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Fan Art

Summary: Willow meets Zatanna (manip of art by Brian Bolland) - now with action figure!

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DC Universe > Zatanna(Current Donor)MarcusRowlandFR72346046,18617 Jan 0417 Jan 04Yes


Manip of art by Brian Bolland
Marcus L. Rowland

IllustrationIllustrationThe most recent part of Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter had a very brief encounter between Willow Rosenberg and a witch not totally unlike Zatanna. So I tried my hand at an icon, which will probably be one of the ones I use for my livejournal if I ever get a paid account and can have more than three icons.

The Zatanna picture was found on line, cover art by Brian Bolland. The original can be found here. The manip to "Willowtanna" is a fairly basic head transplant, using a screen shot as source, plus some blurring of the edges etc. and a lot more hair; in the original picture it stopped at neck level. This didn't work as well as I would have liked, as is obvious from the bigger picture, but the icon seems to be okay anyway. I added a few sparks in front of her face, as in the original picture.

Is her head a little too big? In the original picture Zatanna has a smaller head, but Willow seems to be shorter than Zatanna is supposed to be, so her head would be proportionally larger. Maybe I should have changed the body proportions slightly but I don't think it would have worked very well.

This illustration is based on art copyright by Brian Bolland, and may not be distributed on any profit-making basis.
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