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Not To The Manor Born

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy Anne Malfoy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Series of ficlets in which Buffy comes to terms with being a Malfoy and a witch.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredgrundyFR1322,6290157,58416 Aug 1229 Aug 12Yes

The Question

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. Harry belongs to JKR. No money is being made here, it's all in good fun.

Summary: Buffy was stunned to learn Draco was telling the truth. But she knows Lucius Malfoy isn't exactly a fluffy bunny...

Buffy waited until it had been quiet upstairs for ten minutes before she brought up the obvious subject. She wanted to discuss this with some privacy, because she had a feeling not all of what Giles was going to tell her was going to be pleasant. Not after the mention of the crowd he’d run with in his Ripper days. If that was mild compared to what else Draco’s father- her father- had been involved in, she was braced for anything. And she was pretty sure both she and her brother would rather the unpleasant truth come from Giles.

After he dropped his bombshell, there had been no further discussion of whether or not the message Draco had come so far to deliver was true. Giles had simply done some magical family ties test thing with a wave of his wand to verify that Draco and Buffy were brother and sister. Buffy had been dumbfounded when Giles had announced that they were.

Up until then, she’d been sure Draco was under the influence of some demon or another, or maybe a spell. It just seemed more likely than finding out her biological father was an English wizard. Wouldn’t her mother have mentioned an important detail like Hank not being her father- especially after the divorce? It would explain a lot, really. She’d been all set to ask if Giles was sure.

But Giles had shaken his head and mouthed ‘not now’ at her. Draco hadn’t seen that, since he was facing Buffy to gauge her reaction, while Giles was standing behind him. Buffy had aborted any protest she might have made and smiled weakly.

“Having a big brother may take some getting used to,” she told him, trying for brightness. She knew she hadn’t quite succeeded, but he seemed to be ok with the effort. Maybe this was weird for him, too. “I’m kind of used to being an only child.”

“Me too,” he replied.

“I don’t expect anything from you,” he’d added, after an awkward moment, looking like he had just realized he hadn’t thought his plan through as well as he thought he had. “I just… thought you should know.”

It was the most Giles-sounding repressed British thing she’d heard him say yet. His hands twitched, like he was suppressing a nervous tic, like playing with his cloak or drumming his fingers on his teacup or something. That was when he’d offered to leave so she and her Watcher could talk things over.

“Where are you planning to go for the night?” Buffy asked. “Not all the way back to England, cause that’s got to be a long trip from here.”

“I thought I would take a hotel room,” Draco replied.

“No way!” Buffy exclaimed.

“Absolutely not,” Giles said at the same time. Glancing at his Slayer, he elaborated. “I don’t know what you’ve been taught about vampires or demons at Hogwarts, but hotels in this area are not safe, young man. And while they might not have been aware of you before, many demons will be able to smell the, er, affinity between you and Buffy, particularly now that you’ve spent some time in her company.”

Draco looked confused.

“So where should I stay? Apparating back to England from a Hellmouth would be dangerous, too. Not to mention, I can’t go back and forth too much before someone official notices.”

“You’ll stay here,” Giles said firmly, sparing Buffy the necessity of offering him a room and Draco the awkwardness of explaining to his new sister why exactly officialdom taking notice of him visiting Sunnydale would be bad. He might have mentioned Malfoy Senior in connection with his dissolute youth but he hadn’t spelled out to his Slayer her father’s views on Muggles, wizarding purity, or the low likelihood of her mother’s encounter with him being consensual.

He had a feeling Buffy was about to be tossed into the deep end, though- living on or even sufficiently close to a Hellmouth could easily have masked her from the detection spells magical schools used. If she had a wizard father, it was entirely likely that she ought to have had a letter from Keh Kait or Nouvelle Ecole, if not from Hogwarts.

“I’ll leave my wand where it is,” Draco replied gratefully, aware he still wasn’t entirely trusted here. Being offered house space was more than he had any right to expect.

Giles had gotten Draco settled in the guest room. When he returned, he’d looked at Buffy expectantly, but she’d shaken her head and pointed upstairs. She could still hear Draco moving about, and she preferred not to have to worry about him listening in. So she’d waited until all noise upstairs had stopped. Only when she was satisfied that he’d dropped off to sleep did she bring up what had been on the tip of her tongue the whole time.

“Tell me about the Malfoys, Giles,” she said quietly. “And about wizards.”
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