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Summary: Winter was upon them, though they knew it not. And Loki rejoiced. **Part of the August Fic-A-Day challenge**

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Marvel Universe > Thor > General(Past Donor)akatFR71383051,66111 Aug 1211 Aug 12Yes
Summary: Winter was upon them, though they knew it not. And Loki rejoiced. **Part of the August Fic-A-Day challenge**
Spoilers: All of BtVS and the first Thor movie.
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. The Avengers and Thor belong to Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Marvel Comics.
A/N: I know, I know. I’ve been a bit of an Avengers broken record for the fic-a-day. I promise I’ll try to break out at some point! This one is not connected to the Faith-centric Marvel ficlets I've posted.


Loki could not understand the affection his brother had for these mortals. They were so weak, so fallible, crumpling like paper dolls in the wind. How they possessed any sort of magical ability, he knew not – even if it was as flawed and easily corruptible as they were.

After all, it took only the most rudimentary spells to manipulate their greatest champions, bending them to his will. That, and control over the source of their power.

Loki smiled as he glanced down at the scythe firmly in his grasp. It was such a pretty thing.

“We are ready.”

Loki turned to look at his lieutenant with a baleful gaze. "You are forgetting something, are you not?"

The human – 'Kennedy' he believed she was called – froze, realizing her error at once. Instead of rectifying it, however, she hesitated, and for a fleeting moment, he could see her struggle against the threads of magic that held her. Only when he gripped the scythe tighter did she acquiesce.

"We are ready, my lord," she amended.

Satisfied, Loki waved a hand in dismissal.

As she took her leave, a look of relief on her face, he allowed himself a small smile. Though these ‘slayers’ were a little troublesome – admittedly more than he had foreseen – their struggles against his power mattered not; nor was he overly concerned that two of their kind escaped his grasp, unaffected by the spells woven through the scythe for reasons unknown to him.

What was two among hundreds, and mortal, at that?

In the end, they would all bow to his will, and these minor annoyances would be well worth the effort; for though the slayers had but a single part to play, it was an important one.

Loki’s smile grew wider.

How would his brother react when an attack was made, not by Frost Giants or Destroyers, but by his precious humans, champions like Thor himself, he knew not; only that he would not miss it for all the world.


The End

You have reached the end of "Fimbulvetr". This story is complete.

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