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Buffy AVP: Synthesis

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Senior Partners assemble the Alien and Predator for a Sunnydale smack down.

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chapter 11

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.

Giles stepped out of the car. He needed to speak to Buffy. He could see that she had her stake out. She was ready to strike at the predator. Buffy was working under the assumption that she was fighting a vampire. Giles knew better. The Predator was a blood zombie. It was a dead thing reanimated by a type of magic Buffy had never seen. If she attacked it as if it was a vampire it would easily kill her.

“Buffy!” Giles yelled. The distant murky figures of Buffy and the Predator didn’t move. Giles yelled again. “Buffy!” Both of them turned to look at Giles. He didn’t like that.

“It’s not a vampire!” He yelled. Buffy tilted her head. What was Giles talking about? “Buffy, it’s a zombie! You have to cut its head off!” Buffy heard him this time. The Predator heard Giles as well. It began to move towards the watcher.

Buffy slammed into the Predator with all of her weight. She knocked it on its back. She pounded it with her fists. The first punch cracked the Predator’s metal mask. The second punch shattered its jaw. Her knuckles bled. She didn’t care. Giles was hers to protect.

The Predator brought an arm up and knocked Buffy off of him. He rubbed his face. He could feel the fractured bone beneath his skin. Plasma guns came to life as a fierce and terrible blackness fell on him. The Alien came from its hiding place. Its inner jaws punched into the predator. Chunks of flesh flew into the air. The Predator staggered backwards.

Its wrist claws extended. A meter of razor sharp metal stabbed into the chest of the alien. The metal hissed and melted destroyed by acid blood. The alien screamed. It grabbed the predator’s neck and squeezed. The alien lifted the predator a full meter off the ground. It opened its jaws to strike a second time.

The predator’s face mask had long ago fallen to the ground. Its jaws were free now. The predator screeched it blood curling challenge. Its wide double jaws showed rows of teeth eager to tear flesh. The predator activated its shoulder mounted cannon. A shell of specially constructed metal entered the gun chamber and was instantly heated to well over ten thousand degrees in a fraction of a second by blue-green lasers. A plasma ball exploded into the alien’s face. It died instantly. It’d black body sunk to the ground. The predator turned to Buffy. Eve hit the trackball on the computer. Satellites in geosynchronous orbit zoomed in on the battle in Sunnydale.

“One down one to go.” Eve thought. Her fingers hovered above the activation button on her keyboard. She could unleash the atomics with a tap of a finger. She ran scenario after scenario in her head about how this might end. In far too many of them she had to nuke Sunnydale. She didn’t have a problem with that.

It moved in a blink of an eye. The predator zipped across the field and bashed Buffy on the side of her face knocking her to the ground. Buffy rolled then got back to her feet. The predator hit her again. The air went out of her.

“Another hunt another dead girl.” Thought Barik Null. It brought up the jagged remains of his wrist claw and impaled Buffy. He felt the metal slide into her. Her blood spurted out. Barik yanked the blade. The ragged edges of the blade tore a hole in her body from the inside out.

Buffy fell dying. Her body slowed. Her mind raced at incredible speed. She could see the all of creation as recorded by the alien blood memories. She saw the Old Ones on Earth a billion years ago. She saw the Old Ones create the alien species and mystically network them together. She saw the force behind the slayers and their true history in a blink of an eye. She knew about the Dark Men, then the Watchers, then the Guardians. She saw the scythe buried deep beneath Sunnydale and knew she didn’t need it anymore. Willow asked her a question.

“So Buffy, are you ready to be strong?” She said.

“Yes.” Buffy said.

“Then remember who you are. We won’t need the whole spell, just the last part. The part you say.” The memories of Willow insisted.

Maus, the hand” Said Buffy as she fell. It was almost a whisper.

A flash of orange white light shot beneath her skin as the joining spell exploded within her. Buffy had achieved synthesis. She knew who she was. She knew all the secrets. She stuck a hand out and caught herself before she hit the ground. Buffy stood straight up. Her wounds were healed. Buffy opened her hand. A beam of red fire blasted the predator ten feet into the air. His body slammed into the ground. Half of him was burned away. Magic instantly began to rebuild his flesh.

“What the hell!?” Said Manning. He’d seen Buffy light up the night with her burning crimson glow. Manning checked his gun. It was loaded. He looked at Giles. Giles looked back at him. Neither knew what to do.

Buffy floated in a sea of a billion years of memory. She saw the eon slow rotation of the galaxy in a swirl of red and yellow stars. She saw the ancient home world of the Senior Partners and what it had become. She saw the big playground with its fifteen life bearing worlds. Buffy lifted her face to the stars. Under the joining spell she could easily see the predator battle ships hovering over her. She knew what they really wanted. She twisted her head slightly. She could sense the Wolfram and hart satellite orbiting above Sunnydale.

She looked directly at the satellite. “Too late.” Buffy said to Eve. “I am awake.”

Eve hit the firing button. Beneath Sunnydale, high yield shape charges exploded. Perfect spheres of plutonium compressed under the force of the explosion. Neutrons were forced into the core of the atoms making them unstable. The atoms decayed releasing their nuclear energy and a hellfire on Earth. Everything turned white. The world went away. There was nothing. Then after a moment the world returned.

“The slayer is the avatar of a force beyond comprehension.” Buffy said still speaking to Eve. Hundreds of miles away Eve jumped back from her monitor. She had just witnessed a profound act of magic.

“She did it!” Eve though. The philosophy of the Senior Partners was this; there was thesis, antithesis and synthesis. The thesis of human existence is ignorance. The antithesis is failure based on acting on that ignorance. Synthesis was transcendence. The flesh of the alien and the technology of the predator had both failed. Buffy had transcended them both.

“It’s over.” Eve thought. She began to shiver from fear. She could hear the angry voices of the Senior Partners calling out to her.

“Holy shit!” Said Manning more succinctly.

The Predator slowly stood. “What was this?” He thought. In the ten thousand years since the start of the long hunt this had never happened. Something in him recognized that this was the end. Some part of him was happy. He roared and lunged at Buffy in a burst of speed. His bloody blade pointed at her as he leapt. He would kill the slayer now.

“Burn.” Buffy said softly. She knew the spell used by the Senior Partners. She remembered it. The fires of life that fueled the predator were a low burning flame. Buffy turned the life force fueling the predator up to a burning roar. The Predator burst into bright unnatural flames that flowered outwards into ashes. Above, a fleet of twelve predator ships decloaked. One ship nearly a quarter mile long decloaked directly above Buffy. The gun ports were open. She knew enough not to be afraid. The predators killed cowards on sight.

Behind her four predators dropped their shields. A predator with bones in his grey hair came and looked at her. He stared Buffy in the face for a long time then emitted a deep bass grunt. The predators gathered the ashes of Barik Null and took them back to the ship. Just before they became invisible, the senior predator took Barik Null’s cracked facemask and tossed it to Buffy. She caught it in the air with one hand. She knew what this was. Every good predator deserved a souvenir. The old predator took one look at her, laughed then disappeared. Minutes later the predator ships were gone. They had faded into the darkness from which they came.

Manning was standing behind her. His gun was pointed at the back of her head.

“Lady, I don’t know what you are. “ He said. Buffy turned to face him. “But I will be damned if I am going to let another monster walk the Earth. “

“I am not a monster.” Buffy said. Her voice sounded like wasps buzzing through thick molasses. Her eyes glowed orange white. “Slayers are not monsters. We have souls.” Manning fired.

Two shots rang out. In the air before her, the bullets changed into butterflies. “I am not to be feared.” She said. “I am the memory of the living galaxy made flesh.”

Giles walked up to Buffy. He needed to know what his slayer had become. “What are you?” Giles asked. “What are we to you now?”

Buffy turned her head. She could feel the lives of the billions of humans on the planet. Those lives were hers now more than ever. She felt at one with them. They were more than just flesh. They were family. Buffy answered Giles flatly. “We are Hive.


The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy AVP: Synthesis". This story is complete.

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