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Odd thoughts

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Summary: A collection of shorts and drabbles that have absolutely nothing to do with any other series whatsoever

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Lost Childe

Lost Childe

Buffy didn’t often patrol the docks. The smell of the harbour, despite the fact that the Mayor was a major eco-nut and that the harbour was ridiculously clean compared to the one in LA, threw her off. And most vampires as well. But there had been strange reports coming in, about attacks on yachts by some huge sea creature and Giles had sent her to investigate. He’d looked quite worried, as if he guessed, or at least suspected what it was.

Suddenly one of the smaller yachts in the marina started to lurch sideways. A cream erupted from it, then a chorus of screams.

Buffy sighed. “Cordelia and the Cordettes. Great. Why couldn’t it be someone relevant I saved? Or at least, nice?”

She headed towards the slowly sinking yacht, carefully observing the surrounding area. Getting attacked by the Monster of Sunnydale Lagoon was not on her to-do list tonight. The gangway had been torn from its moorings and the deck was filled with moronic milling cheerleaders and sheep, led by a bellowing Cordelia who kept yelling they could easily leap the distance.

The yacht was moving away from the shore, however, and Buffy decided that anyone who did leap might well be ripped out of the sky mid-jump. So she grabbed one of the mooring lines and pulled, dragging the ship closer, until it hit the quay.

Cordelia and her gang rushed ashore, almost stampeding Buffy, and ran bleating off into the night.

Buffy sighed. Then suddenly there was a massive surge and a huge creature emerged from the water to land beside her.  It towered over her, huge, incredibly huge, teeth gleaming in the light of the overhead lamps. It opened its mouth and roared a challenge. 

Mouth dry, Buffy chopped at its neck, only to be stopped by layers of fat and gristle. The thing lurched at her, incredibly quickly for something so huge and one of the great tusks tore open her arm, causing her to drop her sword. Realising she needed more information, Buffy ran.

He stood in the shadows of the stacks and listened to the conversation that was taking place by the study table. If his heart had still been beating, it would have missed a beat or two.

Angel was very careful to regulate his alcohol intake. There were good and sufficient reasons for that, stemming from an occurrence many years ago when he was still Angelus. The thought, the mere memory of it, still made him shiver. Spike, once he'd found out about it, had used it mercilessly to mock him. Especially once he became Angel.

And now it was all going to be known.  

“How the hell do I kill it, Giles? It’s huge. Enormous. Covered in fat. I can't get anywhere near its heart! It felt like a vamp, but it looks nothing like one! I chopped at its neck with all I had and it basically just bounced off!” Buffy was sounding panicky.

“It’s drawing attention too. Somehow it seems people aren't willing to notice a vampire kidnapping their daughter and draining them dry, but they are willing to accept this,” Willow sounded utterly incredulous, as if the very notion of what was happening was contrary to all her beliefs.

“The, ah, creature is indeed unique. No one knows where it came from or how it came to be,” Giles took off his glasses and started to clean them thoughtfully. “However this is the first sighting ever of the beast away from easily accessible beaches or water. It has killed numerous sailors and may be partly responsible for some legends about sea monsters and apparently it spent some time in Loch Ness...”

He shrugged. “Suffice it to say, as far as we know it is one of a kind, powerful and lethal and much more difficult to kill than one would think.”

“Hard to kill?” Buffy growled. “Try impossible! That thing is huge and incredibly fast and immensely strong! And if it fell on me it would kill me that way!”

“Maybe we could stake it?” Xander asked. “Like a common vamp?”

“Yeah, but unlike a common vamp, I don’t know where this one keeps its heart!” Buffy almost snapped.

“In its chest. I'm looking for an anatomy book,” Willow soothed.

“Quite,” Giles put his glasses back on. Are you sure this is a vampire, Buffy?  There is no previous record of such a thing.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “I may not be great at it, but I can sense a vamp when it comes within five feet of me. Trust me, it qualifies.”

“If so, why not just behead it?” Giles continued. “It’s a large, heavy creature and not very nimble...”

His voice trailed off at Buffy’s expression.

The Slayer lifted her bandaged arm. “What did I say about incredibly fast?” she hissed.

“We need shellfish – lots of shellfish,” Angel said from the shadows and stepped out. “And he isn’t evil, not really.”

“He tried to get Cordelia and her crowd,” Buffy glared at him. “And how do you know?”

 Willow exchanged a look with Xander, who smirked then raised a hand. “Umm, if he tried to kill Cordelia, he may just qualify as pest control… Shutting up now.”      

“Wally isn’t evil. Just confused,” Angel sat down.

“Wally?” Buffy asked her voice incredulous. “You know its name?”

Angel nodded. “Yeah. Drusilla named him. He’s a very large male Atlantic Walrus. I… I turned him. One night, when I was drunk.”

Giles let out a sound that seemed amazingly like a giggle, while all the others merely looked at the vampire in utter disbelief.
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