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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18324512,925121096353,30818 Dec 126 Nov 14No

The Lords of Sin by DarthTenebrus

Disclaimer: I own nothing except a few OCs and this storyline. All others belong to LucasArts and Bioware.

WARNING -- this chapter contains graphic material of a sexual nature which is pertinent to the plot in this chapter. If you are not above the age of 18, I strongly suggest you skip the later parts of this chapter. But if you are of proper age and have a strong stomach for this sort of stuff, read on...


Mabel drove like she had never driven before. Her heretofore reliable minivan was the only thing now between death and the salvation ahead. Her ears rang with the tinnitus induced by the multiple shots from Tom’s M4 on the left and Dylan’s on the right as they pumped round after round into the pursuing nightmares. They had learned well from their dad, and they were making every shot count. Every aim was dead center for either the head, or the chest, or whatever else constituted the greatest percentage of body mass for the corresponding targeted creature, but they were gaining, and her boys were quickly running out of ammunition. It was only a matter of time.

For her part, Mabel had thrown all caution to the wind when she saw her first monster. She had trained well with her 9mm Beretta, and the first instinct she had was to identify the target, then choose whether to shoot or not. If she decided to shoot, then it was for a kill, and she was not to hesitate. She was fortunate enough now that the training enabled her to process those things in her mind in a split second; upon sight of the horror looming before her, she raised her pistol and fired at what appeared to be the head of her first target. Not expecting anything other than mere humans, she was surprised when the impact of the steel jacketed bullet only knocked its head back slightly. What was more surprising, though, was when she saw the wound her shot had inflicted closing visibly by the half second. She yelled back to her sons to hang on to their weapons and the seats, and, wasting no more time, she slammed her foot against the accelerator pedal and sped away as fast as the engine would take them.

That had been almost twenty minutes ago. The boys had one thing going on their behalf; they learned that if they crippled a demon with a well-placed shot to one of the limbs it used to move around, then the others nearby pounced on it forthwith until it was rent into pieces, the blood and ichor lapped up until nothing remained. Yet what others were not enthralled by the scent of fresh blood and life maintained their pursuit, so Mabel and her family were left with no shortage of targets to shoot as they fled toward their destination.

It was beginning to seem rather hopeless…

An hour ago, near I-90

They had woken up to the most spectacular explosions any of them had ever witnessed. Tom and Dylan had not had the good fortune to be the cause of such explosions at any moment on post with their dad. Controlled items such as land mines and fragmentation grenades were much different from bullets, as there was no second chance if one messed up a grenade throw and it went short. The same was true with antitank ordnance and other such fun things to shoot, for if one failed to explode as expected, then the proper course was not to go out and examine the dud for oneself, but rather to notify Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams, who would go out and do what they were trained to do. So Tom and Dylan were quite excited to see such massive explosions going off in the distance.

The sight also frightened them somewhat as the detonations occurred in the direction of the Imperial units posted southeast of the highway. The silhouette they generated would haunt their dreams forever, never mind that the Galactic Empire was here to save their collective asses from something more horrible. The mechanical Trojan Horses stood nearly fifty feet from their massive feet to the humps of their backs. The armour of the soldiers themselves, as well as that of the combat droids they had deployed in a defensive perimeter, appeared like nothing less than bulked up insects gathered to swarm against something.

Then the earth rumbled as, on the other side, the ground caved into itself with a massive yawn, and fire belched forth from the caverns that had been uncovered in the blast. Mabel’s curiosity then overrode her sense of caution as she started the minivan and turned in the direction of the overpass. The vehicle’s suspension did not offer much protest as, luckily, the terrain from their rest point to south highway was relatively smooth and free of holes and thick vegetation. She didn’t bother with merging with the traffic on the lanes, opting instead to drive alongside the traffic and carefully navigate her way over the embankment that formed part of the overpass itself. Once through that quagmire, she attempted to fuse the accelerator to the floorboard as she felt an uncontrollable urge to observe the chaos up close. Tom and Dylan looked at each other with worry as they wondered what prompted their mother’s sudden change in tactics. They were supposed to be trying to get to New York, and now their mom was driving straight toward what was sure to become a war zone.


Veers got the word from one of the LRRS scouts that the demon security force was approaching to within one standard kilometer of each Imperial defensive position. By some miracle the interdiction field that had hampered communications between the walker elements had disappeared, and they were able to receive and transmit in the clear. This, however, had to have been perfect timing, as their time had run out.

He sent a short-burst transmission to the Dominator calling for reinforcements and a possible orbital bombardment as a last resort, then he sent word to his company commanders to detonate their emplaced proton mines. He watched through the transparisteel viewport of his walker, with some degree of satisfaction, as explosions ripped the ground apart, momentarily polarizing the pane as a flash brighter than this world’s primary lit up the night. In moments, each of his companies reported back over the wireless that they were watching the ground cave in at each of the tunnel breach points.

He smiled as he gave the order to open fire. In an instant, the air turned red as turbolaser batteries and blaster rifles poured plasma into the open mouth of the tunnel. The laser blasts scored and pitted the earth, scorching the vegetation and turning the bare rock into glowing, molten magma. He checked the tactical display on his monitor and did a sudden double take. The seismic sensors the LRRS teams had planted along the tunnel routes should have been going hawk-bat crazy…but they weren’t.

He was receiving no return whatsoever from the sensor feeds, and so he ordered a cease-fire. After a second the laser barrage stopped, and he peered through the viewport to get a visual.

What he saw confounded him greatly. There should have been piles of demon bodies, if the reports from Rally Base Refuge were to be believed. They were accustomed to thinking the demons that were supposed to have emerged from the tunnels would simply charge maddeningly toward the Imperial lines and throw themselves at them with no regard for their own safety. Instead there was nothing save the open mouth of the tunnel, which now glowed an angry red from the intense energy transfer from the superheated Tibanna gas. Colonel Veers began to wonder if their intelligence had been accurate, if their instruments had been faulty, and a host of other possibilities as to why they didn’t get what they expected to see.

He considered that perhaps the demons were holding back, waiting for the right moment to come out, when something even more odd happened. Instead of the massive onslaught the Imperials were hoping for, a solitary figure emerged from the infernal glow, a human female. His eyes widened at the fact that this woman had just come out from a place that no sentient being could hope to have survived, and yet the woman was just walking out of the mouth of the tunnel, past the charred, roasted landscape, as though she had all the time in the galaxy. Veers decided he needed a closer look at this single, mad individual, who was brazen enough to saunter past the hordes of Hell without a thought for her own fate. Was she Force-sensitive? Was she using the Force to hold the demons at bay and clear a path to freedom and salvation? He pulled down the rangefinder and linked it to the photonic array, then he zoomed in to five times normal magnification.

She had stopped just past the burned-out area surrounding the tunnel mouth, and was regarding the assembled host arrayed against what should have been an invading army. What struck Veers as unbelievable was not the fact that she had simply strolled through death and fire, or that she had come from Hell itself. It was none of those.

She was completely naked.


Mabel had driven like a woman possessed, each passing moment bringing her and her two sons nearer to the Imperial lines. As they approached, they had the distinct privilege of watching the AT-ATs fire upon an open hole in the ground. The surrounding troopers and the combat droids, now that they could see them for what they were, were pouring blaster fire into the same hole, the edge of which was slowly starting to glow from the laser rain. They kept it up for a couple of minutes while Mabel steadily encroached upon the battle taking place, and then as suddenly as it started, the laser volley stopped.

There was nothing there except a smoking, glowing hole surrounded by the earth that had been cracked and ruined, turned to lava in the shooting. What had they been doing? Where was the enemy? Were they just doing this for fun? This had to be more than just coincidence that the Imperials were here at all, that they even existed in the first place. Mabel took out a pair of military issue binoculars from a compartment in the center console and put it close to her eyes, and she and her boys kept watching. They were not to be disappointed.

After a moment of nothing, Mabel spotted a single figure emerging from the raw, open wound in the earth. The edge of the hole was still smoldering, glowing from the hellish laser barrage, and yet this person, this human being, was not even being singed. The person stood up after climbing out of the hole and began to walk, just walk, toward the Stormtroopers and the AT-ATs. This person, a woman judging by the soft curves of the hips and breasts, stopped just after clearing the blackened, scorched ground. She had to have lost at least some of her marbles because not only was she wearing no protective coverings to insulate her from the hellish heat, she was wearing absolutely nothing at all. Her breasts and her pubic mound, thinly covered by a patch of rust-colored hair, were as bare as her feet. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders in waves of the same shade of rust, accenting a toned physique under skin that was tanned to a medium brown. Her eyes were topaz gems that shone out like liquid pools over a straight nose, high cheekbones, and full, ripened lips. Her square jaw tapered to a delicate chin over a slender, muscular neck. A slender collarbone connected small, square shoulders that topped the woman’s equally slender arms. Her large breasts were full and round, with brown nipples which stood out like large pencil erasers. They were suspended over a narrow rib cage that topped a narrow abdomen with muscles that belonged to a professional athlete. This rested atop a set of wide, flaring hips that tapered into round thighs that were lean and strong. Slender knees connected her thighs to long shins that supported oval-shaped calves and connected in turn to small, delicate feet. The overall image was one of a woman that was the avatar of sexual bounty.

Mabel took all of it in with a glance, and though she was a proud heterosexual, she suddenly wondered why she was suddenly growing hot and moist between her legs at the sight of the strange woman.


Veers took in the image of the nude female with a hungry eye, and suddenly he found himself fantasizing about all the pleasures he would share with her. He was so engrossed by her that he failed to notice the incoming messages from each of his company commanders. They were shouting at him for orders in the wake of demonic attacks at each of the breach points, but as loud as they were, Veers was held entranced by her. He imagined her voice, a silken honeyed purr that beckoned to him in his mind, promising the fulfillment of each and every one of his sexual desires with her body. She would take every one of his soldiers and satisfy them first, one by one, and still have enough to slake his thirst for her passion a thousand times and more. He imagined the scent of her musk flooding his nostrils and awakening his lust as he visualized nestling his tongue inside her moist folds and lapping up the sweet nectar within.

He was still fantasizing about her when his men started screaming and dying through the speakers in his monitoring suite.


Asmodeus smiled as he saw the effect the female form he had assumed to ensnare the mortals was having on them. His brothers were already doing their finest work at the other tunnels, ambushing the soldiers and the helpless prey before them and slaughtering all who didn’t fall victim to their powers. This was why there were four tunnels. The First had anticipated the arrival of the Sith forces and had set this trap for them specifically. So far, it had worked brilliantly, and the Stormtroopers were falling like wheat before the scythe. Their return to battle did not help them much, as the demons that followed in the wake of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Seven Princes of Hell, largely ignored their fallen brethren as the Imperials’ renewed laser volley took scores and dozens of them with each blast of their cannons. Beelzebub and Belphegor were slowing down and distracting the soldiers at the northernmost tunnel with gluttony and laziness respectively, while Amon and Lucifer were causing the soldiers at the breach point to its immediate southwest to step boldly before their brothers’ lines of fire in an effort to take the lion’s share of the glory from the field, as in battles waged in the ancient days of this world and others. Lucifer inspired the soldiers to boast before the others merely with his presence while Amon, the avatar of Wrath, maddened the ones whose vision had been blocked by their brothers, causing them in turn to shoot them in the back for their trouble. They cut themselves down to a fraction of their numbers before the demons that surged forth from that tunnel mouth had a chance to take them for themselves.

Leviathan, the dread serpent of the sea, the Lord of Envy, along with Mammon, the Lord of Greed, together summoned the memories of each soldier’s combat record and their military career and caused the lesser amongst them to seize their superior officers and senior noncoms in an effort to prove to them who were the better men amongst them. As with Wrath and Pride, the Imperials fell upon each other before the horde eventually overwhelmed the survivors and finished them all. Asmodeus, the Prince of Lust, needed no partner. He had ambushed the mortals with their own biological imperative, the drive, the need to reproduce, and his children finished the job before they turned on the hapless unarmed prey before them.

The Seven Deadly Sins were not true demons for naught.
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