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The Power(Up) They Know Not

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Summary: The 'Power he knows not' turned out to be a quite different from what Harry Potter or anyone else in the Wizarding World could possibly have expected.

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversGreywizardFR1811,8565274,82523 Dec 1223 Dec 12Yes
Disclaimer: They all belong to Crack-Head J. K. Rowling or the Walt Disney Company and/or any or all of their respective minions. Yes, that's suckitude of the highest order, but I've learned to live with the injustices of life. I hope you can do so, too.

Category: Non-BtVS Harry Potter/Marvel Comics crossover.

Time Frame: I'm completely ignoring the timelines for all the characters you'll be seeing, because this is fanfiction and anyone who wants to debate the problems of temporal coexistence of fictional characters belonging to different authors and/or corporations is simply wasting my time.

Spoilers: Absolutely none, because this most definitely not something that JKR or the Mouse would acknowledge. Probably because I try to make my depictions of characters act intelligently.

Character Bashing: Nope. None this time around

Feedback: Of course! Like Tenhawk says, feedback is the coin of the realm.

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author’s Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: Yes, I know that this is most definitely a crack!tastic plot bunyip which my muse tossed at me. But, it's been nipping at my ankles incessantly lately, so I'm writing it to make it stop annoying me. And as you no doubt expect, things are going to be deviating quite significantly from any sort of canon for any and all of the mythologies I'm incorporating herein.

Author’s Note 4: This is story #23 in my own personal Christmas Fic-A-Day Challenge.


University of Oxford
Medical Sciences Division
Radiation Oncology and Biology Division
Churchill Hospital, Oxford

"Doctor Bryce, we're getting readings indicating that there's been another batch of those anomalous gamma ray bursts," a bespeckled lab geek (who was so evocative of the cinematic lab assistant stereotype that he should have received royalties from virtually every movie and television program filmed from 1957 onward) announced loudly. And, indeed, the gamma ray detection unit had signaled that it had identified yet another series of the high-frequency energy pulses.

That the pulses were originating in the center of London, far from any conceivable radiation source was yet another puzzle for which no one had yet managed to offer any reasonable or even semi-rational explanation.

So, the staff reacted the same way they'd done each time the enigma had occurred over the past twenty-odd years, in the best tradition of Oxford academic staff.

They ignored it and went on with their usual business.


Ministry of Magic
Department of Mysteries
Level Nine
London, England

"Harry!! Watch out!"

The elfin brunette's eyes widened as she saw the bright green pulse of energy surging through the poorly-lit main atrium of the Ministry of Magic, the spell clearly targeted on the still-disoriented black-haired youth kneeling on the floor by the elevators.

With her wand broken, Hermione Granger was, unfortunately, unable to summon any of the debris littering the chamber in an attempt to create any sort of shield or barrier between her best friend and the insane terrorist focused on killing him.

And so, horrified at the thought of Harry dying, the teenaged genius gave into her first impulse and threw herself forward, intending to protect the savior of the Wizarding World by intercepting the Killing Curse with her body.

The impact of the Unforgivable between Hermione's shoulders slammed the petite witch's body against Harry's and Potter’s eyes widened with horror as he realized that his best friend had sacrificed herself to ensure his survival.

As an overwhelming rage abruptly surged through him, Harry carefully deposited Hermione's limp body onto the floor of the atrium, taking a final look at the brunette's beautiful and oh-so-delicate features, and absently noting that her chocolate brown eyes were currently not visible, because her eyes were closed in death.

"Ha! The mudblood's foolish sacrifice won't provide you with more than a few additional seconds of life, Potter," the man originally born as Tom Marvolo Riddle declared arrogantly, his misshapen, snake-like lips twisted into a vicious grin as he looked at the scene before him.

While Harry shoved himself to his feet – Ron Weasely, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasely and Luna Lovegood all kept pounding frantically at the shimmering, translucent shield which currently separated them from Riddle and his Death Eater minions and their two fellow students.

Unfortunately, their desperate efforts at interference had absolutely no effect on the mystical barrier at all, and they could impotently witness the scene taking place in front of them.

"You bloody bastard!" Harry practically spat at his nemesis as he forced himself to stand up straight and not hunch over from the pain of the multiple cracked or broken ribs he was certain he'd already sustained during their group's earlier skirmishes with Malfoy, the LeStranges and Riddle's other lackeys.

"Are you ready to die, now, Harry?" Riddle asked as he leveled his wand at the teenager who'd repeatedly foiled his various agents' assassination attempts, and who'd somehow managed to discorporate him during his first try at murdering his prophesied infant nemesis when the boy was not even a year and a half old.

Before Harry could respond with any sort of insult, everyone's attention was distracted by a loud groan, and every eye present turned to stare in disbelief – as Hermione Granger groaned again and then pushed herself up to her feet.

None of the wizards or witches present seemed able to believe the idea that yet *another* of Riddle's intended victims had apparently simply shrugged off what had become the Dark Lord's trademarked curse, simply staring at the Granger girl in blank-faced astonishment and disbelief.

Several things had combined to make everyone present simply freeze in place as if hit by an overpowered 'Body Bind' spell as they watched the apparently not-really-dead petite brunette who'd been dubbed 'the smartest witch of her generation' get up.

The first thing everyone noticed was that the term 'petite' no longer applied, since the tiny brunette's previously loose-fitting jumper and jeans now clung *very* tightly to her clearly much fuller, six foot, six inch tall figure. Second, Hermione was no longer a brunette, since her now waist-length tresses were a dark emerald green to match her eyes. Curiously, her previously peaches and cream complexion had now also shifted to an avocado green hue.

Harry also absently noticed, with great appreciation, that Hermione also gone up at least two cup sizes.

Harry, meanwhile, was also remembering a fragment of an international news report he'd caught the previous summer, prior to his parole from 'Durzkaban,' and his eyes widened with surprise as several connections abruptly snapped intro place.


Harry's low-voiced question cut through the stunned silence which pervaded the atrium, as quite a number of people turned to stare at him.

"By any chance, are you related to anyone named Banner or Walters?" he inquired quietly, since Riddle and his minions were still staring at the radically transformed young woman with stunned disbelief

"Uh, yes. As a matter of fact, I am," Hermione confirmed Harry’s guess as she gave him a puzzled look. "My mother has a first cousin who lives in America, named Walters. Jennifer Walters, I believe her name is."

The smile which appeared on Harry's face following Hermione's answer would have made a shark proud to possess it. "Oh, good."

"Why would ask me a question like that, now?" the currently avocado-colored witch asked.

"Well, does the name She-Hulk mean anything to you, Hermione?" Harry replied, and the look of shock and dismay which appeared on Hermione's face as she finally became conscious of her transformation was followed a bare instant later by, first, an expression of comprehension, and then by a wide, vicious smile.

"Actually, it does," the now towering jade giantess stated as she glared at the group of wizarding terrorists who'd been chasing and attacking them since almost from the moment they'd arrived at the Ministry

"All right then, Harry. What say we deal with these pillocks, once and for all?!" Hermione then suggested, right before she broke into a deceptively fast run towards the evil wizard who'd attempted to murder her just a few moments before.

"Avada Kedavra!" Riddle screamed reflexively as he realized he was being attacked, his face twisted in a grimace of hatred as he thrust his wand at the schoolgirl charging towards him.

The expression of disbelief and horror on Riddles' and his minions' faces when they saw the green pulse of energy impact Hermione directly – with its only effect seeming to make the young woman grow another six inches in height, and go up another cup size – was simply hilarious, Harry thought to himself as he took advantage of the bad guys' distraction and began his own series of attacks.

And the momentary expression of terror on Riddle's face, in the brief instant before Hermione's fist smashed into his non-existent nose and transformed his head into a disgusting meat paste that showered over his minions, was something that he'd treasure for the rest of his life, the Boy-Who-Lived decided.

{ I can hardly wait to see Umbridge's face if and when Hermione shows that toad her new 'animagus' form, } Harry thought to himself with a wide grin, as he sent a full-power banishing spell towards the white ceramic mask Lucius Malfoy was currently wearing, before following it up with a second 'Depulso' at Bellatrix Lestrange's sternum.

The crunching sound of both Death Eaters impacting at high speeds against the walls behind them made his grin grow wider, and the storm of magical spells unleashed by their classmates against the few remaining Death Munchers who hadn't been hit by either Harry's spells or Hermione's fists made short work of their enemies.

The roar of the various floo connections which lined the atrium's walls made the group (which would soon become known as the Ministry Six) all spin around, their wands poised and ready to cast, to face whoever might be arriving.

As Albus Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix minions poured out of the floos, all six Hogwarts students could see their expressions of overwhelming surprise when they saw the chaos and rubble strewn around the chamber. Harry also saw what he *thought* was a quick flash of disappointment on Dumbledore's face, but he wasn't completely sure. So he let it pass for the moment, while filing the memory for later review. Maybe he’d borrow the Black family pensive later, and review it again, to be sure.

"Good morning, Headmaster," Harry greeted Dumbledore and his fellow belated reinforcements.

"I see Snape must have finally gotten around to telling you about my floo call from last night," Potter added. Harry noticed that both Sirius' and Remus' heads snapped around to glare at the Potions teacher upon hearing his comment, and the teen concealed his resulting smile as thoughts of what the two Marauders' reactions to Snape's behavior might entail, once they had the time and materials available to properly deal with him. "Four hours isn’t the best response time on record, I would guess.

"But then again, when you consider who delivered the message, I suppose we should be glad it was delivered, at all.

"Fortunately for us, though," Harry continued speaking before anyone could interrupt with questions, "we ended up not needing any assistance.

"Hermione dealt with Tommy Boy, all by herself," he declared, indicating with a wave of his hand the now quite clearly unique-looking young witch, as well as the remnants of Riddle's body and the various dead, unconscious and/or permanently disabled Death Eaters sprawled around the atrium.

"And I'm sure you'll be able to straighten things out with whoever's responsible for cleaning up this sort of mess around here," Harry said as he offered his arm to Hermione in a gentlemanly manner, who bestowed a brilliant smile on him as she curled her own arm around his.

Ron, Neville, Ginny and Luna all followed behind them as the students all headed towards the entrance they'd used to get in last night.

"After all, we have to get back to school," Harry noted as they exited the atrium.

"We all have classes starting in a few hours."


The End

You have reached the end of "The Power(Up) They Know Not". This story is complete.

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