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Wayward Hero

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Summary: The Titans gain a new member, how will their luck hold out now.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansrexcalonFR181016,0630713,00015 Nov 1224 Jun 13No

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Chapter Eight: Questions & A Show

A/N: This chapter contains a lemon, so be warned.


Chapter Eight: Questions & A Show

3days later 5:20am, atop Titans Tower

“Ok you’re doing good, but your left is a little slower than your right work on that.” Said Robin as he and Lexi stood on the roof of the tower training.

“Yea, yea I know it’s a bad shoulder, but I’ll be fine once I loosen up a lil bit.” Said as Lexi drooped down to avoid Robin’s foot as it swung for his head and bring his left knee to the side of Robin’s other shin causing him to jump back before it hit.

“You know maybe I should stop telling you where you’re lacking because I think you already know and you’re trying to trick me into something.” Said Robin as he sidestepped a right jab from a grinning Lexi.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Said Lexi trying not to laugh.

“Just be quiet and fight, and why are you up so early anyway when I got up here at 4:30am I thought everybody would still be asleep but there you were meditating.” Asked Robin.

“Well I couldn’t get to sleep so I came up here but when you mentioned training I couldn’t help but jump at the to speak.” Robin asked as he flipped back a few feet to avoid a string of kicks to his ribs. “So are you looking forward to your training with Raven?”

“Yea she seems nice enough but she seems intense, so im a lil scared about that.” Said Lexi as he and Robin took a break.

“Don’t worry just try your hardest and don’t slack off and she won’t hurt you….too much.” Laughed Robin.

“Wha..what do you mean ‘too much’.” Asked Lexi as he paused while wiping sweat off and staring at Robin.

“Well she believes that if you have potential that she’ll bring it out, but she’s tough and won’t let you slack off.” Robin stated as he walked to the door leading inside.

“So just try hard, see you later im gonna go shower and take a nap get me when breakfast is done.” Said as Robin went in.

“Oh well I guess I have my work cut out for me.” Said as Lexi walked to the door leading in going back to his room to rest a lil’ before his session with Raven.


“So I guess that today’s the day I meet with a charming devil in a dark blue hood. Any advice to calm her?” Said Lexi as he walked into the common room.

“You could not talk so much while she’s meditating.” Said Raven from the corner of the room overlooking the bay.

Sorry Raven I meant nothing bad, just im wired up from training early this morning with Robin.” Said Lexi as he sat down at one of the computers.

“Just be ready to train, meet me in the library in a half hour and try not to be late.” Said as she opened a portal and rose into the ceiling.

“Well I guess I better hurry and check my email.” Said Lexi as he logged into his email, mostly spam but a few things he would read later. But one email caught his eye quickly sending a call out to Mina to come here.

“What the hell do you want and why are you yelling in my head.” Grumbled Mina as she floated in once again as his cloak and finds him staring at the computer paying her no mind.

“Get over here and read this!” He says with a smile on his face.

Hey bighead it’s a little dry out here without you. I miss you but I hope your safe out there and let me know how you are.

I made it into town, me and mom started a small talisman shop for the locals and it’s going well here. Please Lexi write back I’ll be watching out for a letter or email, and tell Mina that I owe her some fun tales.

Now I have to go I’ll send another email soon, be safe.

“Wow Julie’s doing good, I’ll type my own reply to her I have some things to tell her, you go see Raven and call me if you guys need me, k.” Mina says taking the shape of two gloves and moving to the keyboard.


“Hey Raven I’m here and ready to train.” Lexi called as he looks around the large mass of books in the large room. “Wow.”

“Over here Lexi.” Raven called from the table where she sat reading. “Okay today we start with you answering my questions, ok.”

“Sure no problem ask away teach.” He said with a smirk.

“Okay so to make this go faster you can just nod for yes or shake your head for no but if you feel you need to explain you answer then by all means you may do so.” Lexi nods yes. “Then once I get the answers I need we’ll work on your powers.” Another nod. “Now to begin you said you can control elements right?” Nod. “How many elements can you control so far?”

“Ok umm…Earth, Fire, Air, Light, Darkness, and im able to mix them to make new ones such as Ice, Poison, Thunder, Whirlwinds of others. But I can only control each element to a certain degree until I get stronger.”

“Ok now you said you can also mold the elements you wield into weapons and armor?” Nod. “Can you project them onto others?”

“Somewhat, only for short time periods.”

“Ok now the question I really need to know, umm can you get Mina to come here for a minute?”

“Yea hold on Raven.” Lexi sat back and closed his eyes. (Hey Mina Raven has a question or two for you are you busy?) (No just got done emailing Julie, I told her she should get one from you in the next day or two ok. Be there soon.) “She’ll be here in a minute.” He said looking back at Raven.

“Ok guys the great Mina of the shadows is here!” Exclaimed Mina as she floated in the room as a ninja mask.

“Stop fooling around and get over here and listen to Raven-sama.” Groaned Lexi.

“Fine, fine.” Mina Shifted back into Lexi’s battered cloak.

“It’s fine Mina I only expect Lexi to focus, but I do have some things to ask you.” Raven smiled at Mina. “Now first off what are you, as in terms of demon, spirit, or magic?”

“Well I guess you could say im a mixture of a Nithaf demon and a Julle-ta spirit. Why do you ask Raven-sama?” Mina stated.

“Well if I remember right you can shift yourself into a human form can’t you.” Raven narrowed her eyes at the Cloak known as Mina.

“Y-yes I can, do you want me to shift into a human right now?” Mina asked.

“Yes please if you don’t mind.” Raven asked then sat back.

“Ok here goes.” Mina floated over to a clear spot and the cloak began to glow and started to shape and soon out of the glow stepped a tan girl about 5’5 with mid-back length light blue hair streaked with purple, gray eyes with gold flecks, thin peach colored lips and a small button nose and pointed ears, dressed in a dark red tank top, a pair of dark gray leather pants, and a pair of black sneakers. “Ok done, do I look okay.” Mina asked Shyly.

“AAAHH! Your cute.” Lexi laughed then grimaced when Mina punched him in the arm.

“Shut up.” Mina pouted.

“Now kids calm down, but its good you can shift into human shape after my questions you can go rest, you don’t have to stay in human shape all day but just for my questions so I can read your eyes.” Raven stated.

“Ok Raven…sama.” Mina and Lexi both looked at each other and laughed.

(God just two big-ass kids.) Thought Raven. “Ok Mina first off do you have control over your powers in human shape?”

“Yes I do, mainly temporal distortion, and protective magick, only a lil’ offensive magick.”

“Okay then from now on I’ll train you two we can work out times later, ok now can your powers affect Lexi’s as far as a booster or drainer?”

“Well I can boost his power a lil’ not a lot, at least not until he’s stronger.”

“Ok that’s all I needed to know, but me and you are going to talk to Robin later and get you a room okay.” Raven said as she patted Mina’s shoulder.

“That’s fine Raven-sama.” Mina smiled.

“And both of you stop calling me ‘sama’ im not your teacher, im just helping you guys so we can all fight together.” Raven asked.

“Un-huh, well is that all, taking human shape drains me so I’ll stay like this and take a nap in Lexi’s room we can talk to Robin later is that okay Raven.” Asked Mina as she yawns.

“Sure that’s fine.” Raven says as she turns back to Lexi who has drifted off.

“Bye guys.” Mina says as she heads back to Lexi’s room.

“Ok Lexi pay attention just a few more questions.” Raven says as she shakes Lexi,
and pulls a notebook out of her cape. “What is your goal with your powers? And why come to us to reach it?”

“Well as for my goal…I have this power and it’s a part of me so I want to harness it and after that well then.. I really don’t know.” Lexi takes a deep breath. “And as for why I came here the answer is well you guys are famous and you have control over yourselves and your strong so I guessed if Im gonna train I might as well be around people who can stop me, even kill me if I go down too dark a path.” Said as he dropped his head to the table in front of him.

“Ok that’s a start, your free to go do whatever but make sure you practice for dawn I won’t have any setbacks.” Said Raven as she walked off deeper into the library.

As Mina walked back to the elevator she was a little startled when the doors opened and in them was the bubbly, energy-filled Tamaranean. “Hey Star how are you?” Mina asked.

“Oh I am fine friend Mi..” Starfire stood with her mouth agape.

“Star calm down, yes I do have a body, I’ll be this way for a little while just don’t tell Robin, me and Raven will be talking to him later about this and some other stuff okay.” Mina explained while the doors closed and they started moving.
As Starfire looked at the tan girl beside her she started to feel a little heated and her breathing shallowed a lil’. (I haven’t felt this way since I last saw Robin naked before we had sex, why am I feeling this way toward Mina she’s a girl. I must talk to Robin about this.) Thought Star as she fidgeted in the small space.

“Star you okay, you seem shaky.” Mina said as she looked at the shaky alien with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Y-yes friend Mina i-im fine.” Star said. (Why is her smirk so damn cute, I just want to lick her lips and suck on them till she screams.) Ding! Starfire flew from the elevator as fast as she could in search of Robin as soon as the door opened.

“Wow.” Mina said as she looked at the green and orange blur fly down the hall.

“Must have had to pee or ‘something’.” Mina giggled as she headed to Lexi’s room.

Robin jumped at the banging on his door. “Yes who is it !?” Robin yelled as he walked to the door.

“Robin im sorry to disturb you but we must talk, it is important.” Star as she floated outside his door.

“Okay hold on Star.” Robin said as he opened the door.
As Robin opened the door Starfire came rushing in and flew straight to his bed and hid under his covers.

“S-star are you okay, what’s the matter?” Robin asked as he sat beside her and pulled the cover off enough to see her face. “There that’s better.” Said Robin as he rubbed her cheek. “Now tell me what’s wrong.” He cooed.

“Ok but I feel that you might get mad at me for it.” Star meekly said.

“Star it’s okay I’ll listen, no worries.” Robin smiled at her.

“Okay Robin, what does it mean if the same feelings I get for you when I see you naked, I get when I look at another girl. Does it make me crazy or weird?” Starfire asked as she looked at Robin with scared eyes.

“Star calm down its okay in this town and planet, its fine you aren’t the only girl who has felt this way for another girl.” Robin said as he pulled Starfire into his arms.

“R-really so im not crazy?” Star questioned.

“No your fine those feelings just mean that you would like to be with girls as well as me in a sexual way but that’s okay. Come on I want you to lay back and close your eyes okay baby.” Robin said as he laid Star down.

“Okay Robin.” As Star closed her eyes she meeped as she felt Robin’s hand rub her thigh. “W-what are you doing?” Star asked.

“I want you to think about me and the other girl touching you right now, can you do that for me Star.” Robin asked softly.

“I think so Robin, I’ll try.” As the hand moved up her thigh and traced around her panties under her skirt, Star pictured Mina holding her face and staring into her eyes while Robin pulled off her skirt and panties.

“AAHH!” Starfire moaned as she felt Robin hold her legs apart as he blew onto her moist lips, at the same time vision-Mina moved Star’s hands to the hem of Star’s top and helped Star pull her top off. As Stars firm, ample breasts came into view, Star started to squeeze them and rub her palms across her hardening nipples.
Vision-Mina smirked as Robin leaned down and took a swipe at Star with his tongue. “Mmmm, Robin don’t stop.” Star moaned. As Robin started to swirl his tongue inside her enjoying the sweet taste that was ‘his’ Starfire he felt his groin came to life and he groaned into Star as it rubbed up against his pants.

Starfire felt herself heating up as Robin’s tongue started going faster and deeper at the same time vision-Mina was pinching Star’s nipples and licking the shell of her left ear, soon Star was at her peak and with a quick soft bite to her clit she was gone.

“AAHH!” Star screamed as her pussy clamped around Robin’s tongue and she arched her back then fell back to the bed.

As Robin looked down at star smirking.(Well time for round 2, since I know she can’t be done.) thought Robin as he stripped off his clothes and pulled Stars legs over his shoulders and pushed himself deep into the hot, wet, silky sheath of Starfire causing them both to moan out loud as he started to pump into her fast and hard.

“Oh God Robin Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Faster! Harder!” Star yelled.

“Oh baby I don’t plan on stopping, not for a while.” He groaned as he kept pumping into her.

30 minutes later we find our two titans sweating and moaning, soon it became too much for them and Starfire’s pussy clenched on Robin’s dick as she came all over him and then a few thrusts later Robin thrust deep into Star and filled her with his own release.

As our two heroes laid there catching their breath, Star looked up at vision-Mina and saw her smirking at her and pointing at Robin’s semi-erect penis.
As Robin lay there with his eyes closed, they shot open as he felt Star’s tongue cleaning his dick and he looked down to see that wicked gleam in her eyes that he loves so much, he gave her a thumbs-up and said “Sure I can go again if you can.” He smirked.

Star smiled before taking Robin’s Shaft deep in her mouth all the while vision-Mina laid back on the bed smiling.


Star: Why am I lusting after Mina!!. Star yells as she chases Rex around the common room.

The other titans: Oh well it was fun while it lasted I hope he doesn’t die.

Rex: You know you can all help me!. He yells as he dodges starbolts.

Titans: Oh well see you guys next time.
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