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Excalibur: Soulfire

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Angels begin to choose their Champions for the coming war with Lucifer. Supernatural characters become Super heroes. Minor BTVS crossover unless you've read the first story in series

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texaswookieFR18427,709073,97626 Jul 128 Feb 13Yes

Ghost Riders

I own none of the rights to any of the characters being used Marvel has the rights to the Ghost Rider(s). CW owns the Supernatural characters,
And I'm back with playing around with this reality I made a couple years ago. You don't have to read the original story for this to make sense though.

The young man paced back and forth in the small room doing his best to ignore the smell of the burgers or the sight of the beers that were sitting there invitingly. He was a slightly shorter than average, but he made up for his lack of height with speed and strength. He was wearing a beaten leather jacket, jeans, work boots, and a shirt that needed a good wash. He was Dean Winchester, the oldest of the two demon hunting brothers.

Dean paced around the glorified waiting room that the Angel S.O.B’s had dumped him into. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. Everything seemed to be falling down around him faster than he could put it back together. They had been given a rather simple task, stop the various demons from destroying 66 of the Seals so that they could stop the Devil, Lucifer, or whatever you wanted to call him from rising. Over the year 65 of the Seals had been taken out. To make things even worse was Sam had decided now of all times to go and pull one of his Lone Ranger stunts.

He had honestly tried to stop his brother, but Sam had kicked his ass thanks to the demon mojo that was running through him. Thanks to that, the Angels had stuck him in this fricking white room of theirs so that they could have him end things when they were ready for him. For some reason they seemed to think that he was going to be a good little attack dog and just do what they told him when they told him. The only person that he followed the orders of without question was his dad, which these junkless superior assholes were not. Then again he wasn’t as likely to follow his dad anymore either. He had tried to convince Castiel that there were better ways to stop this. Besides, all they had to do was let him talk Sammy down, and he and his brother could get back to their regular lives. For some reason that he couldn’t fathom though, the various Angels were content to let that part of the fight play out and keep him in reserve until some magically special moment that even he didn’t know what was happened.

Dean lost the battle and finally reached for one of the burgers only to feel himself get grabbed and spun with a hand over his mouth. He looked into the brown eyes of the human that Castiel was using. Mussed up hair five o’clock shadow and along with a rumpled suit hidden by a gray overcoat completed the image of the only Angel that he could stand to be around for more than 30 seconds. Once he was sure that Dean was going to be silent, the Angel flashed the demon killing knife out and then sliced himself on the arm and quickly began writing several seals on the wall with his own blood.

“Castiel.” A voice barked out causing both to look up to see a portly business man striding toward them. The two recognized the man as the body that Zachariah used. “You want to me what the hell you’re doing?” He demanded his eyes as hard as flint as he looked at the other Angel.

Castiel ignored his superior and finished his drawing then slammed his palm in the middle of the symbol causing a flash of light. When the light faded Zachariah was gone. “He won’t be gone long.” Castiel said. “We have to find Sam now.”

“Where is he?” Dean questioned.

“I don’t know.” Castiel admitted grimly. “But I know who does.” He said as he handed Dean Ruby’s Knife. “We have to stop him Dean, from killing Lilith.”

“But Lilith is going to break the final seal.” A confused Dean returned.

“Lilith is the final Seal.” Castiel explained to the Hunter. “She dies, the end begins.” Dean nodded his head in understanding, and the two disappeared.

Dean walked into the room and drew Ruby’s dagger. It had taken him a lot longer to get here than he had wanted to. First he had to stop by Chuck’s, and then head for this Church hoping that he would be in time before his brother did something else stupid like kill Lilith. He thought that the irony of killing Ruby with her own weapon was something that she would appreciate as he tightened his grip on the blade. As he walked into the room he noticed Sam was on the ground in shock as he realized what he had done, while a smug Ruby seemed to be comforting him as she explained what Sam had just done.

The demon looked up as she saw him enter the room the blade at the ready. “You’re too late.” She boasted at him triumphantly.

“I don’t care.” Dean returned to her darkly.

Sam rose up and grabbed her from behind and the surprised demon was then an easy target as he gutted her and yanked the knife out. The two brothers watched as the demon bitch that had been manipulating them for the past couple of years or so finally fell to the ground. Ruby seemed shocked that the two of them would dare to do this to her after all that she had done to make sure that the Seals were destroyed. The gloating demon was still trying to understand how she had gone from the top of mountain to being just another one of the bodies casually tossed to the side.

“Dean I’m sorry.” Sam apologized as he looked at his brother in horror, as he finally became aware of everything that he had done while Ruby had been whispering into his ear. All the manipulations that the demon had sent him through came rushing back to him.

The two then turned to look at the fallen form of Lilith. “Well that sucks.” Dean said, as he saw the blood complete its circle and form the gateway to hell that was opening up to allow Lucifer to slip out.

“We tried to stop this you know?” Zachariah said in disappointment as he appeared beside them. “Everything we did was to make sure that this never happened. By the way you boys need to get ready for what’s coming.” He said as a crack formed in the circle and a bright light started to seep out.

“Can’t you do anything to stop him, you’re a freaking Angel can’t you turn time off or something?” Dean questioned the old looking man. “I mean I know your kind can travel back and forth through time. Why can’t you pause it till we have something that can stop him from getting out?”

“It doesn’t work that way, this isn’t some stupid video game where they give you the time to come up with a new strategy because the one you had isn’t working.” The Angel snapped at him in annoyance. “And thanks to you and a bunch of other idiots we’re here now.” Zachariah shot back toward the blonde in annoyance.

“Had things worked out right, the imbalances that had been created through life wouldn’t have happened like this, but because they have you have no chance of winning. Currently all of the plans that we had to deal with this are ruined because of the imbalance. Even if you were to take on the power that we had originally planned there’s no way that you could win. Lucifer would merely find someone to work with, and right now there are simply too many for him to call on. In Europe the Death Eaters have scattered all over, the Military has taken a renewed interest of late in the supernatural, the loss of all your hunter buddies, the rise of one of the Old Ones happening about two or three years early and retaining more of its power than expected, not to mention said Old One is definitely not on our side, the loss of so many of the Seals, there are still a lot of demons out there still from when the Devils Gate was cracked open, the vampire that was supposed to help save the world is gone, the soldier that was supposed to help the Slayer is dead, the witch that was supposed to help fix the balance has been disabled, the ever rising Slayer has left her post, the Slayer’s chosen champion is dust, the Source is growing in power more and more every day, and the White Master Mage is dead.” Zachariah said bitterly as he listed all the things that had gone wrong of late.

“To make it worse, we can’t even revive or heal the ones that were lost. It would require too much interference to put the balance back in place without causing even more disruptions which means that we have to find other methods to deal with the problems that you and those like you have caused. All this because we decided to focus our efforts on the two of you instead of making sure that everyone else was doing their job as well. Now the entire reality is out of whack. All of this would be so much easier if you would all just do as you were told.” Zachariah smiled in relief as he finished his rant. “Ah, you wouldn’t believe what a relief it is to get all that off my chest.”

“Sounds like you should take all that up with upper management not us.” Dean shot at the Angel.

“Fine whatever, first things first though we need to get you two buffoons out of here before Lucifer decides to jump out.” Zachariah then grabbed the pair and suddenly the boys found themselves at a disturbingly familiar place.

“Is this our dad’s storage shed?” Dean asked in surprise, as he looked around trying to get a grasp on just where it was that they were now.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s one of the more demon proofed places that you boys would feel comfortable with.” Zachariah said in annoyance as he released the brothers and began pacing around as he talked. “Alright, here’s a quick rundown of what the original plan was. You Dean were to let Michael use your body while Lucifer would use Sam’s and have a final fight and bring the end of days about.”

“What, there is no way I’m going to let some dickless pervert stick his hand up my ass and make me his puppet.” Dean said with a defiant glare.

“Yeah well it doesn’t matter, because with all the imbalances even if all the Angels were to loan their Blessings to Michael he would still lose.” Zachariah said dismissively. “That means we need to make your bodies more powerful so that you can do more before the final battle comes. So that the vessels can deal with anything that may come up.”

“And how do you plan on giving us power?” Dean grumbled. “I hardly think that you’re going to turn us into Angels or anything.”

“Funny you should ask that.” Zachariah said with a grin. “Oh Camael, you’re on.” He called out.

Suddenly several more figures in well pressed suits appeared before them. “I am here Zachariah.” One of them said as he stepped forward to the older looking man.

“Good, I need you to give these boys some juice, is there anything that you can do to them?” Zachariah questioned.

“I’ll do what I can brother.” Camael returned to the other Angel. “You really should deal with Castiel though. The youngster is becoming impatient again and you know what happens when he gets restless.”

“Yes of course I’ll deal with him.” Zachariah assured, he then began walking away and seemed to disappear.

“So what are you going to try and do to us?” Dean questioned curiously, as he looked the newest Angel in their lives over warily. Angels were such fickle beings, it seemed Anne and Cass were good Angels to have at your back. Anne had been a good roll as well he thought to himself as he remembered the redheaded Angel. Uriel and Zachariah on the other hand had been real pieces of work in the douchebag side. His eyes scanned the room trying to find something that he might be able to use against the assholes. Despite the room being littered with weapons of various kinds though, he didn’t see anything that looked like it might be of use against Angels. Most of the really powerful things were locked up and take too long to get too.

The Angel ignored him as he studied the two boys. “Yes the flames of vengeance will work nicely for you two.” The Angel said as he studied them. “Since one of you has been tainted with demonic blood and the other has spent some time in hell that will make it even easier with what I have in mind.” The Angel then began speaking in Enochian, the language of the Angels and both hunters grunted as they covered their ears while various things cracked or exploded around them. Flames suddenly surrounded them and pair of brothers felt as if they were being cooked from the inside. They watched helplessly as flames seemed to force themselves between their lips and into their bodies. The flames flared, blinding the two and they fell down as if they were puppets with cut strings. “Yes, that should do.” The Angel said looking rather pleased with himself at what he had just done to the brothers.

“What the hell did you do to us?” Dean rasped out weakly as he tried to climb back to his feet.

“I merely followed my orders and gave you the power that you would need.” Camael returned carelessly as he looked down at the brothers. “Trust me, before this is all over you’re going to need every ounce of power that you’ve got from me.”

“You still didn’t say what you did to us.” Sam gasped out.

“True.” Camael admitted with a smirk, he then knelt down beside the brothers so that they were face to face. “Tell me Dean, in all of your slacking off over the years did you ever read comics?”

“Sure.” Dean said with a shrug not sure where this was going, but willing to play along for the moment.

“Well then Dean, you might remember the Rider of Vengeance then.” Camael said hopefully, while giving the elder brother a knowing look.

“Oh you jackass.” Dean growled, his eyes lighting up in recognition of the term as he climbed to his feet. He had a vague idea of just what it was that had been done to them.

“Yes, well while there is no way your bodies could hold the grace of a true Angel without the Angel being, but there because of your uniqueness there is a small part that can be held within you.” Camael explained to the young man as he climbed to his own feet. “Now before I leave you, I think it’s only fair that I get your rides here.” The Angel said as he snapped his fingers. “Well, have fun boys, I hope you enjoy your upgrades. Be sure to kill lots of demons.” He taunted them. The door to the storage garage snapped open and the two Hunters saw the headlights of two different cars. The first was their Impala, something that they had been expecting the second one was a red ford charger. The boys turned their heads back toward the Angels only to see that they had already left.

The two brothers looked in confusion before they stumbled to the cars and saw that all of their own personal demon hunting gear was in each of their cars.

“Dean, do you know what happened to us?” Sam asked curiously

“Yeah I think I do.” Dean said. “Come on lets go find someplace to get food.”

“Not yet Riders, you have a mission to do first.” Camael’s voice said. “Consider this as something of a test drive for your new powers.” The Angel’s voice said in amusement. A piece of paper then floated down in front of them with an address for a place a couple hours away.

“Let’s go.” Dean said and Sam nodded as the two Hunters opened the doors of their cars. They quickly began the drive to the unknown destination.

The cars appeared in front of large building a while later. The brothers got out and looked at the large house wondering what it was that the Angels wanted them to do here. While the brothers were trying to get a handle on the area Camael appeared between the two cars. “Good, you made okay time.” He said with a smirk. “Now, to test those skills of yours before we let you monkey boys out on your own. First thing is, we need a real task for you. The whole ghost and poltergeist thing is now a bit beneath you and your current level of ability. Of course that just means that we’ve got to find you something a bit more on your level is all.” The Angel said good naturedly.

“And what’s something on our current level?” Sam asked worriedly, not sure he wanted to know just what the Angels thought their level was considering what they had already put them through in the past year, and that was when they thought of them as only slightly better than monkeys.

“Why the being that lives here of course.” Camael returned with a smirk. “Now, how about you boys shed those human meat sacks, and show the real you.” He suggested.

“And the real us would be what?” Dean grumbled Sam shot a confused look at his brother the way Dean. “Not now Sam, I want this Angel to admit what he did to us.” Dean said while glaring at the Angel.

“All in good time.” The Angel replied. “As Hunters I thought that you would have liked to know just what it is that you were going up against.”

“And that would be what your holiness?” Dean snarked.

“Ah, the famous Dean Winchester wit that I’ve heard so much about.” Camael shot back.

“What are we doing here, and what are we facing?” Sam questioned, knowing that Dean was an easy target when he was agitated like this.

“Fine, fine.” Camael said his eyes twinkling in amusement. “The target in there is one of the more powerful beings in the world. Not as strong as Angels of course, but still plenty strong.”

“Yeah, and yet you still need us to do your dirty work for you.” Dean said grouchily. “So what is it that the big bad angels need us to deal with?”

“They’re called Pagans.” Camael said with a shrug obviously done with messing with the older brother his eyes narrowing in annoyance at the jab at Angels and their abilities. “The Pagans are leftover remnants from Ancient days when the Old Gods made a habit of walking about in the world. They created beings that had a portion of their abilities that they would have as agents for their will. There were some side effects though.”

“Wait, a Pagan, like that pair of God’s we took out that one Christmas?” Sam said in understanding.

“Exactly,” Camael said, “they weren’t kidding when they said that you were the smart one I see. So if you two idiots would just get in there and deal with the problem for me.”

“Fine lets go.” Dean said tersely. “We’ll do it without changing like you suggested though.” He added cutting the Angel off.

“Fine, but you’ll want these boys.” The Angel said as Dean’s shotgun appeared in his hand and Ruby’s Knife in Sam’s. “Now go stop those Pagans before they decide to kill a whole bunch more humans.” The Angel ordered.

“As if you care.” Dean said cynically, as he checked his gun before ushering his brother to come with him. The two brothers approached the house and easily entered the room. As they walked through they saw a pair of figures sitting in the main room surrounded by the half eaten bodies of several people.

“Well, well what do we have here?” one of the figures said, as it turned to look at the duo that had broken into its home. “Some extra sacrifices for us it would seem.”

“Be careful boy they smell of Angel Fire and Hell Fire.” An old man sitting on a couch warned.

“I shall of course be careful.” The younger looking man said while flashing a smile at the brothers. “I take it by those little weapons you’re carrying that you are hunters come to try and take us out?” He questioned them mockingly. “Allow me to introduce myself before we begin fighting I am Baldur Norse God of Light, over on the couch is Odin the Norse God of War. Judging by your stupid looks, and the fact you have one of the few demon killing weapons on this plane that would make you two idiots the Winchesters.”

“Not bad.” Dean said mockingly, “now how about you go ahead and die.” He raised his shotgun up at the Pagan and fired. Everyone in the room was shocked as instead of the usual rock salt rounds a blast of hellfire streaked out and slammed into Baldur. Dean was the first to recover. “Sweet,” he said as he released the other chamber and a new type of flame came out and knocked Baldur away.

“Impressive.” Odin said as he climbed to his feet and looked Baldur over critically. “One chamber shoots hellfire while the other shoots holy fire. Either one is dangerous to all but the most powerful beings. The time of awakening must be happening again if you boys are showing that kind of power.”

“The time of awakening?” Sam questioned wondering what it was that the Pagan might be talking about.

“Sure, the time of awakening. It happens when the balance is lost and beings of power come into creation to offset the imbalance. I was one of the first in my land to become one of the Gods. I had heard rumors that we were considered obsolete or something like that. It would appear that some of those rumors are true.”

“So what, now the various beings are bringing in new powers but in order to do it right they need to clean house by taking out the old ones?” Sam continued with interest. “In other words, by us taking you out we make it more likely that there will be more of us.”

“Something like that boy, but first you have to take us out.” Odin said as he reached down and picked up a walking stick. The stick shimmered and became a giant war spear. “Get up off your ass Baldur, this is a real fight.” Odin commanded. “Besides, we both know that you weren’t hurt.”

The Pagan that had been moaning on the floor sighed as he climbed to his feet. A flash of light and his burned clothes were back to what they had been before. He held his hand out and a sword that seemed to have its own light source appeared in his hand.

“That a boy.” Odin said sarcastically.

“Please, I’m merely curious as to how the Angels have changed their methods.” Baldur returned, he then turned to look Dean over with interest. “I haven’t killed one like you since the days of Samson.”

“Samson?” Dean said in confusion. “Sam any ideas.”

“From the Bible Dean,” Sam returned while rolling his eyes at his oblivious brother. “Samson was one of the Judges of Israel. Thing is he was about as strong as Hercules as well though. He died when he was tricked into telling the secret of his strength to a woman he was sleeping with. You see the source of his strength was in his hair and according to the Bible God commanded that he never cut his hair. As long as his hair was long he was stronger than most people. Once his hair was cut though, he was returned to having the same amount of strength as a regular man. You would have liked the guy according to the Bible he drank and slept around all the time.”

“Sounds like an interesting guy”. Dean admitted. “Can we shelve the Sunday School lesson though so we can go ahead and gank these guys?”

“You’re welcome to try human.” Baldur said ushering his opponent toward him.

“Sam you got the old dude I got this guy.” Dean said as he fired his gun again as he strode forward. Baldur ignored the flames he moved forward to meet the young man that had broken into his home.

Sam nodded and moved to intercept Odin before he joined his companion in fighting his brother. The casual way that the God was shrugging off the attacks was worrying him as well. According to them, Dean’s shotgun was shooting Hellfire and Holy Fire. Theoretically that should deal with anything that he went up against. Instead Baldur was swinging a shining sword at his brother. He was distracted as Odin launched his spear at him. Sam dodged to the side and saw that the spear had impaled a nearby chair.

Odin chuckled as he looked at the boy before him. “Not bad, you have some decent reflexes.” He complimented as he held his hand out and the spear sprang from the couch back into his hand. “Ah yes that must have been a bit of a surprise.” He said while brandishing the spear. “Gungir has special magic’s that allow it to return to my hand after every throw.”

“Great, a reloadable spear.” Sam muttered as the Pagan launched another strike at him. Sam ducked behind the couch as the spear sped out the window. Taking advantage of the added distance, Sam rushed at the Pagan coming in at him low hoping that he could get to him before he could retrieve the spear. As he neared Odin he brandished the knife idly noting that the blade had caught on fire. He tried to stab the knife into his opponent. Odin caught the arm and twisted, sending Sam flying into a table. He looked up in time to see Odin reach out and catch the incoming spear.

Dean wasn’t having much more luck as he fought against Baldur he had fired his shotgun at the thing that he was firing. Baldur didn’t even seemed to be phased by his attacks. For the moment he was having to dodge the various swipes of Baldur’s blade. Everything that the sword came close to it cut through like it was butter. It was almost impossible to dodge the strikes though and he knew that sooner or later that he was going to get hit by the sword. It was kind of hard to dodge a sword when it was being wielded by a master like Baldur. He dodged one strike and held his gun up to at least slow down the next strike. The blade surprisingly bounced off of the gun and a grinning Dean smacked the Pagan with the side of the weapon sending him stumbling back. “How do you like that?” Dean said with a smirk as he brought the butt of his gun into gut of the Pagan. He went to swing it again upside the head but the weapon was caught.

Baldur merely looked amused at the Hunter. “You might as well give it up boy, there’s no way that you can hurt me. Not with that weapon no matter what’s been done to it. I’m going to take it you were never much of a student.” He then punched Dean sending him flying next to Sam.

“So any ideas?” Dean asked from where he was laying.

“No ideas that come to mind.” Sam returned.

“You know I thought that you two were supposed to be good at this.” Camael said as he appeared between the two. “I guess this explains why so many of the Seals were taken out though.” He noted.

“Yeah well screw you,” Dean replied back at the Angel hotly. “We usually prefer to have a bit of time to go against these sorts of things, besides as I heard it a lot of you Angel types didn’t do that much better protecting the Seals. If Angels are really so much better than how come we managed to survive while they didn’t?” The blonde Hunter challenged the Angel.

Camael glared at Dean at that. “It’s tempting to let those two slice you up to little bits. However, the higher ups seem to think that you still have your uses, which means I have to do this. One free showing, the next time you have to figure this out on your own.” The Angel snapped his fingers and sparks rose from the hand snap and touched the boys. The two boys screamed in pain, the brothers then burst into flames that destroyed their skin muscle and organs but left their bodies and clothes intact. The flaming skeletons rose to their feet and looked themselves over. “And now you’re ready.” The Angel said. “Do try and get it right this time, there is only so much interfering I’m allowed.” He ordered, as he disappeared again.

The two riders glared at the last place that the Angel had been at. Letting loose a blast of flame Dean led the way at the two Pagans.

“Impressive little trick there.” Baldur said mockingly. “Maybe now you’ll actually be something of a challenge.” The Pagan ushered the Riders forward in anticipation.

The Rider that was Dean snarled angrily as it reached forward and lunged at Baldur. The sword wielder was caught off guard as the demonic looking creature slipped beneath his guard and punched him. The Pagan groaned as he felt that blow. Grabbing the arm with the sword he quickly disarmed his opponent. The two quickly began exchanging punches back and forth between each other neither of them seeming to be able to overcome the other.

The Rider that was Sam on the other hand had drawn a chain from seemingly nowhere and was twirling it. Odin laughed at the weapon. He threw Gungir again. The Rider tossed its chain snatching the weapon out of the air and brought it into its hand. It then slammed the weapon into the ground before moving forward.

“Nice, you disarmed me but you forgot that I can summon my spear.” Odin said holding his hand out calling the spear to his hand.

The Rider growled as it slung its chain out again the weapon clashing and with a twist it sent the spear hurtling the other way and out the window.

“Not bad.” Odin said he then moved forward to engage the Rider. “Let’s see if you’re as good close up.” The Rider charged forward and slammed itself into the Pagan the two fell to the ground and began rolling around on the ground trying to overpower each other.

Dean was caught by a mean uppercut that sent him flying across the room. He climbed back to his feet though and watched as he flicked his hand and the sword reappeared in his hand with a flash.

“You really are rather pathetic aren’t you?” Baldur questioned cockily. “Did you really think that even with all of your power that I was going to be that easy? While you have taken an impressive beating I have yet to even be harmed.” Baldur boasted waving his hands to show that he didn’t have a mark on him. “There are only two things that can harm me, and I’m not foolish enough to bring either of them into my own house.”

The two fighters watched as Odin went flying across the room. He held his hand out and they watched as the Gungir came flying back into the room. Sam twirled his chain and sent the metal links flying instead of wrapping around the spear though this time the weapon slammed into the shoulder of Odin. The Pagan groaned as he fell to his knees the spear clattering to the ground. Sam then took the chain and wrapped it around the throat of Odin and began pulling on it. The Pagan grunted as he tried to break the chain but it suddenly snapped through the being and the two parts fell away from each other,

“Odin!” Baldur said in surprise. He then glared at the two figures. “You are going to regret that. Odin and I were the last of the Norse Pagans. Now I shall show you what happens to those that dare to destroy our kind.” He created two of his sparkling swords and charged at the brothers. The two fiery figures dodged the various strikes with ease and the ones that they didn’t they met with the chains that were wrapped around their arms. Baldur moved between the brothers seeming to move without any problem as he battled them. It was quicly turning into a standoff though because the swords were missing hitting the Riders but the Riders couldn’t inflict any damage against the Pagan either.

Sam ducked a strike and grabbed Gungir of the ground and threw the weapon at Baldur. The weapon moved at incredible speeds, but then bounced off of the Pagan as if it was a toy weapon.

“Its not going to work you fools.” Baldur growled out at the pair angrily.

“Mistletoe,” Sam grunted.

Dean nodded his head and swung his own chain and they watched as the chain wrapped around Baldur. Dean brought his fingers to his lips and whistled and they heard a roaring sound and then a crash as the Impala surged through the wall and into the room. Dean smiled as he dragged the struggling Pagan to the back of the car and attached it. The Ghost Rider took the time to examine his car. The car still looked like an Impala but now the car had flickering flames where once there had been lights and the wheels had been replaced with flames as well. The pair of Riders nodded to each other as Dean climbed into his Rider and Sam climbed into his car that was waiting outside. The interiors of the cars had been replaced with bones leather and other monstrous attachments. The two cars took off at near impossible speeds trailing flames behind them one dragging Baldur behind it. They finally stopped in a forest. Same headed for a tree and got some mistletoe while Dean went to check on Baldur. Baldur’s clothes had been ripped up into shreds yet his body still appeared unharmed.

“So is this it.” The figure said, as he saw the boys approach it with some mistletoe. “Newsflash boys, that stuff can hurt me, but it ain’t the Mistilteinn.”

The brothers were distracted as the first rays of sunlight appeared over the landscape. “Ah, and a new day is here.” Baldur said smugly as he felt the first rays of the sun. “Meaning I am repowered. Perhaps we shall do this another time I will remember what you have done and the fact you have declared war on all Pagans.” With that he seemed to fade away as the light hit him. Dean glared where Baldur had been and his fist smashed through a giant tree.

“Not bad boys, not bad at all.” Camael said as he reappeared before the brothers as the light of day hit them the two brothers returned to their human forms. “In time you’ll learn how to do that better. Now I’m sure that you two have your own little things to get doing. You’re hunts should be a more interesting from now on though.” He added with a smirk. Maybe you can help with the imbalance of the world. With that he disappeared.

“What the hell were we?” Sam questioned in shock.

“The Ghost Rider.” Dean returned gruffly. “Grab your gear, I’ll explain on the way to town. Sam nodded as they each headed for a car. Dean wondered just what it was that the Angels had done to them and how the hell he was going to explain it all to Sam. Still if they had to be comic book characters at least it was one as bad ass as the Ghost Rider at least. Right now he needed a beer or twenty though to process everything that had happened in the last few days.
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