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A Charmed Scooby

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Summary: AU. A near fatal encounter with a vampire reveals a long hidden secret to Xander Harris changing not only his destiny but the destiny of the other Scoobies forever.

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A Charmed Scooby

Authors Note: This is an AU story and crossover with Charmed that I thought I would start to share with you all. Story events begin during the gap between seasons one and two of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and just before the Charmed premier episode Something Wicca This Way Comes.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters that I am about to play around with. Buffy and Charmed characters remain the property of their respective creators.



With a soft, muted roar the waves of the Pacific Ocean broke upon the beach at Kingsman’s Bluff bringing with it a cool breeze that alleviated somewhat the stifling summer heat of the bright Californian sun. Sitting on the beach, barely noticing or caring about the passing of time, Xander Harris mind numb with boredom threw stones into the ocean. So far his summer had sucked, especially as he had no one to really hang around with, no place where he could relax and avoid his fathers drunken abuse or the guilt ridden apologies he got afterwards when the man recovered from his hangovers. Apologies that never meant anything as no sooner did Anthony Harris offer to give up drinking than he started drinking again – he had done ever since Xander was ten.

So these days Xander did his best to just not be in the house at all except when he couldn’t avoid it. He hated seeing what his father had become as he well remembered the man he’d been before, before the accident, before the pain of what had happened had sent Tony into the bottle which he’d never really climbed out of since. Before it all Tony had been a cool dad, a doting father who in the summer regularly took him on camping, fishing and hunting trips in the Sierra Nevada’s. It had made summers fun and something to look forward to, but not any more now those happy memories were just that memories. And this summer was especially hard to put up with as he had nowhere to go, Buffy had gone off to Los Angeles to spend the summer with her dad and come to terms with what had happened with The Master, Willow was away for the summer at a computer science and programming camp that her parents had arranged for her to attend leaving him here alone as it wasn’t like he could just hang out at Jesse’s anymore.


At the thought of his lost friend Xander felt his insides twist in pain. Though it had been months since Jesse had been turned into a vampire and subsequently dusted by yours truly he still hadn’t really gotten over the loss of his brother in everything but name. Jesse’s parents had left town a few months ago unable to stay in the town where their son had met his end, though the police still insisted that Jesse had run away ignoring the fact that he would never have done such a thing Sunnydale Syndrome at its very best.

His only alternative thing to do would be spend time at the library with Giles. And while he wasn’t adverse to the idea of learning more about the things that went bump in the night he had had enough of the High School for awhile. Maybe he’d stop by in a week or twos time and see if he could convince the Watcher to teach him a little bit more about the various monsters, demons and vampires that they could encounter here on the Hellmouth or who would likely come to attempt to fill the power vacuum in the towns evil hierarchy caused by the demise of the Master. Someone or something would come eventually he knew that as nature abhorred a vacuum. Until then he could just hang around here on the beach, possibly see about getting a tan or trying for the umpteenth time to learn the great Californian tradition of surfing.

A tan or just lying on the beach for a bit and let the world go by sounds like a good idea, he thought before slipping off his flamboyant Hawaiian shirt, leaving the white short sleeve t-shirt he wore underneath fully exposed, he lay the Hawaiian out behind him, before retrieving his sunglasses from his pocket and learning back to enjoy an afternoon on the beach. The sun gently warmed his body and coupled with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean breaking on the shore he closed his eyes and without realising it slipped into sleep.


Xander jolted awake and immediately swore as he noticed that the sun had gone down, that the chill of night was well and truly evident and that the beach was deserted and dark lit only by the lights lining the promenade and the faint silver-white light of the full moon in the sky above. Shit, shit, shit, he thought angrily sitting up, ripping off his glasses and putting them in his pocket before pulling his shirt back on all the while mentally beating himself up for having fallen asleep like that when there was no one with him to wake him up again. It had left him dangerously, uncomfortably exposed and he had no desire to be some vamps lunch or suffer the worse fate of getting turned.

“Well what have we here,” a voice said from behind him prompting him to spin around already guessing what he was going to see as it would just the way his luck ran. Sure enough a vampire in game face was standing there grinning like an evil loon. Despite the demonic features he vaguely recognised him as a jock that disappeared last year, a jock that had been quite fond of harassing Willow and intimidating her into doing his homework for him. “I was looking for a meal and I happen to find you, Harris. Good for me bad for you.”

“I don’t think so,” Xander replied forcing himself to be calm and slip a hand to his right pocket where he kept a small vial of holy water for emergencies. If I survive this better start carrying a stake as well, he thought.

The vamped jock snorted. “Oh really,” he said with a contemptuous laugh, “what you going to do Harris you can’t run from me, you can’t hide from me all you can do is die.”

“Wrong I can do this,” Xander said pulling the glass vial from his pocket and throwing it at the vamp with all his strength. Reflexively the vamp held up an arm to protect his face from the incoming projectile, the vial shattering on impact with his forearm covering it in holy water which immediately began hissing, steaming and fizzing the blessed liquid ate like acid into the demon-animated corpse’s flesh. The vampire howled in agony and began flailing about as it tried to shake the holy water off its skin. While the beast was distracted Xander made a break for it.

He didn’t get off the beach.

He was almost to the steps up onto the promenade when the vamp tackled him from behind and spun him around so he was gazing up into the face of a furiously glaring vampire. “That hurt you bastard,” the former jock snarled demonic features contorted in a combination of fury and pain, “I’m going to really enjoy killing you for that.”

Rather than respond with words, Xander kicked and punched, one blow landing on the badly burned forearm prompting another roar of pain and swearing from the vamp. “I really hate it when dinner fights back still you’ve put up a decent enough fight,” the vampire snapped surprising Xander when he saw actual tears of pain coming from the beasts yellow eyes, “forget killing you I think I’ll make you my bitch instead.”

“NO,” Xander yelled refusing to be turned he desperately tried to struggle before feeling something happen. Something inside him felt like it was surging forth from somewhere deep within the very fibres of his being, bringing with it a strange but not at all unpleasant tingling sensation along with a sudden irresistible impulse to make a pushing motion with one of his hands. Without really knowing why he gave into the impulse and abruptly the vampire flew away from him, propelled up and away as through struck with something.

What the? Xander thought sitting up just as the vamp landed several dozen feet down the beach a look of utter bewilderment on its distorted inhuman features. Standing up he gaped himself as the vamp also started to stand.

“What the fuck? How the hell did you do that Harris,” the vamp-jock asked gaping at him in disbelief. Feeling the tingling continuing Xander made a pushing motion with both hands this time and this time felt something flash out from his hands, something invisible, whatever it was it struck the vampire like a sledgehammer sending the undead creature flying back with enormous force. So much force that it ploughed far into the surf sending up two wide plumes of spray as it tore through the waves like a bullet fired from a gun.

Xander gaped for a moment, stunned by what had just happened. What the hell was that? How’d I do that, he thought in disbelief as the strange sensation within faded away. After a moment he decided to not question his good fortune as whatever it was, however he had done it he had been saved from what would have been a fate far worse than death.

Turning back he ran up to the promenade intent on getting to the relative safety of the Harris residence before he encountered anymore vamps. I’ll tell Giles what happened in the morning, he thought as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, maybe the G-Man will have some idea what the hell that was and how I did it.


A Short Time Later

Steve was pissed as he hauled himself out of the surf. He couldn’t believe that Xander Harris of all people had gotten the better of him, first with that vial of holy water and then with that downright freaky power he’d just used. He’d seen and experienced some strange and amazing things since he’d been turned after meeting the wrong girl at a party here on this very beach but being tossed through the air like a toy by Harris took the biscuit.

Dripping wet and trying to ignore the lingering pain in his right forearm – thankfully going flying through the ocean had washed away the last of holy water allowing his vampire healing to begin working though it would take a good few hours for the burns inflicted by the consecrated liquid to heal completely – he moved up the beach almost falling flat on his face as his sneakers slipped on the sand. Frowning he looked around for Harris intent on paying the geek back for this humiliation but to his total lack of surprise he was nowhere to be seen having fled the scene in the ten minutes or so it had taken him to fight against a vicious rip tide off shore and swim back to the beach.

“Damn you, Harris,” he snarled even though he knew Harris was by now far out of earshot and he could forget tracking him as the breeze was coming in from the ocean and masking his scent, “I’ll get you for this, freaky magic powers or no freaky magic powers you’re a dead man.”

Angry, frustrated and soaked through to the skin Steve walked off the beach to return to his lair where he could get out of these soaking clothes, dry off, put something else on then go find someone else to be tonight’s meal. Morphing his features back into the face of the human he’d once been he slipped into the shadows to make the journey, thankfully his lair wasn’t that far away so there wasn’t too much risk of another vampire spotting him and laughing his or head off at his circumstances. Not that there were that many other vamps around at the moment as the vampire community in Sunnydale was still reeling from the heavy losses they’d taken when The Master had tangled with the Slayer and lost whilst attempting to open the Hellmouth.

Now that he thought about it Steve had heard from a few of the vamps that had survived the night that Harris had been there along with Willow fighting alongside the Slayer and that abomination Angel. Being friends with Buffy Summers would certainly explain where Harris had gotten that vial of holy water from and why he’d been surprisingly level headed, though clearly a little irritated, about being confronted by a real life vampire and not wetting himself in terror. It also made him realise how lucky an escape he’d had as if he’d killed or turned Harris he was sure he would have a very pissed off blond bombshell of a Slayer after his ass which wasn’t conductive to him having a very long life. Hell he’d be lucky if she allowed him a quick albeit dusty death by staking.

Still that didn’t mean he was going to let Harris get away with humiliating him. He would just have to be a lot more careful about how he got the payback he was due as a) he didn’t want to get dusted by a pissed off Buffy and b) he had no desire for Harris to fling him into a wall or two as not even vampires could take that kind of punishment without sustaining injuries and they could get paralysed just as easily as humans could and lacking a childe to support him getting paralysed would condemn him to a slow agonising death by starvation as paralysis was one of the few injuries that vampire healing abilities couldn’t quickly correct. How to get back at Harris then, he thought frowning as he walked. It definitely wasn’t going to be easy but then again few worthwhile things ever were, he just have to think of something. Whatever he came up with he was sure Harris would never see him coming.


Harris Residence
That Same Time

Xander was breathing hard as he arrived back outside his house. He stopped for a few minutes to get his breath back before retrieving his house key from his pocket and letting himself in. Slipping inside he heard the sound of the television and the faint sound of snoring. With a skill born of long practice and perfected by his brief Hyena possession he silently moved into the living room and found Tony stretched out on the sofa fast asleep a dozen empty bear bottles near by. Clearly he’d been drinking while watching television and passed out from the amount of alcohol in his system, an all too common occurrence these days.

As quietly as he could he switched off the television and crept out of the room, knowing better than to try waking Tony Harris up as it would only invite trouble and he’d had enough of that tonight thank you very much. Once out of the living room he quickly made his way to the kitchen intent on getting a sandwich, a coke and a couple of Twinkies before heading up to his room. Only to find his mother sitting at the kitchen table with a snow globe he recognised as coming from the mantelpiece in the living room in front of her. It had been his grandfathers and as he recalled they’d been given it when he was nine a few months before grandpa passed away.

“Hi mom,” he said in greeting as Jessica Harris looked up at the sound of his voice and smiled slightly while inwardly feeling more than a touch of nerves about what she would have to talk to him about. She’d known of course that this day was going to come eventually but she’d managed to avoid thinking about it too much as she no mother really wanted to turn their child’s world literally upside down. Unfortunately the way the snow globe had reacted half hour or so ago made it inevitable that she would have to have this conversation with Alexander, she’d almost joined Tony in his nightly ritual of drinking himself into oblivion after the globe started glowing and whistling as her father had enchanted it to, but had resisted the temptation to knowing it wouldn’t change the reality. This was not a conversation that could be escaped.

“Sit down Alexander we need to talk,” she said firmly, “it’s important.”

Xander raised an eyebrow but did as he was told, the fact that his mom had used his full first name as opposed to his preferred Xander or her own personal preference of Alex let him know that it really was something important she wanted to discuss. “What’s up mom? What’s grandpa’s snow globe doing in here?” he asked.

“I’ll answer that in a little bit,” Jessica replied, “but before we discuss that I want you to be honest with me. Did something strange happen to you earlier this evening? Something you couldn’t explain? Would have happened about twenty to thirty minutes ago” when she saw her son’s brown eyes widen in surprise she continued. “Something did happen didn’t it?”

“Yeah how…”

“Did I know? I’ve been waiting for a few years now for it to happen as for how I knew something had happened this globe isn’t an ordinary snow globe Alex that’s just a glamour put on it to hide what it really is.”

“Glamour,” Xander repeated recalling the word from some of Giles stuffy old books, “you mean a spell?”

“Yes,” Jessica replied before waving a hand over the globe “reveal” she said making the globe ripple with an optical distortion before turning completely transparent, the fake snow, water and scene inside vanishing revealing it to be a small clear crystal ball. A ball set on an ornate brass base covered in Celtic looking artwork.

“How,” Xander asked gaping at the display of magic, though it wasn’t the first time he’d encountered magic since he’d had his introduction into the truth of the world – that whole thing with Catherine Madison readily sprang to mind – the fact that his mother had just apparently used it really threw him through a loop.

“How did I do that? I’m a witch Alexander I always have been ever since I was born,” Jessica replied before dropping her bombshell, “just as you have been.”

“What!” Xander exclaimed.

“My father bound you’re powers when you were born,” Jessica continued, “he did it to protect you and to hide you, I was weak from giving birth to you otherwise I would have done it myself. But he knew that the spell wouldn’t last forever and that sometime between you’re sixteenth and eighteenth birthday the binding would begin to start wearing off so before he died he anchored the globe to the spell keeping your powers bound so it would give a warning when your abilities started to manifest themselves.”

Xander gaped. “Protect and hide me? From what,” he asked part of him not wanting to believe this that it was crazy but the rest of him sitting up, taking notice and somehow knowing that what he was being told was the truth.

“To answer that you need to know the truth about this town, as you may know Sunnydale isn’t exactly like every other town in America.”

“Of course its not, unless every town in this country is built right on top of a Hellmouth.”

Jessica’s eyes widened. “How did you…” she started to say stunned that he knew about the Hellmouth buried beneath the suburban paradise that Sunnydale appeared to be. A paradise it would have been if not for that fissure in the dimensional barriers that unfortunately led to many vampires and demons making this place their home.

“I found out months ago when Jesse was turned into a vampire. I dusted him to save Cordelia of all people.”

Jessica gasped slightly before putting a hand to her mouth in shock before looking at her son in sympathy. She’d known how close he was to Jesse McNally and how hard it would have been for him to vanquish the demon that took Jesse body for itself. “Oh god, Alex I’m sorry,” she said.

“I’m not,” Xander admitted shivering slightly as an image of Jesse’s face – distorted by the demonic features of a vampire – flashed before his eyes, “Jesse wouldn’t have wanted to live like that, as a monster killing to live or just for kicks in the way vamps are prone to doing. It was hard though seeing him like that and knowing that Jesse wasn’t really Jesse anymore. I hated myself for awhile for killing him and didn’t learn until about two months later that when someone becomes a vampire the demon takes the body but not the soul. Jesse died hours before I drove that stake into his heart.”

“Yes he did,” Jessica confirmed looking at her son in sympathy seeing the pain in his eyes as he spoke about his lost friend, “you seem to know quite a bit about vampires.”

“Yeah well you know Buffy?”

“Yes,” Jessica said frowning at her son though she began to get an inkling of where this was going. Could the blond he and Willow been hanging around with ever since Jesse ‘ran away’ possibly be the Slayer? There was only one way to know. “She’s the Slayer isn’t she?”

“Yes we’ve been helping her ever since.”

“Whose we?”

“Willow and me”

“Helping to protect innocents already,” Jessica said shaking her head in a rueful manner. Alexander hadn’t even known he was a born witch and thus had magic literally in his blood and he was already sticking his neck out to help protect the innocents of Sunnydale from the vampires, demons and all the other evil forces that dwelt in the darkness and shadows. On one hand the fact that he was doing it terrified her but on the other she was proud of him, it was a very selfless and brave thing to do – especially as he hadn’t known about his powers.

“Are you going to stop me?”

“No Alex I won’t stop you as worried about you as it makes me. Like magic doing that is in your blood, light side witches are supposed to help innocents it’s one of the reasons I work at the clinic. Now where was I?”

“You were saying grandpa bound my powers to protect me.”

“Yes you see the Hellmouth constantly emits energy which as you probably know from working with Buffy attracts vampires, demons and other evil creatures to this place in droves. Many of those demons would have homed in on you if your powers had not been bound and taken you. They’d either kill you or try to turn you to evil and you’d be especially targeted as the line of witches we come from is one of the oldest in the country one going all the way back to the Salem witch trials.”

“I think I understand by doing what he did grandpa took me off their magical radar.”

“Yes. Now though your powers are obviously starting to show, to surge through the binding placed on you. I’m not sure why it’s happened now but that doesn’t matter. Now that your magic is starting to manifest itself we have only two choices.”

“Which are?”

“Let your magic come out on its own or I can take you to our families Book of Shadows and show you how to unbind your powers immediately. After that you can start to learn to use them as well as identify what your active power or powers are.”

“Active powers what do you mean by that mom?”

“All natural born witches have some abilities in common like the ability to cast spells, brew magic potions and scry for objects or people through a variety of different mediums unique to each individual for example I typically scry using water but you might scry using a crystal or something. It’s something you’ll figure out on your own as time passes.

“To go with these common abilities all natural born witches have one or more powers that they can use at will without having to cast a spell or use a potion. In Wicca circles these are referred to as active powers and are unique to each individual. For example my active power is the ability to make force fields – which do on half come in handy sometimes when Tony is at his worst. The active power is usually the first power to manifest as, as I said you don’t need to know a spell or brew a specific potion to use it.”

“Then I think I know what mine is,” Xander replied before explaining exactly what had happened on the beach and how he’d sent the jock-turned-vampire flying first down the beach and then into the sea just by pushing his hands at him.

“It sounds like your telekinetic,” Jessica said when he finished. “Given you were in danger for your life it would be the one to be surely break through the binding to protect you, the fact that you knocked such a large vampire flying so easily and with such force points to you being a very strong telekinetic as well.”

“Oh cool.”

“Though you won’t be able to consciously control it not while your abilities remain bound, it will either just continue to surge to the surface when you’re threatened or react to strong emotion probably both.”

“Could I hurt someone with it without meaning to?”

“I’m afraid so until you can consciously control your ability it is very possible for you to hurt or even kill someone without meaning to.”

“Then remove the binding, I’d rather have to learn to consciously control this than just have it pop to the surface uncontrolled.”

“Alright,” Jessica said standing up before gesturing for him to do so as well, “come with me.”

Xander stood up and followed as Jessica led him out of the kitchen and down into the basement. She calmly approached the east wall of the basement and to his astonishment pressed what he had always assumed to be a light switch – not that he’d been allowed to come into the basement that often as a child – there was a click and a section of the wall popped out and opened revealing a hidden room. He followed his mother into the room, lights automatically coming on as they crossed the threshold.

The room immediately reminded him somewhat of the library back in the high school. Shelves filled with books and a number of storage boxes dominated the walls, a small round table with what looked like a brass basin on it stood in the centre of the room. And just beyond it sitting on its own pedestal was a large, thick book that reminded him of some of the tomes Giles kept in the Slayer-only section of the library.

“This is our families Book of Shadows,” Jessica said as she led him up to it. “It holds a great deal of information, secrets and spells, all gathered by our family over the centuries. Recorded here for each generation to use, learn from and add to. In this way it learns and grows, preserving the knowledge of our line.”

Xander looked at the book in awe. It was huge and bound in light brown leather with an ornately carved metal clasp to hold it closed. In the centre of the cover was a series of circles joined together at the centre to form three large outer circles and one smaller inner circle, the inner circle being woven with golden thread while the outer circles were woven with silver thread. Oh man Giles would go absolutely gaga if he got a look at this, he thought running his fingers over the cover and feeling that he was somehow connected to this book in some strange way, it called to him.

“Open it,” Jessica said softly smiling at his reaction; she’d been the same the first time she’d seen the Book of Shadows. “Then turn to the second page.”

Cautiously Xander did just that, releasing the clasp and opening the book and seeing on the first page in big elegantly styled letters The Lavelle Book of Shadows. The paper despite being yellowed with age felt firm beneath his fingers as he carefully turned the page over to find a spell written – surprisingly in plane English as he’d expected it to be written in Latin or one of the Celtic languages – there that like the book seemed to call to him.

“If you want to unbind your powers now, Alex read the spell,” Jessica said still speaking softly.

“Okay,” Xander replied taking a deep breath to settle the sudden surge of nerves before in a firm clear voice reciting the words of the spell, words that felt strangely natural on his tongue as if he had always been meant to say them. “Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of the god’s great gifts the great work of magic is sought. In this night, upon this hour, I call upon the Ancient power. Return to me that which was bound. I want the power, give me the power.”

No sooner than the last syllable had left his lips than Xander stiffened as the tingling sensation from the beach returned. It surged through him, spreading to every part of his body and bringing with it a pleasant sensation of warmth. His muscles relaxed and he felt like every cell in his body was crying out in ecstasy at the sensation. Then with breathtaking suddenness it ended and he slumped forward gasping in reaction as the sensation faded.

“Whoa that was a rush,” he said gasping and suddenly feeling tired as if someone had turned a tap and drained all the energy out of him.

“It always is,” Jessica replied smiling and feeling inordinately proud of her son for having cast his first real spell. “You’ve probably noticed your feeling tired it’s because your body is changing, adapting to the magic being unbound. You should go to your room and rest now. When I get off shift tomorrow I will begin teaching you some of the meditations and tricks I know that should help you learn how to identify and use the abilities that you now possess.”

“Okay,” Xander agreed surprising himself by not arguing about the idea of having an early night. It really did appeal to him right now.

“Oh before I forget in the next few days you’ll probably get a familiar. They’re purpose is to help you and focus you, I don’t know what form it will take but you will know it when you see it.”


“Now come let’s get you to sleep, Alex. We have a lot to talk about in the morning and you’ll need all the strength you can get.”

“Alright mom and mom thanks for telling me about this. I’m glad you’ve told me.”

“You’re welcome Alex.”


Sunnydale High School
Next Day

Rupert Giles whistled softly to himself as he carefully turned the pages of one his favourite books, the copy of the Lord of the Rings had seen better days but he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of it and replace it with one of the newer editions of Tolkein’s classic tale. He was enjoying the peace and quiet that filled the library today as their were no summer school classes going on today and no students on the grounds to do any course work – though he of course kept the library open should any choose to come in.

He was just reading the passage of the book when the fellowship was attempting to access the mines of Moria when the sound of approaching footsteps caught his attention. Putting the book on the shelf below the counter he looked up and hoped it wasn’t that revolting troll Principle Snyder coming to bother him over some trivial or non-existent issue. Frankly how Snyder got to be principle after the unfortunate demise of Principle Flutie was beyond him, the snivelling little man was a petty control freak with a few narcissist, vindictive and neurotic tendencies thrown in for good measure – he had no business working in such an institution as this. Due to the Hellmouth Sunnydale High life was hard enough to survive as it was without Snyder making life even more difficult for students and staff alike.

So it was a mixture of surprise and relief when the person who came through the doors to the library wasn’t Royston Snyder but one Xander Harris. “Xander this is a surprise I didn’t expect to see you again until term starts,” Giles said in greeting.

“Hey G-Man,” Xander replied grinning when Giles shot him a familiar look of fond annoyance at the hated nickname he’d given the Watcher. “I wasn’t planning to come back here till term started but something happened to me last night, something wiggy as Buffy would say.”

Giles expression immediately turned serious as the Watcher in him took over. Anything that involved the Hellmouth was bad news and not for the first time he wished Buffy hadn’t decided to go off to LA for the summer though truth be told he could understand why she would want to get away from Sunnydale for awhile. After all the last time she’d been here she’d literally died and if it hadn’t been for Xander forcing Angel to take him to the Masters Lair at cross point – Xander had told him what had really happened and not the lie or half truth that Angel had likely told Buffy – and remembering the lessons he’d had in CPR he’d be without a Slayer now. Something every field Watcher feared.

“This way,” he said leading the teenager into his office where they would be able to talk more privately as it wouldn’t do for some student to suddenly show up for books who wasn’t in the know, however unlikely that was to happen. Once they were inside he gestured for Xander to sit in one of the chairs while he sat in the other. “What happened to you Xander,” he asked looking at the young man in concern.

“Before I answer that one Giles can you answer me a question?”

“Of course though I cannot of course guarantee to immediately have the answer,” Giles replied wondering exactly why Xander was talking in such a roundabout fashion.

“Okay are you familiar with the concept of people who are born with the ability to use magic?”

Giles raised an eyebrow at the surprising question. “Of course,” he said a puzzled look appearing on his face. “It is perfectly possible for someone to be born with the inherent ability to use magic; many of the most powerful Wicca witches in the world were born with their abilities as opposed to being practitioners who have to seek their powers from another source like channelling one of the old gods. There are a number of magic bloodlines in the world though they are not as numerous as they once were due to more than a thousand years of persecution by various religious groups. It is a fascinating but sad story. But what does this have to do with what happened to you last night?”

“I’ll get to that in a moment,” Xander replied before explaining how he’d been out on the beach at Kingsman’s Bluff yesterday afternoon, how he’d fallen to sleep only to wake up when night had fallen and his encounter with the vampire on the beach. He finished with how he’d made the vampire fly away from him in response to a strange impulse and surge of energy from deep inside.

“You were very lucky Xander,” Giles said frowning, “but are you telling me that you’re a witch?”

“That I am G-Man. When I got home I found my mom waiting for me in the kitchen, she told me that we were both natural born witches but that my grandpa bound my abilities when I was born to protect me from the demonic energy emissions of the Hellmouth. He tied the binding spell to a crystal ball disguised as a snow globe by a glamour spell that we’ve had since just before he died. A ball that would give a warning when the binding put on me began to fail me and mom talked for a bit then she well took me down to a hidden room in the basement of our house and had me read a spell from a very old tome called the Book of Shadows.”

“You have a Book of Shadows,” Giles asked eyes widening in surprise as such things were rare and thus were always targets for thieves, demons and warlocks to steal or destroy at all costs as the knowledge of magic they contained could be very extensive and cover everything from simple light spells to the most powerful of magic’s. Xander nodded. “What did this spell do?” he asked eager but at the same time wary of the response he would get.

“It removed the binding as a result I can now do things like this,” Xander said before holding out a hand and concentrating on a book on the opposite side of the room as his mother had instructed him to do when they’d spoken a bit this morning before she’d hurried off to her job at the local mental health clinic. Immediately he felt the tingle of magic flow through him and come out of his hand before invisibly crossing the room, grabbing the book and bringing it shooting towards his hand. He caught it easily.

Giles blinked at the display of power. “Impressive,” he said, “I take it that telekinesis is your active power.”

“At least one of them mom thinks I have another one but we’re not sure what it is yet or how I go about triggering it.”

“I see,” Giles answered with a considering hmm sound coming from his lips. The fact that Xander could possibly have two active powers was very interesting and indicated that whatever line of witches he came from was old being active long enough for the physiology of its members to have adapted enough to magic to allow such abilities to manifest. “Why are you showing me this Xander?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

“Because I want to ask you for your help Giles,” Xander replied putting the book down on the desk. “Mom is going to train me a bit in the use of my magic but I was wondering if you knew anything about magic as well. Anything that could help me as I don’t want to end up twisted and vindictive like Amy’s mom did.”

“Of course I’ll help you,” Giles answered smiling feeling an almost fatherly pride that Xander seemed genuinely determined to be careful with the amazing gift he had been given. Magic was not a toy, not something to easily play around with even for a natural born witch like Xander, but something to be wielded with a great deal of thought and care. “Like all Watchers I do have a little bit of training in the use of magic it’s what enabled me to reverse all the spells and enchantments cast by Catherine Madison a few months ago.

“I am glad to see that you’re being responsible about this Xander, magic is a great gift to have but it isn’t a toy nor is it something to experiment or play around with it has rules and dangers that only an idiot or a fool would ignore. I’ll be more than happy to help you learn how and when to use this gift of yours.”

“Thanks Giles.”

“You’re welcome,” Giles replied with a smile before standing up and leading Xander back out into the main part of the library and going to the section where he stored many of his occult books. After a moment of searching through he picked up a slim leather bound book and handed it to the dark haired teen. “Here read this book, it contains a lot of basic information on the basics of magical theory and like with all skills you have to know the theory before you can really start to learn to use your powers. Come back and see me once you’ve read it and we can go from there. Also let your mother know I’d like to speak with her that way we can coordinate our efforts in teaching you what you need.”

“I will,” Xander replied with a nod though part of him recoiled at the idea of studying for anything he knew that this was important, more important than anything else had been in his life so far so he would follow the Watcher’s instructions. “Thanks again G-Man,” he said before walking away back into the silent corridors of the deserted school.

Giles watched him leave. To say he was surprised by what had just been revealed to him would have been an understatement if every there was one. He would never in a million years figured that someone like Xander Harris would be given such an incredible gift as magic. Though he’d known for sometime that Xander had hidden depths that the happy go lucky, joker attitude he projected was just a façade that hid a very intelligent and adaptive young mind as well as someone who cared a great deal for others. But the fact that he was a witch a real Wicca and not one of those new age people who called themselves Wiccan without any real idea of what the title meant was more than a little surprising. Though if you’ve learned anything about living on a Hellmouth Rupert its ‘expect the unexpected’, he thought with a smile before returning to the front desk.

He had a lot of thinking to do.


Authors Note: I realise that some aspects of this first chapter are similar to the story Charmed Bloodlines by Freddyfrmelmst also available to view on this site. I wish to assure Freddyfrmelmst and other readers that no plagiarism is intended as I don't do that, any similarity is purely coincidental.

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