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Queen of the Wild

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Summary: What if it was a Cordette that the mean kids were picking on that day at the Zoo? We all know Cordelia would never stand for that. Things go very differently when the Queen of Sunny-dale holds the Primal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventuremuaaimoiFR181319,000137922,55619 Dec 1223 Jul 14No

Chapter 8

Queen of the Wild

by :muaaimoi

Introducing Amy to the rest of the pack goes pretty well. She can literally smell the interest coming off of Jonathan.

So will Amy, once she turns her. Cordelia can see so much more of the world now that she can scent things. It's like opening her eyes for the first time. It's one of the few things that didn't change once she got rid of her hyena. Her sense of smell is constantly feeding her information about the world around her.

She'd been so blind, before. Her nose works so much better than her eyes ever did.

It worries her that Xander was still the same way, still hostage to his humanity. She wished he'd show some interest in becoming a Primal already. Not only was Xander blind to the scents around him, Omegas had very trusting natures. That would only get him into very, very big trouble.

Cordelia bit back a growl at the thought.

At least introducing Amy to Giles would give her an excuse to spend more time with her mate. Not that Cordelia needed any. Xander was hers. And she'd treat him that way whether Xander wanted her to or not. That was non-negotiable. But it would have to wait until she had the Giles situation more figured out.

She'd been tempted to go ahead and just make Amy pack under the bleachers, but now that Giles knew about her, she had to be careful. It would only benefit her in the long run to be blatantly upfront about her actions. Honesty had always come easily to her, and it was nice not to have to waste energy in elaborate deceptions. But there was a certain grey area where her pack was concerned. Her instincts wouldn't allow her to purposely endanger them regardless. But now, as new and fragile as it was, there was no way she was exposing them to Giles.

He could know about them. But there would only be monitored interactions allowed. She didn't fully trust him just because Xander did. Amy especially would help her case. Becoming a primal wouldn't change her so much as bring forth whatever strength her humanity caged. It was certainly what happened to Cordelia. What would happen to Xander once they could truly be together.

Mate's in every sense of the word. It was going to be beautiful. So Cordelia would force herself to be patient. Xander was well worth it.

And she really couldn't afford to alienate Giles anyway.

The guy had to have resources she didn't know about. Possible hidden abilities, if the comment Xander made about Buffy was any clue. If he was part of the people keeping a lid on the demon problem, she couldn't afford to have him as an enemy either. She was too ignorant of the state of the war at present.

It would endlessly complicate things if Giles thought she was evil and turning people against their will.

So Amy had to first state her willingness. Hopefully, it would also make Xander more curious about becoming one of them. Sighing to herself, she led her new potential Pack member into the Library.


The silence in the Library is almost audible. Everyone is just short of bursting with a torrent of words, but they don't. There's no possible way any of them could find the right words. And even the wrong ones don't actually manage to make it to their tongues.

No one looks like they could actually speak right now.

Except for maybe Giles, but he'd just finished with a long winded explanation, so maybe he'd need time to recharge his watcher powers of speech.

Out of all of them Xander is the only one holding a bunch of apologies back though. He doesn't want to be sorry when he doesn't even know why he feels that way. And he really, really does. He wants to beg them to forgive him, and he doesn't know why. He hasn't actually done anything wrong.

The girls aren't even looking at Giles anymore. Now their eyes are trained on him and Xander feels like the kid who got called on in class right after he'd finished a great nap. Xander is that kid a lot. He should be used to the feeling by now. But he's not. He doesn't get why it's always horrible, being put on the spot like that.

He thinks it's the anger, or maybe the disdain. He can never get used to that. It still upsets him when his parent's are angry with him sometimes, and they're always angry. Especially with him. About the only thing they seem to agree on is that he ruined their lives.

It probably doesn't help that Buffy and Willow, even while they're stuck being quiet, have very loud opinions.

As it was, it has taken Giles shouting in a remarkably non-Giles way before the girls had quieted down enough to actually listen to what he was saying. And he knows they'd really been listening because they started staring at him.

Xander had curled into himself for most of it.

Attempting to minimize the target of their rage is standard practice when people glare at him,. Buffy and Willow are not happy with him.

Once he'd 'fessed up about Cordelia kissing him, both girls had started giving him the evil eye. Apparently they would have taken Cordelia giving him smoochies as ample proof that something was very wrong with her. Xander couldn't help but be a little insulted at first.

Just a little though, seeing as he'd thought the same thing. And he'd been right. Very right. They all were. Something was massively Hellmouthily wrong with Cordelia.

Except that according to Giles she actually wasn't. The Primals are an actual thing. Apparently watchers from a very long time ago had partnerships with some of them while they searched for Slayer. Until something had happened and they had all gone extinct. All except for Cordelia apparently.

Giles had stressed that this was an excellent opportunity. Watchers had theorized that the reason the demon population of Africa hadn't required Slayers for three hundred years was because of those chosen warriors.

Xander can admit that the idea of being a mystical warrior is appealing. Especially if it means he can kill vampires by himself. He also likes the idea of helping Buffy. Protecting Willow all on his own. He'd normally be all for it. But he's just not all for being with Cordelia, and that's a clear requirement if he wants into the whole Primal club.

The mate thing seriously wigs him out. Xander can't quite wrap his mind around it. A world in which Cordelia Chase believes they belong together is not a world Xander particularly wants to live in. It's crazy, so crazy. It even squicks him.

Really, it does.

Except for sometimes, when it sort of doesn't.

Cordelia is a remarkably attractive version of a human female. And even though he really, really doesn't like her, he has eyes. Cordelia's beautiful, no one can deny that. At least he has an explanation for the kissage now. Not that the whole thing isn't still terrifying. It's just that he knows that there is a reason for it now. And that helps a little.

Well that, and the way he feels when Cordelia touches him is new. He's trying really hard not to think about it. Even before she'd made his headache go away, and that had been seriously cool. But the touching. That, it was totally wiggy, only in a weird, almost nice way.

And when she's snuggled him before...

His skin felt different where it touched her. The interest wasn't even sexual. Little Xand hadn't reacted to it, anyway. It just felt good. Simply good, like the breeze on your face on a hot day, or the first bite into a Twinkie when all the filling burst in your mouth. Xander couldn't resist it. He'd been thinking about it all day.

Or well, trying not to think about it.

Xander liked it. He liked it a lot. And that was definitely a problem. Seeing as Cordelia wanted to own him, and turn him into something he didn't understand. Giles research approved or not. Mystical warrior mojo sounded way cool, but he didn't actually know what it was.

Or what turning would even do to him. Giles said it made them stronger, and something about an elemental alignment. But that didn't mean much to Xander.

Did he mean muscle man strong or Buffy strong? Could he tell when it was going to rain or go all Storm from the x-man and fry people with lightning?

Cordelia walked in before Xander could ask Giles anything.
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