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It's Far From Over

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This story is No. 3 in the series "It's Far From Over". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After an attack on the SGC the Stargate Program finds out about the supernatural and a secret plan of an old enemy who is set on taking over the Earth. Greatly weakened in numbers the SGP begins to recruit while starting to hunt down their enemy.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
Stargate > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other
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Chapter 1: the Attack


Title: It’s Far From Over
Rating: M
Genre: crossover, sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure, romance, mostly het
Fandoms: Animorphs, Army Wives, BTVS, Doctor Who, Eureka, Hawaii Five-0, Legend of the Seeker, NCIS LA, Primeval, SG-1, SGA, SGU, Supernatural, Torchwood, Veronica Mars & Warehouse 13 (set mainly in the Stargateverse)
Characters: Aiden Ford, Allison Blake, Amy Pond, Bobby Singer, Cameron Mitchell, Cara Mason, Castiel, Chase Moran, Chin Ho Kelly, Chloe Armstrong, Claudia Donovan, Claudia Joy Holden, Daniel Jackson, Danny Williams, Dean Winchester, Denise Sherwood, Douglas Fargo, Eli Wallace, Elizabeth Weir, Evan Lorne, Eric Beale, Everett Young, Faith Lehane, Frank Sherwood, G. Callen, Grace Monroe, AU!Gwen Cooper, Helena G. Wells, Henry Deacon, Hetty Lange, Hilary Becker, Holly Marten, Jack Carter, Jack Harkness, Jack O'Neill, clone!Jack O’Neill, Jennifer Keller, Jenny, Jo Lupo, Kensi Blye, AU!Jo Harvelle, John Sheppard, Kahlan Amnell, Kono Kalakaua, Laura Cadman, Lori Weston, Martha Jones, Marty Deeks, Matthew Scott, Mickey Smith, Myka Bering, Nell Jones, Rachel Berenson, Richard Cypher, Riley Finn, River Song, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Rory Pond, Rose Tyler, Roxy LeBlanc, Sally Sparrow, Sam Carter, Sam Hanna, Sam Winchester, Stephen Hart, Steve McGarrett, Tamara Johansen, Teal'c, Teyla Emmagan, the Doctor (10.5 & 11), Trevor LeBlanc, Vala Mal Doran, Veronica Mars, Willow Rosenberg, Zane Donovan, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander + some minor characters
Pairings: Faith/Riley, Elizabeth/John, Sam/Jack O., AU!Gwen/Jack H., TJ/Cam, Martha/Becker, Rachel/Stephen, Lori/Steve, Kahlan/Richard, Cara/Ronon, Vala/Daniel, Kensi/Deeks, Cadman/Danny, Claudia/Eli, Veronica/Dean, Teyla/Teal’c, River/11, Rose/10.5, Jennifer/Rodney, Nell/Eric, Kono/Callen, Roxy/Trevor, Allison/Jack, Jo/Zane, Helena/Myka, Claudia Joy/Michael, Pamela/Chase, Denise/Frank, Amy/Rory, Chloe/Matthew, AU!Jo/clone!Jack O., Jenny/Ford, Sally/Mickey, Malia/Chin, Grace/Henry, Willow/Sam, past Willow/Kennedy
Summary: After an attack on the SGC the Stargate Program finds out about the supernatural and a secret plan of an old enemy who is set on taking over the Earth. Greatly weakened in numbers the Stargate Program begins to recruit while starting to hunt down their enemy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or fandoms. I wish I did… *g* I don’t make any money with this! I’m just writing the story for fun and hope someone else will enjoy it, too.
Spoiler Warnings: all of Animorphs, season 1-5 of Army Wives, all BTVS & ATS seasons (no Comics), season 1-6 of New Who, all of Eureka, season 1+2 of Hawaii Five-0 (2010), all of Legend of the Seeker, season 1-3 of NCIS LA, season 1-5 of Primeval, all of Stargate, season 1-6 of Supernatural, season 1-3 of Torchwood, all of Veronica Mars, season 1-3 of Warehouse 13
Other Warnings: some characters deaths (but no one listed under characters)
I’m German and my English isn’t and probably never will be perfect. I hope I don’t make too many mistakes. Feel free to point out errors so I can learn and improve.

As with all my bigger Crossover stories I am going to add icons throughout the story, so that you can see what characters look like that you might not be familiar with. I made them all myself.

For more information about characters & locations have a look at the Series introduction or on my lj here.

Fanart can be seen here.

Thank you to my beta landiana24 on lj for betaing this chapter! :-)


Fandoms & Characters in this chapter:

BTVS: Faith Lehane, Riley Finn
Stargateverse: Amelia Banks, Cameron Mitchell, Chuck, Daniel Jackson, Jennifer Keller, Jack O'Neill, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Sam Carter, Ronon Dex, Teal'c, Teyla Emmagan, Vala Mal Doran

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Colonel John Sheppard glanced at his watch and sighed, then tapped his radio.

“Rodney, where the hell are you? We said 6, not 6.30,” he stated feeling exasperated.

“On my way,” came the answer. “Had to make sure Zelenka wouldn’t sink the city in my absence…”

John rolled his eyes and tuned out his team mate’s rant, which no doubt was about Zelenka’s incompetence. He had a feeling that insulting Zelenka’s ability made Rodney feel better about himself, and that it was the only reason he continued to claim Zelenka was incompetent when they both knew the man wasn’t.

“Let me guess, it’s all Zelenka’s fault?” Jennifer Keller asked chuckling slightly from where she stood near the transporter that would get them from the gate room to the dock. Once there they’d take a boat to San Francisco, which was the closest city to Atlantis on the main land.

John nodded. “I don’t know how you can date the man…” he muttered.

“Hey, I heard that,” Rodney protested over the radio.

“Rodney has many good qualities,” Teyla Emmagan said with a smile in Jennifer’s direction.

Of course she would say that, John thought smirking. Teyla always saw the good in everyone. Then his gaze fell on Ronon Dex. His friend was watching Amelia Banks, who was on gate duty tonight.

“Maybe you should have asked her to come along,” he told Ronon. He knew that the two of them had broken up a while ago, but Ronon obviously still had feelings for her. “You might be able to work things out.”

Ronon turned to John, looking resigned.

“She is back with her ex. They are getting married,” he said through gritted teeth.

John stared at Ronon. That sucked. Hopefully he and the others would manage to cheer Ronon up a little on their night out in San Francisco. It was time that they all had some fun anyway. John could hardly remember the last time they all had a night off together, or a night off at all. They definitely worked too much.

“I’m sorry.”

“Forget it,” Ronon muttered, as closed off as ever.

John sighed. Maybe he should ask Teyla to talk to Ronon. She was better at that than him. He made a mental note to do that later just as Rodney McKay entered the room.

“Finally,” Ronon grumbled.

“Let’s get going then,” John stated before Ronon and Rodney could get into an argument. Ronon was in a bad enough mood already anyway.

“Good idea,” Jennifer stated, then an alarm went off.

----- -----

“What’s going on?” John asked as he and the others joined the technicians in the control room, which overlooked the gate room with its enormous Stargate.

“We don’t know yet,” Amelia Banks called.

“Let me have a look at that,” Rodney snapped shooing a technician out of the way. A few moments later his face paled.

“What?” John asked. He had a feeling that their night out had just been cancelled.

Rodney held a finger up for silence, then tried contacting Stargate Command while working on the laptop.

“Stargate Command, this is Atlantis,” he said. There was no answer. “Stargate Command… can anyone hear me?” Nothing.

“Rodney, what’s going on?” John pressed starting to get worried.

Rodney’s eyes stayed fixed on the screen in front of him while his fingers worked on the laptop.

“Rodney…” Teyla started.

“Oh God,” Rodney muttered, interrupting her.

“What?” John and Ronon asked, both sounding frustrated.

Rodney turned to them, a blank look on his face, then he seemed to shake it off, pressed a few buttons and gestured at a big screen, which now showed a map with a large red x marking a location.

“There’s been an explosion,” he stated just as another screen came to life showing a news report.

“Isn’t that Cheyenne Mountain?” Jennifer asked over the frantic news reporter’s announcement.

Rodney nodded. “And I can’t reach Stargate Command.”

“Stargate Command, this is Sheppard, do you read?” John immediately tried, but didn’t get an answer either.

“Crap,” he muttered, then turned to Rodney. “How big?”

“How big what?”

“The explosion,” John gritted. The news report barely showed more than smoke from a distance.

“I don’t know. Big,” Rodney stammered.

John frowned, then turned around. “Let’s go.”

“Where?” Rodney asked.

“The SGC,” John stated in a matter of fact tone before glancing back. “Call the General, send all available teams to the jumper bay, and turn the damn alarm off.” That said he looked at Ronon and Teyla. “You two are coming with me.”

“I’m coming, too,” Jennifer objected.

John briefly glanced at her and nodded. They might need her.

As they headed out of the control room Jennifer contacted the infirmary, asking for help and supplies to be brought to the jumper bay.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Day 2 (after the attack) - Atlantis:

Illustration Illustration

Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill entered the conference room where their guest was waiting. The room was small and had a round table, but they wouldn’t need more.

“Major Finn, thank you for joining us,” he said looking at the younger man.

“Happy to help, Sir,” Riley Finn stated before glancing to the laptop on the table. A technician had brought it in earlier and set up a live feed. Seeing the woman on the screen Riley swallowed. He hadn’t expected to see her ever again, hadn’t wanted to either.

“Where did you find her?” he asked.

Right to the point, Jack thought. He already liked the man. They didn’t have time to waste, especially after the attack.

“The ruins of the headquarters of a top level, secure and very secret organisation. You were probably informed by your superiors about the bombing.”

“Not really, Sir. I am actually retired, but due to my history with the subject I was contacted and asked to assist you,” Riley answered, his eyes darting back to the screen, on which he could see Faith pacing her cell.

“History?” Jack asked raising an eyebrow.

Riley turned back to the General. “It’s complicated,” he said. What else was he supposed to say? I had sex with her while she had swapped bodies with my former girlfriend and pretended to be her? Yeah, right. He knew that the General had top level clearance and that he was allowed to talk about anything involving his military career and the supernatural, but he wasn’t willing to share that bit. It was too personal.

Noticing that the General didn’t look too happy he added: “Our encounter wasn’t a pleasant one, I assure you.” Well, that wasn’t completely true. He had kind of enjoyed it, until he found out what was really going on.

“I was told that she was fighting for the right side now though,” he added. Willow had assured him that Faith was reformed when she told him that she magically erased Faith’s criminal record, plus apparently everything else about the slayer as well. The SGP – Stargate Program, whatever the hell that meant – which General O’Neill was in charge of, had captured Faith and tried to find out who she was. Unfortunately for them a powerful witch had erased every single record of the slayer’s existence, which meant they didn’t find anything. Not accepting that, they sent out a photo of Faith to all international agencies and military branches to get information. One of Riley’s former team mates, who was familiar with the slayers, had recognized her, which resulted in the SGP contacting Riley.

“That would confirm what she said,” Jack said.

“What did she say?”

“That she was trying to stop the bombing.”

“Anything else?”

“No, that was basically it. She shut down pretty quickly, which is why we were hoping you could help us.”

Riley nodded. He might have left the military behind after Sam’s death, but if Faith was up to no good he would do everything he could to help these people. On the other hand, if Willow was right and Faith had changed, then he might be dealing with a shady military organisation again. In that case the slayer needed help. He wasn’t sure how he felt about helping her, but he guessed a phone call to Willow wouldn’t kill him.

“I will do my best, but first, who exactly am I helping?”

Jack smirked, liking the man even more. He obviously wasn’t the military kind who blindly followed orders and said yes to everything. Maybe he should offer the man a job if he proved useful in this.

“That’s classified,” he said, turning slightly and reaching for the non-disclosure agreement.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Faith was lead back to the interrogation room by four soldiers. She briefly wondered if she should try to take them down. They might be well trained, but she was a slayer. On the other hand they were human and she didn’t want to harm them if she could help it. Besides, she still didn’t feel that well. Broken bones needed time to heal, slayer or no slayer. She probably could be lucky that she survived the bombing at all. It felt like the whole underground complex started to come down around her. There probably wasn’t much left of it now. She was even a little surprised that anyone found her down there at all.

Once in the interrogation room she took a seat and waited, her hand rose to her necklace and played around with it. Her captors hadn’t taken it from her, which was a plus. For a moment Faith considered breaking the pendant and releasing the magic within it. Willow would be able to pick it up and they’d come and get her. But for now Faith wasn’t sure what was going on or if she could escape on her own. She could try once her arm was healed. If she could get out of this mess without getting the others involved she’d do it. She didn’t want to put them in danger, and she didn’t want to be the damsel in distress who called for help either. Buffy would have a field day about it.

When the door opened Faith tried to put a bored look on her face. She wasn’t going to let them get to her. But then she saw the man entering the room and froze.

“Riley,” she breathed silently, her eyes fixed on him. She hadn’t thought she’d see him again and hadn’t really wanted to either, not after what she did to him… and did with him. She glanced down as memories came rushing at her, memories of him in bed, as he made love to her. It hadn’t been just sex, not the way she was used to it. It was more, it was love. She could feel it in the way he touched her and looked at her. Unfortunately it hadn’t actually been directed at her. He hadn’t meant her, but Buffy, whose body she had been in at the time. But even though it hadn’t been her he loved, Faith had never managed to forget the night they spent together, forget how it felt to be loved and treated that way. At the time it had scared her and she ran. Later it was kind of the standard she set for a man. No one ever touched and treated her that way, so all they got from her was sex. Robin was the only one that came close, which was the reason she let him past her defences and started to care about him. She sighed and clenched her fist under the table, pushing away the memories. Thinking about both Robin and Riley was a bad idea.

“So, you do remember me. Good,” Riley said and sat down opposite her, his eyes fixed on her face. When he first entered the room her face was a mask of nonchalance, but it changed when she saw him. He wasn’t really sure what she thought or felt, but he had seen some kind of emotion, which gave him hope that Faith wasn’t up to no good again.

Faith snorted slightly. As if she could ever forget him. He was the standard men in her life had to live up to, which was sort of pathetic, wasn’t it? Well, she didn’t have time to ponder that now.

“You’re working with them?” she asked gesturing around.

“Sort of,” Riley answered truthfully. “I’m helping out.” After what General O’Neill told him about the Stargate Program he was definitely on their side. They were keeping humanity save, not from demons or other supernatural creatures, but from aliens. He guessed he should have seen that one coming. The world was simply too strange for aliens not to be real.

“So, they can be trusted?” Faith added.

Riley stared at her, surprised that she asked him that. That kind of implied that she trusted him, didn’t it?

“I think so. Yes, I’m pretty sure they can be trusted, with everything,” he stated leaning back in his chair. “Which is why I am here helping them interrogate a prisoner who they think blew up their secret military base.”

Faith snorted once more. “Do I look stupid enough to blow up an underground building I am in?”

Riley smirked slightly before leaning in close. “Not really your style, is it? You prefer body snatching, right?”

Faith glared at him. Did he have to bring that up now? There were cameras like everywhere in this place.

“You want to talk about that now? Fine by me. Come on, lay it all on the table, soldier boy. Want to know why I did what I did, if I’d do it again… or maybe if I liked it?” Two could play at that game and she’d be damned if she let him make her uncomfortable. She might hate herself for what she did in the past, but she had started to make amends. She was a better person now, and even though Riley had every right to hate her, she wasn’t about to let him humiliate her in the middle of this sci-fi military organisation with Big Brother watching. If he wanted to he could tell her just what he thought about her once they were out of here. She’d take it, because she deserved it. But it was no one elses business.

Riley stared at her, then cleared his throat. He was not going to start wondering if she liked it! Besides, who cared? This was Faith, the woman who had tricked him, seduced him and almost broken up a relationship he really cared about at the time. And that was apart from everything else she did.

“I’m here about the bombing,” he stated, keeping his face carefully neutral.

“Alright,” Faith said. She preferred to talk about that as well.

“If you didn’t do it, what were you doing there?”

“I tried to stop it.”

“You just happened to know that someone was going to blow up the SGC and decided to go and stop it on your own? And how did you even get in there?”

“Of course not. I only knew that something was going down. And I did have help from Willow. She told me how to get in.”

Riley raised an eyebrow. “Willow knew how to get into the SGC?”

“Hacked the place, found blueprints, gave me some magical helpers.”

“Does she have any idea what the SGC is about?”

Faith shrugged. “She might, since she hacked them, but she was kind of busy. Demonic upheaval in Africa, you know,” she stated as if that explained everything. He had said that these people could be trusted with everything, so she guessed they did know about the supernatural.

Riley sighed, not wanting to think about any demonic activities at all. A demon had killed Sam, so he hated them more than any other creatures. Apart from that it was irrelevant right now.

“Why don’t you start at the beginning? How did you find out that something was going to happen at the SGC, why did you try to stop it and what happened once you were there?”

Faith nodded, sat up straighter and started talking. She told him about Robin’s death; how she found out that he had been investigating something and about finding his laptop with information about a ring of shapeshifters who were targeting specific organisations.

----- -----

Jack walked into the interrogation room, followed by Sam who had joined him in observing the interrogation from the next room. He was actually surprised at how forthcoming Faith was all of a sudden. She was either playing them or she trusted Riley Finn, no matter their past, and there was definitely a past there. He would have to find out more about that, but that could wait until later. For now he had a more pressing question.

“Did you just say Ba’al?” he asked looking at their prisoner.

Faith glanced up when two people stormed into the room. They didn’t introduce themselves, but she guessed they were in charge of this place; they just gave off that vibe. She nodded at the man who had spoken.

“I don’t really know who that is. I just found the name in Robin’s notes. Willow said…” she explained looking from the two strangers back to Riley. “… that Ba’al might reference to a bunch of old mythological gods or even a demon, one of the seven princes of hell. She wanted to talk to Giles about it as soon as she found time.”

Glancing to the strangers again Faith shrugged. “Could just be a name, but with my luck and judging from the fact that Robin was concerned about it and probably got killed because of it my guess is on ‘prince of hell’.”

“More like Goa’uld System Lord,” Sam stated with a frown before glancing to Jack.

“’Prince of Hell’ sounds about right to me,” Jack answered. They had sent the Goa’uld to hell already after all, and not just once. When would the damn Goa’uld finally stay gone for good?

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Day 2 - Atlantis Gate room:

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

“Unscheduled Off-World activation,” Chuck informed just as the Stargate started to rotate.

Teyla who had been on her way to General O’Neill’s office stopped and changed directions. They might still have two SG teams off-world. They had been able to gain access to some of Stargate Command’s files, but not all of them. It was unclear if two teams had made it back to the SGC in the last four hours prior to the attack, and since part of the SGC had been completely vaporized by the bomb the body count might not be accurate either.

Staring at the spinning gate hope rushed through Teyla. Maybe they were lucky…

“It’s Daniel Jackson’s identification code.”

“Lower the shield,” Teyla called as a smile appeared on her face and relief washed through her.

“They’re coming in hot,” Chuck warned.

“Of course they are,” Jack stated dryly as he walked over to Teyla and drew his weapon. With their current situation the gate room security was strapped dangerously thin.

Pulling her own weapon Teyla followed the General’s example and ducked out of the way of the gates direct line of fire. She wasn’t a second too late either as shots entered the gate room through the wormhole. Then people jumped through the gate and landed on the ground one after the other.

“Shut it down!” Colonel Mitchell yelled as soon as he hit the ground. Then he pushed himself up and looked around in surprise before his eyes went over to his team mates.

“Everyone alright?” he called.

“You mean apart from the fact that we nearly ended up on the plate of cannibals?” Daniel Jackson asked while getting up.

“Yeah, apart form that,” Cam amended.

“Then we’re fine,” Daniel stated dryly.

Teyla smirked slightly as she walked towards the group, her eyes fixing on Teal’c. She hadn’t really admitted it even to herself, but she had been worried about him the most. They had become close over the past years, sparring together, sharing stories about their worlds and enjoying the strangeness of the alien planet they now lived on together. Teal’c had shown, explained and told her a lot about Earth, since he lived on the planet far longer than she did.

Holding out her hand to him she waited for him to take it, then helped him up. Once he stood she looked him over closely. He seemed uninjured. Good.

“I am fine, Teyla Emmagan,” Teal’c said smiling down at her.

“You’re late,” Jack stated. Not that he minded. If they had been on time they probably would have been at the SGC when the bomb went off. Jack didn’t even want to think about that. He had been way too worried for the past days already anyway.

“Yeah, thought you would have sent someone to get us by now…”

“Like two days ago,” Vala complained dusting off her trousers.

“… but I guess you were too busy ‘redecorating’,” Cam finished, ignoring Vala and gesturing around.

“Yeah, what’s going on with that,” Daniel added. “Since when do we gate from or to Atlantis?” The SGC’s Stargate was programmed to be the primary gate, with Atlantis the backup in case of emergencies only. Hopefully that didn’t mean that this was an emergency. The look on his former team mate’s face however suggested just that.

“Jack?” he asked.

“Stargate Command has been destroyed,” Jack said, his voice hoarse.

“Come again?” Cam muttered. He must have heard wrong.

“That’s a really lousy joke,” Vala remarked. “It is a joke, right?”

“Unfortunately not,” Teyla said.

“Let’s get you to the infirmary, checked out and ready for debrief,” Jack announced gesturing towards the hall to the infirmary.

“Jack,” Daniel objected. “What happened?”

“Now,” Jack ordered sounding more frustrated than intended. He knew well how it was to come back from a mission and want answers only to be told to get checked out first even though you knew very well that you were just fine. He had been in the same situation hundreds of times, and he felt with them, he really did. But since Hank Landry died in the bombing he was in charge of the Stargate Program once more, in addition to Homeland Command. It was his job to make sure the remaining members of the Stargate Program were safe, which right now meant ordering his old team to their routine check up. He wouldn’t risk losing one of them just because he let the rules slack.

“I will join you and answer your questions on the way,” Teyla offered.

“Fine,” Cam muttered and started to walk off. Vala and Daniel followed.

“How many died?” Teal’c asked.

Hearing his words Teyla glanced up at him, then took his hand and squeezed gently.

“Too many,” she answered while starting to walk.

“Debrief at 1700,” Jack called after them. He wished he could walk with them like Teyla did, answer their questions himself, but he had too much to do. Two jobs in the middle of a crisis situation were tough to handle.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Day 2 - Atlantis conference room – evening:

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

“You’ve got Robin’s laptop,” Faith stated as Colonel Carter placed it on the table next to her. She had told them yesterday where to find it. Since whoever killed Robin had blown up these peoples secret base Faith guessed that they were on the same side. Or maybe it was because Riley seemed to trust them. No matter the reason she had decided to work with them instead of against them. They might be able to help her get Robin’s killer. Usually she preferred to work alone, but this thing was big, and the slayers and watchers had enough to deal with already. Maybe she didn’t need to involve them.

“Tried to get into it, too,” Sam said. “And didn’t manage.” Whoever protected that laptop was really, really good. Sam already wanted to meet whoever did it.

Faith glanced at her. She had a feeling that that statement from Colonel Carter implied that they usually got into pretty much everything. Yeah, they seemed like the kind of people who employed only the best. A small smile appeared on her face. But Willow was better. She felt proud of her friend and watcher.

“It’s probably magically protected,” Riley offered.

“Might be,” Faith shrugged. But Willow was a genius when it came to computers, so she might just protect the watcher council’s files in a regular way. Faith never really asked or cared how it was done.

“I have the password though,” she added, leaned over and typed it in.

“Thank you,” Sam said. Apparently Faith really had decided to cooperate with them.

“There are dozens of files in here,” Faith said opening a folder before leaning back in her chair and letting the Colonel have a look at them.

“I didn’t have time to check them all properly myself. When I found the list with the date and location of the bombing I knew I had to check that out first,” she explained, then added: “Sorry I didn’t get there sooner.” There were a lot of people in that building when it blew up, and most weren’t as lucky as Faith had been or had slayer healing. They were dead or severely injured. Faith wished she could have prevented that. She should have. It was her job as a slayer. She protected innocents, and she had failed.

Riley looked at Faith, surprised by her words and the look on her face. She really did seem to have changed.

“It’s not your fault,” Sam said noticing the look on the younger woman’s face. She knew it well, had worn it herself more than once.

“You tried to help and you are helping now. With this information we might be able to stop whoever did this and prevent it from happening again.” No more people had to die… hopefully.

----- -----

About half an hour later they were sitting around the conference table, printed out files scattered all over the table. Sam had called in several people to help sort through the information.

“I knew that name sounded familiar,” Daniel Jackson stated looking up from his laptop.

Several faces turned to him.

“What name?” Sam asked.

“Wo Fat. He is listed as a close associate to Ba’al. The name sounded familiar, so I googled him. He’s a criminal and rumoured to have been caught at last,” Daniel informed them.

“Where is he held?” Riley wanted to know.

“I don’t know. Seems to be top secret.”

“Let’s find out and get this guy. He might be our best lead to Ba’al,” Sam stated.

Daniel nodded. Hopefully Sam was right. They needed to find Ba’al. This time he really went too far. Daniel wanted to strangle the Goa’uld with his own hands. Maybe that would finally stop him. How many times did they have to kill him anyway? The bastard was supposed to be dead, and that included the original Goa’uld as well as all clones! Apparently they had been wrong again.

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