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The New Type Of Gods

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Summary: Buffy and Illyria are thrown into the Stargate Universe and become gods, what will happen when they meet SG1 Femslash Buffy/Illyria

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Chapter One

I don’t own Buffy or Stargate, hence the fanfiction site.

AN: I have finally decided to post one of my stories, I’m working on a couple others so don’t be surprised to see a few more post in the next couple days. I love Stargate and think that Illyria would actually work pretty well in the fabric of the universe and then added Buffy since everything’s better with Buffy in it. Tell me what you think, review even if you think it’s the worst thing ever I want to know what you think. Thanks

Buffy walked in front of the army, inspecting every weapon individually. Buffy looked over the force and was amazed at what she saw, led by over 8000 Slayers, the army of over 150,000 was a mixture of Slayers, demon hunters, witches, demons and regular soldiers, all fighting for the force of good, the Slayer Army.

The Slayer Army was fighting for the complete destruction of evil. Eight years ago, Buffy and the Slayers had killed the First Evil and destroyed the Hellmouth and as soon as it was destroyed, Willow realized something had changed in the boundaries of the universe; the world seemed to get lighter, like evil itself had started to die. Buffy soon learned that the Hellmouth at Sunnydale was actually the only Hellmouth in the world and she had destroyed it, in essence, she had destroyed the main way for evil to get into the world, as well as destroying the force that organized them, the First Evil. She realized what this meant immediately, that the demons of this world were cut off and leaderless, evil itself was weak.

Buffy had convened a meeting between all forces of good and told them the plan, to destroy evil itself. Most had laughed and walked away but a select few group had stayed to help and plans were drawn up. With a force of thousands of Slayers from all over the planet in the lead, demon hunters, witches and good demons all launched systematic attacks on major groups of evil, timed to correspond with Angel’s destruction of the Circle of the Black Thorn, the most powerful group of evil on the planet.

The Wolf Ram and Hart, now the leaders of the force of evil were swiftly overwhelmed, when they tried to defend one of their bases, another six were attacked instead. As time went on, the number of forces of evil dwindled while the forces of good that fought rose. By year four nearly every supernatural force of good was under the banner of the Slayer Army and the forces of darkness were reeling.

During the fifth year the Army got the governments of the world involved, most of which already knew of the situation. The governments gave the Army assistance in their country food, shelter and support, and in return the Slayers protected them from not only from demons but also from forces of human evil. Within a year, most terrorist groups, drug cartels, criminal organizations and dictatorships were destroyed by the joint Slayer and governmental agencies.

The seventh year the Slayer Army actively started to destroy the portals into their dimension. All the powerful witches of the world led by Willow cast spells of unimaginable power to create a giant magical wall around their dimension. Anyone trying to come to this dimension would become bugs against a magical windshield. All hell dimensions were cut off from earth except one, the home dimension of Wolf Ram and Hart.

Then, just seven month ago, Buffy and the other leaders of the Army decided to go ahead with their riskiest idea yet; they approached all governments of the world to go public with all the information on the Supernatural. After an enormous debate, every government in the world called a joint press conference and to a shocked and horrified world told them everything. Around the world people saw pictures of dead demons and videos of attacks by vampires and worse. They told of the defenders, the Slayers and of the joint army of specialist from every country who was battling these things in a joint force where everyone was equal and every country the same.

The reaction was instantaneous, all around the world relationships improved. Countries that were at each other’s throats made peace treaties and simple religious debates were thrown away under the banner of humanity, and most amazingly, the United Nations gained actual power.

With the whole world united the Slayer Army was ready to unleash their final mission to completely destroy evil, the destruction of the Wolf, Ram and Hart. To do this they knew they only had one chance, Illyria. Over the years Illyria’s control had gotten better and Angel started to slowly give back more and more of her powers using the Mutari generator. Now, Buffy thought, she did have the power of a god.

Buffy walked over to where Illyria was talking to the plants for what may have been the last time and leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

It still amazed her that of anyone she could have fallen in love with, it would be a immortal goddess. Over the years of fighting Buffy had tried other relationships and even gotten back together with Spike for a while but none of them worked. At the same time, she had grown closer to Illyria and a little over three months ago their strong friendship had finally blossomed into love. Buffy’s friends were mystified by it but really couldn’t complain since it was obvious Illyria was on the side of good and that she cared for Buffy.
Illyria opened her eyes at the kiss and her lips curled softly into a smile, “Hello Buffy,”

“Hey Illy, you sure you want to do this,” Buffy asked nervously, she was happy for the first time in a long time, both with slaying and in her personal life and didn’t want to lose that.

“Yes I am sure pet, the Wolf, Ram and Hart are inferior and weak, I will kill them and take their skulls as trophies,” Illyria says in the same monotone voice she always used. She stared at Buffy for a second, “I will get you a trophy if you wish, perhaps a spine or a piece of skin,”

Buffy stared at her girlfriend; they definitely still had to work on tact, although she did wonder what demon skin boots would look like. “Ok one ew, bone trophies and me are two unmixy things and two, be careful, I don’t want to lose you.”

Illyria stared at her inquisitively, “How would you lose me, there is only one entrance and exit.”

Buffy sighed, “Not what I was talking about, just, be careful ok,” Illyria nodded.

Illyria got up and focused at the area right in front of the army. She raised her hands and slowly a dimensional portal opened. Finally the portal became large enough and Illyria stepped through it.

The next hour and a half were one of the hardest waits in Buffy’s life. She knew Illyria was the most powerful beings in the universe, no question about that and one on one any of the three demon lords had no chance against her but three on one, Buffy was worried about those odds.

Finally, the portal opened and Buffy heard a thousands of guns being aimed at the hole. Out of the portal stepped Illyria and Buffy gave a sigh of relief. She looked no worse for wear and looking at her body suit Buffy saw there were three knew skin patches. Right then and there Buffy knew for certain that the second this was over she was gonna take Illy shopping, if you knew your girlfriends cloths so well that you saw the minute detail difference at 300 feet. As Illyria got closer, Buffy went up to greet her, although she recoiled slightly when she saw three skulls the size of boulders being dragged behind her.

“Hello pet, I brought you a present,” Illyria held out a piece of golden skin.

“Um thanks,” Buffy responded, not sure exactly how to take it.

“I have examined the skin and determined from your clothing magazines they could be grafted into a unique boot.”

Buffy heard Willow snickering in the background but the thought of having a literally once in a lifetime pair of shoes brightened her considerably.

“Oh right, is anyone after you,”

“Yes the remainder of the Wolf, Ram and Harts army is behind me there is 300,000 behind me, and that is the last remaining of their army.”

Buffy gave a fierce grin, “No problem.” She gave Illyria a quick kiss and then ran back to the generals to organize the defense.

Within ten minutes everything was ready, the army was prepared and the UN had another hundred thousand troops in case the Slayer Army couldn’t stop them. The Slayers were ready and the witches had casted protection spells on everyone and all the guns were loaded.

Buffy stood on the front line along with the Scooby Gang, Angel Investigation and the first slayers to fight with them.

As they watched the portal opened larger and out of it stepped rows of demons the combined forces of all the evil left in the world.
“Ready everyone here they come.” Buffy yelled and brought her sword, Excalibur up, ready to end the fight, once and for all.

All of the sudden the noise of the demons and sound of the machine guns stopped and a bird chirping was put in its place. Looking around she saw she was in a forest; giant trees surrounded her, trees so high nothing grew underneath. Turning around she saw Illyria, Andrew, Lorne, 20 slayers, 10 witches and around 100 soldiers all looking just as confused as she was.

Then she heard clapping, spinning around she saw the stupid demon in the stupid had that always gave her bad new, “Whistler, you have ten seconds to explain yourself or get me back to the fight or bad things will happen to your body.”

Whistler smiled, “I must say even I underestimated you this time, when the Powers to Be let you keep doing what you were doing even I thought they were crazy.”

Buffy frowned and crossed her arm, “And what exactly was I doing,”

“Destroying all evil of course,”

“Whistler, that’s why I need to go back there to help,”

Whistler shook his head, “Sorry Slayer that would be counterproductive.”

Buffy glanced over to one of the soldiers, “Williams, does that make since.”

Sargent Williams, one of the soldiers who’d been with them for six years shook his head, “No ma’am, with you and Illyria here we lost two of our biggest hitters.”

“That’s why you can’t be there, the Power That Be are looking at the big picture now.” Whistler said.

“What big picture, we just beat all the demons in the world, how is that not the big picture.”

“The Powers are talking about beating human evil too, turning the world a paradise in every way.”

“That shut Buffy up for a second and Whistler continued, “Look, the second you came back from the dead the balance was completely destroyed and the PTB decided to focus on just trying to preserve as much as they could before the First Evil destroyed the dimension, but then the unimaginable happened, you actually destroyed the First Evil. When they learned what you planed, destroying all evil the PTB got behind you, cut off a couple dangerous dimensions and knocked off a couple major players for you and you didn’t disappoint.” Buffy smiled at the complement, for once she wasn’t hating the conversation with him, yet.

Whistler continued, “Now, if you are at that battle, you will win but the world will believe you’re the main reason behind it and see you as the savior, you’ll have to try and make all the decisions even if its not your specialty, issues will pop up and people will die. By having you and the other heavy’s disappear, the people will panic for a second but soon realize they could do it on their own. The battle will be won and humanity will be so self-assured that within ten years most of Europe will form a single government and witches will start adapting spells from fighting to solving problems like world hunger. Within 30 most of the governments of the world will have programs in place to transition power to a centralized world governments that take care of most of the issues like health care and social welfare, and scientist will start to experiment with a mixture of magic and technology. Within 100 all but a few of the countries of the world will be under control of a United Nation like government and politicians of today will be a thing of the past, it will become a literal utopia with hunger and violence a thing of the past.”

Buffy smiled at the thought, the dream of humanity finally realized and all because she left, for once, she was happy with what Whistler did. “So now what Whistler and why bring the troops and Slayers here, sure VI and Chao are, but none of the others were leaders, and where’s Willow and the rest.”

Whistler sighed, “Well the PTB saw how useful you guys were and so they split you up to where you’re most needed.”

“What, why,”

“Well, Willow and Kennedy and Dawn went to a dimension with mainly magic, Angel and Spike went to a demon dimension fighting for humanity and Faith, Xander and Gunn went to a dimension where most of the evil is human evil to help there.”

Buffy thought about it and they were all good fits, “What about me and Illy and Lorne?”

“And me,” Buffy looked around and saw Andrew, she didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry that he was there.”

“And Andrew,” She acknowledged then she paused, “Wait please don’t tell me were in space.” If she was stuck with Andrew in a spaceship suicide was definitely the best option.

Whistler nodded and Andrew went ballistic, “Yes, there is a god,” he looked at where Illyria was staring at him inquisitively, “Well more than one I guess,” he said meekly.

“So what’s our dimension about Whistler?” Buffy wanted to end his geekgasm before it got out of control.

Whistler started explaining, “You’re here because the universe is controlled by creatures known as Goa’uld, a parasitic species that have advanced technology and pretend to be gods, enslaving humans,” Illyria growled at that, she was very protective of her god status and if anyone would enslave the humans it would be her, not that she would since Buffy would stop having sex with her if she did. Buffy was happy, demons and or evil aliens for her to kill equals good times. Lorne was unsure; he didn’t really see himself fitting in here.

“We want all of you to try and save this galaxy with the help of these soldiers; according to the PTB they all have skill that will be useful. They think the best way to defeat the Goa’uld is to get close to them and hit them from within, make them believe you’re just another ‘god’ and they’ll see you as just one of the hundreds of other gods and treat you the same. That’s why they brought you here, a minor Goa’uld owns this planet but the PTB think you guys can make it powerful, care for the people, make them strong and when you have enough power destroy the Goa’uld.” Buffy looked angry at the thought of pretending to be a god but realized that what he said made since, they had used it in The War well, gave one of the good demons some credibility, had him ‘kill a slayer’ and watch all of the demons flock to him for protection, and in a couple days slayers come and let the head roll. Angel did the same thing at the start with Wolf Ram and Hart and the Circle of Black Thorn, this would just be on a planetary scale. Illyria for her part just nodded, it was common scene for her to be a god since well, she was one.

“As for Lorne, we really didn’t plan to put you in this dimension, we wanted you to go to the magical one with Willow but the PTB discovered you don’t need to sing to learn of peoples fate, you can do it by just talking.” Lorne looked both upset and happy at that, he knew he would be useful but listening to everyone’s destiny would be tough.

Whistler snapped his fingers, “Oh, I nearly forgot, Buffy, the PTB decided to give you a reward for your whole destroying all evil thing.”

Buffy looked interested, any presents would automatically make her happy. “The PTB decided if you’re gonna act like a god you should really be one so they gave you all the powers of Illyria. We did switch them up a little, figured you wouldn’t exactly liking the whole plant control thing so we changed that to controlling the weather and switched time control with healing people, if you’re going to play at being gods then at least help people while you do it, we also tweaked Illyria so she can also control plant growth.” Buffy stared at him unbelievingly, she hadn’t expected this, she didn’t know what omnipotent powers usually gave for gifts but if this was any indication then she would invite them to all her birthdays.”

Whistler smiled, “Oh, and since I we need you guys to get up and running as a power as soon as possible, we had some useful items transferred over towards this universe, oh and buffy, we got you a wardrobe since it may be a hundred years before your planet gets a good fashion industry.” And with that he disappeared with a pop.

Buffy squealed and ran over to the chest that appeared like magic in the forest and was about to rip the, “Hundred years.” She gulped; she would definitely be out of style.

I know I kinda overpowered Buffy but since she saved a reality I think they would be happy with her plus the idea is real gods in Stargate universe.

Also, if anyone knows how your suppose to post stories could you tell me, I just tried to post my file from word and it wouldn't let me, so i had to paste it and manually do paragraphs, thanks
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