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The Joining

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This story is No. 4 in the series "To Find A Mate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Kit weren't the only ones with mates on a dying world. Rupert must travel with his children and save their mates.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsCaliadragonFR1511,069031,71013 Jul 1213 Jul 12Yes

Title: The Joining

Author: Caliadragon

Series: To Find a Mate

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Archive: Anyone with prior permission, any list I send it too, BC, TtH, WWoMB, Imaginings.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or their associated shows belong to me.

Part: 1/1

Fandoms: BtVS, AtS, SPN, SG, SGA, Highlander

Pairings: Multiple

Category: Crossover, Relationship

Warnings: Angst, AU, Unbeta’d, Slash, Femmeslash, Het, Violence

Summary: Willow and Kit weren’t the only ones with mates on a dying world.


Rupert Giles had lived a very long time.  He had lived with the children he had adopted as his own and watched as others had claimed as family were killed in the unending war the Council waged to protect humanity.  The threat the Council faced was one that was grudgingly admitted was real or openly ignored as being real. 


When he had immortality forced upon him a part of him had mourned and raged, while another part of him had felt relief that he would not be leaving Xander, Dawn, and Connor alone to face immortality without their family.


The D’Hoffryn had come to him and his family at the behest of the Powers, telling them that they had to leave, but also giving them gifts and the promise of a mate.  Giles was relieved that his children and family would finally have someone to stand with them and be loved, someone that would be at their sides through the long life that they were facing.  Giles was not surprised to learn that they would settle onto the world that Xander’s mates had originated from as the boy was the families steady force.  That Carlos, Kennedy, and Andrew would be going with him was heartening as he would at least be able to protect three of his children.


Kennedy had come to mean as much to him as Willow, Buffy, Faith, and Dawn had.  When Willow and Kennedy’s relationship ended, it was done so in friendship.  Kennedy, knowing she could not compete with the memory of Tara and the love Willow and Tara shared, had ended things gently.  The two had remained close friends and that relationship had evolved to include the rest of the family.


Carlos had at first only trusted Dawn, Xander, and Kit.  Carlos and Kit had come looking for Dawn after the fall of Sunnydale.  Xander had immediately decided that they were keeping the two orphans and had stood up to CPS, stating in a hard voice that the pair were family and that they were and that no one was taking them anywhere they didn’t want to go.  That trust had evolved into the trust and love for the rest of the Council family.  Carlos now called Giles Popi. 


Andrew had started out as barely tolerated, but had quickly become an important part of the family.  The young man had changed dramatically from the man he was as Sunnydale fell into the desert.


Now the four stood on a dying world facing a group of tired, battle weary immortals and one human.  The oldest seeming of the group was the at the most protected position in the group.  “If you will take my had you will see who I am.”  Rupert said to the leader of the group.  The immortal narrowed his eyes and took Rupert’s hand.


Methos and Rupert saw as each others lives scrolled through, each seeing the triumphs, the mistakes, and the losses each man had lived through.  “Highlander, grab the Latino boy’s hand.  Amanda grab the girl’s hand, Nick grab the other boy’s hand.”  Methos ordered quietly.


The trio shared a look, but stepped forward to do as the elder immortal ordered.  He was the only reason any of them had survived so far.  A group of powerful demons had sacrificed Cassandra.  Her quickening had destroyed the world as it fed the demonic magicks. 


As the trio took the hands of their destined mates as ordered what happened with Methos and Rupert happened between the six.  Amanda pulled Kennedy into a kiss, while Duncan wrapped an arm around Carlos and Andrew blushed shyly at Nick, who grinned and pulled Andrew into his arms.


“Ah excellent, you met immediately.”  D’Hoffryn said as he arrived. 


“Holy shit!” Richie Ryan exclaimed as he and Cory Raines moved to protect Joe Dawson.


“Demon Lord Actually.”  D’Hoffryn said dryly.


Connor MacLeod cackled causing his lover and his friends to sigh.  The elder MacLeod was a bit insane.


“You’ll fit in with this group.”  D’Hoffryn said amused by the Scotsman’s response to his joke.  “Mister Dawson are now as immortal as your young lover.  None of you are in the game any longer as where you are going there are immortals, but they are a different kind.  The rest of you have been changed to the same kind of immortal so you will not be faced with the call of the Game.”  D’Hoffryn then snapped his fingers and gave Cory, Connor, Richie, and Joe the information he was giving everyone.  He also gave the other six the information on the world that they were going too. 


Once he had done this he transferred the group to Xander’s mates’ world.  Landing in the infirmary as the Alt-world members came back from the shower, dressed and clean for the first time in weeks.


Carlos, Rupert, Kennedy, and Andrew were hugged by those that knew them.  Dawn recommended showers for the immortals just arriving from the dead world.  The seven were grateful for the suggestion and the clothes that Xander provided for them.  D’Hoffryn disappeared to go to the next group.


Rodney looked at all of the people a little unnerved by the Power and strength of the people coming to help them fight the Wraith and to help them become a colony.  Teyla and Ronon had joined Rodney and John in the infirmary along with Radek, Miko, and David Sheppard.  A few minutes later Evan Lorne, Anne and Allison Teldy came into the infirmary as well, curious about the people who were family and friends to Rodney and John, and Jon O’Neill’s mates. 


Carson and Jennifer were a little unsure what to do with themselves as the group was healed and only in need of showers and a good meal.  Meanwhile John was already picking out people for various teams.  He had a feeling that the Wraith and the Genii wouldn’t know what hit them.


The End





The End

You have reached the end of "The Joining". This story is complete.

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