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Wings of Destiny

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Wings of Paradise". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The third enstallment of my Wings Of series, this is the first one that involves Buffy. Destiny is a funny thing. No one ever said it can't take a sharp U turn.

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Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I will claim ownership over Kevin 'Mister E' Smith though. I make no money from this, nor do I plan on trying to. This is purely for fun.

Warning: There will be OOC for some characters. It is an AU though, so that can almost be expected.

Timeline Issues:

*Wings of Paradise is mainly set around 1998 or so and takes place during the first major storyline for Sailor Moon

*Wings of Recursion is set in a twenty year period between 1998 and 2018, looping over and over

*Wings of Destiny is set in 2008, and starts ten years after the time loops finally end

*For the most part I was not verifying what day of the week any given date falls upon. As such if you notice I have classes on what proves to be a weekend, or claim a day falls on Saturday when it was actually Wednesday I would appreciate you letting me know so I can fix such references. Honestly, it didn't occur to me to verify such minor details until half way through writing chapter 2. Nor did I sit down to pin down exact dates for when each story is set till part way through chapter 2 of this, the third story.

Needless to say this series is set in an Alternate Timeline

Wings of Destiny


Faerie Knight

December 3rd


It was Wednesday morning. The sun was shining, snow covered the ground, and the kids were excited. The excitement was due to today's class being held outdoors. The first year students gathered at the lake's edge as instructed. No one was all that sure why they were here though. When the tall blond woman arrived holding a wooden box students turned curiously towards her. The first years from both house Griffendor and Slythren stared in confusion as the teacher approached in a one piece swimming suit. The sword sheathed at her side didn't help clarify anything. Neither did her handing out medallions from the box.

“First of all, I want to explain these pendents a little. They aren't magical in the sense you're probably familiar with.”

One of the students, the platinum blond she'd rescued almost a week ago scoffed. “Like a muggle like you would know about magic.”

Susan Wellington-Mason smiled at her student's exclamation. “What I don't know about magic could fill a library. Then again, the same is true of you too mister Malfoy. I'm not a mage, I'm a demon hunter with a few psychic talents. When I have to deal with magic, I go to those more experienced with it. People like my brother, who is an expert on combining magic with technology. Which brings me back to the pendents. These pendents are made with a type of magic known as technomancy or techno-wizardry, depending on who you ask.

“Techno-wizard items register as completely non-magical, until the user channels some of their own magic or psychic gift into it. That isn't to say they aren't magic devices. These particular ones are designed to allow safe travel under water. When activated they allow the wearer to breath water like it's air, and ignore extremes of cold for a half hour. Fortunately, techno-wizard items are easy to reactivate. Okay, put your pendents on and focus on them. Try to push your magic towards it until you feel a slight tingle along your skin.”

A boy with unruly crimson hair who looked like a slacker was eying the pendent he held warily. Another who so far seemed accident prone had once again demonstrated that tendency by somehow causing his pendent to glow red hot. With a mental sigh the teacher quickly pulled the heated object from the boy's hands. Honestly she had no idea how the Longbottom boy kept managing to mess up things which were as easy as breathing.

“Longbottom, go to medical wing and get your hands looked at. Malfoy and Weasley, hurry up and activate your pendents. Today we're visiting the local merpeople population. Defense against the supernatural isn't always about combat. Sometimes it involves diplomacy, talking to and working through differences with words for those of you unfamiliar with the term. Not all demons and other supernatural entities are actually evil. And the local leader has expressed interest in meeting most this class, especially Potter, Malfoy, Granger, and Weasley.”

Once she'd seen everyone's pendents glowing a faint pink indicating they were active the professor activated her own too. Cheerfully the demon hunter lead her students into the lake. Huh, I've actually not dealt with any merfolk before, Susan Wellington-Mason thought. And I couldn't get my hands on any real information about their culture. Are these the saw toothed man eater type, or more along the lines of The Little Mermaid? Guess I'll see. If they are a threat, my devil sword will have to be enough.

“To be honest with you, I'm not very familiar with the merfolk of this dimension. I mostly work on dry land, that's where the majority of things dangerous to humanity operate. That, and I can't last any longer underwater then the next person without specialized equipment. Yes Parkinson?”

The porcine like pre-teen snorted in derision. “What's the point of bringing us here, professor?”

One could practically see the sneer implied by the way 'professor' was said. Suppressing the growing urge to pinch the bridge of her nose, Susan scanned the murky depths. Hearing other comments about mudbloods and blood traitors caused the teacher to grow angry. Someone, she thought it might be the platinum blond muttered something about a flight of death returning to cleanse the world of filth. Susan only heard the mutter due to the fact water helps conduct sound rather well.

After a moment to puzzle out the comment she said “No, the wraith is not going to be returning. At least not for very long if I have anything to say about it. And if I was you I'd stop with the racial purity talk. It didn't go over well in the nineteen forties, and it still doesn't. Now, as I said I don't know much about the merfolk of this dimension. However there are myths and legends about them dating back to ancient Greece...”


“You're cute but just not my type. Magic potion induced orgy aside, I think of you as a sister Wills.”

It was devastating to hear. Alexander 'Xander' Harris had been a not so secret crush for years. And when she finally managed to screw up the courage to ask him, her, now that was confusing, out she'd been shot down. How do you handle being rejected like that? Especially after a night of wild sex such as the one they'd just experienced? Okay, sure it had been because of a potion that Hild woman had given her being slipped into her friend's drink.

Eyes moved to the right to another mound of flesh. This one had blond hair, although darker roots were starting to show. Which raised the question of how the potion had affected the current Slayer. Especially since so far as Willow Rosenburg knew, Buffy was still in a coma. Or had been at least. And why did her stomach feel all tingly now? Woodenly Willow handed her long time crush the bottle when demanded to. Although why the bottle mattered she wasn't sure.

“Wills, did you ask about the potion before using it? And did you have to sign anything?”

“N-n-no,” the red head stammered somehow managing to refrain from babbling.

“Good,” Alex commented while looking over the bottle.

He dipped his pinky in the bottle and tasted some of the residue. Then frowned. Memories of before this life as a human told him exactly what the contents were. And it wasn't a good thing. The potion it's self wasn't one of the plethora of love or lust potions Alex was aware of. Not that the teen would ever have used any of them. No, it was from things learned in school. He'd learned how to at least recognize them, although potion brewing had never been a favored class. Not like his sister anyway. Actually his sister's antics were the main cause for learning to recognize love and lust potions.

“Willow... What else did Mother give you? This couldn't have caused last night.” The tingling in his stomach was now beginning to worry the former demoness.

The Harris boy reached out and pulled a book out of the air. It was one of the few benefits from the last Halloween. While the majority of his former powers were still gone, he'd regained access to his personal library. Not that any of the books in it would help out in high school. Potion Brewing 101 through 999 and Wish Granting courses didn't apply much to human education. It was fortunate indeed that he could once more read the books too.

“Let's see here, light amber coloring, crushed pixie wings, and dragon scale shavings by the raw taste. Tingling stomach for initial after effects... Looks like it might be Dagon's Ceptive, page six sixty six. Yup, sounds like it is Dagon's Ceptive. Say's it's commonly used for... Willow Danielle Rosenburg, do you realize what have you done!”


She felt dirty. No, that wasn't quite descriptive enough Buffy Anne Summers felt so filthy she might never be clean again. Her hair color was hard to tell through the matted and gunk filled mire that coated it. Her cloths were tatters. Every inch of her skin was covered in grime and filth. Some of which was better off not being thought about. All in all the slayer was a right mess. But she was alive. That was the biggest thing. And as she finally managed to get past the city limits it was almost all she cared about.

“Thank you Hild,” she told the little (yet surprisingly well endowed) girl who'd rescued Buffy.

Without the girl's assistance Buffy had no illusions about what would have happened. She'd been tired, hurt, and incapable of defending herself anymore. Just before the man-thing with the pyramid shaped metal helmet and gigantic knife-like sword could finish the teen off, a dusky skinned kid with white hair had intervened. The girl's laugh though was seriously creeping Buffy out. As was the contract she'd had to sign.

Some of the things the contract called for weren't too bad. It was stuff the teen had been doing already. This namely was fighting demons and vampires on the hellmouth while ensuring said hellmouth stayed closed. The 'make many grandbabies with my daughter' part though? That was giving a major case of the wiggins. As was being told the 'grandbabies' clause was merely being amended to an already existing deal. Not that Buffy remembered making any deals with little kids. Or anyone else for that matter.

“Call me mom, you did just marry my little Alexandria after all.” The little girl said with an amused smirk. “Or as you might know her, Alexander Harris. Say hi when you see her. And don't worry so much. You already started on your new task.”

The siren Buffy had grown to dread sounded once more. Only this time the world didn't rust and rot. Instead it grew brighter. Fog lifted and the world seemed to fade. The next thing Buffy knew she was laying on her back and feeling rather sore. The feeling of being so dirty you'll never be clean again was mostly gone. Or at least the 'never be clean again' part was. Buffy found herself to feel wet and sticky though. It was a vaguely familiar feeling of being dirty.

Blinking the sleep from her eyes, the bleached blond looked around. There was Willow, naked for some reason. And another girl who looked strangely familiar. Also unclothed. And from the air against skin, Buffy concluded she was too. Which was rather odd. The last thing Buffy could remember before finding herself in that nightmarish town was going to bed, alone, in her own bed. Had it all been a dream? Probably she concluded.

Or at least Buffy did until the brown haired girl looked over and groaned. “Buffy, where did that contract come from?”

Following the still familiar girl's finger, Buffy paled upon seeing a sheet of parchment next to her head. And at the bottom was her signature, in a red ink which looked suspiciously like blood. On top of the parchment was a note which read 'A copy to remind you of our bargain. Have fun! Signed -Mom'. The brown haired girl snatched up the parchment and read it over several times. Each rereading caused her to pale more and more.

“G-g-g-g-grandbabies...” The girl squeaked.

The fact Willow had also squeaked and turned a shade of red usually only seen on tomatoes was... different. Willow snatched the parchment from the unknown girl's hands and looked at it. Then the budding witch got a confused expression. Almost as if Willow couldn't read what was written on it. A fact which equally confused Buffy. The fact that the contract was written in an infernal language didn't occur to the Slayer. She saw it in English after all.

Buffy's enhanced hearing picked up on Willow's muttering though. “She promised he'd be mine. Why doesn't he love me? He's suppose to love me. That's the deal. I get my Xander and she gets grandbabies. We shook on it even. Didn't think Xander would be that good. Or Buffy. Wonder what the paper says? Buffy's awake Yay! Wonder if she'll do that tongue thing again?”

By that point Buffy had to stop listening. It was either that or faint from embarrassment. The mystery girl also apparently heard her friend's babbling. Or at least she did if the way mystery girl paled was any indication. Or the way the brunette was hitting her head against a wall. The repeated “Why Mother, why?” was confusing to Buffy. It was a very embarrassed and confused slayer who approached her red haired friend.

“Who is she?” Buffy asked hesitantly.

The genius blinked as the question interrupted her babbling. “That's Xander the demon lady called him Alexandria. Why?”

Before her friend could go into another babble Buffy covered the other girl's mouth. It was going to be a long day, Buffy could tell already.


Waking up in an unfamiliar location can be rather dangerous. The teenage girl knew this intimately. From what she last remembered, this could be an enemy stronghold, or hospital. The last thing recalled was fighting Piping Hot Peroski in the outskirts of London. Then getting caught in a rather nasty explosion. Followed shortly by crashing through a wall that hadn't been there when the fight began. And finally two women with sticks like the black robed masked men that tried killing everyone in a bank earlier in the day.

Carefully cracking open an eye while maintaining the illusion of sleeping revealed a room which would have looked at home in the sixteenth century. A quick inventory of her own body revealed that the injuries sustained appeared almost entirely healed. That was the good news. The bad news was that her costume was missing. Instead the bluette found herself wearing what might have been a type of hospital gown.

Either that or a really really bad joke considering the material was thin. It also just barely managed to cover everything important. In fact in any other situation the girl might have thought it to be a risque night gown. Since the room appeared empty other then her, the girl stopped pretending to be asleep. With a mental sigh she next climbed out of the bed. A quick examination of it revealed runes or sigils inscribed on the bed. Just fucking great. I hate dealing with magic.

The girl checked her breast. It was with great relief she discovered a hammer shaped pendent was still there. While it had been fourteen years since she actively championed the god Thor, his patronage did provide a few useful benefits. Among them was an immunity to possessions and high resistance to mind control. It also allowed her to call upon a battle garb. Granted that feature was usually a waste of time. The 'battle garb' she could call upon was simply a mystically conjured version of her own costume.

Taking hold of the pendent, the girl said in a clear voice “I use my might to defend what's right.”

What followed was enough to cause the girl to groan. A wave of energy surrounded her, lifting the teen into the air. Music began to play, although it had no discernible source. The energy first caused the negligee to vanish. Next eldrich ribbons wrapped around the girl's torso. They solidified into a white sleeveless one piece bathing suit with a hammer shaped cut out in the middle of the breasts. More ribbons wrapped around her arms and legs to form elbow length gray gloves and knee high boots of the same color.

Her body spun around lazily as more energy focused upon her brow. In it's wake a tiara of white gold formed to hold back the girl's flowing blue hair. She found herself forming a circular motion with her right arm while holding a Nordic throwing hammer. As the girl settled back on the ground she groaned again. He watches too fucking much anime! Her body felt energized. And creepily enough her innate powers seemed to not work at the moment. Which was news to the girl since it was the first time she'd actually called upon the 'battle garb' since it'd been added.

There were days the cursed middle aged man really hated having his exciting life. Between the alien invasions, super powered meglomaniacs, and time/dimensional travel she sometimes felt like there was nothing else that could ever surprise. And yet the costumed crime fighter sometimes known as Ice Lady now was growling over her divine patron deciding to make her a Sailor Moon style magical girl.


They were half brothers, true. But rarely did Thor Odinson get along with the trickster Loki. In fact most times they were in the same room it was due to battle. So the fact both were sitting in the tavern and laughing together was seriously worrying everyone else. The two were gazing into a hand mirror Loki had brought. One of the other patrons approached cautiously. The man was known as Balder the Brave. Bravery however did not mean recklessness.

“Why are you two watching a playboy bunny with a hammer?” Balder asked.

Loki smirked and commented “Magical girl style beach bunny actually. What do you think brother, should we give her a full team like those girls from Japan in this world?”

The sight of Thor smirking alarmed most of the tavern.

Back at London

Being the chosen Champion of the Norse god of thunder had it's benefits. But having said patron pull a prank such as turning their champion into a magical girl beach bunny quickly proved to have rather unintended consequences. Among them was having memories stuffed into the girl's head. The question of if they were true memories was iffy. On the one hand they conflicted with things Ice Lady clearly remembered happening. On the other hand it was plausible. Both sets of memories contained similar events. It was just the underlying cause of them that differed.

In one set of memories Ice Lady, a man full time at the time, had been sent to a remote region of China by the Freedom Society to investigate demon sightings. There he'd fallen into a cursed pool of water and gained the 'curse' to turn into a teenage girl. Not that she considered it a curse. In the other set of memories the curse had been gained while chasing a Japanise terrorist who somehow caused the two of them to run from America to remote China without ever seeing an ocean.

Both sets of events had happened around the same time. Similarly there were differences in other events too. In one set of memories Ice Lady had been ambushed by a bat-like girl who had brainwashed her shortly after being cursed. In the other set it had been a village of amazon like women who had erased Ice Lady's memory shortly after being cursed. Either way it ended up with the same result. Namely a period of time believing herself to be an actual teenager.

The second set of memories seemed to be the real ones. This was supported by physical evidence. The village of amazons had managed to de-age Ice Lady's male form to be about fourteen, just like her cursed form. And yet the other set of memories were also likely real. The last thing from that set was the world literally unraveling. Which implied an apocalyptic event which had maybe reset reality. Sadly Ice Lady couldn't discount that possibility. She'd encountered weirder.

Despite the energized feeling Ice Lady quickly collapsed back onto the bed. The throwing hammer slipped from numb fingers. Oddly it vanished instead of striking the ground. Or maybe it wasn't so odd. Half the time crime fighters and criminals alike who had mystic weapons or tools could store said tools in pocket dimensions. Or at least they could when transformed. Crazily enough, Ice Lady recognized why she had just collapsed. It wasn't her first encounter with anti-violence wards.

“Is it Tuesday? The really crazy shit always seems to happen on Tuesdays.”

December 9th


How the hell did this happen?! The person wondering this was a teen, or at least appeared to be one. They were female as well. Shoulder length hair draped across her neck. Soft rounded cheeks framed her pert mouth. A mouth currently scowling. Her lips were blue due to lipstick. A fact which annoyed the girl to no end. The shade matched that of her hair. After graduating from high school, twice, Sam was annoyed with finding herself back in school.

And it wasn't for collage either. To date the apparent teen had never found time for further schooling. No, this was like a combined junior high and high school. The only thing was that this particular school apparently taught nothing useful in the real world. While it was useful at times, magic wasn't really that useful in day to day life. Or holding a job for that matter. In the six days since waking up in a hospital Sam had seen many examples of atrocious writing and math skills.

None of the 'wizarding world' as these people called their little secret society could do so much as change a lightbulb. It was pathetic when one thought about it. And reading their main newspaper, the Daily Prophet, caused Sam to cringe at the poor grammar. It was as if these people had no clue about proper education. They didn't send their children to school until the age of eleven. And then it wasn't until their kids were fourteen or so that an optional math class was available. Math was NOT optional in Sam's opinion.

Neither was physical education. Yet that didn't stop these people from completely disregarding the benefits of exercise too. Science was also ignored as 'useless'. Or at least that was the impression given. Even a high school student knows energy can't be created out of nothing. Transformed and harnessed yes, but not created. Fission and fusion didn't create energy, they merely released latent energy in the materials. Even she herself wasn't immune to this immutable law.

Many considered Sam's powers to be cut and dry. Resistance to fire and heat, ability to turn into and create ice, and the ability to throw bolts of electricity. The unnatural agility was rarely noted. Not surprising really considering her powers heightened Sam's agility to levels only slightly beyond what a normal person could achieve via training. It wasn't like her reflexes were obviously superhuman. What very few people knew was how those powers actually worked.

Not that anyone here will care, the girl thought with amusement. Still, why the hell would anyone send me to a 'magic' school?! She was confused greatly by the very fact a wand even worked for her. An eight inch affair of some dark wood, Sam wasn't sure which kind though. According to the odd man in the small shop the core was the pinion feather of a thunderbird. The length of the wand didn't mean anything to the girl, although it was likely significant. In the rare occasions magic was dealt with by the Freedom Society numbers were frequently very important.

Not that a pointed stick mattered much to Sam. Upon entering what appeared to be the main hall she froze in shock. A rather famous (in certain circles) demon hunter was sitting at what appeared to be the head table in a dining room. Sam had dealt with her a couple times since the late 90's. There were children ranging from preteen to almost adults sitting around four other tables. At the head table were a group of adults, probably the faculty.

“Hi Ms. Mason Fancy meeting you here.”


Rei Hino pinched the bridge of her nose. The person who had joined herself and the Sunnydale natives could in a sense be considered Rei's mother, or father, it depended on the red head's mood. And currently the being known as Ranma Nightbane was telling embarrassing stories about Rei's training. Despite her nature Rei had managed to get over the raging nymphomania which had plagued her early on. Of course the training her sensei had subjected Rei and the others too hadn't helped much.

Some of the others were still constantly thinking of sex. The problem was their actual age vs apparent age. Having lived for about a thousand years made it rather squicky to sleep with a teenager. Yet anyone under the age of two hundred felt like a child too. The problem wasn't helped by the fact that for those thousand years Rei and her friends had been trapped in the bodies of teenagers. Even now they hadn't aged much in the last ten years. According to Sensei Mason they wouldn't physically be adults for another two centuries.

The very fact she and her friends were senshi apparently caused them to age really slowly until a physical age of twenty one, at which point their aging would halt. Which naturally meant having to deal with teenage hormones, still. There was the question still of just why Ranma Nightbane was in Sunnydale California though. And how could she convince Nightbane to stop telling tales of her own training. It was mortifying to have Rei's new friends hearing about the ways she'd screwed up. Not to mention the stories of how Nightbane would punish students for their screwups.

“Sensei!” Rei squeaked.

“What is it Rei? Do you deny how you begged to be suspended alongside my mother? As I recall you writhed quite fetchingly in the harness. And if by any chance you have allowed your aim to degrade once more I shall be forced to punish you. A remedial lesson may be well be in order should that be the case.”

The succubus's crimson hued skin deepened into a darker shade as Rei blushed. The reminder of just why Rei and Ami were no longer human didn't help the severe case of mortification either. Since both Buffy Summers and the budding witch Willow Rosenburg were also blushing deeply it was clear they had fathomed the nature of said punishment. The demonic teenage Harris boy, or girl Rei wasn't entirely sure which anymore, looked nervous.

“Sensei, why are you here?” The succubus asked finally once her blush was under control.

“I am here for a job to be precise,” Nightbane responded. “He has heard his other half did set up a champion in this town. Due to my previous employment being unfortunately ended by a well meaning outside influence He is paying for the safeguarding of this town. As well as keeping an eye on Her new champion.”

Xander paled as all amusement drained away. “Would this 'her' have a name?”

“Yes, She does have a name. I do not feel comfortable using it right now however. Suffice to say my current assignment is of the main to safeguard this town for the next nine months.”

Nightbane called up a translucent keyboard from her wrist band and began typing. Xander had managed to catch a glimpse of the screen that also appeared, and paled still further. While it hadn't been seen in seventeen years the logo was still familiar. Of course that was only due to sealed memories being restored inadvertently by a chaos mage. The brown haired teenage boy shuddered at the implications. Before being banished to mortality Alexandria had encountered the mortal turned succubus once or twice. The most notable time was in a city called Paragon. The ending of those recursive cycles was a Good Thing.

Time being consistently reset played havoc with many plans on both sides. Then there were the cycles where other universes would get merged temporarily with this one. All of which made things just that much harder for both sides of that conflict. It was actually a bit confusing to suddenly have memories of that last ten years that never happened. Of course the fact the last ten years had happened over and over might be part of that reason.

By the world's reckoning Xander had been exiled from his former life a mere ten years ago. However in his experience it had been nearly seventeen years. This was possible due to the fact the timeline had finally stabilized. His Mother had used that to her advantage to insert the former demon into the mortal world as an infant almost seven years previous to the starting point of those loops. The stabilizing of the timeline clearly had affected more then originally expected though.

Xander could tell since he didn't remember there being any 'hellmouth' locations before the recursive loops had been initiated. Nor did he remember vampires of this type roaming the earth. Vampires, sure those had been around on occasionally. But they hadn't been the 'bumpy forehead' variety of demonically animated corpse. They also had been much harder to put down. The 'judge' demon was new as well. Nor were slayers a part of the way things had been. Which raised the question of what else had been changed.

No matter, Xander thought as he focused once more on the situation before him. “So... you were sent to keep an eye on Mother's new champion for nine months, were you told why?”

Miss Nightbane smiled warmly and said “Naturally I was informed of the reason. And I must congratulate the three of you. Bringing new life into this world is a joyous occasion. Although I find myself puzzled over why He informed me the father is pregnant as well.”

Both Buffy and Willlow paled a little. Xander on the other hand merely reverted to his new natural state. Not that one could tell normally. The spell used was good enough that a woman could father a child while using it without actually changing their gender. A fact which Xander still didn't understand. A more permanent version of it had been used a few time when granting wishes. With his natural gender revealed to the newcomer Xander scowled at his two friends.

“Because Halloween changed me back to my original gender, and someone bargained with Mother for a vial of Dagon's Ceptive. A potion that ensures anyone who can have babies that has sex with the drinker gets pregnant, even if it's normally impossible. And yes, that does include the drinker Wills.”

Nightbane looked up the mentioned potion and began to snicker. The snickering evolved into giggles, which then erupted into full blown laughter. “I would not peruse her Rei. While Alexandria is more then old enough for you, I do not believe you are prepared to be a mother yet. This does provide an interesting possibility for myself however. Miss Harris, would you object to aiding my wife and myself at some point? We have been trying to conceive for a few years now but to no avail. My father it would seem has made it impossible for me to father any children of my own. How he ever expected the family to continue thus is a mystery I chose not to fathom.”

Author Notes:

I'm going to end this chapter here. Not because I can't think of anything more at the moment. No, I'm stopping now because I feel I've taken too long writing the next chapter. That, and I want to continue adding the first story in the series. I'm well aware that Ranma Saotome doesn't talk the way I'm portraying. There's a reason I write his/her dialog like this in the story though. It's partly explained in the as yet un-uploaded to TTH chapters of Wings of Paradise. I wanted to give Ranma Nightbane an older, noble seeming speech pattern. So I never write Ranma Nightbane using contractions. And as with many old novels like the Tragedy of Faust, why use three words when seven will suffice? As will be seen in future updates of Wings of Paradise, then later Wings of Recursion the development of this speech pattern isn't immediate, but forms over time.

Hope you enjoy this update.
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