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Sins of the Father

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Buffy Anne Malfoy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Lucius came home to find his son gone and his wife furious.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredgrundyFR1331,98702414,98417 Aug 1227 Nov 12Yes

Sins of the Father

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. The Malfoys belong to JKR. I'm borrowing their toys. No money is being made here, it's all in good fun.

Lucius Malfoy had no inkling he was in trouble when he walked in his own front door. In fact, he was looking forward to a relaxing evening after a day of business meetings- trying to put a respectable public face on the family holdings when half the world still thought he ought to be in Azkaban was not as easy as he tried to make it look.

Indeed, he was very lucky to have escaped as lightly as he had. If not for Narcissa’s timely change of sides- motivated solely by concern for her son- he might well have fallen in the final battle at Hogwarts. If not, he would doubtless be sharing a cell with any former Death Eater lucky enough to be shown mercy in that final showdown. Quite a few pureblood family trees had been pruned to a stump that day.

So the chill in the parlor came as a distinct surprise. Narcissa was paler than usual, sitting bolt upright in her favorite chair. It was a nervous trait- whenever she was stressed, she reverted to her childhood training, which decreed that a witch of good breeding should sit straight as a wand. Her eyes had strayed to the door as he came in, but he saw the disappointment in them. Disappointment… and then something else.

Lucius fought the urge to shift from foot to foot like a naughty schoolboy. He wasn’t sure what he’d done, but apparently there had been something. He’d very rarely seen his wife enraged, but the few times he had experienced it had been memorable. Right now, she looked to be in a fury that had been simmering for hours.

“Dearest,” he greeted her cautiously. In a flash of inspiration, he added, “have you by any chance seen Draco? He wasn’t at his London flat when I called.”

The tightening of Narcissa’s lips warned him that he’d said the exact wrong thing. Now he was well and truly puzzled. What on magical earth had he done to incur her wrath that involved their son? He was always so careful of Draco- indeed, most would say he spoiled his heir shamelessly.

“How funny that you should ask, darling,” Narcissa said, in that icy sweet tone that meant he was in for an unpleasant time.

Lucius stood his ground, though he’d really rather have retreated and hope that she’d take it out on someone or something else. Instead, he waited for the storm to break. The last time he’d seen her so angry had been that unpleasantness just after Draco was born.

“Do you have any idea where my son is, Lucius?” she enquired in the same deadly calm she had wielded then.

Lucius debated the merits of casting a preemptory protective charm on certain body parts, but that might just cause Narcissa to reach for her wand. And if there was one thing he knew, it was that a woman who was able to outduel Bellatrix LeStrange as a matter of course was not to be trifled with.

“No, my love,” he replied. “That’s why I asked you. It’s unusual for Draco to go so long without stopping by- I’ve not even seen him for lunch this past week.”

“I cannot say I’m surprised,” Narcissa sniffed. “My son, Lucius, has gone to the California Hellmouth.”

Lucius blanched. What on earth had the boy taken into his head now? He had to know how ill-advised such a trip was. Quite aside from the physical risks in the vicinity of a hellmouth, there were political considerations to be thought of as well. Narcissa might have been able to risk it- after all, Potter himself had vouched for her- but most wizarding officials would put the worst possible spin on either male Malfoy’s presence in such a Dark area.

And it got worse- the government of wizarding America was considerably more complicated than the Ministry of Magic. An amalgamation of over a dozen groups spanning two Muggle countries, the North American Wizarding Federation boasted a truly fearsome number of skilled Aurors. They were not to be taken lightly. And if they caught him- Draco could find himself on trial in multiple jurisdictions if anyone got the idea he was there for anything other than a foolish dare.

“What possessed him to do such a thing?” he asked, fully aware his wife already planned to tell him.

“Urgent family business,” Narcissa replied. “Yours, not mine.”

“I don’t follow you, Narcissa. There are no Malfoys in California.”

“Oh, but I think you’ll find there is at least one, Lucius,” Narcissa said, her face that of the kneazle who has the mouse right where she wants him. “Your daughter. I suppose the Order must have thought a Hellmouth the ideal place to hide her mother after you were done with her.”

“My dau-“ Lucius stopped abruptly and sank into his own chair as he realized what she must mean. The Muggle that Narcissa had torn strips out of him for all those years ago. Merlin’s balls, the woman had carried his child? Surely if Dumbledore’s meddlers had carried her off to safety, they’d have also seen to it she wouldn’t be saddled with a burden like that!

He looked up to find his wife now eying him as she would a particularly annoying specimen of vermin. He did his best to pull himself together.

“My deepest apologies, Narcissa. I was unaware. Draco did not say anything to me about his plans. I would have thought he’d go to any lengths to keep such an unpleasant discovery from you, as well.”

“I’ve known about your halfblood for years, Lucius,” Narcissa snapped. “She’s on the tapestry, for the love of Circe!”

“The tapestry,” Lucius echoed numbly. So much made sense now. Narcissa hadn’t ever had Draco use the children’s study- in fact, he suddenly recalled a house elf once mentioning that young Master was to be kept from the room. “Narcissa-“

“I was so relieved when she didn’t show up at Hogwarts,” Narcissa continued. “Can you imagine, Lucius, I might have had to explain to my son how he came to have a halfblood half-sister? But she didn’t go to Hogwarts, and I never heard of a Malfoy at any foreign school either. For a time, I thought she had died. But no, your daughter is alive and well and living on the Boca del Infierno, and my son being the man he is has gone to try to move her someplace safer! Though where he thinks that is, I don’t know.”

Lucius tried to gauge the best way to respond- not an easy task when he was fairly sure he was still in shock. A daughter. Narcissa had wanted a daughter for years- they’d tried. So for her to find he had one by some meaningless Muggle tart… there weren’t Galleons enough in all the vaults in Gringotts to make this up to her.

Then he abruptly realized there was something more important than his wife’s anger, something that couldn’t wait one second longer.

“I will go get them, Narcissa,” he said gently. “You can be as angry as you like with me once we know they are both safe.”
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