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Forever Paramour

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Undying Love". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: BTVS/Highlander crossover: Buffy's dreams lead her to a man with a destiny that could either destroy the world. . . or save it. OC with canon cross. Pairings:B/X, OC/F, W/D -- Graphic Adult Situations Depicted

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Highlander > Multiple Pairings(Current Donor)deiticlast + 1 otherFR18924,33901413,07018 Dec 129 May 14No

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Chapter 7

Lots of graphic sex in this one. Standard disclaimer. Enjoy!

And a very special thanks to my superbeta, Listener, without which this chapter would suck majorly.

It happened so fast that Joel was caught by surprise. Before he could even register the movement, Faith suddenly grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down, so that he lost his balance and fell to his knees, banging them painfully on the metal frame connected to the headboard. He thought for a wild second that she was actually going to kill him for good this time, but was taken by an even bigger surprise when her hand shifted from his shirt to the back of his head, pulling him in for a long kiss that left his mind reeling and his pulse pounding.

He tried to back away from her, but her other hand caught his arm and pulled him up and onto the bed, so that he lay almost on top of her. Finally she let him go, and came up, gasping not for breath, but from fear and surprise. Looking down at her from his knees and elbows, he could see the small grin she was giving him, obviously enjoying his confusion at this turn of events. She had let her grip on his head and arm go, but that didn’t she had her hands off of him.

Oh, no. Her hands were rubbing his back, his ass, his legs, his— Oh, damn, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she cupped his crotch, showing that she knew exactly what she was doing to him. Damn it! He felt like he had no control over his body, and here she was playing like a concert pianist played frickin’ Machiavelli or whatever the hell they played. The way she was rubbing him, touching him, holding him. . . When she playfully squeezed his ass, he instinctively bucked his hips against her body, and she reached up and grabbed a handful of hair with her other hand, pulling him once more into a kiss that left him groaning into her mouth.

But no! What the hell was going on? She just been trying to kill him not two hours ago! Succeeded, even! And here she was, her bouncing breasts rubbing seductively against his thin t-shirt. Finally, he was able to pull away from her and sit up, still straddling her body, and collected his thoughts before finally demanding, “What the hell are you playing at?”

She looked away demurely, bit her lip and grinned, before finally settling her playful brown eyes back on his and quipped, “Doctor?”

Her answer once again caught him off guard as he processed what she said. Finally he had to grin. She was pretty damn funny, and her face was just so cute the way she was looking at him all innocent. . . It had been ages since anything like this had happened to him, and the look on her face brought back feelings and memories that he’d long since thought he’d never experience again. Hesitating for a moment, he thought about what this meant, and quickly decided that he was done with being Joel. He was going to explore the new person he could already see himself becoming, even after the extremely short time he’d spent with these strange, crazy people.

Peeling off his shirt, he almost didn’t catch the look that was plastered on Faith’s face as she took in the muscular perfection of his chest and stomach. Her eyes flickered up to his and she whispered in a reverent sort of way, “Work out much?”

His grin told her everything she needed to know as she took hold of her tank top with both hands and effortlessly ripped it apart, revealing breasts still heaving in a particularly naughty bra. His eye quirked a little at this, and just had to ask her the question that was burning at the forefront of his mind. “You wore that to an assassination attempt?”

Again her eyes flicked shyly up and away as she bit her lip and grinned. “Well,” she replied mischievously, eyes playfully seeking his out as he sat there, staring at her breasts, “a girl’s gotta look good, ya know?”

With that Joel just grinned, leaning forward and kissing her deeply before hugging her to his body and rolling her on top of him. She raised herself up, straddling his body now, playing her fingernails over the flesh of his chest, setting him on fire more quickly than any spell could do. He growled a little under her touch, and Faith's grin turned to a full-fledged smile, dazzling him with its beauty and impressing him with the vulnerability she showed. He knew from just talking to her for a few minutes that she was not the kind of girl to show any type of vulnerability to anyone, ever. And yet here she was, opening herself to him, a complete stranger. He had no idea why she was doing this, but he was glad she was. Now that he could see this side of her—not the sex side, but the laughing and fun side—he could see that she was the most stunning woman he had ever met. There was more to her than what she projected for others to see, and he was just now catching a glimpse of that something, and found it to be beautiful.

He broke out of his momentary reverie just in time to notice that she was lifting herself up a bit and that her hands were behind her back, and after a few seconds her bra was loose, hanging from her shoulders as her breasts came free and bounced slightly as she shifted herself so that she was straddling his crotch, rubbing hers slowly against the rather painfully constrained bulge he had there. Growling a little more deeply, he pushed himself up into a sitting position, pulling her up as he went, until her body was pressed to him, his face in her breasts, one free hand tugging at her bra until it came free and he could throw it aside.

Leaning back onto the now crumpled pillow, he took in the sight of her, spectacular in every way. She leaned forward a bit, playing her hands over her stomach, and giggled slightly as he reached up and caressed an areola, using his thumb to slowly work its way around the circumference of her nipple until it became firm under his touch. He could not believe how soft her skin was under his fingers, her body both hard and pliable, solid and yielding under his exploring hands. Of the few women he’d been with, he couldn’t help but to reflect that Faith had the softest, most supple skin he’d ever felt.

Pulling her down to him, he kissed her softly, nibbling on her lips as he closed his eyes, relishing the feel of her soft breasts and hard nipples on his sensitive skin before pulling back and opening them, staring into hers with a fiery longing. Without saying a word, a whole conversation was communicated with their eyes, and she leaned back up, scooting back a bit so that she could access his pants, and unbuttoned and quickly pulled the zipper south, before moving so that she could yank his pants in the same direction, to reveal the hard bulge in his boxer briefs, pulsing under the material trapping it there. He wiggled his feet out of his pants and let the drop to the floor as he played his fingers over the skin of her back.

Biting her bottom lip, she lightly played her fingertips over his cock through the rough cotton material, the sensation causing it to jump. She did this for a few moments while Joel did his best not to squirm, though he didn’t exactly succeed in this endeavor. Faith finally took her eyes off of his crotch to look up at him, smiling at him mischievously before placing her hand flat on his chest, her palm tickling the few hairs he had there as she slid it down, down, down to slip under the elastic band of his underwear. Her fingers explored for a moment before finally wrapping around the shaft, her rough hands electric on the supersensitive skin of his swollen cock as it pulsed in her gentle grasp.

Joel gasped as she grasped his cock, slowly moving her hand up and then down, fire in her eyes as she stared into his. He shuddered as he watched her, his desire growing with each stroke. Faith squeezed the base of his cock gently while lightly teasing the underside and head of it with gentle finger-strokes, before doing this twisting motion, one hand after the other, that made him jerk with every pass. Taking hold of him with her right hand, and then her left along with it, she looked him deep in the eyes and throatily asked in a low voice, “Don’t you fucking cum until I say you can!” She stroked him with both hands, slowly moving the skin of his shaft up and down in tight, deliberate movements.

After a few minutes, he knew that he was on the brink—he couldn’t take it anymore with this being a one-sided thing. And so he grunted and pushed himself up, his hand catching her wrist where she had pulled the elastic band to catch up under his balls, holding her hand still so that he wouldn’t climax at the slightest change in her touch. Finally, he let go of her and she did the same for him, though his penis jerked at the soft caress of her fingers as she withdrew them from his shaft.

It had been tortuous, pleasure so great that it strained against his reserves for a release, and he knew that he could not take much more of this without giving into his body’s demands, so he charged forward, getting up on his knees and flinging her down on the bed, not bothering with buttons or zippers as he violently yanked at her pants as she fumbled with her belt, loosening it just enough that Joel was able to tug them down beneath her knees, at which point he left her to kick them off.

She jumped a bit as he hit a ticklish spot, and he grinned at her before leaning over to lightly kiss her in that exact same spot, sending chills of pleasure throughout her body. Running his finger along the inside of her pelvic bone, he could hear Faith moan in pleasure as he moved his hand to her vulva, and applied more pressure, rubbing against the ever-increasingly wet lips. Electricity shot through his hand as he focused at the top of her swollen mound, feeling the nub underneath the clitoral hood.

She reached down and grabbed his hair and buried his face between her legs, and his surprise making him hesitate before he finally got the message. Bringing his mouth down, he kissed the insides of her thighs, moving down to her labia, lightly touching her skin with just enough saliva that when he breathed on the places he’d kissed, goosebumps would form. Closing his mouth over her clitoral hood, he sucked gently for a few moments, lightly tonguing the area until he found the pearl hidden there. Using his fingers to slightly spread her lips, he rubbed them with a warm, consistent pressure, all the while running the tip and blade of his tongue around her clit. Making sure he kept to a slow, circular rhythm, he could tell that her breathing was syncing with his ministrations, evening out as she repositioned her hold on his hair and moaned in a deep, guttural voice. He kept going, gradually increasing the speed of his tongue, until Faith’s breath was rapid and gasping. Flicking his tongue over the nib of her clit as fast as he could, Joel could tell that she was on the verge when Faith moaned louder. Joel quickly placed a hand over her mouth, quickly regretting it when a flash of anger stormed in her eyes and she grabbed his wrist rather painfully, pushing it away. It had been a bad idea, but he knew that the others were in the other room, and would come in at the slightest sound, thinking that she was probably trying to kill him again.. A quick glance at the door told him it was still shut.

He went back at it when she pushed his head back between her legs, slipping in a single finger at first, and then a second when her body opened up to him welcomingly. Gently fingering the lower wall, he waited a few moments while her body responded to his stimulation, and then hooked his finger up behind her pelvic bone, rubbing the fleshy mound hidden there. Eventually she whimpered and pushed his head harder against her pussy, her back spasming, arching as she came, moaning through his fingers as he tried to keep her quiet.

His body shuddering with anticipation, Joel kept going as she whispered for him to not stop, bringing her to over the edge time after time, the intervals between climaxes lessening until her body was quivering, her entire body jerking from the intensity of each orgasm, her low moaning whisper becoming louder and louder with each passing wave of ecstasy.

Arching forward, he placed his hands on her hips as she guided him to her, and he almost came right there as the head of his cock brushed against the slick, velvety slit. The heat radiating from her pussy was so intoxicating that he barely registered that he’d entered her until he could feel her internal muscles grabbing his cock, pulling him farther in with a strength that surprised him.

The feeling of her warmth enveloping him was so incredible that he didn’t notice the door on the opposite side of the room being opened. He had a sudden Oh, shit! moment when a shrill voice screamed, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Joel froze, scared shitless, though he had the presence of mind to notice that Faith was decidedly not surprised. Slayers must have some pretty good hearing or something. Looking back at the furious blonde chick standing at the door, he tried to think of something to say or do. And come up with zilch. “She tried to kill you not once, but twice, and here you are, fucking her on my little sister’s bed? I mean, come on!”

He turned his head mid-stroke, uncomfortably aware that not only was he still inside Faith, but Buffy was standing there staring at him, outraged, and he was still hard. He was, fortunately, saved from having to think of something to say, because at that moment Faith groaned frustratedly, “Fuck off, B! Can’t you see I’m busy? And don’t you fucking stop, Joel!”

Now, this presented Joel with a dilemma. On the one hand, there was a very angry woman who he’d seen do some pretty scary things, who was still standing there, furiously waiting for him to get the fuck off of her sister’s bed and get out. On the other, there was an equally scary, but seriously gorgeous naked woman laying under him, ordering him to not stop fucking her. He wasn’t sure if such an opportunity like this would ever present itself to him again, given the girl’s obvious lascivious personality, and so made his decision.

Giving Buffy a look that said Sorry, but I gotta hit this, one any red-blooded American male would understand, he turned back to Faith and went back at it. Buffy’s indecipherable scream told him that she either hadn’t gotten it, or was so frustrated that she just didn’t care. He heard her storm out of the room as he continued, lifting Faith’s legs to get a better angle and more leverage.

Focusing on the task at hand, he pulled himself out of her and slowly reentered her, going all the way in, and then pulling all the way out, steadily working her into a frenzy. But then he caught her eyes, saw the need there, and decided it was time to stop playing. He pulled out once more -- one long, slow stroke that left just the head inside her -- and then thrust into her, hard, over and over, faster and faster. Her legs wrapped around his back and pulled him into her, feeling like he was about to ascend into the heavens until her heels dug into his spine painfully, cracking his back a bit until she let upHer smile was a little sheepish. "Sorry." Then it turned almost nasty. "But don't you dare stop. I'll do a hell of a lot worse to you if you do." Joel decided not to test her on that and, readjusting himself a little, plunged into her once more until her spine bowed.

Her vaginal muscles were just amazing. She rocked her pelvis against him in a way he’d never felt before, so strong that it was almost painful. He knew that he wasn't going to last much longer; as the tension built up in his groin and legs, his whole body working harder than it ever had before as she demanded more and more from him. Faith obviously knew he was almost ready too, because the next thing he knew she was growling, “Don’t you fucking cum, Joel. Don’t you fucking cum! You’re gonna have to wait for me!”

Joel strained with all of his being to try and stay in the moment and not explode from the sheer pressure of the pleasure building up in his groin. Her body engulfed him again and again as they both worked toward a culmination of their frenetic coupling. “Not yet, not yet, not yet!” she screamed, digging her nails into his arms as he slammed his body against hers. Her body spasmed as she came, the waves of ecstasy vibrating from body into his, causing him to burst. Her legs instinctively locked him against her, coming inside of her. After long moments that seemed like hours, he collapsed sideways onto the bed, so exhausted that he didn’t bother to try and extricate himself from Faith, who still had her legs entwined around his legs. Faith rolled sideways with him, placing a hand on heaving chest, feeling his heartbeat, and smiled.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that he noticed that the door was still wide open, and had likely been so during the entirety of their little fuck session. After thinking it over for a few moments, he decided that he was okay with that.

“So, uh. . .”

“Yeah, I, uh. . .”

Dawn was in Willow’s room when they heard Buffy screaming. Again. Not really wanting to go out and see what was the problem, they awkwardly just stood there, trying their best to look each other in the eye and failing miserably. Willow wasn’t sure who was more nervous: her or Dawn. She had a pretty good idea at what Dawn was feeling, having probably felt something like it when she first made love to Tara all those years ago. But she knew that Dawn had to be going through some things that really hadn’t happened to her, like having her big sister (mainly because she didn’t have any siblings) barge in on her after having some life-altering sex. Not to mention having to knock out the chick you’d just slept with because she was going all evil on said sister. God, was she embarrassed.

Willow opened her mouth to say something, anything to fill in the awkward silence, when Dawn beat her to the punch. “So, I, uh, had fun last night.” The tentative look Dawn gave her turned into a shy grin upon seeing Willow’s surprise. This was the last thing she’d expected for the younger girl to say, and was pleasantly startled.

“Me, too,” she gushed, the floodgates of relief opening pretty damn wide. Dawn’s shy smile faltered a bit as she thought about something that turned it into a slight frown. Worry once again set in as Willow placed her hand on Dawn’s arm. “Dawnie, sweetie, what is it?”

Dawn started and stopped almost immediately as she tried to get the words out, and almost lost the battle with her subconscious before blurting out, “What does this make us?”

Shit! Willow froze in shock and terror as she contemplated this question. This big, dangerous question that could explode in her face with the wrong answer. Her mind raced through the various permutations of answers, not liking any of them because she didn’t have the answer to one variable: what Dawn was hoping she would say.

However, Dawn was obviously waiting for an answer, and was getting paler with each passing second as she saw Willow’s eyes widen in surprise and the cogs of her mind whirring behind them. Ohmygoddess, she’s going to come out of this thinking that she wasn’t good or that I’m a slut and just wanted to have sex with her or that she’s a slut for having sex with me and/or Megan and she’s going to never speak to me again and Buffy will try to kill me again and I’ll go evil and kill her and the rest of the world and possibly destroy the universe and end all life in existence and. . . Mentally catching herself, Willow squashed those thoughts hard, already feeling a bit panicky. She had to calm down, and go with the safest answer she could think of. “Dawnie, this doesn’t change a thing between us. We’re two friends who had some fun last night. This doesn’t make you gay, and it doesn’t make me your girlfriend.”

Willow saw the light go out of Dawn's eyes the moment she finished speaking, and in that instant she understood what Dawn had actually been asking. She took Dawn in her arms, feeling the stiffness in her body as she hugged her, and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "But that doesn't mean I can't be."

And at that Dawn's body melted, arms coming around Willow, each woman seeming to hold the other one up. Willow tucked Dawn's head against her chest and breathed in the scent of her hair.


Willow smiled at the familiarity, the essence of Dawn, and for the first time that day it was a true, honest smile. Because it seemed like Dawn wanted to see where this road took them, and Willow. . . Well, Willow was definitely okay with that.

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