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Interlude 1 - The Amulet

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy Summers and the Girl Who Thought Too Much". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Giles prepares to teach Buffy her first magic spell...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)thetwitmachineFR711,057161,82013 Jan 1313 Jan 13Yes
This ficlet occurs in between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of Buffy Summers and the Girl Who Thought Too Much

Interlude 1 – The Amulet

Buffy and Giles sat comfortably at a table in her room at the Leaky Cauldron. In front of them on the table were Buffy’s wands, which Giles had wanted to inspect, and had for some time.

“Now Buffy, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you stick to the story we talked about while you live at Hogwarts. Lucious Malfoy is not stupid, and if contradictory evidence gets back to him he will wonder why I lied to him, and investigate.”

“I get it Giles, I do. I already finished reading that book you gave me about wizarding culture, and I’ve been memorizing the story you gave me. But you said I was going to get to try some magic today.”

“Indeed I did. Now normally all underage magic outside of school is forbidden. The Ministry of Magic has a spell that detects underage magic and you can be seriously punished for it.” Giles reached into his pocket and withdrew a velvet bag with thing green drawstring. “But one of the things I used in my youth was a way around the detection spell.” He held the bag in his hand, contemplating it.

“Ok…so what’s in the bag?”

Giles sighed. “This is something I probably shouldn’t give you. It was given to me when I was your age, and it both got me into and kept me out of a great deal of trouble.” He reached into the bag and withdrew a necklace with a green stone hanging off of it. “This belongs to my family, but since I have no children and that is unlikely to change I am passing it on to you.”

Buffy’s eyes grew wide. “It’s beautiful.” And it was. The green stone looked like a deep green emerald, but was shot through with silver veins in a beautiful concentric pattern. It sat in a silver setting that looked like it was made with a thousand strands of silver fused together perfectly symmetrically, and the chain was a silver braid.

“This is an ancient amulet, the making of which is quite lost, if it was ever known by more than one person. It is reputed to have been made by Salazar Slytherin, one of the most skilled wizards in history and one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He took the chain in his hands and carefully draped it over her head and around her neck. “No one knows how many many relics the founders made, but only a handful have survived.”

“It is reputed to have many hidden powers, but so far my family has only been able to find two. Its first power requires nothing on your part but wearing it, and while you wear it no one will be able to enter your mind. This can be invaluable, as there are spells that let talented magicians read your thoughts, and more nefarious spells that can even control your will.”

“That is actually the weaker of its two abilities. The amulet is also an extremely powerful stealth charm. With this amulet you will invisible to all magic detection spells. It does not make you invisible to the eye, but to someone who uses only spells it is as if you are simply not there. You will be undetectable and unmappable. The Ministry’s underage magic protection spell cannot see you or your magic while you are using this.”

“This thing must be priceless, Giles. Are you sure I should have it?”

“I’m quite sure, Buffy. To activate the amulet all you must do is press it against your yourself and think about being undetectable. It is exceedingly powerful, and anything that uses purely magic to see you will be unable to find you at all. Ghosts, magic portraits, some magical creatures, but more importantly wards and detection spells will not register you. You could walk through the most powerful of wards without a care.”

“You cannot have it activated all the time. Regular spells that affect others might not affect you, if they require detection or warding to work. People with magically augmented vision will notice that while they can see you, their magic cannot. You will stand out. You must only use it when others will not catch you, and you must not tell anyone about it at all. Since receiving it from my father you are the first person I have told.”

Giles caught Buffy’s eyes with his own, and took her hands in his as well. “Buffy, I cannot tell you how dangerous it would be for a dark wizard to have this. You must promise me that you will never use it for malice, and that you will destroy it before you allow it to fall into evil hands.”

“Giles, I don’t know…”

Rather than yelling, Giles whispered. “Promise me! I was made to promise the same, and because I broke that promise the amulet will no longer work for me. Swear that you will never use this amulet for malice!” The words sent shivers down Buffy’s spine.

“I promise, Giles.”

“Good.” He released her hands and stood up, turning around to face the window that looked out onto Diagon Alley. “Good.” Buffy couldn’t read his tone of voice, exactly. Was that relief? Giles turned around to face her, the details of his face lost to shadow against the brilliant sun coming through the window.

“Now, activate the amulet. Press it against yourself and think about being undetectable, and I will test to make sure you have it right.”

Buffy did as she was told, and felt a slight stinging pain as the amulet seemed to attach itself to her skin.

Giles had taken out his wand. “Homenum Revelio!”

This seemed to do nothing that Buffy could detect, which seemed to be the right outcome for a stealth charm.

“Excellent. Now, what I have here is a feather.” Giles reached into his pocket and placed a feather on the table in front of her. “I am going to teach you to make it float. The incantation…”


Note: The amulet in this story is NOT a horcrux, and more of its history will be revealed in further chapters and ficlets.

The End

You have reached the end of "Interlude 1 - The Amulet". This story is complete.

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