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Life As Written By

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Summary: (A collection of random one shots, not neccisarily connected) Life was funny and looking back at the choices you made and you wonder...what if? These are the what if these Scoobies could have been dealing with.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingscloudleonsgurlFR1821,021016837 Oct 127 Oct 12No

RE: Monster of a Mind

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Buffy and Resident Evil and everything associated with it belongs solely to its creator. This is not for profit, only amusement for me and for readers.

This is a series of unrelated one shots to keep my muse from going crazy and have me open a bunch of stories that will remain uncompleted. This way I let my muse out then can focus on my other works.

Hope you enjoy!

Halloween had many reprecussion. Reprecussion that would shake the very foundation of the world. All centered around one young woman, Buffy Summer. You see, originally halloween went as planned, Buffy the Princess, Buffy the helpless...until Dawn was made. An extra person, a different outcome...

Resident Evil: Monster of a Mind

Buffy Summers sighed, drying off her hair. In had been a grueling night, in more way than one. Buffy had originally had thought to go as a princess, she blanched now at the thought, but Dawn had slipt juice all over the dress and without mom home, it was a lost cause. Buffy had took what little money she had, and rushed back to Ethan's.

Unfourtunately the man had been nearly sold out, and had been kind--too kind--in understanding her plight and given her a discount on a pair of shades and leather jacket. So, Buffy had shrugged, she wasn't a princess, but at least she would have looked good.

She would have rather, she decided while pulling on her bra, wore a BOO! costume like Willow than...than become the monster she did.

That monster...Albert Wesker. He was a brillant, bright man, but cold and ruthless man as well. He betrayed those who trusted him and gave up humanity for a chance at power. Buffy paused looking in the mirror. She could have sworn...she shrugged it off thinking it was her own imagination. Wesker also left Xander and Willow behind in favor of exploring the chaos. Buffy shuddered at the ways he thought to use the T-Virius and G-virius on demons.

It also didn't help that when Spike had shown up taunting, Wesker had turned to the man basically calling him a copycat (the hair) and an idiot, but much more eloquently. Spike hadn't taken it well and attacked and Wesker...

Well, Wesker ripped the vampire's head off without a second thought. The little demons had ran for their lives after seeing that while Drusilla had come over and declared, "You eyes...I see fire, I see the world burning in your eyes...can we burn the world together?"

Wesker said, "No." Drusilla shared the same fate as Spike.

It was weird, Buffy mused, how Wesker seemed to hate the undead so much even though he was responsible for a lot of chaos they did...where he came from...if he was even real...Gods, her head hurt. Buffy grabbed the glass of water by the nightstand and took a sip. She let out a satisfied sigh as the cool drink refreshed her before saying to no one, "Good night, world."

What she didn't expect was a response.

Good night, Dear Heart

The glass slipped through her fingers and shattered on the floor in a tidal wave of glass and water while the shadow, like before in the mirror, became clearer in her mind.

Albert Wesker was very much alive and was living inside her head! All Buffy could hear before she blackness eat up her vision was a cruel and vindicitive laugh echoing on forever.


RRs are appreciated. I might make this a two shot, but for now this is all I got.
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