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It was just a Halloween costume!

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Summary: This is my response to Calileane's Challenge 7236: My DNA says I'm Thor's son? it was just a Halloween costume! AU, OOC, and I have not chosen a pairing

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredmrsKnitewolfFR1847,0471210124,5772 Nov 1221 Jul 14No

ch. 3

an: I own nothing that you might recognize so Marvel owns the Avengers and Joss Whedon owns Buffy the vampire slayer. Sadly if I did, I would not be working. AU, OOC, and I have not chosen a pairing.

It was just a Halloween costume!

Sunnydale Streets

Xander sighed in relief when they spotted Buffy, who looked very confused, but still in one piece. As they trotted up to Buffy, several things came walking up.

"Wills looks like we have company." Xander said reading his axe, while shifting in front of his girls. Willow turned to Buffy looking a bit frightened.

"What do we do Buffy?" Willow asked wringing her hands.

"Ahh...Demon!" she screamed and promptly fainted.

Avengers Tower

"My friends what brings you to Midgard?" Thor said as he greeted each one in turn. Sif looked around at the gathered Avengers. They had been discussing what would happen to Loki once he was returned to Asgard.

"Thor, the All Father, sent us. Hvitingr has disappeared from the Hall of Weapons. Heimdall has seen the weapon in the hands of a mortal warrior. He has ordered that you find this warrior and return to Asgard with Hvitingr and the warrior." Sif said quickly before the four male warriors could get side tracked.

"I see. Did he say where this warrior is?" Thor asked looking worried, he knew that Hvitingr was to go to his first son, as a sign of being his heir.

"Yes, he said that the warrior is on the hellmouth, on the west coast." Hogun said his expression grim as always.

"Hey Point Break what's a hell mouth?" Tony asked as he went to the bar to pour himself a drink. Steve and Bruce shifted in their seats to hear the answer.

Sunnydale streets

Buffy was laying against a tree, as Willow watched for danger, and Xander was actively patrolling around them in a small circle.

"Buffy are you alright?" Willow asked as Buffy began to wake up. Buffy sat up and looked at Willow, like she didn't know who she was.

"What?" Buffy asked looking more and more confused.

"Are you hurt?" Xander asked over his shoulder.

"Buffy, are you hurt?" Willow asked worriedly, wringing her hands again. It was becoming very clear that something was drastically wrong with their best friend.

"Buffy?" The slayer turned noblewoman, looked at them like they were the oddest creatures she had ever seen.

"Oh, boy! She turned into her costume." Willow said glancing at Xander.

Xander cursed in Asgardian without even realizing it, before resuming his patrol of the area.

"Well this is fun." Willow sighed and turned to Buffy again. " What year is it?"

"1775, I think." Buffy said getting more and more agitated. "I-I don't understand. Who are you?" Buffy whimpered out.

"We're friends." Willow said glancing around nervously.

"F-friends of whom? Y-your dress, his armor...Everything is so strange! How did I come to be here?" Buffy stammered out and started to hyperventilate.

"Breathe, okay, breathe. You're gonna faint again." Willow said in a reassuring tone as she could, before turning to Xander again.

"How are we supposed to get through this without the slayer?" Xander frowned at her question. 'And what am I chopped liver. Thanks Wills' Xander thought, when thunder boomed over head. He gulped and looked at Willow with wide eyes.

"Oops!" Xander said as he looked back up at the sky.

Avengers Tower

"So where is the place? And as Tony asked what is a hellmouth?" Bruce asked coming around with a Stark pad in hand. The Asgard warriors looked at each other, before Thor looked at the other avengers.

"You must not tell friend Reed. A Hellmouth is a thin spot between realities, one that would lead to what you would consider Hell dimensions. It often attracts evil or power-hungry beings to it. Most have hunters or a Slayer to guard them. The largest is on the west coast, in California. I have to get there quickly." Thor said looking determined.

"I see why you don't want Reed to know about it." Steve said before sighing. "We need more intel before we go."

"I thank you for your offer to help Steve but, this is not your task. I could not ask any of you to go to such a foul place." Thor said

"I will have to leave Loki here, the Hellmouth would be too great an influence on him." Thor stated as he pulled at his lower lip in thought.

"Wow! Did you see that Tony?" Bruce said showing Steve what just happened on the satellite.

"Jarvis put the satellite feed on the TV screen." Tony said as he came around from the bar. "Alright Goldie locks, is it me or does this guy already have control of storms like you do?" Thor frowned at the screen, before he sighed.

"It would seem so." Thor said with a dark look as he watched the satellite image of a storm that appeared for a second and then disappeared just a quickly.

"Brother there is someone in my cell that says they know why this mortal warrior has appeared with Hvitingr and why it is on the Hellmouth." Loki's voice came over a speaker. "I think that you should come speak with them please."

"Alright, brother. But, if this is one of your tricks.." Thor said in warning.

"This is not one of my tricks brother, but someone else meddling with Midgard and has spilled over into Asgard." Loki said calmly.

"Ok! Thor, I'm sorry, but I trust Reindeer games about as far as I can throw him with out my suit." Tony gripped at him. Thor sighed and nodded as he turned to leave for the detention cell where Loki was at.

"Hey Thor wait up! Bruce, Tony, watch the cell, and that weather pattern over California, I'll go as back up." Steve said as he quickly trotted to catch up to Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three.

Sunnydale streets

"Was that you Xander?" Willow asked looking at the sky in awe. Xander looked at Willow and shrugged.

A monster that looked like if could be lizard of some sort, roared and jumped out from behind the tree. Buffy quickly scrambles to get out of its way, while Xander jumps in between them, and lunges forward swinging the axe at the head of the monster. Willow blew out a breath she did not know she was holding when she saw that he used the flat of the blades to knock the monster out, instead of taking its head off.

"A little faith if you please Wills." Xander said sounding upset. "I may have turned into my costume but, my father for the night would be very upset with me if I killed a victim of this spell." Willow looked down, ashamed that she thought he would kill an innocent person.

"I'm sorry Xander." she whispered out. Buffy suddenly screamed and ducked behind Xander.

"Demon! It is a Demon!" She shrieked and pointed toward an SUV that was coming down the road. "Demon!" She shrieked one last time before cowering in fear. Xander and Willow looked at each other.

"Are you kidding me?" Xander asked pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Willow sighed.

"That's not a demon it's a car." She said as reassuringly as she could.

"See this is what you both get for trying to impress the corpse." Xander admonished Willow, before turning back to watch for any threats.

"Not helping Xander." Willow snapped, rubbing her temples.

"What does it want?" Buffy said still cowering behind Xander.

"To go about its business unimpeded." Xander said with a sigh. This seemed to calm the young noble woman, at least enough for both Willow and Xander to think.

"We should go to Buffy's, Mrs. S is out for the night. We can hold up there." Xander said after considering what options they had close by. Willow nodded and began to lead noblewoman Buff toward her home.

Avengers Tower

"Well Brother, who is this person that knows what is going on?" Thor asked looking into what he thought was an empty cell save for Loki.

"You really never got how to see the invisible, did you?" Loki asked shaking his head and sighed "Well you are the one that wants him to take care of the boy." Loki said turning toward the corner of his cell and raised an eyebrow. They all watched as a man with a clean-shaven face and dressed in ancient Roman clothes and carrying a simple staff appeared smiling at Thor.

"Thor it has been a long time." Janus said with a bow. "Lady Sif, Warriors Three, and Steve Rogers aka Captain America. My what a gathering of heroes." He said with a smile.

Loki grinned at the shocked expressions on all of their faces. "You do know how to make an entrance Janus. We always have so much fun together." Janus grinned at Loki, before he looked up at the camera that was in the ceiling with a smug smile.

"Oh and Tony, your father was one of my best champions." Janus said while Loki chuckled at him.

"You have always had the best timing." Loki said laughing harder when they heard Tony's sputtering from the other room.

"That's not really something you should have told him. His father is a bit of a sore subject with him." Steve said wincing as he heard Tony rage at Bruce on the patio/landing pad.

"Well he will just have to get over it. I actually get two champions because of my nature. Both can change the world on a whim." Janus said with a large grin. "I love change."

Sunnydale streets/Summers home

Xander entered the back door in the kitchen first and does a quick sweep of the kitchen area to make sure nothing has gotten into the home.

"Clear." Xander said over his shoulder, as he enter further into the home to make sure that it was also secure.

The girls quickly entered, with Xander securing the door behind them.

Willow called out for Buffy's mother, they all waited for a moment for the reply, but none came.

"Good, she's gone." Willow sighed.

"Where are we?" Buffy asked.

"Your place. Now we have to..." Willow said but was interrupted by banging on the front door. Xander goes to find out who or what is knocking on the door.

"Don't open it." Willow cried, trying to stop Xander.

"And if it's a person in trouble? Would you have me turn my back on them? I will not shame my father by doing nothing, even if he is my father only for tonight." Xander asked looking her straight in the eye, making Willow gulped before she shook her head. Xander carefully looks through the windows to see who is at the door.

Willow wanders over to Buffy as she looks at a picture of the three of them.

"This..this could be me." Buffy said with confusion etched on her face. Willow sighed and looked at her sadly.

"It is you. Buffy, can you not remember us at all?" Willow asked gently.

"No! I, I don't understand any of this! Uh, uh, th..This is some other girl!" Buffy snapped as she put the picture back. "I would never wear this, that low apparel, and I don't like this place, and I don't like you, and I very much want to go home!" Buffy said without any regard for Willow's feelings.

"You are home!" Willow snapped at her, before turning back to Xander.

"Why couldn't she dress as Xena?" Willow muttered.

Xander kept looking out the side windows, hoping to spot trouble before it got close to the door. As he shifts to look out the small windows on the door, a large clawed arm punches through the glass. He quickly hacks off the arm, and was rewarded with the howls of the creature as it flees from the house.

"Xander!" Willow yelled, while Buffy looked a Xander with adorning eyes. Xander gave Willow an innocent look and tried to ignore the looks Buffy the noblewoman was giving him.

"Willow it was trying to get through the door. What was I supposed to do?" Xander asked getting irritated that he was being questioned on his action so much.

"Ok, fine. We have to find out what is going on so..." Willow started to say only to be uninterrupted by a woman screaming for help. Xander quickly checked the windows, before he cursed and charged out the door.

"Surely he will not leave us?!" Buffy asked Willow frantically, to which she simply shook her head.

"Whatever." Willow sighed out, before heading to the living room.

Xander quickly spots, of all people Cordelia running up the sidewalk, being chased by what looked like a Sasquatch of some kind.

"Someone help me!" Cordelia yelled as she looked back to see how close the monster was to her. When she turned around she slammed into Xander's chest plate.

"Xander, help me!" she squeaked out.

"Go inside. I've got this." Xander said as he ready his ax. Out of the corner of his eye he saw at the front door was closed and grinned at the approaching monster.

"Here puppy, puppy." he said taunting the creature in to charging him. He shifted his balance as the monster tried to catch him in a bear hug. Everything seemed to slow down for an instant, as he ducked under its right arm and drew his knee up into the creatures soft diaphragm, knocking the wind out of it instantly. Xander sighed as he readied the ax to deliver the knock out blow.

Avengers tower

"So you want me to be this young warriors Father is that it?" Thor asked frowning at the God of doorways and change.

"Yes. His name is Alexander Harris. He is one of my chosen. He went as your son for the night. Well one of my followers cast a spell to change anyone wearing one of the costumes that he has marked, into that persona for the night." Janus explained to them. "As I also have to follow the rules, I can not directly interfere with his life. No matter how badly I might want to."

"This young man's life does not sound like the best. What is his home life like?" Steve asked he was getting a sick feeling in his gut.

"You are correct Captain. I would like to get him away from his parents as they are not taking care of him. We are very lucky he has turned out as well as he has." Janus said with a sigh.

"Thor I have to rush you on this, they will be breaking the spell soon. Would if help if you actually saw him?" Janus asked looking even more anxious then before. "Look." He said producing a large crystal globe that quickly focused in on Xander.

"That's him." He said with a large smile.

"What is that he is fighting?" Loki asked. Janus ran a finger up the globe to change the angel of the picture.

"Oh that is a costumed teen, he went as a monster. When the spell hit, he became one for real." Janus stated with out a hint of remorse. They continued to watch, they all took note of the fact that Alexander was not aiming to kill the monster but knock it out.

"Alright I have made my decision." Thor said firmly.

AN: yes I know I am evil. till next time folks, please review thanks. The name of Xander's battle-axe Hvítingr (white-one). I just got my computer back so updates will be coming sooner.
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