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Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Demons have opened the Cleveland Hellmouth and it’s ‘call in the world’ time. *open to other authors*

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Stand and Be Counted


Many thanks to Pythia for the awesome banner!

Disclaimer: I and the associated authors own none of the characters, Buffy, Stargate or other universes herein included. We're just borrowing them for a little fun. We promise to give them back undamaged.

Stand and Be Counted

Stargate Command
Tuesday April 6th 2004
2100 hours

“Yes sir.”

“I understand sir.”

“Thank you sir.”

With a groan, Brigadier General Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill placed the telephone handset back in its red cradle. Pinching the bridge of his nose he reached in his desk drawer, extracting a bottle and quickly downing a pair of generic ibuprofen. His stomach churning as they were chased by the dregs of long-cold coffee. Levering himself out from behind the desk he paused to let his stomach settle, steeled his face into a calm mask, took the three steps around to the door and opened it.

Stepping into the briefing room he waved off the attempt to come to attention before it even began. “Carter,” his eyes caught those of his former second in command and he nodded sharply.

The Lieutenant Colonel's eyes closed, then opened slowly. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats.” The Cheyenne Mountain department and SG team heads quickly settled around the large conference table. A tap on the remote in her hand dimmed the lights, drawing everyone's focus to the display screen over her shoulder.

“Pursuant to article seven of the standing agreement between the IOA, member nations and the International Slayers and Watchers Council, at 1300 hours local time Friday, the ISWC informed the SGC of a potential attempt against the security of the Cleveland Hellmouth.

“At 1950 hours this evening a hostile, extradimensional, subterrestrial force initiated an assault on the gateway. The Cleveland slayers and prepositioned reinforcements lead by Senior Slayers Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane moved to engage the force and defend the integrity of the hellmouth seal.”

Samantha swallowed hard. “At 2019 hours the following message was broadcast in the clear.” Flicking her remote at the bank of electronics a hiss of static broke over the room.

“Hello? Anyone out there?...”

Another burst of static.

“Goddess I hope someone hears me,” the very young and worried sounding female voice continued as noise built in the background. “This is Dawn Summers of the ISWC. We have a code Ragnarok...” The sounds of close combat swamped the signal. Inhuman screams and screeches assaulted the ears in the room.


The carrier-wave hum cut out and silence filled the room, followed by the groan of tortured metal. The room turned as one to face the source of the noise. A young woman with fiery hair who had just destroyed the arms of her chair. Swallowing back the pain of what she just heard, the head of the SGC's assigned slayers raised teary eyes to the room, her back ramrod straight, her expression firm. Beside her a young man with mousy brown hair paled before reaching out to lay a tentative hand on her shoulder.

O'Neill stood to attention at the head of the table, his eyes briefly locking with Vi's. “That was the last communication received. I have just gotten off the phone with President Hayes. Article 9 is now in effect. All global militaries have been placed at DEFCON 1 or equivalent. Code Ragnarok is being propagated by any means necessary to all associated organizations.”

The General's eyes swept the room. “People, WE are the second line of defense. Andrew, Vi, the ODYSSEY and KOROLEV are already transporting your people to bring here for organization and deployment to Cleveland. DAEDALUS has been recalled but is several weeks out. We also have a Free Jaffa Ha'tak due with a legion of their warriors for exercises that we might be able to borrow.

“We have no idea what the situation is. I need SG-1 and the base slayers geared up and on the ground there in...”

Violent alarms blared out. “Unauthorized personnel in the gateroom!” This was swiftly amended. “Medical Emergency! Trauma teams to the gateroom!”

Jack had lunged around the table at the first alarm, arriving at the overlooking window to see an older gentleman with thinning brown hair and glasses askew on his face collapse to his knees, a severely injured young blonde cradled in his arms. Beside him the General caught a brief glimpse of another young woman with pasty-pale skin, her hair red with back tips before she disappeared back into whatever ether the three of them had come from.

“BUFFY!” The tortured scream escaped Vi's lips as she launched herself from the window, over the table, and halfway down the stairs to the control room in a single leap.

O'Neill turned to those remaining in the room. “ODYSSEY will be overhead in fifteen minutes. SG-1 and our slayers will deploy in twenty. Sam, I need a secure perimeter to send the slayers into but even more than that I need hard intel.

“Andrew, see what you can get out of Mr. Giles.

"As they get organized I will be sending out slayers with SG Team escorts. Everyone prep your teams for immediate deployment upon receipt of SG-1's signal.”

A/N: Okay, the universe is open. You want Harry Potter leading a team of Aurors? The NCIS team? The Winchesters? The Doctor and Torchwood? Bo and Kinzie? Queen Susan of Narnia? Naruto? Bleach? Tenchi? The Power Rangers? Will Smith's Marine F-18 pilot from Independence Day? The Halliwell Sisters? The SGC is forwarding the call to 'all associated organizations'. Code Ragnarok has been declared. Bring forth the heavy hitters!

If you are interested in joining in, please visit the series page for the short list of rules and advice on fitting into the universe. They're all pretty much common sense, but hey, sometimes it helps to have them in writing!

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