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Target of Misfortune

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Summary: After Sunnydale he finally found the place where he belonged, but then something happened. Can Gibbs's team find Xander or will he be forever lost to them?

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NCIS > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoeFR18614,99517425,5413 Jan 1328 Aug 13No

Shadow, six o'clock

So, here I am. A new year, new story (that could be debatable)..... I hope you like it and comment it a lot.... I would really like that.... I'm sorry about the Xander thing.... pleas don't hurt me, I'm a lover not a fighter :P

No, I do not own BtVS or NCIS not for lack of trying.... And this is only for pleasure and not for money....

And, of course, a shout out to my lovely beta Venea Taur, who took the time and went over this story for me. Thank you!

Now, fasten your seat belts, it's gona be a bumpy ride.

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Shadow, six o'clock

Xander sat behind his desk at NCIS. He would have laughed if someone told him seven years ago that he would be fighting human crime. Sunnydale's police didn't really inspire his confidence in law enforcement. But after what happened in Sunnydale, there were many things he would have never imagined he would do.

Cleveland was great. For a year or so. He liked helping innocent girls to understand their powers and be able to live normal lives in spite being slayers. Really, he did, but after a while, he knew that the new version of the councile, Sineya's Circle of Guardians, wasn't for him.

Yes, he was one of the most experienced members of the lot, but sitting behind a desk was not for him. Plus, if he had to endure anymore crazy teens he would have gone crazy.

So, he decided to be a silent partner from that point on. He would help when needed, but he wanted to find his own place under the sun. Somewhere, he would make a difference, a real difference. Possibly without being tasered by little girls.

It was a surprise to him that he went into law enforcement. He never saw himself as somebody that would be arresting people because they broke the law seeing how he had a hard time abiding by the law himself. However now that he thought about it, it was actually fitting.

He was too weak to fight the demons, but not to catch and punish the monsters that live amongst humans.

It took time for his assigned team to accept him, especially because Buffy helped and pulled some strings to get him in on a team. It boggled his mind that Buffy knew people powerful enough to pull those strings.
Unfortunately, Gibbs didn't like being told Xander was going to be a part of his team, but he had no say in it. And he was suspicious of Xander, what with being a liaison officer with NCIS from an agency so secret that they couldn't even know the name.

But now, after four years of slaving, he knew he had his place on the team. He was a part of a family just like the Scooby Gang and he liked it. It was different from when he was fighting the demons as a Scooby, but that was good to. He was not sorry that he could overpower the bad guys this time around and he would not miss all those hours researching demons in every dead language that existed. Still, he lived up to his nick name "the one that sees," reading the undercurrents between members of the team better than anybody.

Like right now, Ziva was pissed at Tony because he took something from her desk when she wasn't there and Tony had no clue. Xander briefly wondered if he would have to buy a new tie for the funeral. He dismissed the thought, when McGee jumped in and distracted Ziva with some computer talk.

He liked McGee the most, from the people on Gibbs's team. Maybe because McGee reminded him of Willow, all smart and into computers, well except the magic. McGee had no magic of any sorts.

A slap to the head brought him from his thoughts.

"Focus Harris. Alright, what do we got? McGee." Gibbs sat down behind his desk, coffee already in his hand and an unreadable expression on his face.

"Well, I'm matching the tire impressions from the crime scene. So far, no luck." McGee looked up from his computer.

"Ziva. Took your time in the pawn shop?" Ziva made a face. She took a folder from her desk and went to Gibbs. "I hit a stone wall."

"Brick wall." Tony corrected, more out of habit than anything else.

"No, it was a stone wall. I backed up too quickly." Both Tony and Tim looked at her funny, but Xander wasn't all that surprised. Ziva drove only slightly better than Buffy. "I found the record of this sale. The gun was sold to a man by the name of Eddie Felson."

That surprised Tony, making him forget about all the jokes he was going to tell Ziva about women driving. "Fast Eddie Felson?"

"You know him?" Xander wasn't sure if it should surprise him Tony had friends that put adjectives before their names.

"Pfff, well yeah. Former pool player forced into retirement by gangsters, he was a con man, and he was a buzzer." While Tony went on about the Fast Eddie, McGee searched for the guy on his computer.

"He was a character Paul Newman played in The Hustler." No wonder Tony knew him.

"And his hair was perfect," Tony interjected daring McGee to correct him. It was so Tony, to argue about meaningless things during an investigation, thought Tim. On the other hand, Ziva thought how she hit a brick wall too. "Apparently the gun was bought by using a false identity"

"Case file handed over by the PD?" asked Gibbs.

"Two unsolved robberies, five suspects. Uno, due, tre, quattro and uhh… five." Tony jumped to Gibbs's desk with pictures of suspects. The three of them looked at the pictures.

"Name doesn't match any of our suspects'," Ziva commented, looking slightly disappointed how little success she had.

Gibbs took the last picture and compared it to the ID. "No, but the face does."

The rest of the day was spent searching for Ronald Nowakowski, bringing him back to NCIS and interrogating him.

At last, Xander was able to leave. He didn't really mind long hours. After all, working with Slayers never really ended, so even a little downtime was great.

He went home quickly, changed and prepared for a stroll around the city. Not being an active part of the ISWO didn't mean he didn't make sure the streets were safe in DC. It was a political city, witch was one of the reasons, he chose this city to settle. Demons here were more eager for political power than actual world dominance and apocalypse, so he wasn't really worried about the big bad going bump in the night. He took out an occasional vampire and if there was something bigger, he called Buffy.

That night was no different. He took a walk, dusted two vampires and went for a drink to Andy's pub.

Andy's was a great place. That is, if you were a demon. If not, it just made a great place for information of any kind. Bill, the bartender, a boluz demon, was already expecting him.

It was some kind of routine for Xander. A few times a week he went on patrol and once a week visited Andy's to hear what's going on in the town.

"Hey, Bill. How's it going?"

The demon reminded Xander on his drunken father, only a lot fatter and much nicer than Antony Harris. Billy just surged with his shoulders, indicating there was no information he deemed worth being concerned about.

"Same old, same old. We had open mike two nights ago. Brought a lot of customers in, so I'm thinking to do it more often. The Oden Tal girls were here too. Made a mess. Every unmarried demon or vampire tried to score one of them and that broke into a fight. Had to clean after them for hours. Oh and we have a new face in town. Came somewhere from L.A. I think. A half demon what he told me. Mom was a Brachen. Not really a dangerous kind, well at least not normally. The mated ones can become really nasty if you harm their mate. He's here somewhere if you want to talk to him. And that's about it for this week."

Xander looked around the place. It might be a demon bar, but he liked the atmosphere. The leather sits were comfy, the dim light just at the right places and the smell kind of reminded him of home, of Willow's and Buffy's place in Sunnydale.

"Nah. I trust you about the guy. Sounds like you had quite the week."

The demon put a beer in front the NCIS agent without being asked. He knew Xander would drink a beer, look around a little, chat with the brave ones and then go back home.

And that was the exact thing he did. Xander left the pub little after midnight walking all the way home instead of calling a cab. He didn't notice the shadow fallowing him, his mind too preoccupied with the just solved case at NCIS.

There was a gun that killed somebody, a body that didn't match the DNA Abby found on the gun but was killed with it too and a lot of mess and reports that they would have to sort out the next day.

With that thought, he came to his apartment door, taking the keys from his pocket. He opened the door and was just about to step in when he sensed somebody behind him.

He sidestepped, swinging his dagger, which he had hidden in his sleeve. But, it was already too late. Everything darkened and the last thought that he had was that at least he injured the big bad.

So? I really hope you liked it. You better review or I will be sad. See you next week.

Elza C. Boe
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