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A New World

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Summary: Buffy reflects on her far.

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Literature > Sci-FimaylithFR1511,266121,0608 Jan 138 Jan 13Yes
DISCLAIMER: Surprise crossover. The Buffy verse is the creation of Joss Whedon and owned by whatever corporate entities that own it. Do not copy this work to other sites. More disclaimers at the end of this work.

Earth was a distant memory for her. It had been a long, long time since she has seen the planet of her birth. As she did every so often, she now contemplated her past.

So many things had changed since Willow had brought her back after Glory. The slayers had eventually won the long struggle against the darkness. Not that many outside of the New Council was ever aware of it but eventually, they had eliminated the hell mouth in Cleveland. Then the three remaining ones on Earth. Demonic evil no longer plagued the peoples of Earth, just plain old human evil.

Buffy had first noticed her new problem just before Sunnydale had collapsed. The wicked wound in her side from the battle had healed in minutes instead of killing her as it should have. At first she thought it had been some after effect of Willow's spell to activate the potentials, but some of those newly called slayers had died in the battle. Then she thought it might just be her and Faith, the only two slayers actually called through normal means. But Faith had aged while Buffy had not. Of all the Scoobies, just Willow, Dawn and herself did not age.

Eventually their friends started dying. Kennedy was first, not more that 4 years after Sunnydale. Willow was devastated for awhile but didn't go all veiny again. Kennedy had been right however. Willow was a Goddess. The new Earth Goddess in fact, and over the years she retreated away from contact with humanity preferring to watch over her domain and giving a helping hand without allowing her presence to be known.

Xander and Faith had married, both living long lives with many children. Giles was there when the final hellmouth was closed and the final demon was vanquished. His life work finished, he had passed quietly in the night just mere months after. Surprisingly, Spike had sat his death watch and that had been another surprise. Buffy had found Spike alive and well in LA when she had led the slayers to help Angel. After the dust settled, just he and Illyria had remained from Angel's crew.

That battle in LA had changed Illyria. Or maybe her feelings for Wesley had changed her, Buffy didn't really know. Illyria and Spike had been a good team. After Giles had died, Spike and Illyria had gone on and finished off the last demons still remaining on Earth. As the last vampire crumbled in to dust, Spike and Illyria had faced each other, in preparation for their own end when Willow intervened. She placed her hand on Spike's head, separating the man from his demon. The demon turning to dust and Spike drawing his first needed breath in well over a century. Willow then placed her hand on Illyria, returning Winifred Burkle's soul that she had painfully reconstructed over the years. Carefully, Illyria extracted herself from Fred.

Willow gazed serenely at Spike and Fred, joined their hands together and smiled at them. Turning to the essence of Illyria, she draws forth a small orb and tosses it in to the glowing ball that Illyria has become. The essence brightens, before dissolving away, leaving two human shapes. Illyria Burkle, now Fred's twin sister, and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Willow gazed serenely at them both, joined their hands together and smiled.

Not too long after that, Buffy, Willow and Dawn had a private meeting. Buffy knew something important was about to happen because she was infused with a peaceful serenity.

Willow looked first at Buffy, then Dawn. "I am sure you both realize the truth of our situation. You, Dawn are the Key." She paused, glancing back at Buffy. "And you are immortal through my mistake with the empowering spell, while I have become an Immortal Goddess."

Willow signed. "Buffy, I love you and Dawn loves you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my mistake for it is something I can't undo. Our love for you is such that neither of us could continue past your death. The magical energy of the empowering spell had an awareness of this fact and, on it's own, decided upon this course of immortality for you."

Willow reached out a hand, and the Slayer Scythe appeared. It spun slowly in midair. "You are the last Slayer. With demons forever gone from this plane of existence, the slayers I called will slowly lose their powers. You will not." The Scythe slowly floated toward Buffy while also shrinking. "You, like I, like Dawn, are destined to continue until the end of days."

The Scythe was now glowing but much smaller. It came to a rest against Buffy's upper right arm. It flared briefly, then was no more. Buffy looked down at her arm and saw the image of the Scythe, still slightly glowing, upon it. The glowing faded.

Willow continued, "While I have become the Earth Goddess, and Dawn is the Key, you are now The Guardian. Through our actions we have supplanted The Powers That Be, who are no more. Our duties will not be that of playing games with the lives of mortal man such as happened in the past. We only need to protect and nurture them. They are now free to be what they may and we will allow them to become more than what they are."

Willow paused while Buffy noticed they were no longer in the room they had started in. They now seemed to be in some intangible place that suddenly felt like home.

Willow spoke once more. "Human kind will eventually spread away from Earth. Each place they settle and grow will become a part of us as we will become a part of those places. The peoples of Earth will meet others, friend and foe. Their friends may come under our protection while their foes may or may not. That will not be our decision. These things will happen as they may."

And that was what happened. The human race had spread from Earth, creating colonies on other worlds. Meeting new species, some friend, some foe. The descendants from their friends from Sunnydale became prominent from time to time. The line that extended back to Xander and Faith produced strong military leadership. Spike and Fred's descendants became great minds of science and, surprisingly, artists and crafters of many types. Wesley and Illyria produced a line of descendants who were more in touch with themselves and more able to handle the Metasynth techniques introduced by the Eridani.

It was the gathering of many of those descendants in to a new colony effort that attracted Willow, Buffy and Dawn to take notice. They watched as three colony ships, carrying over 6,000 settlers departed the Federated Sentient Planets and headed towards the Sagittarian sector of space and their new home.

In their indeterminate home Willow had created for them so long ago, the three women watched the ships on their 10 year journey. The women, truly Goddesses, sisters, lovers, and friends knew without a doubt that the descendants of their Sunnydale friends were on a course with destiny. A course to the planet Pern!

Further Disclaimers. The Dragonriders of Pern ® is the sole property of the Anne McCaffrey estate. This is posted under Anne's rules of fan-fiction. This story is to be read only on the site Twisting The Hellmouth and is not to be used in any way for commercial purposes. If this story is found anywhere else, I will have it removed. If the Anne McCaffrey estate wishes this story to be removed, it shall be.

The End

You have reached the end of "A New World". This story is complete.

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