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Seven Days of Darcy

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Summary: Seven prompts, seven days, seven Darcy ships. For Darcy Lewis Ship Week. "With all the worlds' weapons at her fingertips, Tony wants to know why tasers. "

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JadedFR1521,3490175,14625 Jun 1226 Jun 12No

Tasers (Darcy/Tony)

Author: Jaded
Story: Seven Days of Darcy
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Thor and The Avengers are owned by Marvel. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Seven prompts, seven days, seven Darcy ships. For Darcy Lewis Ship Week.
Warnings: Age Difference, femslash, AU, Real!Family
A/N 1: So, over on Tumblr, they're doing a Darcy Lewis Ship Week, with 7 prompts for each day. I decided to go ahead and do this, but with a general theme...which is Darcy is the third Summers sister. The stories are only gonna be connected by that one simple fact, hence the seven ships. :) Enjoy!

Prompt: Tasers (Darcy/Tony)
Summary: With all the worlds weapons at her fingertips, Tony wants to know why tasers.

“Why tasers?” Tony asked one day, while she and he were snuggling on the bed. He was doing something with his Starkpad in one hand, but Darcy had not been sleeping with him this long not to know when he was playing and not working. She huffed a laugh.

“It was the safest weapon my older sister could find for me and Dawn,” she told him honestly. Tony stopped what he was doing to crane his down to look at her.

“Safe?” he asked skeptically. “How are tasers safe?”

“Well, if you don't know how to handle it, you won't accidentally cut off your hand,” she told him. “And after the Miss Kitty fiasco, Buf wasn't about to give either me or Dawn access to projectile weapons.”

She wasn't about to mention the fact that tasers were a hell of a lot easier to explain than swords, daggers, or crossbows. He didn't need to know her family's crazy.

“They've come in handy though,” she said, thinking back to all the times she and Dawn had used theirs.

He snorted, one hand wrapping around her curls. “You knocked out Thor.”

“My sisters best friend and ex-boyfriend too,” she said before she could really think about what she was saying.

“I'm going to regret asking,” he mumbled and she smirked, leaning over to put her chin on his bare chest, the arc reactor scant inches from her mouth she looked up at him.

“Dawn tased our older sister's friend when he tried getting us out of Sunnydale to safety, which wouldn't have been so bad if B had been with us,” she recalled. She chuckled. “Then I tased Buffy's on-again, off-again boyfriend when we got back to the house for helping Xander to chloroform and stuff us in the car in the first place.”

The look of shock on Spike's face as she tased him was one she'd treasure for the rest of her life—it wasn't often she or Dawn got one over on him and she'd totally missed out on the threatening him with fire thing Dawn had done when he'd come back during the year of hell. She gave a slight shrug. “Ever since then its sort of been our go-to weapon. Spike even got us green and blue tasers with our names etched on 'em for our birthday last year.” She decided not to tell them she'd lost hers within a week.

“That's...” Tony trailed off and she shrugged again, having long grown used to people's weirded out reaction to her families...peculiarities.

“As Xander said, it's a Summers thing, it's all very violent.”

“...Sexy,” he finished and before she knew it, he'd thrown the tablet on the floor and tackled her. She laughed delightedly.

Yup. He was a keeper.


Two days later, Darcy's squeal of delight could be heard throughout the Tower. The Avengers, most of whom were in the kitchen, looked confused but Tony just smirked.

He hoped she liked the color.
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