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Buffy V. The Avengers

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Summary: Buffy is approached by Fury to help to Avengers with their god problems.

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Chapter Eight

Sorry it's been so long I started another long story, so I've been focusing on that, but I'll try to keep this one updated more frequently from now on. Also, I think I'm going to focus on the Avengers more than the other Marvel or DC characters, but they might make an appearance like Batman did. More will be explained as the story continues. As always these characters belong to their creators, or owners. Not me. Thanks for reading and all the comments!

“Will, we have a problem.”

“What’s wrong Buffy?”

“I think we need to tell Xander about the spell, and maybe Giles but for a different reason. We need some kind of nerd to explain these characters to us, and find out where exactly we are in their timeline, and we need someone that won’t tell anyone. That means Andrew is out of the question.”

“I thought we agreed that nobody else could know about this. Why do you want to tell him now?”

“Have you ever heard of Professor Charles Savior or Ex-savior? Whatever, his name is only important if you recognize it.”

“He sound familiar but I don’t know who he is.”

“Well Xander does, and Xander would have been able to warn me that this guy is a mind reader. In fact he can read minds from miles away, and has known about the spell for a while now.”

“Is he evil?”

“No, he is the head of a mutant school, like our slayer schools, but with mutants. And I found out where these people came from. They were normal people before the spell. My cousin is now some kind of mutant known as Cyclops, and his younger brother was changed so it’s not completely random.”

Willow nodded her head. “It makes sense. They all have souls and I know Ethan’s spell, whether he invoked the chaos god or not, couldn’t have the kind of power to create new souls.” She paused for a minute. “Buffy, maybe we could get Xander and this professor together and compare notes, find out who is alive and who isn’t.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking, well without the get them together part, but I know Xander will be able to tell us a lot anyway, like who is real or not, without getting suspicious like he did last time. Giles already knows we are keeping things from him, and I want him and this Savior guy to work together on the earthquake problem.”

“Buffy, I’m not sure there is a problem. I checked with the USGS and they said that it was an aftershock from the mid-Atlantic ridge. Sometimes when the plates move apart or against each other it’s not smooth, and we get an earthquake, or an aftershock.”

Buffy folded her arms together and scowled at Willow. “I lived in California Willow, I know what happens when plates move around. I also lived on a hellmouth and we both know that an earthquake in New York with all the Avengers and major slayers in town isn’t nothing. There are no coincidences, and you know it.”

“I wasn’t questioning your knowledge, but you do have a tendency to go all crazy when earthquakes, happen.” Seeing Buffy’s reaction she quickly added, “and you have reason too, but there are thousands of earthquakes every year. They can’t all be about you.”

Buffy cocked her head at Willow. That last comment was over the line, but it usually meant that Willow was stressed. Buffy learned that lesson long ago that Willow was cranky when she was tired or overworked. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just tired, and everyone wants me to just poof with the magic on command, and those containment spells I made for Ethan and Loki took a lot out of me, and, and then Kennedy’s mad at me for siding with you about Faith, and Xander keeps asking me questions about the super hero’s because he knows something’s up, and you keep demanding we look into this earthquake, and then this professor already knows about the spell and Giles is looking at me like I’m going to go dark side, and I feel like this comic book stuff is getting out of control, Dr. Banner and Stark want me to be in the lab with them every extra second I have, and what if everyone finding out about Ethan’s spell rips the fabric of reality and people die, or our dimension implodes? I don’t have the power to stop that.”

“I’m sorry Will, I know you’re tired, and I think the only way to take some of the weight off your shoulders is to spread it around, and tell Xander. Then I can come to him for a lot of comic book questions and I stop coming to you for everything, and make sure the rest of the council leans on the other coven, and witches. You don’t have to take on everything and I promise you a vacation. We’ve all been working nonstop since Sunnydale, and I was already planning on a leave of absence when Ethan showed up, so let’s make sure nothing bad is gona happen, tie up some loose ends, and go to Hawaii, or somewhere warm, maybe the Caribbean. What do you say?”

“Who will lead the council?”

“Kennedy seems to think she could do a better job, let her take over for a few weeks.”

“What about Faith?”

“Faith has been out of the game for too long. She needs to learn to handle North America before I let her take over the council. Kennedy has been part of the new council since we started. She knows all the policies and procedures, and despite what you think, I believe she is capable of running the council while the Scooby’s take a much needed vacation.”

“I don’t know. Do you really think now is the time for us to go on vacation? You said it yourself, there are no coincidences and Kennedy shouldn’t, I mean she isn’t exactly-“

“Don’t worry I’m not leaving her in charge exactly. I will make sure Rona and Vi are co in charge people too, and we won’t leave until this thing with Fury is figured out and the earthquake.”

“Don’t we have another meeting about that now?”

“Yeah, started ten minutes ago, do you want to go?”

“We probably should.”

“And afterward we can have a Scooby summit and tell Giles and Xander about Ethan’s spell, and then go back to the mutant high school, unless you want to wait and rest, because we could totally rest. It’s not like I want you to make with the portals, we will drive. You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“It’s ok, I want to go, I’m just magic exhausted, and it’s making me cranky.”

The room was alive with arguments when Willow and Buffy arrived for the meeting. The debate was almost over and they planned the vote for tomorrow morning. If they were going to adapt to working with government policy it would have to start slow. Buffy knew that and she also knew that it was going to happen and didn't want to delay the inevitable.

There were fifty people or more in the conference room they rented at the hotel, and each and every one of them was arguing some point or another. It was chaos. Usually when they had meetings like this there was a lot of arguing but never had an issue been this controversial.

“Everybody shut up!” Dawn yelled and the group quieted down. She looked at Buffy and nodded.

“Thanks Dawn. I think we should vote on this now, and instead of arguing more about whether or not it happens, we should start talking about the consequences of it before we talk to Fury tomorrow.”

“Anyone disagree or have anything they want to add?” Kennedy raised her hand and glared at Buffy.

“I think democracy is bullshit. You people don’t even have checks and balances put in place. What if the US government didn’t have the Supreme Court? We might still have segregated bathrooms and men might still be able to beat their wives. You are all going to vote to give the American government access to slayers, and you know damn well they are going to abuse it. Look at what they did with the mutants, look at what they did to their own servicemen in war, or anywhere else they send them without the right protection. This is a mistake and we are going to regret it in the future.”

“I agree with you Kennedy, about the mistake part.” Kennedy was astounded. Buffy almost never agreed with her. “But, I think it’s the way this council will vote, and I think we need to focus on working out the details. Even if we don’t agree to this, we do not control slayers and they will most likely join the various military agencies around the world, especially if we tell them not too. I think it’s more important we have some idea how we will respond should something bad happen. Trying to manage the interaction might be the only way we can keep this situation from totally falling apart. You know as well as I do that Faith will not be the only slayer that wants to be a superhero, and the whole point to slayers is protecting humanity. How can we argue that it’s not our job to help humanity protect itself?” She looked at Dawn and smiled. “She is the reason, and Giles and Willow and Xander and my mom and all of you before you were slayers that Faith and I fought when I should have been studying or chasing boys. The point that needs to be made is not that we won’t help humanity, but that we will not help kill humanity.”

The room was quiet and Buffy went on. “Giving slayers guns, putting them in the line of fire is asking them to kill and be killed for human reasons we can’t be sure of. When we find a nest, we can be sure that taking them out will save lives. Kennedy is right, there is no guarantee that any government is going to tell us the truth about anything, but neither can we leave them to deal with threats like Loki alone. Last time Loki’s Atari demons destroyed New York, and killed thousands. Maybe if we kept up communication with them we can avoid situations like this in the future. I think placing two or three slayers, a watcher and a witch with agencies like SHIELD might help avoid problems like that in the future.”

“But where does it end? This is a slippery slope Buffy. How are we going to know which agencies are good and which are bad?”

“Don’t play that slippery slope game with me Giles. We will treat each and every agency we work with individually, and assume they are keeping things from us. This will have to be a test run with SHIELD. If we approve this measure, we will not be working with them on human problems. If they have another vampire problem in New York, the slayers they work with can coordinate with the local slayers and eliminate the problem. If they get wind of something mystical, they can research it, and alert the council. I’m not going to give my approval to anything else at this point, but I have another meeting today with one of the mutant leaders, and we will have to maintain a relationship with them too.” She sighed and rubbed her eyes.

“They are fighting human battles, but they encounter all kinds of supernatural stuff, and rather than let them get hurt by something we can take care of I want to discuss some kind of interaction, but there again, we would need to always be on guard. I don’t really have anything else to say, unless the decision is made. If we don’t have a liaison we will need to maintain a watcher of sorts for Loki like problems, because he is probably not the first bad guy to think of using slayers. Last night when I was patrolling a vampire said he wanted me for his bride, and he wasn’t the first. We’ve all been told we should be someone’s evil bride at some point or another, or minion.” She looked pointedly at Xander and smiled. We cannot let those situations go unnoticed. What if Loki had caused permanent damage to the slayers? We need to maintain a close watch, and if we do vote yes, I want to be a part of the process that decides who is going to work with the governments.” She eyed Faith. “Do you have anything to add?”

“Nah, you got that speech thing down. Let’s vote.”

Buffy looked at all the slayers, watchers, and witches that made up the council. Over fifty of them were here, enough to take a vote, and she nodded to Dawn.

“All in favor raise your hands.” She began to count, and realized right away that it might actually be close. “I take it back. All in favor go to the left side of the room, all against go to the right side of the room, uh, my right and left.” Buffy and Giles went to the right side, and all the other Scooby’s went left.

The vote wasn’t as close as Dawn thought with thirty five voting for and only twenty against. Buffy stood at the head of the conference table and said, “You are all here because you are either the oldest and most qualified for these council positions or you are the most politically minded, or principal like slayers, though not the Snyder kind, but the manager kind. I want you to talk to your districts and come up with some names. I want two or three slayers, one watcher and one witch to be the group that trains with SHIELD and they will have two people from the council that they report to directly, an intern and a full time council member. Sarah, we will need to add this to the next message that gets sent out to all the slayers, schools, and watchers. Come up with candidates and we will have to access their skill level. I’m going to make this very clear now. I want all parties involved to be at least 18 and I will strongly encourage people that are over twenty one. We will not be sending children to be trained with any military.” Her voice was steely, and the edge had even the other slayers nervous enough to take a step back.

“The time for young girls dying at the hands of old men is over. This will not be a slayer turned soldier training school. This will be an internship that they will come back from, a learning experience. I know I already said we cannot control slayers, but as long as they work for the council they will not be soldiers. Should they break ties with the council they will always have a way back, and the ties will not be able to be broken fully anyway. We will still need to monitor their actions like we do with all the slayers that chose to remain in or go back to their normal lives.”

Dawn walked up to Buffy looked at the council. “In one month we will meet here in New York. Bring the information on the slayers you might think are qualified and we will talk then.”

“Thanks Dawny, now I have one more thing to say. If this meeting goes well with the mutant leader and it turns out this earthquake was nothing to worry about, Willow, and I will be taking a vacation. I think Xander mentioned something too, and Giles, you are looking paler than usual. I have decided that Kennedy, Rona, Vi and Samuel will be in charge of the council until Giles and I return. Samuel will make sure the watchers stay in line, and the slayers will be in charge of keeping the slayers in line. We will reconvene here in a month for the meeting with your candidates. If it turns out that this earthquake thing is apocalypsey, we’ll come back.”

“Anything else before we quit the meeting?” Nobody responded so Dawn officially ended their meeting.

Buffy decided to talk with Fury before her and Willow explained the spell to Xander and Giles. He told her to meet him at Stark Tower and Buffy went over their early on Friday. On her way up to the board room, she ran into Captain America walking up the stairs. He appeared to be taking the stairs for exercise reasons but slowed down to talk with Buffy on her way up.

“General Summers, good morning.”

“Buffy, please. Good morning er Captain Rogers, or America? What do you like to be called?”

“Steve or I suppose I always respond to captain, General.”

“Sort of like a first name I guess, you know I still turn when someone says slayer. I know I am often in a room or a sewer or graveyard with several other slayers, but when someone says slayer, it feels like my name and I always turn around. Of course so do the other slayers, but it’s interesting how some labels become like a name, like something so personal that even when other slayers turn around, they always mean me. Just like if you were with other captains, and someone yelled, ‘hey captain,’ they’d always mean you.”

“So what are you doing here?”

“Fury asked me to consider bringing slayers into your Avengers thing, or SHIELD, and the council agreed with him, so I’m here to deliver the news.”

“You don’t seem happy about it.”

Buffy sighed, “I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I was overruled.”

“If it makes you feel any better Director Fury is no cuthbert or conchie. He’ll never run from a fight, and he’ll never put his men, pardon me ma’am, I’m still getting used to women in combat. He’ll never ask soldier or slayer to go anywhere he’s not going first. He’s no rookie either. Fury’s an old sweat and a Sammy from a time when being an American meant saving the world. I don’t know what’s going on these days, but in my day we went to war to help people, and we didn’t sell weapons to the enemy. I don’t pretend to know how we got here, but I can tell you this, if Nick Fury was in charge things would be different.”

“That’s why I’m afraid, Fury isn’t in charge, but I understand what you’re saying and it helps. The council voted for this for the wrong reasons, but if you’re right and Fury is a good guy-“

“The best.”

“If you’re right and Fury is the best, then this might work, wrong reasons or not.”

“I hope so ma’am.”

“Seriously need to stop calling me that.”

“Yes sir.” He saluted her and they laughed.

“I’m not technically a general, so I'm not you superior, but Xander’s gona flip when I tell him you did that.”

“Pardon me for asking, but what does he do for your organization? He’s not a soldier, and he hasn’t presented any unusual strength or ability.”

“Xander’s been with me from the beginning. He’s stopped apocalypses, saved my life countless times, and now he is co-director of the council, and head of the division of watchers and slayers in Africa. He seems like a fanboy around you guys, but you have all inspired him his whole life. You’re part of the reason he want to help and without your muscle or Stark’s suit, he manages to save people every day.”

“I wasn’t questioning his loyalty, or his accomplishments, but in my experience guys like that don’t stand a chance against the big guns.”

“If I know my comic books, which I don’t, but weren’t you kinda small when you started? Was it the strength that made you want to fight?”

“No, I was going to war whether I enlisted or not, the strength was just a tool to make that easier.”

“Exactly. Though in my case, if I wasn’t chosen, I wouldn’t be fighting now. I didn’t even know vampires existed before I became the slayer and even after, I resisted. Xander never even hesitated. He sees people in need and he helps, and yes sometimes that means he gets hurt, but he’s never backed down and never gives up. He’s a superhero if I ever saw one. A nerdy one, but a hero none the less.”

“He sounds like a good guy.”

“He is.”

“Maybe you can explain to me something he said. The guys around here like to play tricks on me with modern slang and I’m not sure what the inside joke was, but I asked him what he meant when he said you died and he said all kinds of stuff about a Goddess and then he said you jumped through her trans dimensional Glory hole and saved the world, and all the guys around here thought it was hilarious. What do you think that means?”

“It means I’m going to kill him!” Buffy was about as red as an apple.

“But what does it mean?”

Buffy exhaled loudly and stopped. “Steve, do you know how to use a computer?”

“Yes, or I can have one of the secretaries help me.”

“Google it, and don’t let anyone help you. Trust me.”

Buffy came to the meeting room where she was supposed to meet Fury and after a long pause, opened the door. He sat with agents Coulson and Hill waiting for her arrival. Buffy sat down and said, “The council agreed to a trial run, but we have some ground rules to set up, and if you agree to them, we can go forward.”

“What are they?”

“First I need to be able to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. This is a deal breaker. There will be other people in contact with the slayers, witch, and watcher from the council monitoring their progress and helping with bigger cases, but I must to have enough clearance to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. Even if this works out, and we continue the program, Giles and I will always have authority over what goes on with slayers. If we say no, or we decide they need more back up, we give it to them. I don’t have the time or energy to shadow their every move, but I want the security clearance should I need to.”

“What else?”

“I want weekly reports on their progress, what they’re learning and how it’s being applied. It’s not only important that I keep up with the girls, but when they come back to the council after the internship is over, or they don’t stay on for whatever reason, I need to know what they know and how that might affect other slayers. I need to know in case they go awol what they could do, and maybe we could use girls with a skill set that includes military training and intelligence, but if I don’t know what they are capable of, I can’t utilize it.”

“That said, knowledge is power and only a limited number of people should know about this. Obviously you trust Hill and Coulson, and the Avengers will figure it out, but that’s it. You don’t talk to anyone at the council unless I tell you it’s ok, and we need some way to verify who we are and they are every time a phone call is made. Just because someone calls pretending to be me, doesn’t mean you should give them information. There are vampires that make it their undead life’s mission to kill slayers and every time someone else knows they are slayers, we put them at risk.”

“I don’t know if Faith will stick around in both capacities, but if the transition goes well, and she takes over North American operations, she will need to have this information too, and access to the slayers at any time. If she stays on as Echo, then she’ll be subject to whatever rules you have for the Avengers, but I wouldn’t leave her out when something happens. She’s been a slayer almost as long as I have, and she would be an asset.”

“Anything else?”

“If these girls are going to be working on supernatural cases, then they are going to need to work with other slayers and watchers if things get out of hand, and unfortunately that is going to mean that information is going to be shared with our organization more than it will be with yours. Can you handle that?”

“Yes,” Fury said “and I have another proposition that I think you should consider. When Sunnydale was about to fall, most of the people left, but there were still several people that were killed and had our organizations worked together, we might have been able to evacuate the town faster and more efficiently. I’m not trying to step on your toes, but you have to admit, that the military might be able to help even if only to evacuate an area.”

“Yeah, but where does it end? I tell you there are several thousand uber vamps coming out of the hell mouth and what are you going to do? You’re not going to let me handle it, like you should. You’re probably going to try and nuke the area, or your bosses will and that won’t solve the problem. The hell mouth was a doorway to hell. Nuking the doorway wouldn’t kill anything if the First shut the door, and some evil bastard would come along and re-open it anyway. We closed it AND took out the army and while you might have gotten a bomb through the doorway, you might not have. Modern weapons can work miracles on ancient evils, but in some cases it does nothing. And I would never allow you to bomb a town like that.”

“AND, what are you going to tell the media? If the military takes over a town, big or small and kicks everyone out, people are going to start asking a lot more questions.”

“And you don’t think they didn’t for Sunnydale? Look, we helped whether you realize it or not. Who do you think told the cops to look the other way all those years? Who do you think hushed up the media after the town collapsed? All I’m asking for is a heads up and I’m offering up our help. A number to call should you encounter something that’s our problem. With more than one slayer now, you’re going to encounter a lot more problems that might be our jurisdiction and while I don’t expect you to police humans, you might at least have someone to call if you find something that needs attention.”

“Like you did with the Tesseract?”

“That was a mistake. We know that now, but the Tesseract is part of the reason I want to work with your organization. What if your slayers are out on patrol and they find a bomb? Who are you going to call? We didn’t have anyone to call before. With only one slayer and a corrupt council we didn’t have someone to work with. Now we do, and after what happened in New York the government is going to be less likely to throw bombs at a problem like that Loki now that they know what the Avengers can do, and that there is an agency like yours to help.”

“Look, Fury, let’s just see how this works with a couple slayers and then we can go from there. Willow has some paperwork for you to sign, and I imagine you will have some for us. And for god’s sake, someone teach Captain Stuck in Last Century Rogers how to use Google!”

Coulson smiled, “is that an official part of our agreement? Should I include it in the paperwork?”

“Yes, and I want to know how Thor intends to cage Loki. If he can’t come up with something before January we need to know about it.”

“Sir, why should we share information with Ms. Summers about Loki if she won’t share information with us?”

“Because agent Hill, she’s doing us a favour asking in the first place. They have enough power to check on him or take him if they want to and there’s nothing we can do about it. Isn’t that right Ms. Summers?”

“Your words, not mine, and we don’t want him any more than you do. I just want to know if there is a cage made ready or if Will should come back and try to put him in stasis again.”

“Is there anything else Ms. Summers?”

“Maybe, our agreement will have to be subject to change as we try this. Do you have stipulations specifically about the slayer Avengers internship?”

“Only that the slayers, witches and watchers working with our people sign a standard non-disclosure clause and be subject to punishment should they sell secrets to the enemy or talk about classified information to anyone with the exception of you. I know slayers will be working on supernatural cases, but they will be working with our people and our technology and we need to know that they will be protected.”

“Yes, but if something happens, you can’t hold them. Any punishments will be doled out by me.”

“No, if they break human laws, they are subject to human punishments.”

“Except that they could potentially hurt a lot of people. Look we can’t argue about this. If a slayer breaks the law, we have our own protocol in place to deal with it. She is subject to a jury of her peers, which is not something you can offer. Normal humans don’t understand and the same goes for witches and watchers. That doesn’t mean they get free reign, or that they get off every time, but it means that the council and a jury of slayers decides punishments. Look, you have military courts for the same reason. Civilians can’t make judgments about military matters, and the military courts don’t make judgments about civilians.”

“I might agree to this as long as we know the outcome. If a slayer kills a human, accident or not, and you make a judgment we will need to know, if for no other reason than to know if she will be coming back or not, or if we should watch out for them if they escape you.”

“Fine, but if I find out you’ve punished any of my people without my authorization there will be consequences.”

“But sir“

“Enough agent Hill. Coulson, get these terms to legal and make sure they draw this up with our terms. Is Monday too soon to get our paperwork signed?”

“I’ll talk to Willow and get back to you. We have some things our people need to deal with this weekend.”

“Anything we can help with?”

“No, this personal, but we will meet on Monday, and talk about a timeframe for when the internship should start, and what kind of qualifications you want. I think the slayers will meet whatever physical fitness levels you will need, but we need to know for witches and watchers and any other qualities you will expect.”

“Thank you. You won’t regret this.”

“I certainly hope not Fury, because if I regret this, so will you.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy V. The Avengers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 13.

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