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Match Made in Hell.

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Summary: Charlotte meets the worst person imaginable to her. X-over with Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

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Television > Todd & The Book of Pure EvilRedRaptorFR1516720132814 Jun 1214 Jun 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. This story isn't written for profit or any kind of gain. I'm simply playing with the characters for a bit and will put them back when I'm done.
Author's Note: This is my first story on TtH. I'm more of a reader than writer but I just had to get this idea out of my head. Please bear that in mind while you read this. Enjoy.
This takes place after 'Two Girls, One Tongue' in BOPE. No time specific for BTVS

The pain was torturous. It felt like her entire being was overloaded. Then it simply stopped and she collapsed boneless onto the stone floor. Charlotte’s mind slowly started to recover as sensations started to return to her. While she tried to remember what happened to her, she tried to move her body.

Flex her fingers. Check.

Wiggle her toes. Check.

Work her jaw. Check.. wait. Her tongue. She had her tongue!

With that realization, her memories came flooding back to her. She had managed to use the book to change places with that bitch Hannah. She had her normal life back, she had her tongue back, and even her boyfriend. All the while, that stealing whore had taken her place in the basement of the school as The Phantom of Crowley High. But she just had to figure it out and ruin everything. Even after setting her up for killing that student, she managed to push Charlotte to the limit with that damn singing and have her slip up. She almost managed to have her revenge on her if it wasn’t for that damn stage light falling and…

Oh. Shit. She died.

Jumping up, she quickly took notice of where she was. Which appeared to be nowhere. The entire landscape was pitch black with only a stone floor visible for about a dozen feet around her. Her body seemed to have not suffered from her sudden death and, in fact, she felt rested and full of energy.

“Hello,” she called out into the darkness. Her voice didn’t even echo. The emptiness of where she was started to encompass her. “Is anyone there? What happened?”

Just as she started to think that this was some kind of sentence for using the power of the book, to be left in this purgatory for the rest of her life, a voice called back to her. “I brought you back.”

“Brought me back? What do you mean?”

“I saw what happened to you and felt that you deserved much more than what you received. An intelligent and attractive woman like yourself? You should have people bowing to you in reverence. And that voice? Oh, the voice of a Siren beckoning all those to you. It’s what called out to me. So I used my powers to bring you back to life. Fully restored to before that unfortunate incident where you lost your tongue.”

Charlotte didn’t know how to respond. Somewhere, out in that void, there was something that brought her back from the dead? And it had an interest in her?

“So, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to be my Queen. I want you to rule beside me throughout the centuries; with powers that pathetic book couldn’t even give you. Nothing could challenge you. You could extol gifts and punishment to your black heart’s content. Do whatever you so pleased, so long as you are by my side.”

With that, a spotlight appeared a few dozen feet away. Soft music began to grow in volume as a red-skinned demon stepped into the light dressed in a rich blue suit. Then, of all things…

Together, forever
You can have all the things
Do all the things that...

Unceremoniously cut off, the singing demon known as Sweets dropped to the ground with a large feathered dart sticking out of his left eye. Within the other circle of illumination, Charlotte lowered the blow-dart gun that had appeared in her hands. Her eyes narrowed with blazing fury. Inhaling deeply, she vented furiously at the prone body on the ground and into the darkness to whomever else might be out there with exactly what was on her mind.


The End

You have reached the end of "Match Made in Hell.". This story is complete.

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