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The New Type Of Gods

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Summary: Buffy and Illyria are thrown into the Stargate Universe and become gods, what will happen when they meet SG1 Femslash Buffy/Illyria

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Chapter Two

Dont own anything, hence the fan fiction site. I am looking for a beta if anyone is interested.

After a long time Buffy turned away from the cloths and studied everything else the PTB sent for them. The boxes were lined side to side, and contained extremely useful things Buffy would never have thought of bringing. The first boxes all contained food, mainly the freeze dried or MRE, meals ready to eat, as well as boxes of sugar and salt and basics like that as well as boxes of coffee to almost everyone's delight. Following that were weapons, predominantly what seemed to be high-tech and extremely powerful guns as well and ammo. Behind that there was a row of basic items, toilet paper, razors and to everyone's delight, female hygiene products. Buffy was extremely worried about what kind of world didn't have toilet paper. There was of course clothing, but nowhere near as much a Buffy's, mainly army fatigues and warm clothing.

After that the items got weird, there were rows upon rows of raw material, a few small boxes of precious gems, gold and silver. But most of them were regular materials like steel and iron. Then there were boxes of paper, when they looked closer they were all blueprints, guides to build everything from a simple handgun to a spaceship, Andrew had been ecstatic about that one. After that were boxes of parts, microchips, wires and other digital equipment. Then there was a row of vehicles, a few armored cars but mainly motorcycles and ATV's that could travel over harsh environment. Finally there was a small personal box for every person made of pictures or other items that meant a lot to them personally. Buffy was surprised by how detailed and considerate the PTB had been.

Buffy ordered some of the troops to take a count of the forces. The final force Buffy had was 19 slayers including Chao and Vi, 13 Wicca and 126 soldiers. She immediately put Williams as the commander since he was the only soldier here she truly knew. He had joined a little over a year after Sunnydale and had been a loyal fighter since. Vi was in charge of the Wicca since she was the only slayer with magic, she had learned that only a couple years ago but practiced diligently and Chao in charge of the other slayers. Buffy and Illyria were still in complete control with Andrew and Lorne as their second command.

"Right, I want patrols going out in every direction, this area looks fairly safe but we must be sure that there is no force directly around us." Buffy ordered and Williams nodded.

"Vi, can you send a spell up to see where villages are located." Buffy asked,

"Sure Buffy, as long as magic works the same, but since the PTB gave us magic users, I'm betting it does." Buffy nodded, that made since.

"Chao, just get the slayers in a guarding position around the valley, rest half at a time." Chao nodded, she had learned English over the course of the war and could communicate pretty well, Buffy still flinched over the three hour rant on poison and milk she had gotten when Chao first started speaking English.

"What about me and Lorne," Andrew asked curiously.

"For now get some rest, we'll need both of you tomorrow, neither of you are really fighters thought." Andrew had become one of Earths smartest scientist and Lorne had some fighting ability but would be much more useful with his power and she didn't want to risk him just guarding.

Within ten minutes watches were carried out and the patrols were sent out, while everyone else fell asleep immediately, soldiers realized early on that you sleep whenever you can.

Tonight though, Buffy couldn't get any sleep, no matter how hard she tried she just wasn't tired in the least, finally she moved over to where Illyria was meditating by a forest, and gently sat next to her.

"A few minutes later Illyria turned to her, "The forest are happy here. There is no pollution or destruction here; we will keep it that way." Buffy nodded, she knew Illyria enough to know that wasn't a request.

Illyria seemed to realize who she was talking to and her face softened; even her face lost most of the blue, "Why are you not asleep, pet."

Buffy shrugged, "Aren't tiered,"

"If you gained powers like mine you may not need to sleep anymore, I don't." Buffy stared at her, never needing sleep, she looked down at Illyria, that definitely had potential, she thought with a smirk.

Buffy cuddled up next to Illyria, "Do you think we can do it Illy,"

"Do what pet,"

"Save the universe again,"

Illyria stared at her like she was insane, "Of course we can, I am a god and now you are as well, we could do anything."

Buffy stared at her, "Gods sure," she said as grabbed Illyria for a kiss and let things go from there.

By daybreak the patrols had come back and the spells had worked even if it was a little harder in this dimension according to Vi but the results were the same.

Williams had the first report, "We found a few small towns to the west and north, they seem to be in the Roman era, and a major walled city to the south, it has guards in what looked like time correct Roman outfits around it armed with what look like staffs but could easily be energy projectiles of some kind, I recommend that we try and get one of those next." He concluded. Buffy nodded.

Vi was up next, "We detected a number of small cities scattered around the globe but only three of over 50000, the one the troops found and two on another continent. All in all the planet is remarkably like Earth, it has a little more land then Earth its around 40/60 but it also has a lot of minerals and oil, I'm worried about the low population though, a planet like this should naturally have a lot more people, unless…"

"Something is keeping it low," Buffy concluded grimly and Vi nodded.

The next few hours were spent discussing what to do. They all concluded the city a few miles would be the best chance for actually gaining control of the planet since it was one of the largest cities but the group was split on wither they should go to one of the smaller villages first and learn more about the situation or if they just go straight to the town. Williams, Vi, Andrew and Lorne all wanted to scout first while Buffy Illyria and Chao wanted to attack the town first.

After a lengthy debate Illyria and Buffy convinced the others to go straight to the town, "Remember, Whistler said these people believe that the Gold-u thingies are gods, so I drought that they will give up anything useful to us, send a couple soldiers but the longer we wait the more likely the god guy will discover us." The others reluctantly nodded, and William sent five soldiers out to scout one of the small villages.

Buffy ordered the rest of the troops to pack up supplies and weapons into the vehicles and get ready for the trip to the major city. She left a couple troops and some of the Wicca to guard the rest of the material, but Buffy was gambling everything on going into the town and taking control of the world fast.

Buffy had taken one of the ATV and had a very comfortable with Illyria riding with her and holding onto her tightly. They had been traveling over four hours and were finally at the end of the forest right by the wall.

Buffy motioned for the rest of the people to stop and slowly organized the troops to come in. Williams moved up to where Buffy and Illyria were examining the wall, "Ma'am, what are your orders?"

Buffy sighed, "I think this is when I gotta act like a god, so were going to march straight in like we own the place, and remember to order the troop to call me and Illyria goddess, at least for now."

"Um ma'am, I mean goddess," William asked hesitantly, "I don't really know much about pretending to be a god but I do think they probably have better clothing then that."

Buffy looked down and frowned, her outfit was now completely splattered in mud, "Yeah, I guess I gotta change," She got a mischievous grin on her face, "Illy, want to help me change," Illyria got up and the two of them went into the bushes carrying a small bag.

After a couple minutes of giggling, Buffy came back out and Williams couldn't help but gulp, where before she had been wearing a comfortable and modest outfit she usually wore on missions, she now wore an outfit that definitely had more gold in it then fabric. It covered her legs in a flowing dress of silk with gold mixed in and top was a breastplate that seemed to have been molded onto her, complete with emeralds and other precious gems embedded into the gold. Around the whole thing there were tassels of silver and the whole thing was topped off by a crown that was made completely of diamonds, all in all, all the troops all decided she looked exactly like a goddess should. Illyria was as always dressed in her body suit of her enemy's skin and all the troops agreed she too looked godly just in a scary way.

The troops couldn't help but notice that while they both looked completely different, they both still gave off the same

As the two of them walked side by side with her troops marching in line behind her and Loran and Andrew right behind, Buffy had to stifle a giggle at the sight of the guards face as it dropped. Two of the guards hesitantly raised their staff thingies while the rest ran, probably to get reinforcements.

As they got to the gate the guards were shaking as Illyria in all her blue splendor stepped forward, Buffy had decided to let Illyria do the talking since Buffy still couldn't sound godlike without cracking up.

"Open the gate mortal," Illyria commanded.

The guard looked like he was about to wet his pants but resolutely shook his head and put up the staff, prepared to fire. Buffy's troops all raised their guns and were about to fire when another guard ran to the door and whispered urgently to the guard. The guard nodded and opened the door.

Illyria and Buffy walked into the town side by side surrounded by the soldiers. The Romans started walking on the sides and gestured for them to follow them to the center of the town.

When they reached it a large force of the Roman soldiers stood at attention surrounding small old man sitting on a floating chair. He looked to be around 80 years old and was painfully thin with a obviously crippled leg, and a deformed face. It was obvious he was the 'god', if only because he was being guarded by everyone. Buffy's attention was drawn to his hand where he wore a bracelet that seemed to glow with power, obviously a weapon.

He stepped forward and Buffy could see his eyes glow, "Who are you," he asked in an inhumanly low voice. Buffy had a feral grin, yep definitely demon she thought with satisfaction.

Illyria gave him a ferocious grin, "I am Illyria, God-King of the Primordium and this is my mate, Buffy, Healer of worlds." She said in her most ominous voice.

The man stepped forward and seemed to grow more confident; it seemed to be a normal affair for him.

"I am the God Vulcan, master of the forge, creator of the weapons of the god and ruler of fire." He said in a weak voice.

Andrew exploded, "Vulcan you're a Vulcan, that's the coolest thing ever, why do you think you're a god, Vulcan is a species not a god, unless your Surak, are you Surak cause I know he was worshiped but I don't think he was a god." Buffy and Illyria stared at Andrew as if he grew a second head , "Vulcan you know Star Trek," he said and started to deflate, "Shutting up now" he said and went to stand next to Lorne, though he still made the Vulcan greeting with one hand.

The Vulcan guy raised one of his hands and glared at Andrew, "How dare he talk to me like that, how do you let your slaves talk to gods that way." Buffy bristled at the thought of slavery so casually mentioned and started forward but Illyria put one hand on her shoulder.

After a few more seconds of glaring at Andrew Vulcan finally turned his attention back to Illyria, "What planets do you rule; I have not heard of either of you before?"

This time Buffy started to speak, "Oh, we actually just got here, we decided to stay in this dimension, and we kinda like it here."

The Goa'uld named Vulcan kept his face impassive but on the inside he felt fear. These so called gods were unlike any he had ever met, especially the one called Illyria; she seemed to be a completely new species, unlike anything he had ever seen before. And the casualness in which they held themselves spoke of great power or of stupidity and neither seemed naive or stupid. He was extremely interested in the two, having joint rule among the Goa'uld was an unheard of prospect, yes many of the System Lords had mates but they were always subordinate. The one called Illyria could be considered the dominant but he didn't think she was, they seemed equal, and that worried him.

He spoke his next words with great care, "What are the two of you doing here?"

The one called Buffy shrugged, "We found this planet and liked it so were gonna take it."

Vulcan glared at them, they come to his planet, that he had won through his bravery and determination and ordered him to give it to them, he was a god and would show them his power, "Jaffa Kree" he screams and his Jaffa bring their staffs up against the invaders.

Buffy had known what would happen when she told him what they were here for and had already signaled the troop to be prepared. So when Vulcan ordered his troops to attack the troops are ready and have already in cover and firing when the Romans started firing

Buffy and Illyria moved the second the guns started firing. For Buffy, the new power was unlike anything she had ever felt before, it was intoxicating, and she felt like a real god. Every movement in the square was felt by her, the slightest sound, or gentlest breeze, even the rustling of the grass. Her senses were so strong that she was able to 'see' 360 degrees through her hearing and somehow sensing the heat of everything around.

When she ran she first realized she would definitely need to have a little practice with her new ability. Her short sprint to the first soldier ended with her a mile out of town before she even realized she had moved. Ok Buffy, full speed is off the table she thought and started moving back to the town at a slow jog. Within a second she was back in the square. The few seconds she was gone and the fight was almost over, she thought with a huff. At least two thirds of the Romans were down and from the wound most had come from Illyria. All of the sudden a dull throbbing pain hit her from behind, it hurt but she had a lot worse.

She turned around to see Vulcan floating towards her, his hand raised to her and his face having a sadistic smile. "Hey that hurts," Buffy yells at him and starts walking forward.

The smile of Vulcans face turned to one of horror, the fight had gone wrong from the start, the two gods troops had been ready immediately and had attacked his Jaffa as soon as they raised their staffs. The one god had disappeared, obviously not a fighter, but the other one seemed to be more bloodthirsty then any Goa'uld he had ever seen. She had seemingly disappeared before appearing in front of one of his Jaffa and ripping his arm off before disappearing and coming in front of another. Staff weapons bounced off of her and any hand to hand attack was viciously countered.

Just as he was about to run, the other god reappeared in front of him, and he smiled. While the blue god may be too powerful, she obviously cared about this one and may surrender for her safety, it didn't hurt that she was gorgeous. He raised his hand device on the strongest pain second and started blasting her.

At first the attack seemed to fail, so he made the device emit a continuous beam. When she started walking towards him, he felt terror; no species could stand that much of a hand device, not even him, and with that he escape.

Buffy saw the stupid demon Vulcan god try and run away and felt irate, he had tried to kill her and now he was just gonna leave, not on her watch. She moved in front of him, "Stop Mr. Spock where do you think you're going," She said with her arms around her chest.

Vulcan raised his hand and started to use the hand device again. "Ow stop that," she yelled and backhanded him away, to her shock Vulcan flew across the courtyard and into one of the houses completely demolishing it.

At the sight of their god being thrown over 100 feet the rest of the Romans lowered their staffs and surrendered. Her own troops were all staring at her with shock. Buffy looked down at her hand and then over to where the building had been, "um, oops." She said sheepishly.

Illyria looked at her, "I believe we must work on controlling your strength pet," Buffy nodded in agreement.

Soon after the troop had control of the town and the last few groups of loyalist had been cleaned up. Buffy looked around and smiled; the mission had gone amazingly well, they had only one soldier die for control of a whole planet, a ratio she would easily accept any day of the week. The troops Williams had sent to the outer villages reported no resistance from troops when they heard of the death of Vulcan, they had won. Buffy stared out at the citizens just now emerging from their houses and were staring awestruck at the carnage, the god who had ruled the planet for hundreds of years was dead, they truly had no idea what to do.

Buffy stared at the people coming out and turned to the soldiers, her face resolute, "Let's move people, we have work to do."

Dont know when I could do the next chapter, going to Florida for a week or two.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

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