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The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2

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Summary: The Pardox Of Xander's Life Has Just Begun...Genderbending and SLASH

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR182043,18085821,45122 Nov 1229 Oct 14No

Goddess and Key

Ben stood elbow deep in a sink full of soapsuds. He had been contemplating on if he wanted to get his nursing license or go to med school to be a doctor. He pulled a bedpan out of the water and sprayed the soap of it with the water nozzle.

'The only good thing about my curse is the money I seem to come into,' that would cover anything he wanted to do if he decided to go back to school.

"Hello, Ben..."

Ben froze at the sound of that voice. It was never a good thing when he heard that voice...last time he had Ben got stuck with the Hell-Bitch. He turned to see Metatron standing in the doorway with a pretty dark haired teenage girl.


"You haven't..."

Ben pointed a finger at the angel, "No! The last time you asked something...well you know what you did! And I get the short end of that deal."

The girl frowned at him and began to chant in an old language.

Then the pain hit him, feeling like it would tear him apart, fast and sharp. When it faded a little while later and after the black spots in front of his eyes faded Ben saw a young, very beautiful woman with long curly blonde hair laying on the floor...she was naked! He watched as she slowly sat up looking around until her gaze fell on the girl.

"My Key!"

Ben couldn't be? Could it? He had been old nothing but the Creator could separate them. And that being had no plans to do so the last time Ben had asked.

"Not yours!" the girl hissed. "You tried to make me a slave to your bidding!"

"You would have been protected after I got home. You would have been a well treated pet."

"Pet!" the girl became enraged, "You wanted to use me for conquest of other demisions!" the girl snarled causing the blonde to coward back abit from the girl.

"Glorifius, meet Ben..." Metatron said trying not to smirk. This was going to be fun...well not for Ben. Metatron waved his hand and the blond was clothed in a short bright red dress.

Glory looked at the attractive human male standing by the sink, "Your him? You're my human host?" the tone she used was almost shy. Ben rolled his eyes. No way was he going to fall for that act. He had seen the aftermath of what happen went she got free...Ben knew the woman was far from innocent.

Metatron sighed, "Due to some unforeseen events some changes in destiny had to be made. Mostly to Glory's and yours, Ben. Glory can never return to her home demision it was destroyed by a war between her fellow gods some centuries ago. Glory will get a couple of choices to her destiny...and she as the Ancient One to thank for that."

The girl smirked, "She'll hate it."

"Glorifius, Goddess of ..." Metatron said something with a lot of vowels that end with him sounding like a cat coughing up a hair ball. "You have the choice of becoming human and living a human life span. Then at your death to be judged, subjected to punishment or paradise depending on how you lived said human life."

Glory gave the angel a disgusted look, "What's option number two?"

"You get cast into the Void."

Glory looked shocked at that. No creature had been cast into the Void since..."That hasn't happen since Dahok put the Twilight of the Gods into motion."

Metatron crossed his arms over his chest, "Those are your choices."

The blonde goddess got a fearful look then asked in a small voice, "May I stay with my human host?"

Ben blinked, "What?" The three supernatural being didn't even look at him.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" the Voice of God asked. "There are others that could teach you."

Glory nodded, "He is kind and I'll be more than he will deserve."

"What!" Ben exclaimed again, "Don't I get any say in this?"

"Not really." Said the girl.

"Oh, please..."muttered Glory rolling her eyes.

"Sorry, Ben but no, you don't." Metatron said

Metatron snapped his fingers and both the goddess and the human male fell ensconces.
Dawn turned to the angel, "What will happen when they wake up?"

"Well, Ben will wake up to the fact he now has a pretty, smart, if slightly dangerous wife, who will love him as he always wanted some one too."

"And Glory?"

"She will get that one completely faithful worshipper she was always looking for..."

Dawn frowned, "But Glory doesn't love Ben."

The angel smiled, "If she didn't love him she never would have asked to stay with him."

Dawn thought about that and nodded.


Giles replacements had arrived today. Xander was shocked when the replacements turned out to be Diana Pryce, Faith's previous Watcher and the woman's husband Wesley Wyndam-Pryce! Xander didn't know what happened to the man but he was so not the wimpy version that had shown up in the 'Before' this man looked a bit rougher and tougher. They were understanding of the situation with the slayers and Giles. The two new Watchers had not agreed with Travers but they had their orders plus they both wanted to learn all they could from Giles. He did have the oldest active slayer in history at almost two years. But they didn't know what to make of Xander, not that many people did.

Xander sighed and opened the door to her bedroom. She threw her school stuff on the floor carelessly and walked toward the bed when she noticed a figure stand by her window.

It was a girl, about fifteen or sixteen, she had dark almost black hair, she turned and Xander saw bright blue, very blue eyes, she had a small nose with freckles across it and shattered over her cheeks. Xander gave the girl a displeased look, "What are 'you' doing here?"

The girl smirked at her. That look...was familiar in fact she was sure she had seen the same look on Spike's face last night when she fell into that open grave during patrol.

"I've come for the party."

Xander frowned, "Your late, my birthday was a month ago."

"Not that party, silly. Connor's party."


"Buffy and Angel's son."
Xander opened her mouth to ask how she knew that when Jessica called up to them, "Xander! Me and my Boys are going out!" Jessica had begun to refer to Giles and Ethan as her boys after the grand opening of the Magic Box. "You need to watch your sister. No taking her on patrol with Spike!"

Xander exchanged a look with the girl before they both shouted, "MOM!" though for different reasons.


"So what you are telling me is that because the higher ups took Glory out of the picture by making her human the time table with the First Evil got moved up?"

Dawn nodded taking a bit of the sandwich Xander made her. They were sitting at the kitchen table.

"How do we know she's really the Bit and not a diversion of the First?" Spike asked, sipping on some of Giles's tea. The watcher was not going to be happy about that, Giles had to go as far a L.A. to get it.

"Because you are the one who taught me how to shoplift."

Xander glared at Spike who looked surprised at that, "You swore you would never tell!"

"Like I was going to have Xan pissed off at me. I have to live with her she's my sister, you know."

"About that..."

Dawn sighed, "Those above the Powers That Be thought that having me be Buffy's sister while she was pregnant with my lover would turn out...Eww...So since you were empowered and changed stuff I am your sister."

"I never got that. You were made from the slayer, you shouldn't have been an exact copy?" Spike asked.

"Well," Dawn started, "I was made from Buffy...and a boy named Pike. He was some one Buffy really loved who died protecting her. This time around I was made from Xander, "she reached up and touched her long dark hair and turned her bright blue eyes to the blond vampire, "and you, Spike."

Xander and Spike looked at Dawn for a long time.

"Mini-Spike..." Xander choked out. "Mini-Xander..." Spike whispered out.

They both then fell out of their chairs with hard thumps as they hit the ground in a dead faint each.

Dawn looked around the room while muttering, "They took that better than I thought they would..."she continued to eat her sandwich.
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