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The Unspoken Rule

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Summary: For years, Gibbs has believed his daughter died with her mother. Buffy and Dawn believed their father walked away from them. Rule 51 applies. (Originally Fic A Day short "Dreams".).

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NCIS > Buffy-Centered
NCIS > Dawn-Centered
grundyFR152275,40270579157,49724 Aug 1227 Jul 14No


Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. NCIS belongs to Bellisario. No money is being made here, it's all in good fun.

Buffy knew she was dreaming, but it didn’t feel like a Slayer dream. She was back in her room in Sunnydale for some odd reason, but the room wasn’t quite right. For one thing, she hadn’t been that into pink since she was little. For another, the closet was in the wrong place.

“I told you about that before, young lady,” said a familiar voice.

Buffy turned, expecting to see her mother, but it wasn’t Joyce. It was a woman she didn’t recognize. Her hair was red, a little darker than Willow’s, and she had a kind smile. Buffy felt like she should know her somehow, but she couldn’t place her. Whoever she was, she had the mom gig down pat. She gave her a disapproving look that sure felt familiar.

“I warned you that shoving everything in the closet and closing the door wouldn’t cut it,” she told Buffy. “You better do something about that before your father gets here. He’s been waiting so long to see you again.”

Buffy tried to open the closet, but the door was jammed shut so firmly that even Slayer strength didn’t budge it.

“I’d fix it, but the door’s stuck,” she told the woman. “Do you have a crowbar or something?”

“I’m sure there’s one in the basement,” the woman told her.

“Shannon?” called a voice from downstairs. “Kelly?”

Shannon shook her head.

“I’ll go speak to your father. This is so hard on him.”

“That’s Dad downstairs?” Buffy asked, confused. Hank had never been inside the Sunnydale house. He’d always waited outside for her when he picked her up, and watched her to the door from the car when he dropped her off. He wouldn’t just walk in.

Shannon turned toward the stairs.

“He’s going to be so disappointed, Kelly.”

There were footsteps on the stairs. Shannon looked worried.

“You’ll have to wait, she’s not ready yet, G-“


Dawn’s voice was usually welcome, but Buffy had a feeling that whatever had been about to happen was important. It didn’t feel like a Slayer dream, and yet…

“What’s the what, Buffy?” Dawn asked. “I was just coming to ask you if you wanted to see me off at the airport.”

“The airport?” Buffy asked, still confused as her mind continued to process what she’d just seen and heard. “Sorry, weird dream.”

“We’re not looking at another apocalypse, are we?” Dawn demanded.

“I don’t think so,” Buffy said. “It’s something more personal.”

“Right, personal, wanna ride with me to the airport? Remember, I’m going to set up the Council’s new DC house?”

For a split second, Buffy was on the tip of connecting the dots she knew were there but couldn’t quite see, but then it was gone again.

“Sure. Hey, if you run into anyone named Shannon while you’re there, let me know, ok?”
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