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Sometimes Wrong Is Right

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Summary: On a mission to a planet, SG-1 is divided; a story ensues.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Current Donor)SithspitFR15619,5791253,7296 Jun 1219 Oct 12No

Chapter One

Title: Sometimes Wrong Is Right
Author: Sithspit
Rating: FR15; later chapters will be FR18-FR21 for violence and salty, sexy goodness.
Pairings: Jack/Sam
Disclaimer: Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are the creators of the Stargate series. Cross-over elements that may appear in later chapters will appear in disclaimers for those chapters; none at present.
Summary: On a mission to a planet, SG-1 is divided; a story ensues.
Dedications: To DeepBlueJoy: Thanks for looking it over, and giving me the kick in the ass to do SOMETHING again. Much love.
Author's Note: It just wouldn't leave me alone; damned plot bunny. Anya was right...they're EVIL. I guess you could call this idea...hare-brained? /facepalm

DAY ONE: P4X-169
The large, furred herbivores munched contentedly on the crunchy, aromatic blades of dark green vegetation, their rounded ears swiveling back and forth as they took in the sounds on the plain around them; the other members of the herd grazed together, the lush plants spread over the plain providing their sustenance. Avian creatures swooped and called in the morning air, the white sun shining down on the dewy grasses, wet from the fading night's condensation; scaled flying creatures, "birds" for lack of a better term, landed on and about the herbivores, pecking insects from their bodies in a symbiotic relationship practiced by many creatures, both on land and in the seas. Some of the flying creatures landed atop a large metal ring, seated atop a raised platform and adorned with mysterious glyphs; the ring itself, though exposed to the elements showed no signs of rust or decay however, but still bore a quiet gravity, a silent sentinel on the plain, watching over the creatures that gathered there. Docile by nature and with few natural predators, the creatures did not startle easily.


As the sun began to climb higher, the large metal circle atop the raised dais began to rotate; at regular intervals, a loud, clunking sound would emanate and coincide with one of the many glyphs brightly lighting, until finally after seven such glyphs lit, it locked into position.

A bright swooshing wave of what looked like water shot from the circle, startling the herd animals at the base of the platform and causing the various bird-like creatures to take to the air...including some that were caught in the "swoosh". Inside the ring itself, the swoosh receded to form what looked like a pool of gently rippling water, resembling a fountain lit from underneath. After a few seconds, a small vehicle like device rolled through and stopped, just on the grasslands side of the ring, as feathers floated through the air...

Cheyenne Mountain – Stargate Command:

"Chevron Seven encoded. We have a stable wormhole."

"Send the MALP through."

General George Hammond stood behind the shoulder of Sgt. Walter Harriman, watching the screen that showed the video feed from the MALP on the other side of the stargate's event horizon; below him in the gate room, SG-1 waited at the foot of the metal grid ramp, the tightly knit team watching the events with casual eyes. He smiled at the thought that a group of humans would be so blasé regarding their mission to step through the event horizon of an alien artifact to visit a new world, but SG-1 remained their premier first contact team, and had done exactly that on hundreds of similar missions; to them, it was old hat.

He glanced back down at the monitor and frowned. "Walter, what is that? Is that—?"

The sergeant smirked. "Yes Sir. That would appear to be a cloud of feathers. I'm guessing the gate opened into a flight of birds...or something." His hands dancing over his keyboard, the earnest faced technician read data coming from the MALP. Satisfied that the conditions on the other side of the gate were optimal to support human life, he finished by saying, "I hope they weren't locals."

The portly general's face turned into a grimace. "Let's hope they weren't." Leaning forward to the open microphone, Hammond said, "SG-1, you're clear to debark. Good luck and Godspeed."

With a casual salute, Colonel Jack O'Neill met the eyes of his superior officer and nodded before turning to his team and said, "OK, get your guesses in, because that's our cue." He began up the ramp as Major Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c followed, each chiming in with their guesses as to what they would find on the other side of the gate.

Carter said, "I'm guessing flora and fauna that--"

O'Neill groaned. "Carter, please. Be more specific than that. EVERY planet has flora and fauna."

With a smirk, she replied. "I was SAYING, that I'm guessing flora and fauna that will have some useful property for a new medicine."

Jack missed what Jackson said as he stepped through the gate and vanished, only to reappear moments later and several thousand light years away on the planet they designated P4X-169. Pausing to put his aviator sunglasses on his face, he looked around the plain the stargate rested on as Carter came through the gate behind him, donning her own in the glare of the white sun overhead.

"Carter, that's your most specific to date. Do you know something you're not letting on?"

The blond Air Force major raised the right corner of her mouth in a half-smile. "Sir, you know I wouldn't cheat."

Jack raised both eyebrows as he knitted his face into an expression best described as accepting and chastened. "Cheat, no. But you are a very devious woman, Carter...very competitive. I have to be on my toes around you."

He tilted his head slightly to look at her over his sunglasses as Jackson and Teal'c came through; the eyes of the two officers met briefly, and Jack was rewarded with a slight blush from his 2IC. Ducking her head in mild embarrassment, she turned from his gaze and began to scan the plains, alert for any sign of danger or Jackson's favorite bet...ruins.

O'Neill pulled his binoculars to his face and spoke as he scanned the horizon. "Well, I'm going with intelligent natives, human stock; Daniel...still going with your usual?"

"Well, why ruin a good thing, Jack? If there's a stargate here, then that means the Ancients were once here, and that means that somewhere, somehow, there's a good chance of ruins."

"Indeed." Teal'c agreed. "I however will change my usual wager and pursue something from my intuition." At O'Neill's surprised glance, he continued. "During kel'no'reem I felt a need to...relax. So I shall try being less methodical and do something new." He took a deep breath and stood to his full 6'3" height. "I predict we shall find...nothing."

His teammates turned as one to first stare at him, then exchange glances with each other.
Teal'c, as usual, remained unflappable and simply smiled a small grin as he strode past his team down the ramp. Jack shook his head and resumed scanning the horizon--nothing but plains as far as he could see.

"Teal'c, climb up onto the top of the gate and look around; all I'm seeing is grasslands, so maybe you can see something more from higher up." Checking his compass, he frowned as he determined the planet's magnetic pole, designating that as "north". As he did so, the Jaffa gripped the gate in his powerful hands and began to work his way up the inner edge of the ring first, then agilely shifted to the outside of the ring for the rest of the upward ascent. Once there, he stood and scanned the horizon with his own optical gear.

"O'Neill, there are trees in that direction; also there are hills just to the side of the trees."

Jack checked the direction he pointed in and called that...east by north-east, approximately 67-68 degrees on his compass. "All right, we'll head there; any idea how far?"

Teal'c dropped from the top of the gate, catching himself with his hands and hanging for a moment before letting go and completing his descent to the platform. "Several hours walk at least; if the day here is the same length as Earth, then we will be fortunate indeed if we reach them by nightfall."

The colonel grimaced; his knees were going to kill him. "You heard the man; let's get moving so we're not out in the open come nightfall." Suiting action to words, he pocketed his binoculars and began walking point, his P-90 slung comfortably across his chest as he went.

"Okay Teal'c, let me down."

The huge Jaffa dropped to one knee and hunched down, allowing Carter to slide off of his massive shoulders to the ground; once there, she replaced her binoculars onto her belt. The team walked for an hour at which point they discovered the distant trees were actually tree tops, and the trees themselves rested in the bottom of a canyon, easily a hundred feet deep; the protrusion of the tree tops above the lip of the canyon gave the illusion they were much smaller and much farther away. Teal'c, being the strongest, lifted Carter, being the lightest member of the team, so a more elevated view could be obtained, looking for a way down into the canyon.

"Good news, sir. There's what appears to be a stone stairway carved into the rock around that outcropping." She pointed to the west. "I can't see the top with the view blocked, but I can see that it seems to be in good repair and goes down as far as I can see below the tree line."

Jackson's eyes widened. "Carved stairs indicate possible natives, likely not Goa'uld; the Goa'uld would have no need of primitive methods such as that. In fact, they'd likely disdain it for ring transport instead."

Jack's head dropped with a groan; he raised it and fixed the archaeologist with a glare. "Thanks Daniel. Thank you so much. You just ensured a run in with the snakes."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Jack, you can't place any kind of faith in supersti—" He stopped mid word and his eyes widened. "...and perhaps I should learn to listen. Death gliders!"

The team scattered as a pair of Goa'uld fighters swooped overhead, the ships firing at them as they screamed past, looping back at the far end of their turn to try once more to kill SG-1. As the Goa'uld ships flew past, their mounted plasma weapons spitting fire, Teal'c stepped out of cover and opened fire on the boulders near the edge of the canyon, the explosions causing a rock slide that sent clouds of dust into the air as well as tons of rocky rubble to fall down into the canyon below.

"Perhaps they will believe we fell into the canyon if we remain hidden." He said, pulling back into the shadow of the rocky outcropping. O'Neill nodded in approval.

"Great idea, Teal'c. Do you think they'll fall for it?"

The Jaffa simply nodded. When he observed the exasperated look on the colonel's face, he expanded on his answer. "The Jaffa will want the glory of killing intruders; they will not do as the Tauri would, flying cover while the other tries to kill us, pinning us down for reinforcements. If they do not see us, they will claim victory and their lord will send ground troops to investigate. We should go back to the gate and leave as soon as they are out of sight."

The team remained huddled in the crevices they found refuge in as the two fighters made a few more passes, their searching fire strafing farther and farther with each pass. Finally, they flew away and an eerie calm fell over the area.

"All right, folks, move it, double time! Let's get out of here before the ground troops show up!"
Without a word, even from the incessantly curious archaeologist, the three humans and the Jaffa began to move at a ground eating pace back to the stargate.

Sand. Small rocks. Acid. FIRE. Pick one, pick a mix, pick them all...Colonel Jack O'Neill felt like a rotating mixture of all of the above had been mixed into slurry and then poured into the joints of his knees. He knew that the pace they kept was via silent agreement by the rest of his team; they would not go faster than their slowest member and that was, unfortunately, himself. Only through his extensive training and experience in the Gulf fighting, his hush-hush black ops days, and sheer willpower was he able to continue at all.

Shouts from behind them grew increasingly louder, and the pursuing Jaffa began to take occasional shots at the fleeing team. Onward they ran, one foot in front of the other, chests heaving from the exertion; even in the excellent shape they kept themselves, the distance and time began to tell on them all, including the typically unflagging Teal'c.

Jack thought he couldn't go any more; as his right knee gave out, the stargate loomed before him. In between gasping breaths, he shouted, "Daniel! Dial out! Get us out of here!" From behind, blasts from staff weapons began to pepper the earth around them as the pursuing Jaffa began to walk their aim down, finding the range with which to shoot and kill the fleeing team.

Daniel put on a burst of speed and sprinted the rest of the distance from their small group to the DHD, and Jack grimaced as he realized just how much he slowed them down. Overhead, a keening wail began and the team ducked and covered as another pair of Death Gliders, perhaps the original pair, shot overhead and firing as they went. They were caught in a pincer.


The Jaffa fired at the oncoming enemy and answered, his methodical fire never stopping as he continued to pick off targets as he ran. "Yes O'Neill!"

"Take the explosives in your pack and throw them out behind us. Once we get some distance and they close in, shoot the pack!"

"This I will do!" The Jaffa dropped the pack as though lightening his load for running and pressed on further ahead. Once sufficiently far away, he turned and sighted on the pack, but held his fire; O'Neill was still in the blast zone. Carter turned and began to return fire, covering O'Neill as he ran up.


Daniel Jackson hurriedly pressed the last of the seven glyphs on the DHD and slammed his hand down on the red center post; in the back of his mind he heard Jack shout the command to "fire".

At that moment, several things happened. One of the Death Gliders decided to "thread the needle" in an attempt to catch the SG team in a crossfire; as the fighter zipped through the ring of the stargate, Daniel Jackson's hand fell on the activation stud and the familiar "SWOOSH" shot out from the gate...and clipped the tail end of the Goa'uld ship. The naquadah reactor overloaded a scant second later and the ship crashed into the ground and exploded, precisely in the same instant Teal'c fired, detonating the explosives. Daniel activated his G.D.O. and sent his Iris Deactivation Code as soon as the gate event horizon appeared; it was fortunate he did...the force of the blast knocked Teal'c off of his feet and propelled him through the air and straight through the glistening event horizon.

Dumbfounded, Daniel stared at the gate, and then turned to look behind him to see the remnants of the Death Glider rolling to a stop beyond the pursuing troops...or what was left of them. The explosion seemed to have occurred almost on top of the Jaffa, nearly wiping them out completely. Even more horrifying was the immense crater that yawned at the feet of Jack and Sam—a crater they were quickly and inexorably sliding down the slope of.

"Jack! Sam!" He yelled, scrambling to the crumbling edge to peer down after them. He stumbled to a stop at the edge just in time to see both of the Air Force officers reach the bottom and slide into a hole--a hole that was immediately filled and covered by dirt collapsing from the crater's edge.

Jackson blinked and his mouth gaped, opening and closing as he tried to voice his incredulity and utter helplessness. As he stood trying to figure out what to do, the remaining Death Glider swooped in at him and opened fire.

Deciding discretion and carrying the story back to the SGC to report what happened was preferable to dying, he turned and ran to the gate, entering at a run.

Cheyenne Mountain – Stargate Command

"Unscheduled off-world activation!" Walter's hand hovered over the button that would slam the iris into a closed position over the gate's event horizon.

"Close the iris!"

General Hammond gave the order as he stepped from his office into the 'gate control room behind Walter. The sergeant's hand slammed down and the inter-leaving points of the iris slid together over the gate, closing it off.

Several moments later, the technician called out, "Receiving a transmission now, Sir.” A pause stretched by, ended by Walter’s exclaimed, “It's SG-1, Sir! That's Doctor Jackson's I.D.C."

"Open the iris!"

Walter keyed the sequence to open the iris; no sooner had the metal slid open, the body of Teal'c sailed through, landing at the bottom of the ramp and rolling across the floor to stop in a loose and ominously still heap against the back wall. Scant seconds later, Daniel Jackson ran through at a sprint yelling, "Shut down the gate! Shut it!"

"What in the Sam Hill--shut it down Walter, now." Hammond moved quickly from the gate control room and stepped through the blast door to the gate room. "Dr. Jackson, what the devil is going on? Where are Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter?"

Jackson held his hands behind his head, attempting to catch his breath. "Jack...and Sam..." He gasped, shaking his head as he gulped air. "They're trapped; fell in a crater...dirt slid down and covered the hole."

He looked up at the General. "General Hammond...we have to go back! If they're trapped in an air bubble, there could be very little time! We've got to save them!"

To Be Continued...
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