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Getting Hammered

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Summary: The U.S. government is concerned about an apparent artifact which has just landed in their lap (so to speak), and they've called in pretty much everyone they can think of, to deal with it and the visitor who's come to claim it.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Riley-CenteredGreywizardFR1811,5923256,80013 Aug 1213 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: They all belong to Crack-Head Joss and ME. Deal with it. I have.

Time Frame: Post 'Chosen' for the BtVS characters and canon timeframe for the Thor movie.

Spoilers: None intended, but if you don't know what happened up to this point, why are you reading this story?

Character Bashing: None.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author's Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author's Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author's Note 3: This is based on a mixture of both the comics and the movie.

Author's Note 4: This is story #13 for the 2012 August Fic-A-Day Challenge.


Puente Antiguo, New Mexico

May 9, 2011

"Gods damn that bastard thing to Hell!"

Riley Finn figured he had more than adequate reason to be pissed as he pushed the rubble covering him away from him and painfully forced himself back up to his feet.

"We need to destroy that sonuvabitch, ASAP!!" Finn muttered to himself as he shook his head in an effort to clear it.

Half-staggering through the hole in the wall his impact had created, the commando looked around and tried to assess the situation as best he could – which, given the way his head was currently throbbing and spinning, probably wasn't going to let him come up with the best plan available – but he'd deal with that problem when it appeared.

The protective enclosure, which S.H.I.E.L.D. had built around the artifact that had, quite literally, fallen out of the sky three days earlier, currently looked as though it belonged in Fallujah rather than the continental United States, what with the large holes in the few remaining upright walls, and the generally damaged look the enclosure was sporting.

Riley's company had been one of the first to respond to the general alarm the artifact's arrival had generated. Curiously, he'd only needed one look at the hammer lying half-buried in the ground before Finn had recommended to his commanding officer, in the *strongest* possible terms, that someone get on the horn and contact the Sineya Foundation and request the presence of some of their people to help evaluate the item as soon as possible. Preferably, yesterday… Ideally, a week ago.

Granted, it had been a few years since he'd last participated in any in-depth research party like the ones he'd helped the Scoobies with, back when he'd been assigned to the Sunnydale Demon Research Initiative. But Riley still remembered enough about Old Norse runes to recognize – and even translate, albeit very poorly – part of the inscription on that thing, and Finn was quite certain that he wasn't about to touch *anything* which carried a warning that included the words, "– if he be worthy– "

Sure, getting a shitload of power – if you were actually determined to be worthy by whatever criteria the artifact might be using – would be a real blast – and possibly quite literally, at that. But what might the possible results be, if that thing not only found you *un*worthy, but it ended up annoyed that you'd even considered bothering it to check? After all, people of the deity variety tended to be rather creative and usually quite vindictive when it came to punishing people who pissed them off.

Riley would be the first to admit that he'd royally screwed up quite a few things, back when he'd been assigned to that whole Initiative *Charlie-Foxtrot*, as the Marines he'd known were fond of saying. But he also could quite honestly point out that when you considered all of the drugs, the microchip implantations and all of the various 'indoctrination' sessions he and his men undergone while working with Maggie Walsh – it was a wonder that any of them had emerged sane and rational, at all, once the place had been shut down and the whole operation buried and forgotten. Frankly, just the thought of the subliminal stuff the shrinks told him they'd found still scared the shit out of him.

In any event, he'd moved on from Sunnydale, transferred to a newly established team focused solely on hunting demons and dealing with supernatural events, along with most of his fellow Initiative survivors, and had been pretty much satisfied with his team's performance for the past few years. Riley had even gotten married to the woman of his dreams, a fellow agent who was going to give birth to their children, now that Sam had retired from fighting in the killing fields of combat.

Riley and his people dealt with the oogly-booglies when they had to, while his wife acted as a government liaison to not only the new organization the Scoobies had set up, but to friendly or neutral demon groups, too, when requested, and the commandos responded as quickly as they could when they were called in for consultation on unusual situations – like the one they were handling now.

A situation which had rapidly gone to shit, very shortly after that gods-bedamned golem which was now blasting its way through the makeshift base had shown up, and through anyone trying to impede it in any way.

A handful of researchers from the Sineya Foundation, together with a half-dozen Slayers, had shown up just hours after Riley had passed his request up the line, and he had grinned with delight upon seeing 'little Dawnie' heading up the group. The fact that Buffy's sister had actually squealed with delight upon seeing him and Sam, and had started babbling in a barely comprehensible, Willow-esque manner, inundating Sam with questions about her current pregnancy, her health and a myriad of other questions, had reassured Finn that there were no lingering resentments on Dawn's behalf about his and Buffy's breakup over a decade ago.

And the fact that Ms. Summers had been grinning widely as she'd introduced him to a Slayer named Rona, who was apparently in charge of the Chosen contingent, as "Buffy's former boytoy," had informed Riley that Dawn still had a rather twisted sense of humor – which, really, was only to be expected when you considered who her role models had been, while she was growing up.

And now, she and all of the other scientist-type people who'd been gathered together to try and figure out how and why the hammer had ended up here and not in Scandinavia or wherever, were all endangered by the ten-foot-tall armored golem. The thing had appeared outside the town's city limits less than thirty minutes ago, and was now, literally, destroying everything standing between it and the hammer.

Rona and her fellow Slayers had decided to attack when the automaton was still a safe distance away, and had quickly discovered that, even though the new Council had upgraded their weaponry to include current state-of-the-art firepower, the armor on that thing could easily stand up to anything they could throw at it.

They'd also learned that mystically enchanted melee weapons powered by mystically enhanced muscles also couldn't put even a scratch on the monster's gleaming outer skin – though that hadn't stopped any of the Slayers or his teammates from continually testing that premise, again and again, using whatever weapon might be at hand for them to grab.

The Slayer Scythe was currently being used by either Buffy or Faith, who were putting down what Rona had casually described as 'a minor apocalypse' somewhere in the middle of Europe in one of their conversations earlier that day, so what effect an artifact of that level of power might have on the golem attacking them was yet to be determined.

Although, considering that he had heard Dawn literally screaming into her cell phone and demanding its immediate delivery just a minute or two ago made Riley hope that he'd still be around to witness the answer to that question.

Unfortunately, however, the last blast from that gods-bedamned metal monster had not only destroyed the magically-enhanced sword he'd been using, it had tossed him through the wall and out into the crater created by the hammer's arrival. And since Riley couldn't see anything else around that looked like it was sturdy enough to use as a bludgeon against that thing, it was beginning to look like he really *was* going to find out what the possible repercussions of being 'unworthy' might be.

Lurching over to the hammer, which was still half-buried in the crater formed from its impact upon landing, Riley took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. Picturing Sam and their unborn daughter (who were now safely on their way to Santa Fe) Riley muttered a small prayer to any gods who might be listening, and then let out a quiet sigh.

"Here goes nothing," Finn murmured to himself as he reached down, wrapped his hand around the leather-bound handle and *pulled*.

Thunder and lightning instantly seemed to explode around him for what felt like forever, and a near-incomprehensible torrent of images rushed through his mind of a life he both remembered, and didn't, while his body felt as though it were channeling the entire output of Hoover Dam, and more.

After what seemed to be eternity – but clearly wasn't – the light show and noise died down enough for Riley to make out his surroundings again, and he noticed that his previously torn and ragged BDUs had been replaced by what looked like a combination of chainmail-reinforced leather armor, and the hammer in his hand felt as light as if it were made of balsa wood.

It looked to be exactly the same clothing which had been worn by Mjolnir's bearer before the Asgardian – before *he* – had been...dealt with, by his father, and punished for his arrogance and impertinence.

"Well, now," the newly re-empowered god of thunder murmured as he grinned to himself, as he heard the sounds of another explosion echo from within the enclosure S.H.I.E.L.D. had built, and began heading that way, "To borrow a phrase Xander would surely use –

"Looks like it's hammer time!"


The End

You have reached the end of "Getting Hammered". This story is complete.

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