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Slayers in New York

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Summary: Just as the Chitauri are about to send the bulk of their army through, two petite women walk up to the avengers. Who are these two? Black Widow/Buffy Hawkeye/Faith

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Multiple PairingsSelonianthFR1332,92643813,27724 Jan 1319 Apr 13Yes

Vacation Time (The Vacation Begins)

The entire group, Buffy and Faith included, headed back to the Helicarrier to debrief. Well, the main Avengers did, Buffy and Faith went along because they were bored and Natasha and Barton were going.

Fury reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose, closing his eye. “Let me get this straight, you went to stop the alien invasion and two other aliens, who I cannot find anything about, just walk up to you, invite themselves to join the party, and start killing the invaders. Then when you're done and you’ve caught up to Loki, who was still laying in a crater from when Bruce beat the holy hell out of him, we find out that one of them has an axe that can kill gods!?”

“We’re not aliens,” Buffy mentioned, cleaning underneath her fingernails with one of the knives the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had been too terrified to try to take from her. “Dimensionally misplaced humans thanks very much.”

“I find it hard to believe that two ‘Dimensionally Misplaced Humans’ could bench a car, and we have footage of you using a car to take out several Chitauri warriors,” Fury retorted.

“Think of us as being like your walking-talking flag over there,” Faith responded. “Only... we weren’t made strong by science.”

“Be that as it may, I’ll need to see that god-killing axe for testing.”

Buffy’s demeanor changed from perky and amused, and flirtatious, to cold, calculating, and deadly. Faith was the one to speak though, knowing Buffy got... agitated when people wanted to take the Scythe. “Sorry big F. Even if we would give it to you, which we wouldn’t, none of your people could actually carry the axe. Only a slayer can lift it see, kinda like surfer boy’s nifty little hammer.”

Thor gave a laugh, “They are correct Director Fury. That axe is much like Mjolnir, though it is not made of Uru like my own hammer. It has been imbued with such ancient and powerful magic that the sorcerer supreme of this dimension would find himself unable to unwind it’s power."

Fury sighed, looking at the blonde who was still eyeing him like he was a threat he held up his hands in a token of surrender, “I had to try. The people who proclaim themselves my bosses would attempt to have my ass if I did anything less.”

Buffy nodded and slowly calmed, bringing the slayer essence to heel. Once she was calm she resumed her former perky demeanor. “I understand, when I first got this supernatural gig there was a group who professed themselves my bosses. I told them to fuck off not long after I turned twenty.”

With that the debriefing was over and Buffy watched Natasha leave with the eyes of a predator. Oh yes, Natasha Romanoff was her prey... and what a prey she was, slender but bountiful in all the key areas.. The slender blonde slid out of her chair and smoothly took up place next to the Black Widow.

Natasha saw Buffy slide up out of the corner of her eye and with a very slight turn of her head, a small smirk, and a raised eyebrow she acknowledged Buffy’s presence.

“Where’re we going?” Buffy asked with a grin as she walked with the assassin.

We are not going anywhere. I am going to the city to pick up a ride I stashed there, then to places unknown.” Natasha replied, knowing the blonde would follow her but feeling a... strange desire to play hard-to-get. She was used to playing the part, but only when she was trying to tease some mark into spilling his secrets, not seriously.

Buffy gave the red-headed assassin a grin, “Please, we both know I’ll just turn up wherever you go anyway. So Strawberry, where’re we going?”

Natasha laughed. Normally she felt awkward, or angry, when someone hit on her, but right now she was just flattered, “Please don’t call me strawberry, I’m not a fruit. As I said, I’m off to places unknown, I don’t have any particular place in mind.”

“Road Trip? Faith! I’m going on a Road Trip, will you be alright with your BoyToy?!” Buffy shouted over her shoulder. There was the sound of several confused people then, “I am not your boytoy!”

Sure enough, by the time Buffy and Natasha made it to the chopper that would get them back to dry land Faith had caught up and she had Clint slung over her right shoulder. “Road Trip?”

Buffy laughed, “Didn’t think you needed to sling him over your shoulder to come over to say something. Yea. Road Trip.”

“Man Good. Fire Bad.” Faith teased as she put Barton down.

“Woman Good. Fire Bad,” Buffy corrected as she jumped in, followed shortly by Natasha who raised one elegant eyebrow.

“Do I want to know?” The redheaded russian asked, the eyebrow never moving. The woman whose attention she had acquired was still finding ways to make her curious... which was probably the plan-no, no plan. She’s not an enemy agent. Natasha berated herself almost missing Buffy’s response.

Buffy took a moment to feign thought, “Nope.” Then she hit the door to the Pilot’s cabin and they lifted off obligingly to head to the mainland.


Buffy ’s mouths both dropped open when she saw Natasha’s car they’d be doing the road trip in. On the surface, it was a beautiful Ferrari 599 GTO but the Queen Slayer could see the differences. A moment later, when she had the drool under control Buffy spun spun to look at Natasha, “How fast does it react?”

The assassin blushed. “I may have have had it over-modified. I have to drive it in it’s most restricted mode so it doesn’t go out of control because I can’t react fast enough.”

“DIBS!” Buffy cried in glee at possibly being able to drive again.

A massive raised eyebrow from Natasha who gave an odd look at the Queen Slayer later, “Dibs?”

The petite blonde shrugged, “Me and F can’t drive normal cars, we react too fast. So when our personal cars got left behind in our world... didn’t think I’d be able to drive again, especially not so soon..”

“Oh, so you want to drive?” Natasha asked the small blonde who’d captured her interest.

Buffy gave a smirk and motioned her to come a little closer with her finger, when Natasha had bent down, why she thought anything else would happen no one knew, Buffy threaded her hand into the redhead’s hair and kissed her with such lust that the normally in control assassin moaned when the kiss was over.

“Ok,” Natasha gasped. “You can drive...” She finished before she handed the blonde the keys and staggered over to the car to sit down in the front passenger side seat, her brain frantically attempting to find something to say but could only come up with one word. ‘Damn...’

Buffy laughed and started the car, her inner slayer growling happily at both the kiss and the powerful vehicle under her. “Mama likes,” Buffy growled pleasingly before she pressed on the gas and they tore out of the garage like bats from Glory’s shopping spree.

Natasha’s thought, well it would have been but she was still kinda stunned, was simply ‘Dear God. What have we unleashed?’

If there was a god listening, he didn’t answer as Buffy swung them within inches of hitting a car and accelerated down the street and out of the city, a laugh bursting from the blonde’s lips.

A/N: So, for those of you who think Buffy is acting out of character, don’t act like you don’t think it. This isn’t immediately after the defeat of the First. This is a while after and our two slayers have had time to truly bond, meshing their personalities somewhat. I know it was Natasha and Barton in the actual movie, I decided it would do better with just Natasha and Buffy, since modifying a car to add 2 extra seats would be beyond expensive afterall.

The End

You have reached the end of "Slayers in New York". This story is complete.

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