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Charming Xander

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Summary: At the end of Becoming part two Xander sends Angel to Hell instead of Buffy. Forced to flee Sunnydale or face Buffy's wrath Xander heads to San Francisco, and finds he has never been the "Normal" member of the Scoobies.

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chapter 11

Disclaimer: I don’t own the buffy franchise or the charmed franchise.

The sun was shining, birds were singing, cars on the street were honking, and Sandra was waving her hand to find her alarm clock. ‘Where is that damn clock it’s too early to wake up with a headache like this’ she thought.

‘Wait’ Sandra shot up from her position on a collapsed sofa that broke her fall when that demon backhanded her. She almost immediately regretted it when her headache hit her full force. As she held her head and waited for her headache to fade she tried to think back to the last thing she remembers.

‘Ok you and Alex just finished killing all of the Dracul demons and you were cleaning off your daggers then……. nothing just pain and then waking up here.’ ‘Ok so from past experiences I was knocked out and Alex was tired from all of the magic he performed so he was either captured or killed’ at this point Sandra started panicking. Luckily for her she’s dealt with similar situations before and was able to calm down and focus.

When Sandra was finally calm she got up slowly so as not to flare up her headache again and started checking the rooms for a body.

‘Ok no body in the house so they didn’t kill him here and there wasn't any blood so they must have just knocked him out like me’ she thought to herself. ‘Ok Sandra there are a couple or reasons they would take Xander A) they found out he was a White Knight and want to corrupt him, B) they want to use him in a ritual, or C)he’s bait for something.’

Sandra had already tried sensing him and all she came up with was he was either dead or in the underworld, so with nothing she could do here she left to inform the Elders.

Sandra was in the heavenly realm of the Elders and was currently looking for Elder Odin or Elder Zola.

‘Why do all of the Elders and Whithelighters have to wear these stupid robes it makes finding a specific person a pain in the butt’ she thought to herself.

“Sandra my dear what brings you here,” Zola said from right behind her. This caused Sandra to jump and spin around almost immediately however she regretted it as her headache came back with a vengeance.

Seeing one of his favorite Whitelighters bend over clutching her head was enough to inform Zola that something was wrong so even as he reached down towards Sandra with his hands glowing gold with his healing powers his mind was going over the implications of Sandra coming to the upper realms looking like she just came out of a fight with an obvious migraine. Unfortunately none of the scenarios were good ones.

When Zola was done healing her Sandra looked up at him with tears in her eyes refusing to fall. “Elder Zola I lost him I lost Alexander,” she almost sobbed.

“Shh my child tell me exactly what happened and we will work out a plan just let me grab Elder Odin,” Zola said, and with a slight grimace Sandra agreed.

A few minutes later Zola had found Odin and they were both waiting to be informed on what happened, so she told them everything from their planning on how to exterminate the Dracul demons to Xander’s first successful spell and even the details about what was in the house. When she got to when she was knocked out and woke up she was finally interrupted by Odin.

“Did you see anything of the demon that knocked you out anything at all,” he asked?

“No I was facing Alex cleaning my daggers and then slamming into a wall and then nothing. I couldn’t find any traces or clues after I woke up either,” Sandra replied with a sigh.

“Well I think it is safe to say he is in the underworld as he has not passed through the heavenly planes, and he is more than likely alive unless they have trapped his soul which is unlikely,” Zola through in.

Sandra felt something loosen in her chest that she didn’t even know was tight. She had grown attached to Alexander and treated him like an annoying brother at times and a son at others. She shouldn’t be getting so attached but it was almost impossible not to like Alex.

She finally looked up at the other Elders faces with a stony look and asked, “What do I need to do?”

Odin looked at Zola before responding, “Earlier we got word that one of the Charmed Ones was abducted coming home from work while this isn’t too unusual for them to be abducted around the same time as your charge is more than likely a mere coincidence.”

At this point Zola took over the conversation, “Your best bet to save young Alexander is to work with the Charmed Ones and their Whitelighter Leo.” Sandra nodded before orbing out.

Now most Whitelighters wouldn’t think twice before orbing directly into the house but Sandra was a past Slayer and knows that in these intense situations it was always kill first ask questions later, and even though she could only permanently die from a Darklighters arrows dieing still hurt. So Sandra orbed to the front door and rang the doorbell. After waiting only a few minutes a harried looking Phoebe Halliwell answered the door.

“Yes can I help you,” she said.

Sandra smiled at her before saying, “I certainly hope so my charge was kidnapped and the Elders seem to think that it is related to your sisters own kidnapping.” When what she said finally sunk in Phoebe let out a sigh of either relief or frustration and motioned for Sandra to come inside.

“Piper Leo we have a guest,” she yelled upstairs. “Phoebe who is it we don’t have time for visitors at a time like this,” Piper said as she came down with Leo.

“Sandra,” Leo called when he finally noticed me. I nodded and responded with a simple “Leo” in return.

Phoebe looked back in forth between the two before she said, “So I guess you know each other.” “Sandra is a fellow Whitelighter but what are you doing here,” he asked Sandra? “Can we sit down it’s been a long morning?”

“Sure I’ll get you some coffee,” Piper said. When she finally returned with the coffee Sandra started her story from the beginning starting with how she was assigned as Alex’s Whitelighter and finishing with their fight with the Dracul Demons. On hearing about the demons Phoebe looked over at Piper and mouthed book and when Piper nodded they went back to listening to the story both knew that they would be researching those demons for later reference.

“So after I searched around the building and couldn’t find Alex I went and informed the Elders who told me that you might be able to help since they seem to think that the two abductions are related,” Sandra finally finished her tale and looked up from her empty coffee mug.

Phoebe gave her a faint smile, “Don’t worry even if the two aren’t related we’ll help you find your charge.”

“Well let’s get back to the Book of Shadows Paige was able to call for Leo before she was taken and he got a good look at one of the demons,” Piper said. With that the group trooped upstairs to find some sort of clue on why both Xander and Paige were abducted and who did it.

An hour later Leo had finally found the demons that he saw. According to the book the demon was called A Vitaur a cousin to the Minotaur instead of a body of a man and head of a bull the Vitaur have the legs of a bull body and head of a man with two curved horns. They are a warrior race who fights with weapons or bare hand. They have no form of fire or energy balls just extreme physical strength. They are a herd like race staying together in groups ruled by a single chief who obtains his position by killing the former chief. There isn’t a vanquishing potion or a spell as no Halliwell has ever faced Vitaur demons in battle. They are generally used as grunts or for manual labor in the underworld so another upper level demon was more than likely pulling the strings.

“Ok so we know what were up against except for the unknown upper level demon so Phoebe start working on a general vanquishing spell for these Vitaur demons while Leo and I work on some potions Sandra could you help Phoebe?” At Sandra’s nod Piper left with Leo for the kitchen.

A couple of hours later they were all ready. Phoebe had written a couple of different vanquishing spells and a generic power of three spell in case the others don’t work while Piper had a whole rack of their strongest vanquishing potions and an incomplete vanquishing potion for an upper level demon all it was missing was some skin.

They had gathered around the book and were about to read a reverse to call a lost witch spell which should take them to were Paige and Xander were kept when they were interrupted by some orbs in the middle of the attic. When the orbs finally condensed one of the figures was clearly Paige Halliwell who was grinning down at the other person who had fallen to the floor.

“Give a guy a little warning next time will you,” said the unmistakable voice of Xander Harris.

“Oh I’m so sorry was that a little inconsiderate of me,” Paige said with a smile on her face and mocking tone in her voice.

“I think I hate you,” Xander replied with a glare but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes as well. He looked up when he heard a cry of Alex and was then tackled by Sandra.

“Hey their Sandy did ya miss little ole me,” he said with a lopsided grin. Sandra let out a growl before socking him. “Don’t you ever do something as irresponsible as getting kidnapped again do you hear me? Do you know how worried I was? And how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Sandy,” Sandra finally finished her rant before hugging Xander again. “So I take it you missed me,” He said while rubbing his sore cheek. “Yes you idiot I missed you,” she replied.

The sisters and Leo just sat back and watched the reunion of Whitelighter and charge but in all honesty it looked like a reunion between family members.

“So Paige how did you two get away,” Phoebe asked.

Paige gave her a faint smile before responding, “Actually Xander over their helped out a lot. He’s the one who noticed the chains that held us were charmed and helped me with a spell to break out of them.”

“Wait Xander I thought his name was Alex,” Piper asked?

At this point Xander got up from his spot on the floor before scratching the back of his head and said, “My full name is Alexander but I didn’t like it too much and my best friend couldn’t say it easily so she shortened it to Xander and it stuck but someone over here doesn’t like it and insists on calling me Alex.”

Sandra stuck her nose slightly in the air before responding, “Xander is a childish nickname and you are a grown man I won’t call you anything else just be glad I don’t go around calling you Alexander because you’re right it is a mouthful.”

Xander had spent enough time around slayers and Queen C to know when he should just give up. Sometimes he thinks that part of being a slayer is pigheadedness but he would never ask Sandra or Buffy they would most likely kill him.

To change the subject Leo asked Paige if she knew who had abducted them.

“I never got a look at them all I saw were those Minotaur looking guys and then I woke up in a cell with Xander,” she said.

Sandra looked at Xander and asked him the same question.

“Before I fell unconscious I say a normal looking man dressed in gray robes that looked like they were made of smoke and had swirling geometric symbols on it. Oh and I think the guy might be blind cause he had some of the same cloth covering his eyes.”

“Ok Xander you look in the Book of Shadows and see if you can find this demon you saw Paige you and Sandra set up some crystals for a defense or warning system I don’t care just give us some kind of warning in case the guy that kidnapped you comes looking,” Piper was in full general mode issuing the orders.

“Aye aye captain,” was all Xander said before Leo showed him to the book while Paige and Sandra went to pick up the crystals. Piper and Phoebe were almost at the door to the attic when it exploded sending both of them flying across the room.

Two Vitaur demons stormed in both carrying massive battle axes and were follows by the grey robed guy.

“Ah so this is where you two ran off to well that was a very naughty thing to do we can’t have my sacrifices running away now can we,” was all the guy said before the battle started.

AUTHORS NOTE: You know whenever I read a fanfic and it ends with a cliffhanger I would always get so mad but now I know why they do it. For one it's fun to do and two it builds suspense so you my wonderful readers will have to read the next chapter when it's posted. So I hope you all enjoy this chapter and don't forget to review and tell me what you think good or bad all criticism is welcome.
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