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A change in the air

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This story is No. 7 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Changes are afoot in the SGC for one the Frat regs are being disbanded. It means love is in the air for more than just Lorne. Lorne/Buffy Sheppard/? Part 7 of Divine Family

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
hellbellsFR1511,840083,7973 Jun 123 Jun 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters only my twisted imagination. All rights belong to their respective owners of BtVS; Percy Jackson and Stargate Atlantis.

Buffy flamed into the meeting room that she had borrowed Johnny from. Lorne was startled his CO and Buffy hauling a well-known enemy. It was certainly a sight to see the once proud ‘god’ being hauled by the much smaller Buffy. He watched as the air around Sheppard shimmered and his CO was once again wearing BDU's.

Lorne recovered enough to find his tongue, “Err Congrats.”

Buffy smiled it seemed that John’s second had a good head on his shoulders. She really did want to get to know him better. “Cousin Jack has let me keep him since I caught him. I think Daddy will have fun with him.”

Lorne, no stranger to off the wall conversations, said, “that’s good to hear.”

As Buffy smiled Lorne forgot to breathe; he had the greatest urge to paint Buffy. She was still grinning and he had no doubt that every soldier on the base would classify her as a goddess without knowing anything about her origins.

She turned her head pointing at his CO, “Johnny hasn’t figured it out yet ... but Jack will want to get married on Atlantis so will you be my wedding date?”

Lorne stuttered, “Of course.”

He wondered just exactly what Buffy knew that the others did not. He was smart enough to know that a woman’s intuition sometimes topped divine power in certain cases.

He didn’t have a chance to ask any further questions as she flamed out muttering something about ‘bonding’ and ‘father-daughter time.

Lorne looked to his CO who looked like a soldier once again. He said the only thing that came to mind, “Jack!”

Sheppard sighed, “She’s not wrong General O’Neill will want to marry here.”

Lorne went with the flow, “Who will he be marrying?”

Sheppard looked at him as if he was questioning his intelligence. In reality he was scanning the fate thread, which was one of the cooler powers that had developed from his ascension to full god. “Colonel Carter. Buffy will get her way and tomorrow the frat regs will have disappeared.” It was clear that Sheppard was thinking about some things.

“Schedule a full meeting.”

Lorne raised an eyebrow, “Sir.”

John grinned, “It’s time that I explain a few facts about myself and Buffy. The last thing we need is for a trigger happy marine to shoot Buffy when she flames in.”

Lorne nodded sensing there was more than one story there, “1600 hours tomorrow. Oh Buffy asked me on a date.”

Sheppard could hear the tentative - not asked question there. Feeling in a generous mood, he offered some reassurance, “Relax Lorne, Buffy is big and bad enough to look after herself.” Lorne noticed the mischievous smirk and sighed; wondering just how much paperwork this was going to generate. “I wonder if she’ll do some training sessions.”

Lorne was man enough to admit that he would find that as funny as hell. He would bet that some of the geeks would borrow him the recording equipment.

The day after, Sheppard’s prediction came true. Woolsey looked a little shell-shocked, “As of today the frat regs have been disbanded for the military members of the SGC.”

Mckay quirked an eyebrow, and he asked the one question that the others were wondering about, “How did O’Neill manage to pull that one off?”

Sheppard’s grin was all teeth, “He didn’t. Buffy handed the Joint Chiefs’ their asses ... without raising a hand in violence. I was so proud.”

McKay could sense the insincerity, “Yeah, you’re always about the peaceful route.”

Sheppard chose to rise above the bait; see he was growing as a god. Buffy would be so proud. “Anyway Buffy laid a verbal smackdown to the Joint Chiefs. They were found wanting and the President is signing an Executive Order to change the rules.”

Lorne was sitting listening to the briefing, making mental notes of anything that needed to be followed up on. “Sir, shall this be added to the city wide briefing?”

Sheppard thought about it, and agreed that it would certainly be the most prudent time. “Good as time as any. Can we delegate to one of the captains being the relationship counsellor?”

Lorne turned his head to the side wondering how he could justify it in the paperwork. He wasn’t going to even bother hiding his devious smile, “Well we certainly wouldn’t want to deprive junior officers of the chance to take on extra responsibility and earn promotions now would we?”

Woolsey was learning to be incredibly weary of the innocent look on his Military Commander’s face. He was quickly learning that Sheppard was at his most dangerous when he had that look. He was also a man that had not get where he had, without knowing which battles to fight and which to concede. Having perfected a deadpan expression, “I will concede to your knowledge in this matter Colonel.”

Sheppard sighed, “It’s for the best. I can give good advice when it comes to war and tactics. Feelings not so much, that’s Aphrodite’s purview.”

No one said anything, after all, he was spot on and saying anything would be disingenuous, and even Rodney had learnt a little about social niceties in the last five years.

A month later they were in the Mess Hall celebrating Lorne’s Birthday. Atlantis personnel had quickly learnt to take any chance to celebrate. The presents had been stacked into a pile and the Birthday boy was being cajoled into opening them before they cleared a space to let people dance.

The gifts had ranged from the generic to the useful. After all, who would turn down a week’s leave from their CO. Cadman gave him an IOU for two rescues sans mega explosions. The final package looked weighty and posh. It was clearly a large box wrapped in expensive wrapping paper and wrapped neatly in a bow.

He gave Sheppard a questioning look, “Who is it from?”

Sheppard snickered, “You can guess it’s from her.

He gasped looking inside the box. It was filled with all the materials that a budding artist could ever need and they were not cheap. “These are beautiful I wish I could thank her in person.”

Sheppard smirked, “Well she didn’t think it would be fair to pass your birthday without dropping in.”

Lorne looked to the doorway and he was in awe. Buffy was very beautifully dressed, ironically, the style of the dress was very Grecian.

The crowd parted and were whispering wondering when anything had developed between Sheppard’s cousin and Lorne. The rest of the gossip was bemoaning Buffy for stealing Lorne, and Lorne for stealing Buffy.

Buffy didn’t care - she only had eyes for Lorne. She was so far past being ‘baked’ it was unfunny. She knew who she wanted and she cut free enjoying herself.

Sheppard watched indulgently, he was glad for both Lorne and his cousin, but was startled at the fate thread he saw forming. The only reason he would see Ambrosia in Lorne’s future was if he was to join with Buffy and therefore, father would grant him the gift.

The answer came when he heard his father’s voice in his head, “Let it be. All things must come to pass. Your cousin is aware.”

Sheppard shrugged, hell, who was he too disobey? Worryingly, a snarky voice that sounded distressingly like McKay said, “Usually the first.”

Sheppard downed the last of his wine, being a god made him a really expensive date. He was going to stop staring at Cadman and actually talk to her. He was going to start living. If there was one thing he had realised was that being closed off from everyone was doing him no favours. Buffy, his friends and cousins had all managed to chip away at his defences until he came to this realisation.

Buffy whose head was resting comfortably on Lorne’s shoulder gave him a blinding grin. As he moved towards Cadman, she had a blinding smile that he had only seen when she was over seeing nuclear explosions. He gave a gallant bow, “Would you care to dance?”

Cadman didn't bother to hide her happiness affecting a Southern accent she answered. “Why thank you kind sir.”

Over the other side of the room, Buffy let out a breath that she hadn’t realised she was holding, “Oh thank god, I didn’t think he would ever man up and ask.”

Lorne looked confused and then understanding dawned, “You wanted the regs changed for him just as much as O’Neill.”

Buffy moved closer muffling the conversation, “He has given everything to this mission at the expense of himself. I can relate.”

Lorne could sense the long buried pain that he would help her address, but for now he moved the conversation to lighter topics, “So if you could use your divine powers to tell me when the General will pop the question I would be grateful.”

Buffy leant up to whisper in is ear, “Don’t be too happy. He already has; before you get too happy you’ll probably end up planning it.”

Lorne was wondering how bad it could be. I mean once you’d faced the Wraith everything else would fall into place wouldn’t it.

Buffy was snickering, “You may have had experience dealing with enemies, politicians and other bureaucrats. You have not yet had the pleasure of dealing with my family.”

Lorne pouted, “Will you help?”

Buffy wanted to say no, she really did. She and paperwork were unmixy things but she just could not say no. She really had to stop using her pout to get her own way with everything because it really sucked being on the other end.

She sighed knowing the battle was lost, “Fine you’ll owe me smoochies and I’ll help you, but you got to let Johnny flail a little bit.”

Lorne shook his head in bemusement, he had seen Sheppard in many states but flailing and panicking wasn’t really one of them. “I promise first what is a smooch?”

Well Buffy was always much more for practical demonstrations rather than talking. Plus, who could resist such an opening. She grabbed a hold of Lorne’s head and angled it so that Lorne could be under no illusion about what she wanted. He closed the gap himself and the passion ignited.

As one would expect when they were in a hall full of marine they were many cat-calls and wolf whistles. The couple came up for air and Buffy giggled, “So can you handle smoochies?”

Lorne shook himself out of the last of his daze, “Oh yeah.”

Buffy smirked, “Good I’ll be in touch. Enjoy the last of your Birthday.” Lorne was learning one thing about Sheppard’s family. They all knew how to make an entrance or exit.

He was almost looking forward to the headache that planning a wedding would bring if it meant that Buffy would be close.

Next up: A wedding of one General and Colonel. Just how well can the SGC cope when several gods, goddesses and demigods descend upon the fair city

The End

You have reached the end of "A change in the air". This story is complete.

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