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The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2

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Summary: The Pardox Of Xander's Life Has Just Begun...Genderbending and SLASH

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR182043,18085821,44622 Nov 1229 Oct 14No

Book Two: Present Paradox:Clone and Gingerbread

Title: The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2
Subtitle: Book Two: Present Paradox
Fandoms:BtVS/Angel/Stargate SG1/Knightrider/Marvel/Lethal Weapon
Pairings:Xander/Spike. Buffy/Angel. Past Willow/Cordelia Past Jonathan/Oz/Amy
Jessica/Giles/Ethan Rayne.
Warnings: SLASH/FemSLASH/Het/
Disclaimers: BtVs/Angel are owned by Whedon. Stargate by MGM. Knightrider is owned by NBC/Universal. Marvel is owned by Marvel Comics and Disney. Lethal Weapon is owned by Warner Brothers.

Author 's Notes:
I chose Jessica Alba for Jessica Harris Giles. Nina Dobrev for my FemXander. I need suggestions for TJ O'Neill.

Benito Caruso High School
Colorado Springs

Walton Weatherbee was a short heavyset man who had been the principal of Caruso High for almost ten years. In all that time he had never had a student like Tyler Jackson 'call me TJ.' O'Neill. The boy had started mid-year last year and had been a model student. Just what you would expect of the son of a U.S. Air Force Colonel.

His cousin, Waldo had told him....but... "Nineteen detentions for being late or back talking your teachers. Four out school suspensions for fighting...the football team! Two in school suspensions for causing food fights...for this month!" Weatherbee paused to see if the silver haired man sitting next to TJ had anything to say, when he remained silent Weatherbee continued, "And just today...TJ managed to insight the rivalry between the baseball team and basketball team...they had a dance off to decide which was the better sport...what dancing has anything to do with it I have no idea! Then he told the cheer squad the best way to make money for their trip to the national championships was to perform a strip tease for they hockey team! The brawl that ensued put down half the team..."

"That so was not my fault!" TJ said running a hand threw spiky reddish brown hair, "If Torres hadn't actually tried to touch April, then Cassidy wouldn't have hit him." At this defense the silver haired man glared at TJ, who sank lower in his chair in response.

"As I was saying...oh, yes there is the explosion in the chem. Lab to address..."

"Oh, please! That happens twice a week here!"

"TJ also convinced members of the Glee Club that it would bee a good idea to break out randomly into song during his history class...I believe the song in question was Henry the Eighth I Am..."

"...Hey their good we should hear more from them..."

Weatherbee rolled his eyes, "Yes, but not during class...what else? Oh that's told your history teacher that the theories she was teaching were out dated or just plain wrong?"

TJ straighten up in his seat, "She was dissing Dr. Jackson's..."

"Moving on..."the Officer's tone said he would have no argument from the teenager, who in turn glared at him.

"And while all that those things went on TJ some got the Chess, Computer and Comic Book Clubs to rise up in order to rule Caruso High like the Evil Over Lords they are..." Weahterbee sighed, " I'm sorry Colonel O'Neill but I can't have such a disruptive presence in my school..."

*** ****

"I'm sorry, Jack." TJ said from his seat in Jack's truck as they pulled out of the parking lot of Caruso High. He was sorry, not that he had done those things but that he had gotten caught, so one had tattled. But who...wondered TJ...Some one from the football team?

"No, you're not kid." Jack said in amusement. It had been so tough to keep from bursting out in laughter in the principal's office. O'Neill had to admit he was impressed by his young clone's exploits. He had defently surpassed any thing Jack had done in high school and that included this year in Sunnydale. "So what brought this on? You did so well last year?"

TJ crossed his arms over his chest and muttered, "Was bored..."

Well that explained that, a bored O'Neill was a dangerous one. Jack should have remembered that. His own mother had complained about it enough, then later so had SG1. This was after all someone with all his memories and personality...of course TJ had gotten bored with normal high school.

Now it was time for Plan B.


Giles answered the phone when it rang, it was the house phone and not his or Jessica's cell phones so it wasn't any of the children. He had been hoping for a quiet night with just him and Jessica. Ethan was back in England seeing to his affairs there before he returned and resumed the relationship he had started with them.

"Oh, Hello Jack..." Giles had talked to Jack O'Neill a few times since he had married Jessica. Being threaten over the phone by the man had been interesting. Jessica and Xander had found it hilarious to say least. From the conversations he had with Jack, Giles found he liked the man. He had a sense of humor that was a lot like Jessica's.

"Jessica? Oh yes hold on..." Giles passed the phone to Jessica who was sitting on the sofa with him, her feet up in his lap before the call she had been receiving a foot massage.
Giles prided himself on his ability to turn his wife to goo with a good massage, he was quite sure it was the reason Jessica married him.

"Hey, Flyboy, how you doin'?" Jessica asked, she loved talking to Jack his stories about his co-workers were always interesting to hear. "Oh, I'm fine...Yes, Rupert is treating me well. Did I tell you about Ethan?"


"I'm so not a slut! You take that back! Besides at least I go after what I want...."


"That's what Don't Ask, Don't Tell is for.... So what..."


Jessica sat up suddenly pulling her feet away from Rupert, "Could you repeat that cause it sounded like you ..."She trailed off as she listened to what Jack had to say...not that she believed it...wait she lived on the Hellmouth. "You did say that...a clone huh."

Rupert shot her a look of disbelief that she so understood, she only nodded at him in return, "So, Jack how's that working out for you?"




Jack hung up the phone snickering, the last thing he had heard before Jessica had hung up on him was Giles saying he was going to go hide his scotch form her and Jessica snarling at Giles and cursing Jack's parentage. "Get packed, Kid."

"I can't believe your really going to sent me there of all places!" TJ yelled form the bedroom of his small apartment. TJ was already packing and trying not to let his excitement show.

"Well, at least you won't be bored." Jack said, knowing exactly what the teen was doing, the same thing Jack would if he were in his place. "Sunnydale..." it was said with a wistful sadness.


Xander was sitting on her front porch; Spike was sitting the railing smoking.

"I really think you should go with Angel."

Spike frowned, "What the bloody hell for?"

Xander frowned, "Because he'll need help setting up his new digs in LA."

She was supposed to be relaxing tonight. Faith and Buffy were doing the patrol routes. Willow had called earlier; cried saying that she and Cordelia were over but they were still going to be friends...Yeah, and Xander could see that happening... Xander had heard from Faith that Jonathan was not on speaking terms with Oz or Amy except for dealing with the crisis of the week. And her mother had told her after school tomorrow they would be picking up the teenage clone of her Uncle Jack.

"The Poof doesn't like me..."

Xander snorted, "That's not true..." because if the Band Candy thing proved anything it was just how much Angel liked Spike especially naked.

Spike growled, because he knew...just knew Xander was planning...dangerous she was, he's Xanpet. Somehow he knows he was going to be spending the summer in LA, with Angel getting his detective agency up and running. He sighed and stubbed out his cigarette as he asked, " So, when is this clone suppose to arrive?"

What did it say about Xander's life in which that was a normal question?


The next day Xander walked into the library in time to hear Buffy yell at Giles, "...What it was like to see! Mom can't even speak!"

Giles nodded, " I know she called Jessica..."

"Chill Buff!"

"No Xan, I won't chill. You didn't see..."

Xander frowned, "What are you talking about?"

Buffy sighed sadly and told Xander about how she and her mother found two slain children in the park. Giles came over to the table as Buffy leaned against the back of a chair; Xander hops up onto the counter.

"We just want to help, Buffy." Giles told the agitated Slayer, "Do you know how they died? Was it vampires?"

Buffy shook her head, "No bites..."

"Any marks at all?" Xander asked.

Buffy frowned, "Wait! There was a symbol?" She stepped around the chair and grabbed pen form the table and was about to start drawing on some of the papers he had on the table but Giles stopped her saying, "12th century Papal Encvalical..."

"Here use this." Xander said throwing her notebook to the blonde, who caught it opened it and began to draw.

"It was on their hands the cops are keeping quiet about it..."Buffy said.

Xander rolled her eyes. The Sunnydale cops couldn't find a treed kitten.

"Find me the thing that uses that symbol!" Buffy said showing her drawing to both Giles and Xander by holding it up, "And then point me at it."


Buffy turned to Xander, "He said, Hmmm. What's that in Giles Speak?"

Xander blinked in confusion, "How should I know?"

"Well he's your Step-Watcher." Buffy said showing a bit of humor.

Torn form his reverie Giles looked at Buffy, "What? Oh Sorry?" He picked up the note book, "I just wonder if we're looking for a thing and not a who the use of this symbol would suggests a ritual murder and a cult sacrifice."

"Well that's a cheery thought. G-man are you telling us some one human did this?" Xander asked because they didn't really deal with deaths caused by humans.

"It is the way it looks," Giles said getting up from the table and walking over to the nearest bookshelf to look for the books he needs.

"While your looking for the meaning of that thingy, could you also find the loophole that says Xander and I can break the 'no killing people' rule?"

Xander frowned she was doing it again! Always including Xander like she was a Slayer...Faith was a Slayer it should be her involved in Buffy's weird thought pattern not Xander...she just knew there was going to be trouble later because of the way Buffy thought and included Xander in them.

Giles look at Buffy from his now crouched position infornt of the bookcase, "This is an awful crime but don't you think your taking it a bit personally because of Joyce's involment?"

"Way personally. Giles find me what or who did this!" Buffy snarled before she stormed out of the library.

Giles looked at Xander. Who only shrugged and said, "She's been kind of emotionally lately...."

Xander's stomach growled as she entered the cafeteria, she walked up to the steam tables where Oz was standing. There choices it seemed were foil-wrapped burritos or the Mystery Meat Special. Xander shared a look with the blue haired boy who smiled slightly as they both chose the burritos. They continue down the line where Oz got a fruit cocktail bowl and Xander a bowl of peaches. They took their trays and walked over to the table where Willow and Amy sat. Faith and Jonathan had a different lunch hour and Cordelia was holding court sent she regained her queen bitch of the school title and really Harmony was the only one who wanted it.

"Hi, Oz and Xander!" Willow said brightly.

"Hi, Xan..."Amy said as she gave Oz a sad smile which he returned.

"Amy, like the hair." Xander told her, the shorter and darker style suited the girl better then the blond had. Amy gave Xander bright grin happy that someone else had noticed.

"Sooo...My birthday is in two week! Hint, Hint...I'm willing to take weapons, cash, and twinkies, mystical objects need not apply..."Xander told them slyly.


"Willow those are the safe thing..."

"Weapons?" Oz asked.

"Like you need more?" Amy asked.

Oz nodded, "I've seen her shed."

"Oh, look here comes Buffy!" Which Xander knew Willow only said to change the topic. It wasn't fair Xander had planed Buffy's party the least herfreinds could do was talk about Xander's birthday.

Buffy sat her tray on the table then sat down. Xander noticed something on her tray that was not like the set of theirs... "Uh, Buffy no one gets the Mystery Meat Special..."

"It smelled good." Buffy said with a shrug, "Did Xander tell you guys yet?"

"Tell what?" Oz asked, as he unwrapped his burrito and cut it in half.

"Murder, two little kids." Buffy said sadly.

Shocked, Willow said, "Oh no!"

"Yeah they were like six or mom found the bodies during patrol last night."

"Goddess..." muttered Amy.


"What was your mom doing there?" Wondered Xander as she speared a peach on her spork.

"She picked last night of all nights for a surprise bonding vist." Buffy growled as she to Xander's horror actually took a bite of her lunch. "Huh, this is pretty good!" Which caused her to receive several looks of disbelieve.

"Wow your mom really takes the time to do stuff like that with you?" Willow asked kind of wistfully.

Xander shot the red head a look and sighed while Willow's parents weren't bad they were distance 'detached with love' was their motto. "No the point of the story, Wills."

Buffy nodded and took another bite, if she kept doing that Xander was going to be sick, "Point is," Buffy said, "She's kind of wigging..."

"Who's wigging?" The voice caused everyone but Oz to jump, Xander turned to see Joyce standing just behind them.

"Everyone is!" Amy said.

"Because of what happen." Buffy said shooting Amy a look causing her to turn red in embarrassment.

"Oh it was awful I had dreams all night." Joyce said then look at Buffy, "Have you talked to Giles? About who could have done this?"

Buffy nodded, "Yeah, he thinks it might be some ritual...a cult...He's still looking. In the mean time Xander and I will be upping the patrolling with Faith y'know just to keep an eye out."

"A cult?" Joyce murmured and jumped the conclusion, "Like witches then?"

"No," Xander muttered because that line of thought was just everyone sitting at this table. Willow started coughing; Amy wouldn't look up from her tray and Oz's normal blank expression looked even blanker.

A hard look came over Joyce's face, "I know you kid's think that stuff is cool. Jessica told me that Xander is some sort of demon goddess and that Willow and Amy dabble in magic things..."

A concerned looked crossed Xander's face as Willow spoke up nervously, "That's us we dabble and Xan's harmless..."

"But anyone who could do this is not cool. No, their a monster..."

Buffy suddenly stood up, "You know what, "she interrupted, "would you guys excuse us?" And with that lead her mother out of the cafeteria.

"Burn." Oz muttered.

"And just when Mrs. Summers was beginning to except the whole slaying thing." Amy said as she took a drink of her milk.

Xander leaned over the table and spoke in a lower voice as she said, "Willow, you an Ams, get Jono go to Giles get a copy of Buffy's drawling then contact Miss Calendar see if you can come up with a locator or revealing spell. Oz you and Faith are on blood delivery duty for the next couple of days." Since all the hospital and blood bank got their blood with in days of each other.

"Why the spell can't we let the cops handle this?" Amy asked.

"Two kids are dead. And Joyce I feel is going to stir something up...besides do you want you parents to know about your witchy extra-curricular actives?" Xander asked Amy who shook her head.

Willow sigh, "I just wish..."

"Don't!" Xander interrupted her at the look she received from the red head Xander shook her head and muttered, "Just don't."


SunnyDale Airport

"Why are we here?" Faith asked as she watched the comings and goings of weary travelers.

"We are here to pick up the teenage clone of my favorite Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack's not related to mom but dated mom's sister." Said Xander.

"Freza, that's what her name was, right?"

Xander nodded turning to her mother, "So what was the decided cover story?"

"Why do you persist in thinking that Jack O'Neill is part of some covet militaristic operation?" Wondered Jessica.

"Hello, mom the man is sending his 'clone' here..."

"If anyone asks he's your cousin." Jessica muttered with a sigh.

"Hmm, I've heard that before...isn't that what we decided Faith was..."

"Xander..."Jessica growled in that warning tone only mothers can use.

"Hey X, question?"


"Why does SunnyD have an airport?" Faith asked because a town this size really shouldn't have one then again it shouldn't have a zoo, a museum that rivaled the Smithsonian, or a mall as big has that mall in Ohio, but it does.

"Because up until a few years ago this town as a major in/export hub...not real sure what we were importing or exporting though..."Xander told her.

Faith nodded then changed the subject to, "So tell me more about this Jack guy? Is he cute for an older hottie type?"

"Ew, Faith he's like family!"

"Well," Faith drawled with a grin, "You know what they say about that..."

"Not listening!!" Xander cried putting her hands over her ears!

Jessica smirked at the antics of the two girls then looked over the airport, "Jack was stationed at the base..."But Xander spoke up and said that the only base was an Army base, to which Jessica corrected, "Back then it wasn't. Freza had been the Slayer for almost three years by then and I'm not sure how they met. Jack was twenty-eight maybe and Freza was eighteen. She brought him home one night and they were tighter for about a year. Her death devastated him, they'd had a fight a few days before and Jack had left to cool his temper when he came back I had to tell him..."Jessica sighed at the remembrance, "Jack did keep in touch with me. I think he worried about what I'd do...and he was a big help after Xander was born."

"Still doesn't tell..." Faith started.

"Because Jack asked for a favor and I owe him so he sent his son..."

"AKA clone Jack..."Xander popped up, "Just to keep the facts straight."

Jessica glared at her daughter, "As I was saying, his clone was having difficulty being a normal teenager because the boy is in fact a grown man in a teenage body, that can't be easy."

"Tell me about it." Xander muttered.

"So he's pawning the kid off on you? Sounds like a real gem of a guy." Faith said in disgust.

"It's not like that. There are circumstances with Jack's career that makes taking care of a teenager almost impossible and Jack said TJ would explain everything when he got here."

"So how are we going to know this kid?"Xander asked, "Did Jack e-mail a picture?"

Jessica shook her head; Jack had said Jessica would know him when she saw him. Just then she noticed a lanky teen boy by the baggage claim, which could not have been more than sixteen. He looked tired and confused as he ran a hand threw his reddish-brown hair. He looked so much like... "Jack!!" Jessica yelled causing the boy to look over at her, Jessica ran over to him. Once there she repeated more softly. "Jack?"

The boy gave Jessica a long searching look then threw his arms around the older woman as he whispered, "Hey, Ripley...can you believe it?"


TJ had been surprised that Jessica still lived in the same house as she had in high school. The same place where Freza...he cut that thought wasn't something he wanted to think about. That had not really been his life. He did remember a conversation saying Jessica had moved or so he thought.

He unpacked his suitcases; Jack was supposed to send the rest of his things and a few weapons. It might have been a few years but TJ was sure Jack hadn't forgotten what this SunnyDale was really like. The room Jessica gave him was nice, it was next to Faith's and across form Xander's the three of them would have to share the bathroom down the hall.

"Yo! Clone-boy!"

TJ frowned as he wondered how someone could make that small phrase sound so sultry and sexy, he turned to look at Faith who was leaning against the doorframe. She had struck him as a girl trying way to hard to be bad. Strangely worked for her.

"I have a name."TJ muttered.

"No, you have initials."

TJ rolled his eyes.

"Come on. X is ready to roll. She wants you to meet the gang before school tomorrow."

TJ grabbed his brown bomber jacket and followed Faith down the hall and then the stairs; it was a nice view from behind her.

"Well be back in a couple hours, mom." Xander shouted from the front door when Faith and TJ got there. Jessica said okay and told them where would be pork chops for dinner. TJ wonder why that would make Xander turn almost green and mutter about having a salad instead. He didn't think Xander was a vegetarian?

They walked into town and TJ asked, "So where we going?"

"The SunShine Diner." Faith told him.

"Do they still do the 'Death by Chocolate'?"

"Oh, yeah and you have a choice between 'Extra Creamy Carmel' and 'Strawberry Cheese cake' toppings to go with it." Xander said with a dazed look.

"And we've lost her," Faith smirked, " she's in her happy chocolately place."

Xander glared at the slayer, "Do not dis the chocolately place! It's the only thing that keeps me from going on a rampage and killing everyone."

When they got to the restaurant TJ followed the girl back to a long table in the back that already had a group of teens sitting at it.

"Hey guys? What's the what?" Xander said sitting down with Faith on ones side of her and TJ on the other. She then motion to TJ and told them his name, "He's my Uncle Jack's son. He'll be staying with us for awhile." Then she lean forward, "He's in the know, y;know?"

"You told him?!" said a snotty looking bleached blonde that reminded him of the cheerleaders of his old school.

"No Buffy," Xander sighed, "his dad told him."

"Oh, so his dad knows about demons? How does his dad know?"

"He knew mom and her sister..."

That shut the girl up quickly or maybe had to do with the glare Xander sent her. "Okay intros...we'll skip Buffy."


"I'm Willow." Said a pretty but pale girl with bright green eyes and almost blood colored hair. You hardly saw that color naturally but it looked like it was on her.

"Oz..." Said a lean boy with blue dyed hair.

"Cordelia Chase. And I do hope your not as much of a loser as the rest of these freaks." Said the California tanned, brown eyed girl with almost black hair.

"Ignore the diva," said the dark haired boy sitting next to her, "I'm Jonathan by the way."

"Amy." Said the last girl who was also blonde and had blue eyes.

"Nice to meetcha all." TJ told them.

Soon a waitress came with some sodas that TJ was sure no one ordered. She smiled and told them they were on the house. Xander nodded and said thanks then asked how her son was, who was find but shaken up still. Xander told her that was normal. "I'm just glad Billy is doing better."

When the waitress left conversations started he watched as at least four different ones were taking place at the same time. Buffy and Willow told him about school, Cordelia who to hang out with and who do avoid, Oz when he did speak told him about his band playing at the Bronze and Amy talked about the clubs in LA. Jonathan about the magics he was learning from someone called Miss Calendar, who everyone but Willow and Amy asked after and the lasted Simpson episode he was a closet fan apparently. Faith and Xander talked about slaying much to Buffy's dismay.

Soon enough though it was time for everyone to leave and that's when TJ noticed that Xander led Jonathan way form the others, his curiosity got the better of him and he slyly made his way over to where he could eavesdrop but could not be seen.

"You know this has to stop. You have to talk to them." Xander said. "Ams and Oz miss you I'm sure."

Jonathan shook his head. " You don't know what happened or what they said...I thought they were different. That they loved me...but that night they said the same things my parents do but worse."

"Whatever you parents say...their wrong, okay! Amy and Oz were drunk on bespelled chocolate I'm sure that while their action were hurtful they didn't mean them. And they are can't let pride get in the way. Even if you can't forget what they least forgive them so you can be friends. Talk to them."

Jonathan frowned and TJ could see the torn expression on the boy's face as if he wanted to believe but knew if he did it would only lead to more hurt. Finally Jonathan said, "Alright."

"Today! Walk home with them."

"But didn't Oz bring his van..."Jonathan trailed off at Xander's growl and whoa! TJ didn't know that Xander could sound like that. Xander asked Oz to give Jonathan a ride home and TJ watched as Amy walked over and asked for one two then whispered something to Jonathan that made him smile.

"It's not nice to eavesdrop, you know." TJ jumped at the hiss in his ear he turned to see Cordelia standing behind him.

"But that's how you learn all the good stuff!"

Cordelia nodded, "That also how you get slapped up side the head."

"Who's going to do that?" TJ asked because Cordelia didn't strike him as the violent type because it would muss her outfit.

Suddenly a sharp pain hit him in the back of the head, "Xander is behind me, isn't she?"

Cordeila nodded.


TJ's first dinner with Xander, Faith, Jessica and Giles had been interesting. He had been surprised to learn that his Ripley could cook. He remembered the time when the turkey had had been sitting on the counter when it did. They had pork chops and Xander did have a salad glaring at the leafy veggies as if they had betrayed her. The dinner conversations were about school and slaying...Work and slaying...Xander's upcoming birthday and slaying...TJ did notice the theme there. It reminded him when, when 'Jack' was younger and the conversation he use to walk in on or have with Jessica and Freza. TJ shook his head and let 'Jack's' memories of that fade. He saw Jessica getting the stuff out for hot chocolate and tried not to bounce in his chair. Jessica had always made the best hot chocolate.

"...So the whole clone made by aliens thing doesn't bother you?" TJ asked, "Cause you inadvertently caused the end of the world in your original timeline, had a mystical sex change and are the host (god I hate that word) to a primal goddess that may or may not be demonic in origin have I got that right so far?"

Xander nodded.

"And your friends two slayers, two novice witches, a mage in training and a werewolf?" TJ asked while Jessica poured the hot chocolate into mugs. Giles had retreated into the room he had claimed was a study/library. TJ thought that Jack had been right and that Giles was a little stuff and nowhere good enough for their Ripley and he had yet to met the other guy, Ethan who was a part of the Harris-Giles household. But he was sure that this Ethan guy wasn't good enough either.

"It's not that much different then when Jack knew Freza." Jessica said handing him a mug.

TJ frowned, he was pretty sure not all the people they had hang around with back then any mystical leaning but Freza and Strange, who had been a sorcerer.

"Geeks everywhere would come in their pants if they knew little green men were real." Crowed Faith.

"Actually their gray." TJ muttered.

"Still cool." Faith told him as she took a mug of hot chocolate.

"Is no one else concerned that the government is playing with aliens?" Xander asked worriedly, "Cause I can see all sorts of bad there...teen clones of my favor uncles excluded."

"I'm sure Jack knows what he's doing." Jessica said giving Xander a mug and smiled when Xander took a hurried sip.

Xander made a face at that, "Mom, this 'is' Jack O'Neill we're talking about."

"Hey, I resemble that remark!"

"So you do TJ, "Xander said, "Okay some things you still need to know. Giles is a Watcher."

"Wait a minute," TJ frowned, "like..."

"Yesss..."Jessica all but hissed and the look on her face told TJ to drop the subject.

"Then there is Spike and Angel..." Xander muttered under her breath.

"And they are?"

"Vampires who are on the no slay list." Said Faith.

"Why? Vamps are bloodsucking evil. Only good as dust." TJ militantly.

Xander sighed and told TJ about Angel and his curse.

"Gypsies? Really? Sounds like of Anne Rice-ish to me."

"It would to me to but we know a member of the gypsy clan that cursed him." Xander said.

"And this Spike guy?"

"Spike belongs to Xander." Faith said with a grin. To which she received a hard look from the other dark haired girl. There was only so much Xander would let a pretty face get away with.

"That's complicated from what I understand." Jessica popped up.

At TJ look Xander said, "Spike has all the memories of my 'Before' as I call it the destroyed time line. Not sure how he got them but he knows far too much and doesn't too well for it to be a trick. He's an ally. But make no mistake he has no soul and his memories do not make one, he's dangerous."

"Then why do you treat him like an annoyance?" Faith asked with a frown.

"Because he expects that from me. Even though he bares affection for me I can't believe that would stop him if he took the notation to kill my friends."

"Then why is he still alive?" TJ asked confused.

Xander smiled, "Because Spike thinks of the Scoobies as clan even if he won't admit it. Clan is family. Clan is all to vampires. You can love the members of your clan or you can hate them. You can even try and kill them but woe be to the person or demon who hurts a member of the clan."

"You just said he could kill us and that he won't in the same sentence that makes no sense!" TJ exclaimed.

"Neither does Spike."

"That's crazy! Your crazy!"

Xander looked at her mother, "Why do people keep implying that!"

Jessica gave her a sad look, "He didn't imply it, honey, and he stated it."

"Thanks, mom." Xander muttered. "You'll meet..." Xander trailed off as the phone rang. Jessica picked up the cordless on the counter and answered it.

"Joyce?" Jessica asked, "...Okay, yes...yes of course I'll be there. I'll bring is a horrible thing to have happen." Jessica made a few more non-comments then said good-bye and hung up the phone.

Jessica frowned.


Jessica turned to where the teenagers sat at the kitchen table, "Xander, why didn't you tell me about the two murdered children."

Xander looked blankly at her mother for a moment then remembered and told her mother, TJ and Faith what she knew.
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