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It's A Strange, Strange World

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Summary: It's a new world out there but Steve just wants to be left alone with his memories, Director Fury however has big plans for the Captain and he thinks he has just found the person to get Steve out of his shell.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Faith-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
SplitEnzFR151246,06404333,2472 Nov 1222 Apr 14No

Blue meets Red

Author’s note: I am glad people picked up that it was indeed April from TMNT, I was going for the surprise unveil but as it would have been pointless it made writing this chapter a lot easier.

This chapter is going to be different than the previous ones as it will be jumping between different story lines rather than just following Faith and/or Steve from place to place.

Oh and of course I don't own anything.

The Kingpin’s warehouse

“No sign of any guards or lookouts, all teams take your positions.”

There was a sudden flurry of movement as like kids playing musical chairs the police sprung into action only to just as quickly stop as they reached their designated points of entry.

Steve and Clint had joined Miller and Yokas outside the front door along with 4 others, Davis had the back door and Finney had the loading dock. Miller gave the signal for the officer with the battering ram to approach the door, quietly making sure everyone else was in position he gave the man the signal to break it down.


The only thing that hit the ground immediately was spent cartridges. Steve was not able to get an accurate count straight away, there were 4 playing a game of cards, another 3 possibly 4 sitting around a tv and at least one off to the left. But it did not really matter because most of them had guns and those that did all reached for them. Most didn't even have time to raise them let alone aim. Seeing the one on the left start to draw his weapon both Steve and Clint fired almost simultaneously, one cluster hitting the suspect in the chest while two holes appeared in his forehead. Once the firing had ceased the count was 3 dead suspects, 2 injured, and 2 that had been smart enough to actually do as they were told. All of that in exchange for one seriously injured cop.

Miller called in the ambulances while Davis and Finney went with the rest of the cops to clear up stairs. Clint and Steve stayed down with Miller as Yokas went in search of any paperwork or laptops that could hold evidence. The suspects were grouped together and eventually hauled to their feet, all of them bar one staring defiantly at the cops and SHIELD agents. Seeing the nervous look on the youngster’s face Steve trailed the cops and suspect outside seeing an opportunity to get some information.

He waited till they were about to put him in the car before he made his move. “Officers may I have a second with the suspect?”

The two cops looked at each other and then backed off giving the two a bit of space.

Hiding his nerves Steve took a breath and pulled out his badge and explained who he was, glad to see the suspect’s face go pale at the thought of dealing with a Fed. “Look kid I just want to know where Bullseye is. There is no reason why you need for you to throw your life away for this, not for some mercenary who does not care about you or your people.”

The kid hesitated, licking his dry lips. “I wish I could help man seriously but I don’t know where he is. I mean I saw him go upstairs so if he left he must have...” Suddenly the kid’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and fell towards Steve who instinctively stretched out his hands to catch him. Feeling blood in his hand Steve turned the kid’s head to the side to see some kind of throwing knife sticking out the back of it. Looking up at the building across the street he could see someone standing on the fire escape, white teeth shinning in the shade.

The Chester cat grin got even broader when its owner saw how fast Steve made his way across the street, with several cops behind him struggling to catch up. Looking up to see the assassin gone Steve aimed for the closed skip in front of the fire escape. Without slowing down Steve jumped onto the skip and launched himself at the fire escape. Grabbing hold of the bottom Steve used his heightened strength to quickly pull himself up throw himself over the railing. Pausing for a split second to make sure he was not about to be shot he quickly reached the landing the assassin had been standing on.

Pulling out his gun he paused for a second to regain his breath and then cautiously made his way through the window. He quickly found the body of the police sniper who had been stationed on the fire escape. He made his way to the door, opening it with the tips of his fingers as he took cover against the wall. Peeking around the corner he found himself at the end of a hallway with a door either side.

Checking each room carefully he got to the end of the hallway peeking around the corner he was greeted by something shiny coming flying towards him. Pulling away at the last second he stared in amazement at the metal chopstick that was now embedded in the opposite wall. He looked again just for the chopsticks’ pair to go flying past his head and join its partner.

A taunting voice floated through the air. “Well are you going to sit there or are you going to come out and play?”

Steve paused for a second and looked up at the chopsticks embedded in the wall. Remembering the path they had come down he got a good idea where his assailant was. Spinning back around the corner he got off two shots before he felt something pierce his arm, turning back around the corner for protection he looked down at his arm to see the steam of a wine glass sticking out of it! Grabbing the base he pulled it out of his arm and with a spring rolled across the room to take a position behind the kitchen counter. Looking over the counter he scanned the room with his eyes, and slowly got to his feet as he once again found himself in an empty room.

Casey’s Pizzeria
Casey sat behind his desk while the Turtles stood around in silence. If he was honest with himself it was really Donatello’s desk as he did a lot of the paperwork. The fact of the matter was he was basically a front person, the name on the papers while the turtles really ran the show. Surprisingly it was Mikey who was most responsible for the pizzeria’s success, turns out while he had been scoffing pizza he had picked up what went into making a good one. He would come in early in the mornings with the chief, who the turtles had rescued a couple of years back, and make the sauces before the rest of the staff arrived.

Some of the other staff had also been helped, or were related to someone who had been helped, by the turtles over the years. April had played a large role in tracking down stories of them to their source and convincing people not to go to the media. The turtles had even done turns in the kitchen on the quiet nights when the few staff working knew of them plus the building had a sewer entrance so they were able to reach the surface un-spotted.

And with Donny doing the books all Cass really had to do was stand at the front door and talk to the customers; they probably had more regular female customers than any other pizzeria on the east coast. The boys got a cut from the profit and a regular supply of pizza so it was a no-lose situation, until April had gotten shot that is.

Leo was the one who started talking first, “Mary is a bit of a mess so Keno is keeping an eye on her. Apparently she had seen the badge this Faith Dormer had and had asked April about it so of course April asked if she was a regular and when she came in. You found out anything as about her yet Donny?”

“Dude if you think I’m going to try and break into SHIELD’s system your dreaming, at least with this equipment anyway. I got into Channel 4’s though, looks like April was looking to find out what SHIELD’s position was on someone like the Kingpin. She was also sizing SHIELD up for her next big story after she was done with him, from her notes April thought Faith must be a Meta to be so young and be an agent. “

“No chance Faith was the target?” Asked Casey, he had talked to her a couple of times in the dinner when he went to chat with customers and each time he went away ruing the fact he was not a couple of years younger.

“I doubt it I mean yeah she’s is a federal agent but she is only 19. No way someone that young could have pissed off someone enough to put a hit out on her. Ad in the fact that Bullseye is believed to be the Kingpin’s big hitter it looks like April was the target, her own notes suggest she thought she may be in danger. “

Hearing the smack of fist into palm all eyes turned to Raph. “Well then I think it is time we paid this Kingpin fellow a visit.”

“Easy Raph, remember what Splinter always says, ‘he who seeks revenge must first dig two graves’. We have to give the police a chance to bring him to justice.”

“Leo I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Raph” Everyone looked at Donny in disbelief as he was usually on Leo’s side. “From April’s notes this guy is really bad news, murder, blackmail, bribery but the cops can’t make anything stick. The only reason I think of that she didn't tell us this earlier was she thought he was too high profile and we risked getting exposed to the press or authorities. We can check with Danny but she probably got a lot of this from him anyway.”

Leo knew his case was in trouble as even Casey had made it clear he was ready to reach for his old hockey mask, he could not even turn to Splinter who had made it clear it was time for them to make their own decisions. “Mikey what do you think?”

Mikey hesitated; he hated what had happened to April as much as the others but he knew Leo was right and Splinter would not approve of action for the mere sake of vengeance. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes, went through everything that had happened over the last five years and came to his decision.


Steve stood in front of the new suit they had made for him and he had to admit it was quite impressive, as was the armour that went with it. He made a mental note to see if he could have similar armour made for Faith, though her tendency to show off her cleavage and/or mid riff may make convincing her to wear it a bit tricky and it would probably have to be in black. Hearing footsteps behind him he turned to see Coulson heeding towards him with a data pad in his right hand. Coming to stop beside Steve he joined him staring at the suit.

“Quite impressive isn't it? You know I actually had a hand in the design myself.”

“It looks good, a lot more flexible than the original. Any luck with finding this Bullseye?”

Coulson turned to Steve giving him the datapad. “Agent Baxter got a lead on the guy, we know he uses the pseudonym Benjamin Poindexter and she just found him registered at the Masterdon Hotel up on 15th street, Room 223.”
Steve looked at the pad which showed a lay out of the building and then pulled up a map showing the surrounding area while Coulson stood beside him silently waiting for his orders.

“Do the police know about this yet?”

“Not yet, even if Faith had been the target she is alive while a civilian and a cop have been killed so we have no real jurisdiction here.”

“In your opinion do you think they can handle him without our help?”

Coulson kept his face neutral but inside his inner child was doing a happy dance, having Steve ask him for his advice was way cooler than having him sign his Captain America card.

“He knows how they operate so I doubt he is in the room my guess is he is going to pull a similar trick to what he did at the warehouse.”

“Well we will just have to show him a new one then.” Steve handed the pad back to Coulson “Oh and Phil the uniform looks great but the belt needs a bit of work, there is nowhere for my weapons.”

Phil looked at Steve and then back at the suit dumbstruck that they could make such an oversight and that Steve had actually called him by his first name. After pausing a second he cleared his throat said he would have it looked into and they went their separate ways.

Rooftop over opposite the Masterdon

They had gotten lucky in that the hotel was at the head of major T intersection, it meant that they could try and set a trap for Bullseye.

Steve was crouched down on a building on the right hand side of the road leading up to the Masterton, two back from the road itself. Looking down even in the dark he could clearly see the SWAT logo printed on the back of the two figurines on the roof of the building cornering the road. If he squinted he could even see the cops moving around on the buildings on the other side of the road.

The plan was fairly straightforward, the hope was Bullseye would attack the seemingly lighter manned right hand side, coming up on the building between Steve and the sniper and his spotter, which were mannequins in SWAT uniforms. They had actually managed to sneak two spotters onto the roof of the Masterdon itself plus Clint was on the roof of the building beside it so he should get a warning if Bullseye tried to sneak up behind him or if he tried to take a shot from a roof on their side. The police had initially not been too happy about the plan considering how much man power it needed but considering who they were up against they went along with it.

“Steve I think there is movement behind you. One person, appears to be male dressed in some kind of costume with something hung over his back could be Daredevil over.”

Steve did not know whether to curse or be thankful as he had looked at SHIELDS file on the masked vigilante and was still not sure to make of the likes of him and Spiderman. Cautiously he turned around and made his way to the side of the roof entrance. He drew his Beretta, not comfortable using his Hamner F2000 in an urban environment without a clear shot. Edging around the side he cautiously peered around the edge, his instinct telling him to be cautious despite what the spotter was saying.

He could make out a figure in the darkness across the roofs darting in and out of the light thrown up from the street and surrounding buildings. Seeing that the stranger was indeed wearing a suit that also partially covered his face Steve started to relax and stepped out a bit more into the open. Two roof tops back the costumed figure stopped to the left of the roof entrance and the two stared at each other with a roof top between. Suddenly the figure started to crack a very familiar grin Steve just had time to bring up his shield in time for whatever was thrown to bounce off it.

“Contact is Bullseye! I repeat contact is Bullseye.” He let off two rounds but despite his speed his attacker had already taken refuge behind an air duct. Bullseye popped up holding a machine gun in his hand causing Steve to once again seek shelter behind his shield.

“Steve I don’t have a clear shot going to see if I can wing him with some fragments.” Steve heard Clint’s shots followed by a low grunt of pain.

The smart move would have been to wait it out till a chopper arrived and there were police on the roof but Steve knew how tricky his opponent was and he was not letting him get away again. Getting up he jumped onto the second roof top and was half way across before he felt pain in his right leg causing him to drop his gun. As he went down he threw his shield and went into a forward roll, stopping mid way threw to reach back for his gun. Gingerly he got to his feet and seeing movement he fired only to see to his shock that somehow Bullseye had actually stopped his shield and was himself now using it for his own protection.

Realising he was out of time Steve made a wild shot at Bullseye gun hand and was satisfied to see the assassin's gun drop and his body arch in agony. Now only meters away and with his adrenaline overriding his senses Steve dropped his own gun and launched at Bullseye grabbing hold of his shield with both hands. Pivoting like a shot put thrower, Steve yelled in pain as he put pressure on his right foot but he still had enough momentum to send Bullseye flying into an air pipe on the next roof while Steve’s shield fell to the ground in between them.

Slowly getting back to his feet Steve just made his way to his shield and hobbled to stand in front of Bullseye. Rolling the assassin onto his back he looked down at the battered figure lying in front of him, still grinning away like a kid at the playground.

“Hello there, do you like my costume? I figure if heroes can dress up why not us villains as well? No reason we can’t join in on the fun eh?”

Steve put his right foot squarely on Bullseye’s chest, his own rising and falling rapidly as he tried to work through the pain in his leg and his anger at what Bullseye had done. As his mind began to merge memories of Bucky’s fall and Faith’s comatose body without realising what he was doing he moved his grip on his shield till he was holding it in both hands and started to raise it above his head. He was jerked back to reality when he saw another person’s foot push Bullseye’s head to the side and felt the upward movement of his shield blocked.

Looking up he found himself face to face with the real Daredevil, shocked to see the masked hero really did have his eyes covered. “Trust me I know how you feel but lowering yourself to his level is not going to undo what he has done.”

Steve looked down and slowly lowered his shield. He watched as Daredevil flipped Bullseye onto his back and tied his hands up using some cord. Ignoring the rant that Bullseye was spewing out Steve took the opportunity to catch his breath and observe Daredevil well aware of how rare an opportunity this was.

‘Caucasian, male about my age maybe slightly older, only visible weapons are two sticks, no sign of any guns or bladed weapons though after spending time with Clint, Natasha and Faith I know that does not mean there aren't some hidden somewhere. Suit is red and his eyes are completely covered which means that he must have some other way of figuring out what is going on, possibly using sound. ’

His analysis stopped when Daredevil stood up and moved beside him with a hog tied Bullseye at their feet. “From your shield I take it you’re not actually a cop. I should warn you a good lawyer might be able to get him off due to excessive use of force.”

It was an interesting choice of words but Steve thought it best not to push it. “Technically I'm just here on a support bases, the police are the ones running the operation. SHIELD does have somewhere special in mind where they could put him though, some place designed mainly to deal with mutants like those Mutant Brotherhood terrorists.”

Daredevil nodded. “He has to be tried by a jury of his peers first.” He cocked his head slightly then straightened and started to head away. “Your backup is here.”

“Wait.” Walking over the Daredevil Steve stood in front of him, wishing he had a card with braille on it. “I won’t pretend to know what has led you to do this, to take the law into your own hands but if you ever want to come out of the shadows and fight for justice out in the light with the rest of us I’m sure SHIELD would be more than happy to have you on board. You wouldn't be a fugitive anymore.”

Daredevil smiled at him. “Hell’s Kitchen is my home I grew up in these neighbourhoods. Besides if you only fight out in the light why are you standing here with me in the dark with your shield covered?”

Steve looked down at his shield the front of which was indeed covered with only minimal straps around the edges to make sure he could still ricochet it effectively. He had told himself it was to stop it reflecting but he knew that was minimal. The truth was he was not ready to reveal it out in the public but he was not sure why. When he looked up he found himself alone on the rooftop, his only companions the hogtied Bullseye and the pounding of feet coming up staircases.

The Kingpin stood in his office gazing over the city, his city. The last 15 hours had been an interesting time as he was under no illusion that despite assurances from his lawyers SHIELD could have made his life very difficult even if he was actually innocent for a change.

His musing was ended by his lights going out quickly followed by the sound of gun fire coming from down the hall. In no panic he went to his desk and pulled out a pair of Mac 10s, and then he went to the side of the room (in case anyone rappelled down from the roof) and waited. He did not have to wait long as soon the double doors flew open and two smoke grenades were lobbed in. After waiting 10 seconds and not hearing anyone yell police he opened fire with his machine guns in short bursts.

Seeing shapes move across the floor he opened up fully with both guns. When they clicked empty he threw them to the ground, his mind trying to calculate what was happening. He knew that if he was dealing with normal thugs or even ex-soldiers he would have hit something but there was no sound of a body hitting the floor. Yet the fact there was more than one meant it couldn't be the Punisher or Deadpool, it could be Daredevil and Elextra but he could not see Daredevil being this aggressive so who was it?

Slowly the smoke began to clear and he saw someone moving to his left. Suddenly he also caught movement to his right and turned to partially block a large meaty fist to his head. Instinctively he countered with a jab and was satisfied to feel his ringed knuckles contact flesh.

But his satisfaction was short lived as he felt another meaty hand grab his outstretched arm, followed by a fist right to his jaw which saw him stagger towards the glass. Turning around he threw a left hook only for it to be blocked and to receive an elbow to his lip followed by two jabs to his body, a left-handed uppercut and finally a right jab to the nose. All given with such speed and strength he was forced against the re-enforced glass window which he could hear crack behind him. He tried to wrestle with his opponent but as soon as the Kingpin reached out for his opponent’s shoulders he took two knees in rapid succession to his kidneys and then one to his solar plexus followed several more punches up to his face as he bent forward.

On last jab to the nose had him flush against the glass which he could hear crack even more as for the first time he got a look at his assailant. And what he saw made him realize that talking was his only way out of this, especially when he knew there was at least one more lurking in the background.

“Why did you order the hit on April?”

“I had nothing to do with that attack. Why would I? It would draw too much attention to me; you can’t kill someone like that without bringing down heat.” In truth Kingpin had been looking at options of taking her out or on discrediting her but not knowing what contingencies she had in place he not had not settled on anything yet. But there was no need for his attackers to know that.

“Besides I have seen the police report, the report wasn't the target the Fed was. The bullet was a through and through it was an accident she died.” Despite the situation he couldn't help but think it would be a brilliant way of misdirecting an investigation if he ever needed someone high profiled killed, he made a mental note to use it in the future after he had gotten out of this.

His assailant leaned in trying to use his eyes as a lie detector but the Kingpin had not survived as long as he had without developing one hell of a poker face. Not finding what he was looking for the Kingpin felt the arms relax slightly but he did not make a move, knowing full well he needed to account for the second intruder before he did.

He needn't have bothered as his second assailant suddenly appeared to his left, studying him through masked eyes, a bruise slowly forming under his left one. “We know Bullseye is one of your main hitmen, if you didn't hire him to do kill April who did? How do we know that the bullet was not supposed to go through the Fed, make it look like she was the target when it was really April?”

Over the last couple of years the Kingpin had been worried about those like Daredevil and the Punisher operating at the extremes, he had been dealing with them for so long that to him THEY had become the norm. Believing his assailants to be of the Daredevil mould he thought no matter what he said they would not kill him, if they were going to he would be dead already.

And so the Kingpin said something that for a man as smart as him was really quite stupid.
“I don’t know who hired Bullseye to kill the girl but when you find out let me know so I can send him a thank you card and maybe offer to cover half of Bullseye’s fee. After all he did save me the trouble of figuring out what to do with your late lady friend.”

Suddenly he found himself being pressed back into the glass.

“What did you just say? You fat son of ...”

“RAPH! Don’t...”

There was a crack and the glass behind the Kingpin gave way, for a second he fancied he felt someone try to reach for him but real or not it was too late.

And so ended the reign of the Kingpin over New York City.

Author’s Note:

As you can see I have the Turtles slightly more on the mature side of things at about 19/20 (which I guess would make them MNT rather then TMNT). I thought it would be interesting to see if I could make it work having them semi-out in the open rather than hiding in tunnels, after all everyone has to grow up and make a living eventually.
EllandrahSylver I hope you, Hecatonchires, Misty, and the rest of you turtle fans approve.
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