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Backpack! Backpack!

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Summary: "I really wish I had Dora's backpack!" (Crossover Lost. Post S7)

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Television > LostcloudleonsgurlFR1515300665723 Jan 1323 Jan 13Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy belongs to Joss. And Lost belongs to...whoever it belongs to. This is just for giggles and amusement. Not profit. Don't sue. :D

Crossover: Lost

Post Season 7

This was inspired by a long conversation my sister and I had on Lost while watching a marathon on Netflix. :D

The air was crisp and cool due the salty air the waves drew in. But that was only a small consolation when considering the fact that she wasn't on her well deserved vacation. No, Buffy Summers was in the middle of nowhere on a deserted island after her plane were only kaput and crashed.

It had been two hellish weeks of sweatiness, smelliness, and her hair was so tangled and beyon repair she was tempted to cut it all off. With a sigh, she planted herself down beside the doctor, Jack who was busy washing his hands in the ocean. They were very lucky to have him here. A lot more of people would have died if not for him.

"This sucks," she stated.

Jack chuckled. "You said that yesterday...and the day before that...and the day before that..."

"Well," Buffy raised her chin stubbornly, "I am going to keep saying it until it stops being true."

"And that would be?" Jack posed the impossible question.

"I don't know..." Buffy pouted. "Soon, I hope." She wondered why the scoobies hadn't found her yet? They were in a good place. They wouldn't leave her intentionally, would they? She was immediately drawn from her thoughts when her stomach growled. Loud.

"Here," Jack handed her a piece of fruit.

"Gods," Buffy breathed out, taking a bite after thanking him. "We had better find something other than fruit and fish soon..."

"I thought girls like you were all about the fruit and fish," Jack teased her, with a light grin.

Buffy shot him a look, a slight curl to her lips. "I like red meat. Beef, steak, sirlion..." Her stomach growled again and she forced another bite of fruit down her thought.

"Perhaps we should go hunting," Jack thought outloud. "There has to be some kind of animal life on this island."

Buffy nodded, laying back on the beach with a soft sigh. "You know what I wish?"

"To be off this island?" Jack suggested wirily.

"Well, yes that," Buffy agreed with a small laugh. "But not what I was going to say."

"Alright," Jack indulged her. "What is your wish?"

"I wish I had Dora's backpack!" As soon as the words left Buffy's mouth, a bright flash and the next thing she knew she was holding a very familiar purple backpack. Jack's burst of laughter was caught in his throat in shock while Buffy's eyes went wide. "No way! It actually worked!"

"How the hell?" Jack shook his head, as that would somehow help him figure out this mysterious. Perhaps he finally lost it and was now hallucinating, but Buffy saw it to. You couldn't share a hallucination, could you?

"Magic," Buffy grinned, then tried to open. It wouldn't open. "What the hell? How do you get this open?" Not even her super strength would open it.

"Maybe you have to sing the song?" Jack suggested, scratchisng the back of his head still bemused by the whole situation.


Somewhere in another universe D'Hoffryn was laughing.

RRs are appreciated.

The End

You have reached the end of "Backpack! Backpack!". This story is complete.

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