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Star of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Star of Faith where the Adventures of Captain Faith, Cabbit Xander and their crew continues

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Chapter 5

Note: A ‘thank you’ goes out to Robin for a first spell check, then to Lordamnesia for a first edit and then finally to Hawklan for the final edit and posting.. By the way… you really should visit Hawklan’s author page. He has quite a few fics of his own you should check out.

Chapter 5

'Finally, food!' the hungry mind of Faith thought as she sat down. It was four hours after normal dinner time. Sasami had tortured them the whole day making some kind of Juraian dish, something that took her exactly 9 hours to make. And the evil little girl had stopped all of them from eating anything while waiting.

Ranko was sitting down shivering. 'Food, food, food' She looked like a shark in a feeding frenzy. Dawn was sitting beside her almost as eager as Faith was.

Then there was the traitor. Willow, she had been Sasami's guard to stop the others from eating. They just knew she had sneaked tasted the food. They knew it, rotten no good traitor.

Finally the last part of the food was there, the table almost hidden underneath the burden of bread, salads and a meat drenched in sweet smelling liquid. And something that could be pasta, if pasta was green and glowed in the dark.

Sasami beamed a smile as she cut pieces of meat and the pasta. Faith was hungry, but food should not imitate a glow rod.

Ranko cried out, "Yo this tastes good!"

Willow nodded as she took more salad and pasta to eat. Finally Faith sighed and tasted. "Hmm not bad."

Dawn smiled and asked, "So what’s next?" They had been training hard the last few days trying to teach her what she needed to know.

Faith shrugged as she took a piece of bread. Her eyes filled with tears. "Strong… strong. water."

Sasami blinked and said, "Oh… you’re supposed to put the gravy on the bryy-bread. It's to strong otherwise."

Faith swallowed water fast. "I noticed. Anyway we need to start our pirate attacks. Perhaps start with a small Oni world."

Sasami was silently listening, while Xander’s voice spoke up. "I think that's a good idea. I have some possible worlds. I also have heard rumors about the navy only having a token presence on Oni-Prime. So we should be careful as the fleet is moving."

Dawn swallowed the meat she was eating "Why only a token presence?" she frowned.

"They probably need the ships further out," Willow guessed.

Sasami spoke up. "Attacking the capital and the palace would be a great way to make the Oni angry, but it’s probably difficult."

Faith nodded. "Yea... but it’s best if we start small and attack some rich, but easy world first. Space Boy, do you know where the pirates hide?"

Xander's voice was happy as he replied, "Yes. In fact they have taken over a whole world, a small colony they now rule. And there are many other nearby worlds they frequently visit."

Dawn sighed. "You do know that if we attack it’s likely that innocents will die" `

Faith nodded. "I know. But it’s for Earth and the Oni actively practice slavery that doesn’t make them innocent in my book."

Sasami grinned. "But Faith, isn’t Xander your slave in a way?" she asked innocently. Faith grinned back. "Yea Half-pint, but in a way I'm his slave as well and there is no way I'm innocent, anyway what so ever."

Dawn snorted as she swallowed her giggle. Willow grinned as she hugged Dawn beside her. "We have to find a place to land, I need some Xander snuggle." Dawn and Faith both nodded while Ranko kept silent.

Xander finally spoke up. "There is a nice world we can stop by. It's outside the normal hyperspace roads. The area of space makes it difficult to jump to hyperspace. Most ships avoid it and only the greatest war ships or Cabbit ships have hyperspace engines that can journey to it and away from it without having problems."

Faith frowned. "How do you know about it?"

Xander grinned. "It’s a Cabbit resort. Cabbits that like or trust their crew often tell them about it and it's used as a camping place for more than one captain."

The girls started to grin and Dawn asked "Are there any hotels?"

Xander hologram shrugged. "Sadly no. But there are buildings and robots donated by others captains that help keep things clean. Also there is an old captain and his Cabbit that lives there and takes care of it, He Da King. It’s a tradition If we are going to use it we should pay by either leaving something useful now or at a later time."

Faith nodded. "I think we could do that." She frowned. "Do you still have barrels of carrot beer?"

Xander blinked. "Yes. Why? It's my beer."

"You don't drink that much and you really don’t want it to go bad do you?" Faith said.

Xander voice sounded depressed, his carrot beer did have a best use before day. "Yeah… We can dump it. Should we donate carrot seed? It might be possible to grow carrots there," he finished in a more hopeful tone of voice.

Sasami smiled Xander might be crazy about Twinkies, but his Cabbit blood made him just as carrot crazy. "Carrots are hard to grow. I’ve only seen them grow easily on Earth. But it wouldn’t be wrong to try."

Faith nodded. "Everybody agrees. Then make it so. Let’s head for the planet. Um, what’s the name?"

"Sanctuary. Its name is Sanctuary," Xander said as he started to calculate the journey to the planet. Hyperspace ship traveled along - roads or paths- where it was easy to enter and exit to and from Hyperspace. But great stars and areas with nebula's often created shadows where Hyperspace became difficult to enter. Not impossible, just costing more energy. Those areas were avoided like a plague as most civilian and smaller military ships didn’t have the energy to enter hyperspace inside of them. For a Cabbit or big military ship it didn’t matter they have energy to spare.


(On Earth, Africa)

Glory smiled a grim smile as she entered the Sahara desert. The dry wind made her hair whip like the ungodly being she was. Her face was still locked in perfection while her hair still looked like bob wire. It didn’t matter to her. To become human looking again she needed to change hosts and frankly she didn’t have the time to do that. And for some reason every secret agent in the world was gunning for her, believing she was part of every evil criminal terrorist agency and strangely also Microsoft. The fact they believed her to be working for Microsoft was irritating. She hated Microsoft.

"Goddess. I found it, I found it!" her Minion said.

Glory nodded "Good work. Good work," she said to the minion as if she was speaking to a dog. She turned her focus to the goal. "I need you to go in advance."

The minions nodded. "Oh yes my goddess… yes…" And like a pack of rats they scuttle in advance and Glorificus walked calmly after them.

A wave of her hand and a sealed cave opened itself and millennium worth of sand and stone moved slowly by her powers, her minions waited like vultures eager to rush in advance. Then like an avalanche the cave was open and they rushed inside. Glory walked calmly after them flashes of light where seen and small explosion heard as she followed her minions. One of the smarter of her personal henchmen swallowed. "Oh glorious goddess what are those flashes?"

Glory didn’t care but answered, "That are the traps being activated." As they went in they saw around them the broken bleeding and dead bodies of the first minions.

Glory waved her hand sending flashes of light making old traps explode or burn. One by one she destroyed the traps and weapons that tried to stop her.

Her henchman looked at the bloody floor and shivered.

As he looked up the last of the traps where burned away by the fury of Glory and in front of them was something gigantic, something titanic in size. "What is that?" he asked in shock.

Glory grinned. "That is the Arkia, the flagship of the Jurian colonist here on Earth. One of the leaders became deranged as their goddess Tsunami turned her face away from his greed. And he tried to become a living god as he used the darkest magic to infuse himself to Ascension to a pure demon body." She smiled grimly. "A fool tried to interrupted it or steal the power by using Chaos magic."

The henchman swallowed and asked. "What happened, o goddess?"

"Something strange, the ship became corrupt and independent. It was no longer part of Tsunami, its power diminished and they trapped it in here. If I succeed my power will fuel it and it will be under my command," Glory replied.

The Henchman nodded. "And what happens if somebody sabotaged it and you fail, o perfect being?"

Glory was just about to smash his head in. She wouldn’t fail, but he was right, somebody could have sabotage her. "If that happens the ship will have my powers and I’ll be dead." With that said she continued walking forward, stepping on the dead bodies of her minions.


Buffy blinked at seeing somebody put up camping gear in the graveyard. It had to be... and then she started to grin. "Ryoga Sensei," she screamed running up to the boy that recently had been teaching her more about using her inner dirty dancer. He said it was Chi power, but it felt like a dirty sexy dancer inside of her.

Kennedy frowned and asked herself. Who was that fool camping in the graveyard?

Ryoga smiled. "Buffy what are you doing in Okinawa?"

Buffy giggled she was happy that Xander gave her the learning pills. "It’s Sunnydale. So what are you doing here? Why don't you come with me?" she asked while hugging him.

Ryoga blushed. "I… I'm a bit lost."

Buffy giggled. "Sure. Let’s go home. My mom makes the best food."

Beside her Kennedy slowly lifted his backpack. "Oh God, its heavy." She could bench press a car and yet this felt heavy to carry.

Ryoga shrugged as he put it on. "Nah… not that much. I’ll soon have to put a second anvil inside it to get it to feel heavy again."
Buffy blinked and Kennedy felt weak. "An anvil?"

Ryoga nodded. "Yeah constant strength conditioning. It's great!"

Buffy asked, "Could you explain the energy blast thingy? It’s strange, every time I try to get it focused its like wave out and more like Tango and then Lambada."

Ryoga blinked and was frowning before he realized. "Ah, you’re using the wrong emotion."

"Huh... Ooo.. So anger doesn’t work?" Buffy stated.

Kennedy exclaimed, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?"

"How to use your chi as a weapon," Ryoga replied, focusing on his depression, nobody loved him, nobody wanted him. He was always alone always alone and unloved. Hell was in his path in his life. Slowly a depressing ball of energy glowed between his hands and his eyes filled with tears as the pain constantly bit him in his heart. "A ball of Chi," he said, sending it flying away where it exploded.

"I... I... I'm sorry," Kennedy said.

Ryoga shrugged. "It's depression. To use Chi you have to use an emotion as a catalyst to make it work. First you have to find your inner core, focus your mind, search inside and you find it, it will feel both good and bad and then it will exit you."

"Huh. Cat what?" Buffy mumbled.

Ryoga replied, "You have to use the right emotion as music for your inner dancer."

"Oh… why didn’t you say that? But my anger doesn’t work," Buffy said.

Kennedy blinked, he spoke Buffy? "I see." She frowned perhaps yes she could feel it Something inside of her, a power and oh boy both Buffy and that Ryoga guy were like a volcano of strength while hers was like a candle. The power felt like love and hate, friendly and anger and it felt GOOD.

Ryoga nodded as they walked. "See, you managed to connect yourself the first time just like Buffy. A bit of training and that power will make you move faster, strike harder and eventually you will be able to use it as a weapon."

Buffy nodded. "It's sweet! Like a dirty dancer inside of you." She really wanted to be able to blast the vampires away using only her Chi.

Kennedy grinned. "Perhaps you’re using wrong emotion, perhaps you should try happy, perky, sexy or something?"

Buffy frowned. "Ooo."

"What are you doing here Ryoga?" Kennedy asked.
Ryoga smiled a bit. "I’m trying to find a friend in Okinawa. I'm sure it was turn left by Rome then...," he mused. "Or was it turn right...?"

The two slayers blinked and short moment later they were at the Summer’s home.

Joyce smiled happy at seeing Kennedy and Buffy. She blinked and frowned a bit at seeing the unknown boy. "Good afternoon and you are?"

The boy bowed and spoke, "I am Ryoga Hibiki, sorry about this."

"He’s a friend mom," Buffy said as she pulled her mother away "And he’s lost. Could he stay the night?"

Joyce nodded as she walked back. "My daughter said you were lost. Why don't you stay the night?"

Ryoga nodded knowing that it was the home of THE Slayer or a slayer he decided to be honest "A warning, I, I completely lack any ability to navigate. I get lost in a room with one door."

Joyce blinked and Buffy nodded "It's true mom, he does."

"You’re not serious?" Kennedy asked.

Buffy shook her head and said, "No, I’m Buffy. Sirius is a guy in the Harry Potter books and yes he does that."

Joyce frowned "Well, why don't you Buffy get my yarn I think we have yellow, red and blue yarn."

Ryoga only said "Huh?" to that.

Joyce replied. "Simple we use red yarn to guide you to the kitchen and yellow to the sleeping room and blue to the bathroom."

Buffy grinned. "I’ll do it."

Kennedy nodded and said, "I’ll help."

Joyce finished. "And I’ll make something to eat. Come with me dear," she said, pulling the lost boy with her. Oh my, he was strong and his arms were like steel, if she would be only 17 years old again.

Ryoga blinked seeing a photo of Xander and Faith standing next to Buffy and her mother. "You know Faith?" he asked happily.

Joyce nodded. "Yes. Do you know her too?"

"It’s a strange story. What do you know about Xander?" he asked because he didn’t want to reveal the boy's secrets.

Joyce frowned. "A lot, I know that he isn’t completely human."

Ryoga nodded. "Yes so do I.” And then they started to talk as Joyce made food and listened.

Outside the kitchen Kennedy and Buffy rushed around tying yarn everywhere. This was fun like blind adapting your home.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Star of Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Mar 13.

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