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Star of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Star of Faith where the Adventures of Captain Faith, Cabbit Xander and their crew continues

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Anime > Tenchi Muyo
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JCHattenFR15513,21923513,59517 Oct 1227 Mar 13No

Chapter One

Star of Xander, the second part of the Star of Faith series.

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson and Hawklan
Beta: Robin (Tx for the spell checking), Genuka (tx for fixing up the story a bit)

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or so I claim, except for a strange sense of humor. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and the rest to their creators.

X-over: Tenchi Muyo. Ranma 1/2. PatLabour.

Thanks to Rob Clark for the name and idea behind Dawn Ivy Price.

Chapter 1

“Space the final frontier this is the Starship Xan-Okhi on its continuing journey to explore space and to bravely go where no man has gone before. To...”

"What are you doing?" Ranko’s voice asked, interrupting Xander as he talked to himself.

Xander’s face on the screen turned to her. "Ummm, just talking about something," he said, feeling a bit embarrassed. "How do you feel Ranma?"

Ranko scowled, "Ranko. I'm just a left over copy of Ranma. Besides, it’s two of us now and one of us has to be Ranko."

Xander nodded. "Sorry Ranko, but how are you doing? I can feel your emotions, you know?"

Ranko shivered. "It’s nothing," she said.

Xander sighed. "Faith once lived on the streets before she became a slayer where she had been raped." Seeing he now had Ranko’s attention Xander continued. "Faith would never ever hurt anybody sexually, especially no one that's part of the crew."

Ranko scowled. "Don't you mean harem?"

Xander blinked "No, the crew is the crew. Even if most of them are my girlfriend's. Faith and Willow, and I suspect soon Dawn as well, but they don't have to do that, they choose to.”

Ranko sighed as she sat down "So... What now?"

"We trained you in doing your part of the work on board, but I could always use an extra hand as a weapon system operator. Willow is much better as a sensor operator and mechanic. Also Dawn is planning on becoming my supply and medic and to help me with the radio. So Faith and I would be honored if you could become the security chief," Xander replied to her question.

Ranko perked up "Really?"

Xander nodded. "Yeah, we do have to train you in using my weapon systems during a space fight and see if I can give you a good close combat weapon."

Ranko snorted. "I don't need a weapon."

Xander disagreed. "In space you do need something. Lack of air or deadly air makes fighting without armor and weapons impossible."

Ranko sighed. "Alright, a Bo staff or something?"

"For what it’s worth I’m sorry. Bonding you and Dawn to me without asking was wrong. What Washu did was almost a rape," Xander offered.

Ranko perked up. "Really? Well not me, as I agreed to it or my male side agreed anyway when we were one, but she did it to Dawn without asking?"

"Dawn was dying and we knew she has been hunting both me and Willow trying to become our girlfriend so...," Xander admitted.

"You hoped she would not be angry then," Ranko concluded with a grin.

Xander nodded. "Yes... I’m still your friend Ranko. Nobody will force you to do anything perverse."

Ranko sighed. "I know it’s just… I… I feel like I'm losing myself. I become less and less male every day. I can feel the emotions of the other girls and sometimes I see what they see, and its changing me," she said frowning.

Xander’s picture nodded. "Life does that. Change is always moving forward." He wonders if he should say what Washu had told him about Ranma/Ranko. He stretched into a moment of silence and nervousness so thick that even Ranko knew something big was going to be said. Xander sighed. "Washu said a person’s sexuality is 2 parts memory and 3 parts bodily instincts."

Ranko blinked. "Uumm. Huh..?" She clearly didn’t understand what Xander just said.

Xander sighed. "Jusenkyo made a female copy of Ranma’s body. Ranma was a heterosexual man. The female body, YOU, is a real female, a real heterosexual female... or considering your past a bi-sexual female."

Ranko paled "I’m… I... I'm not gone."

Xander soothed. "Calm down. Nobody is forcing you, just calm down. You are one of us now. Family, nobody will force you to do anything. If we do try you can and you will kick our butts and make us scream in fear."

Ranko grinned at that. "You bet I will. But I'm not a... I am… I..." The two were silent for a moment, then... "It’s life; the good and the bad," Ranko finally said.

The two shared a smile. Good or bad, they could live it or survive it.


(At the same time on Earth in Tokyo)

Glory growled. "They… How dare they remove MY KEY from Earth!" She was not a happy goddess.

"Minions find a space ship," she ordered as she walked back inside fuming.

The tree ship of the Juraian would be impossible to steal as would the Cabbit ship she’d seen at a distance. Glory fumed. What could she steal? Slowly a smile started on her face. It would be possible, difficult yes, but possible. "Minions pack up we are leaving for Africa," she ordered in a grim voice.


(On Earth, Sunnydale, USA)

"And that is what happened," Giles finished.

"Are you telling me that… that Dawn, my nice, is now part of his... of his harem?" Wesley spluttered.

Buffy giggled and said, "I think its Faith harem."

Wesley stared at Buffy and she quickly said, "I’ll be quiet."

"Didn’t you listen at all? It was a life or death situation and Dawn got what she wanted. Not the way she wanted it, but she got it," Joyce said, dismissing Wesley’s anger.

Wesley fumed. "So they are where now?" he demanded to know.

Giles explained. "Apparently a goddess named Glorificus is after Dawn. The Key is hidden inside of her. That is one of the reason they needed to bond to save her life."

Wesley paled. "Glory? The Glory? What is the key doing in Dawn?"

"Opening a lock?" Buffy offered and they all looked at her.

Kennedy considered. "Probably her own private lock. I wonder if it has vibrating key functions.”

Now they all stared at Kenny."I’ll be quite.... A slayer can’t even say anything fun, it’s not fair," she grumbled.

Giles nodded. "Yes… the key. Apparently the monks send the key away to a place where it would be safe, inside Dawn. And now Glory is after them and Faith and Xander’s crew is keeping them safe."

"What’s so tough about her anyway?" Buffy wanted to know.

Giles told them all. "And if and I say IF you manage to kill her human host. The spirit of Glory will simply take over a new mortal host and return to life again. Taking over the new body can take from an hour to a month, depending on the soul of the body she has stolen. It’s kind of like a vampire turning somebody."

Buffy and Kennedy looked at each other pale and both were looking sick. "That’s kind of difficult to fight," Kennedy said.

Buffy nodded. "But we would make it somehow. You think we could steal a nuke and jam it someplace the sun doesn't shine and see if she survives that?"

Giles cleaned his glasses.

Joyce smiled a bit. "Well. Let’s talk about it later."

Buffy blinked as she looked outside the window and what was happening on the outside. "Hey those guys have a Jury uniform and kimonos," she said.

The rest of the gang blinked.

Buffy was confused. A small group of guys dressed in a space looking uniforms looking like the Juraian soldier that had teleported Willow away was escorting a group dressed in Japanese kimonos. Both the older male and female were dressed in such robes and they were heading for her home.

AN: Not much I know, but sadly that is all I got back from Genuka in several weeks, so I fear he ran for the hills like so many before him…so if some of the people who offered their help before are still up for it the space for a Beta is free again, but please only offer your help if you are really up for a lot of rewriting, correcting and guess work or be at least so fair then to tell me if you don’t want to work on it any longer.
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