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Wayward Hero

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Summary: The Titans gain a new member, how will their luck hold out now.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansrexcalonFR181016,0630712,99815 Nov 1224 Jun 13No

Chapter Six: The Unveiling

Chapter Six: The Unveiling


“Alright Lexi before we train today we need to know what your powers are, ok?” Asks Robin with a notepad in his hands as he leans on a training robot.

“Alright well it’s a long list but I’ll start at the basics ok.” said as Lexi sits on the ground. “First off I am, well I can. Ok step back I’ll explain while I show you, it’s easier that way ok.” Lexi said as he stood up.

“Ok guys you heard him step back.” Robin calls back to the Group of teens as Raven and Starfire float back a few feet and the boys move back to join them.

“Alright first off I can control the magicks of certain elements, mainly wind.” As he says this, the wind around him picks up and a small whirlwind forms in the palm of his right hand. “But there’s more once I’ve learned enough of an element I can change its shape.” The whirlwind in his hand forms into a thin sheet and wraps around his arm and solidifies to a light black latex-like fabric. “This piece of wind ‘armor’ as I call it can absorb a small amount of damage before it breaks. It can be stronger but I need more wind to pad it, but the same as I can form this fabric I can also form.” The fabric melts back into the sheet of air and moves back to his hand where it spiraled up into the air and formed the outline of a small dagger. “See if I mold it a little more I can make this blade real, but im not that good yet, that’s why I came to you guys my elders said my power will only grow when I find my true place, and what better way than to help you guys. I can do some other things but they change somewhat with whatever element it is, I showed wind because it’s tamer then the others.” Lexi said as the wind dissipated.

“ that’s awesome!” yelled Beastboy.

“Yes friend Lexi it is, this power of yours.” Said Starfire.

“Yea man sweet stuff welcome to the team.” Said Cy as he Patted Lexi on the back.

“Guys im not done yet there’s two more things about my powers.” Lexi said as he stepped back a little.

“Alright the Second part is that I can also meld element together to make a new one.” Said as the whirlwind appeared in his right hand again, and in his left small droplets of sweat flowed from his arm and formed a small sphere. “Ok just watch this.” Lexi said as he brought his hands together causing his salt&pepper hair to blow around a little, the wind and water spun around, the wind chilling the water and disappearing while the water freezes till all that in his hand is a small thin hexagon made of ice is all that remains.

“Wow good grief, so what’s the third thing about your powers.” Said Robin as he wrote quickly on his notepad.

“Wow another magick user, I think I know who’s going to train him now.” Raven mumbles under her hood.

“Well the third thing is a little harder to explain.” Lexi says nervously

“Why is that?” Robin asks.

“Because he’s embarrassed by lil ol’ me!” exclaimed a little girls voice.
Just then Lexi’s cloak appears on his forms around him, and the voice states. “Hi guy’s im Lexi’s partner Minaluvie ‘The Cloak of wonders’. Mina laughs.

“You’re not a damn cloak of wonders and I told you not to do that it freaks people out!” Lexi exclaims.
Oh I can’t start talking out of nowhere but you can make ice from nowhere how’s that fair.” Mina whined.

“Because I told them I was gonna do it beforehand!” Yelled Lexi.

“Oooh yea that’s right, well cats out of the bag now.” Said a happy Mina.

“WHAT..THE..FUCK!!” Yelled the group of five teens.

“See what you did now.” Lexi said to Mina.

“Sorry.” Giggled Mina.

“Alright guys I’ll ex..”

“Dude your fucking cape talked!” Yelled Bb.

“What the hell man.” Exclaimed Cy.

“Most wondrous friend Lexi.” Said Star.

“…” Stared Raven.

“Ok please explain this Lexi.” Said Robin calmly.

“Ok well she’s right on the partner part.” Said Lexi as he looks over the group. “You see when I was young and learning the elements one day in the dessert I wondered off and found myself lost and out of energy so I couldn’t call any more water so..”

“So this lil idiot passed out.” Mina interrupted. “So I saved him by giving him my power.” Finished Mina.

“You see Mina here is the spirit of the dessert near my village and she now follows me around and helps me, she said she’ll stay by my side as long as I keep my life ‘fun’.” Lexi finished.

“And before you ask birdy *giggle* I can alter space a little while being his cloak so he can store bits of energy and other objects in the cloak of any size, he could carry you around if you needed *giggle* or one of the sexy floating girls.” Laughed Mina.

“Eeek.” Squeaked Starfire. And Raven just closed her cloak tightly.

“And that’s it for the basics I can’t do much else until I get older and stronger.” Mumbled Lexi.

“oh but my speed can be amplified by wind and the same for my strength and most of my senses, that’s how I beat the panther-bots the other day.”

“Soo that’s how he did that I knew something was up.” Said Beastboy.

“That’s good Lexi ok for your training talk to Raven she’s our resident magick user so she’ll cover your training from now on.” Said Robin as he hands the notepad to Raven.

“I knew it.” Whispered Raven.

“Hey Bb come here.” Mina called from the ground beside Beastboy.

“Huh y..yes M..Mina.” Beastboy said a little shaken by the fact clothes are talking to him. (His worst nightmare is that the clothes in his room will mutate and try to lock him in his closet.)

“Lexi wanted me to tell you that until you talk to Raven about you know what he’s gonna try to put in a good word as best he can.” Whispered Mina.

“Really tell him I said thanks.” Said Bb.

“Ok look here Lexi you may know a lil magick so today we meditate then once you get the hang of it we’ll study up on your powers I should have some books for you to read, now just do what I do and stay quiet.” Said Raven as she crosses her legs and chants ‘Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos’ and centers herself.

“Hmm ok Raven-sama.” Said Lexi as he sit on the ground and crosses his legs and chants

“Aero, Dian, Leos.”

‘Did he just call me -sama-‘ Raven blushed but meditated all the same

That Night

“Alright is everyone ready?” Asks a Robin as he stands in the common in a black tux with a dark red handkerchief in the left breast pocket, white dress shirt and black pants, black jacket over his shoulder, and of course his mask.

“Yes I am ready friend Robin.” Says Star as she steps into the room wearing a strapless light pink dress flowing down ending just shy of her ankles, v-cut in the front plunging down between the valley of her breast ending just under her ribcage, matching 4 inch strapped heels, a small pink purse in her hand, hair flowing behind her revealing her small emerald earrings and matching bright emerald eyes, and that endlessly cheery smile.

“Same here Rob.” Said as Beastboy & Cy came in wear the same tux combo as Robin but Bb has a Jade handkerchief, while Cy has a light blue one.

“Me too, im as ready as I’ll ever be.” Said Raven as she walked in wearing a dark cobalt full-length dress, thin straps over her shoulders, her navy blue cloak wrapped loosely over her, her hood down to show her blushing face and her deep blue eyes looking at the floor.

“W-wow Rae you look cute!” exclaimed Beastboy

“Shut up!” yelled Raven as she closes her cloak around her blushing even harder.

“Yea leave her lone just cause Rae looks cute doesn’t!” laughs Cy as him and Bb break out laughing.

“Be quiet now or DIE.” Raven states darkly.

“Ok shutting up now.” Bb and Cy say shaking.

“Ok now where’s Lexi.” Says Robin.

“Im here guys sorry took a little longer because of Mina.” Lexi say as he walks in, in a dark blue almost black long sleeve button-up shirt with a dark red dragon leading from his right shoulder down his left arm, and a pair of matching pants with a dark red mountain range printed on them.

“Wait what was that about Mina, are u bringing your cloak with you?” Asks Bb

“Well kinda.” Said as Lexi lifts up his right arm showing the sliver band around his wrist with two jade and orange jewels embedded in it.

“Hey guys it’s me Mina I can be jewelry too!” Says a happy Mina. “Yay a play and it’s one of our favs too I love these guys.”

“Ok guys were off now!” shouted Robin as the team made their way to the garage. Robin on his R-cycle and the rest of the gang in the T-car Star in the front with Cy and Lexi, Raven, and Beastboy in the back with Lexi on the right side window Bb in the middle and Raven on the left.

“S-so Rae I got a question for you.” Says Beastboy.

*sigh* “What is it Beastboy?” asks Raven taking her hood down to look out the window.


A/N: thanks to all who keep reading this fic and I promise more to come I expect this fic to be long how long I have no idea but this idea has been in my head for a while and I hope you guys stick by me as I write it thank you all.
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