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Potentials and Immortals

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Summary: Sam woke up, but wasn't sure if she was still dreaming.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 6jakedamanFR181018,29201414,46016 Jul 129 Sep 13No

To The Rescue!

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, SG-1, or Knight Rider. The usual yadda, yadda! On with the show!

“KITT? You okay there buddy?” asked Michael from the driver seat. His bestest bud in the whole world was silent for too long a time. Worry knitting his brow he started to ask, “KI-?”

“I'm fine Michael.” the car interjected quietly. A few more seconds of silence ticked by, then, KITT said, “I'm just running level three diagnostics.”

“What for good buddy?”

“I'm a little concerned Michael. I've never gone through an artificial wormhole before. I want to make sure I'm in tip-top condition. Is there anything wrong with that, I ask you?”

Chuckling at his friends idiosyncrasies Michael patted the dashboard commiserating, “No KITT, nothing wrong with that at all.”

“I just wish Bonnie would've been able to get here before we go through.”

Laughing Michael stated, “KITT! She would’ve been like a kid in a candy store or an A.I. in a high end Mainframe!”

KITT sniffed derisively, “It was just that one time Michael. I don't see why you keep bringing it up?”

“Ah, here we are KITT. This is our stop!” Michael needlessly stated, dodging the A.I.'s question.

As with a facility of any size the SGC had a couple of freight elevators to more easily move large bulky items. KITT disengaged his brakes and slowly inched his way out of the elevator. Moving no faster than a man could walk the midnight black Pontiac Trans Am coasted along the wide hallways.

Michael waved and nodded as they passed Air Force and Civilian personnel garnering more than a few wistful looks from men and women alike. Men watching that sweet ride of a Trans Am go by and woman for the driver of said vehicle. Well, and some men also, but they aren't asked and they won't tell.

About to reach their destination KITT rolled to a stop. In irritation KITT flashed his brights then turned on his left turn signal. Jack, standing in front of the car, smirked and said, “Oh, ha-ha. Very funny.”

KITT just made a sound of a car horn dying. Michael grunted, smacking his head against the steering wheel. Smirking lightly Jack stepped out of the way, bowing at the waist and gesturing for KITT to proceed. Sliding around the corner, driver and A.I. took in the sight of the rest of SG-1 kitting up with the Slayer.

Applying the brakes Michael set the car to park. He climbed out of the Trans Am as Jack, fully kitted, slipped by them. KITT opened the trunk to Michael's, “Thanks buddy.” and projected his Avatar through the floating ejected holo-projector.

Willow noticed asking, “KITT? Is that just a holo-projector? Or is it multi-functional?”

Smiling, he had always enjoyed speaking with Willow, he elucidated, “It is multi-functional. It can fly, obviously, but its ceiling is one mile up. I have had to use it as an 'eye-in-the-sky' several times.”
Willow nodded, having suspected what it is for, and then... brain-storm! “KITT? What kind of holograms can it emit and can you communicate with it at the same time?”

“Why, yes Willow.” he answered. Puzzled he tried to figure out where she was going with this idea. Willow was already heading over to Jack when KITT noticed the MALP. He looked at the MALP, at himself, at the MALP, and back again. His holographic eyes lit up in realization. Facing Willow and Jack as they moved over to him he stated, “Willow! You are a Genius!”

“Told'ya he was quick.” Willow smirked up at Jack.

He just grunted, “Yeah, yeah.” and slipped her a twenty.

Michael, meanwhile, was double checking the supplies in the trunk of the car. He muttered, “Let's see, plenty of Ammo. Shotguns, Desert Eagle, and my Nine Mils.” So saying he loaded his hand guns in twin shoulder holsters, placing a few spare armor piercing clips in their appropriate holders. He then checked and double checked the power connections, whispering, “KITT are you sure you wanna connect all your backup power cells?”

Multi-tasking, KITT replied quietly, “Yes Michael. I am sure. If all goes well, it's better to have had and not need, then to...”

“...need and not have.” Michael finished as he so often did.

“Exactly Michael.” KITT confirmed then added, “Besides, it's one of the best lessons you've ever taught me old friend.”

“Yo! Fly-boy!” Faith shouted, “Get your adrenaline junky butt over here. We gotsta get gone!”

“Ma'am, yes ma'am.” Michael responded pulling his equipment out and shutting the trunk.

Sam pushed and prodded the force-field to no avail as the person called 'Doctor' entered the room. She looked at John, anger and hatred of Vampires exploding out of her as she pounded and railed against her energy prison.

“Knock her out, Doctor.” the Vampire ordered the Jaffa. Leering at the imprisoned woman he said, “Don't want her hurting herself before I get a chance to break her.”

His threatening promise stopped Sam, helping to clear her thoughts momentarily. Taking a deep breath she centered herself… and struck. The Shield collapsed, shocking the surrounding men into immobility. Roaring in rage and anger she jumped at the Vampire, all rational thought gone. Only the need to kill, Kill, KILL the beast in front of her ruled.

Gesturing to his right, Sam saw two Jaffa with blow guns spit darts at her. Both hit the target as Sam was unable to dodge. The Vampire rushed up, grabbing her shoulders and flipping her painfully onto her back.

“Ah-ah-ah Major!” he said waving a finger side to side.

Sam could only glare at him as everything went dark.

The two dozen Jaffa were quietly arranged around the clearing of the Chappa'ai. This time, when it activated, they were on guard and prepared for anything. Anything at all. Anything except for...


Nothing came through the Chappa'ai. It maintained a Gateway for several minutes. By the time it shut down most of the Jaffa were scratching their heads or looking at each other in confusion. Another two minutes after the deactivation of the Ring the Jaffa in charge decided to report it to his superiors.

After all, who knows what might have happened?

From the forest edge, undercover, Jack, Teal'c, and Faith watched the head Jaffa pull out a spherical object. Faith looked over at Jack as the Jaffa began to speak to it. He mouthed, “Communicator,” while tapping his radio. Her face scrunched up in a 'that’s-weird' expression.

She shrugged, “What the hell,” she thought, “I've seen weirder.

Gesturing Jack got his teammates attention. He pointed at Teal'c then his eyes, motioning for the big man to take point. Gesturing, he motioned for Faith follow Teal'c. Heading out he brought up the rear of their band of brothers. Jack was pleasantly surprised at how quietly Faith moved through the woods. Clicking his radio twice he let KITT know they were heading out.

KITT was at 1,000 feet in a holding pattern between the city and the Chappa'ai. All four wheels tilted out and down, glowing with anti-graviton particles. It had been Willow's idea to use his Mobile Holo-emitter to generate a hologram of the active Stargate a few feet in front of the device covering their entry onto this world. Now he was using the emitter to project a bird below him.

“How’s it looking down there KITT?” Michael asked.

KITT answered, saying, “The same as it did five minutes ago… just a minute.”

A hologram appeared above the dashboard in front of the windscreen. It showed the town and zeroed in on the tower at the center. KITT informed his teammates, saying, “It was a short burst, but I was able to get a signal from the Major’s radio.”

“Good job KITT.” Daniel enthused before Michael could.

“But of course,” KITT smugly responded, “I can do no less.”

At the light buzzing in her pocket Faith pulled out her cellphone as she signaled a halt. Teal’c and Jack gathered around her as she read the text message KITT sent to the phone. She held it up for them as a soundless video played of the route they would need to take.

Jack gave thumbs up at the conclusion to KITTs avatar on the phone. Nodding to each other in silent agreement Faith put her phone away as they continued on their trek.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Potentials and Immortals" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 13.

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