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The Many lives of Joyce Summers

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Summary: A series of short stories and vignettes that reveal glimpses of lives in which Joyce Summers was not a gallery owner. Inspired by Challenge 7316

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Multiple Crossings > Joyce-Centered
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Career suggestions

Author’s note:

Hello all,

These are the alternate careers I've come up with, with possible crossovers. Those marked with an * have been written. Any other suggestions? Let me know through a review or PM or a post in the forum! Please note that I’ve changed the order and that this list is now chapter one.

Please note that career suggestions are welcome, crosses are fun, but they have to be led into by the careers.


-Normal jobs preferred, but if you attach an alternate career as lead in, welcome

-I don't write (any serious) Supernatural, Anita Blake or any type of superhero cross. Sorry

-I am woefully behind on 'modern television'. Mine has barely been on in three years... Another limitation there

Current list

1)                Detective - Sunnydale Chief of Police. One more thing Cross with


2)                Social Worker (Child protection)

3)                Lawyer

4)                Accountant

5)               Doctor - Administrator of Sunnydale Memorial, possible cross/vignettes with House, via Lisa 'Lolly'Cuddy

6)               Veterinarian (And Six Bunny-wunnies. Anya? Evil PATM!) Or Sunnydale Zoo

7)               Perfumer -Cross with Das Parfum

8)               Theoretical Physicist- Professor at UCS-ties to Fred* For TroyGuffey and Jediknight Numb3rs/Girl Genius: Two crosses for the price of one! Sparkplug

9)               Psychologist

10)          Army officer (soldier) (logistics, Formerly reservist) at nearby army camp, activated due to Council interference. College careers/majors welcome* See Absinthe

11)          Photographer (In honour of Kristine Sutherland)

12)          Principal of Sunnydale High* Absinthe

13)          Couturier* The House of Joyce, and yes Cordelia gush included

14)          Caterer

15)          Thief* Once a thief Highlander cross, for Mikafan

16)          Butcher* AnnaDruvez No cross

17)          Baker* AnnaDruvez No Cross

18)          Candle(stick) maker* AnnaDruvez No cross

19)          Tinker

20)          Indian Chief (Partly in LS)

21)          Manager of the Bronze (evil Salric! Evil!)

22)          (Cultural) Anthropologist/ Sunnydale Museum of Natural History (And possibly UCS) EllandrahSylver

23)          Archaeologist,  SGC combination, went to college with D. Jackson DeepBlueJoy

24)          Mathematician UCS Troy Guffey, cross with Numb3rs, Spark Plug*

25)          Traditional artist* Whom the Gods Love, for TroyGuffey

26)          Astronomer UCS

27)          Priest*  The Rector of Sunnydale for BaileyMatuTine

28)          Administrative assistant Songbirdie

29)          Chemist/Pharmacist* Hole in the wall Songbirdie (Harry Potter)

30)          Chemist scientist Songbirdie (Harry Potter)

31)          Craftswoman/carpenter Kalahari

32)          Martial artist BarbarossaRotbart

33)          Secret agent BarbarossaRotbart




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