jaffa took the piece of "paper" and the head Jaffa lifted up his staff weapon, it opened with energy charges coming off of the end, and killed the family in front of him with no remorse.

Buffy winced at the pure evil before her killing an innocent child in cold blood.

At that moment, she woke back up, gasping.
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